Idiot Journalist of the Week: Rob Shepherd


I got quite excited when I read the News of the World story today, which says that the club are offering new deals to Rob Green, Scott Parker and Matthew Upson, which will tie them to the club. But then I read on and came across this sentence…

The club is also weighing up a move for Fiorintina’s Italian under-21 forward Pablo Daniel Osvaldo.

That would be the same Osvaldo who signed for Bologna last week, I suppose. Now I suppose it the rest of the article could still be entirely accurate, but it doesn’t half plant a huge seed of doubt in your mind when you read something you know to be 100% wrong in the self same piece.

The author of the article is Rob Shepherd, a dyed in the wool Hammers fan. You’d think he’d know better, wouldn’t you? No? No, I suppose not. He is after all a sports journalist. Once upon a time, a sub-editor would have cleared up his mess behind him, but most newspapers have reduced their subbing to a bare minimum.

Bloggers have an undeserved reputation among mainstream media journalists for inaccuracy and not checking their facts. But journalists like Shepherd get paid six figure salaries to make things up and not even bother to read cuttings on the very clubs they write about.

One day their editors will realise they are being taken for fools.


48 Responses to Idiot Journalist of the Week: Rob Shepherd

  1. Cookedskunk says:

    It’s random stabbing at possible facts didn’t surprise me much, same old same old. Still hope this young lad is quality if he arrives because Nani’s purchases under Zola & Clarkes guidance have been a joy to watch.

  2. Dujon says:

    So… I wonder if we did buy Savio Nsereko. I hope so, we need someone who is willing to score from longrange. I really do hope we keep upson green and parker. So solid in our team.

  3. Dujon says:

    Another slight mistake in that article is the 10 million figure for savio replacing the previous 7 million for ashton. The record was 7.5 million for bellamy (assuming savio is bought).

    Ah well, as long as the facts can be true, fingers crossed.

  4. SJ Chandos says:

    Idiot Journalist of the week? There are too many candidates to chose from really! But the Osvaldo reference is undoubtedly an embarassing mistake by the NoW! Talk about being off the pace! lol.

    However, the Chandos award this week, for the most off the wall peice, goes to the Daily Star for their ‘what goes around comes around, boo-hoo, deal with it’ peice published on Friday!

    For those that did not see it, the peice suggested that we West Ham fans had short memories in critising Bellamy’s move to Man City. Because two seasons ago it was us running around buying other clubs players for inflated fees and wages! It is not so much the erroneous accusation that we inflated the market (Chelski did that), as the petty spitefulness and infantile mentality of the peice.

    It is so bad it is funny really, but is also indicative of the standards of (so-called) sports journalism at the Express Group!

  5. SJ Chandos says:

    Apparently there is a club press conference planned for Monday. Keep an eye on Sky Sports, they should feature it!

  6. SJ Chandos says:

    But surely the real significance of the article is the fact that a tabloid, probably for the first time, is accepting many of the things that the club are saying about the financial situation, the firewalling and self-sufficiency of the club, the retention of players, etc. That is a major sea change in the tabloid coverage of the Hammers.

    At the same time, there is also a recognition of the information originally published in The Independent, about West Ham’s ‘Football Project.’ That is very encouraging!

  7. SJ Chandos says:

    The NoW article that is, to clarify on the last post, not the pile of crap in The Star! lol.

  8. SJ Chandos says:

    In fact, if you link this NoW article with last week’s positive one on the Tevez evidence, then there appears to be some positive Hammers coverage coming out of that tabloid. Actually, thinking about it, the West Ham coverage by the Sun has not been that bad either, certainly in comparison with Sportsmail and Sportsmirror!

  9. SJ Chandos says:

    God, I said something nice about the Murdoch group newspapers! I think I need to lie down in a dark room or something!!!! lol.

  10. TheCaptain says:

    The old school media is dead. For years we read and believed their lies and untruths, we had no alternative.

    Fortunately we can now freely choose our sources.

    Vive l’internet!

  11. clack says:

    These figures make no sense to me:

    Keeper Green, 29, will sign a three-year extension of his current deal and slightly improve his basic £25,000-a-week salary.

    Parker, 28, gets a two-year extension on his current £50,000 deal struck in the heady days when former chairman Eggert Magnusson went on a mad spending spree.

    That will take the England midfielder through to 32 but with the terms remaining the same.

    I understand that Green’s current contract stems from before Magnusson’s time, but I can’t believe that the differences between his Parker’s salaries would still be so great aftter both receiving contract extensions. Infact, I don’t believe Rob Green would accept it.

  12. Trev says:

    I dont know about U lot but i’m sick of pickin up a paper an reading some made up negative drivvel, an havin people quoting this rubbish too me. Can’t we just be pleased that the media is starting to turn a corner an we can start to head back to bein Everyones Second Team, & our 1st team (anyone noticed our attendances have been droppin 34000, 32000, 31000 etc. Theres been a bad feelin around the club for a while lets make the best of this good period Zola has brought!!!!

  13. E1 says:

    Press confrence on monday all will be revealed new deals new player/s maybe even new owner. One thing for sure the club is sitting on a sound financial footing and medium long term plans looking very good. short term who knows, I think 3 pts against hull will put us in the right frame of mind to give both the arsenal and man u a games that we could nick points from.
    No 5 is our number in the draw would like a home draw just to see if the rest of the supporters are as excited as me and we can really make some noise. WHO DO YOU ALL FANCY IN THE NEXT ROUND ? OR WHO DON’T YOU FANCY?
    It has been a long time since I have felt this good about ALL aspects of the club, 1st team, board, finance, youth teams everything is looking good, except the bloody price of a pint in the ground,still we can’t have everything

  14. Roy says:

    There is another contender for “Idiot Journalist of the Week” and he is also in the employ of that magnificent organ the News of the World. Step forward Aidan Magee (whoever he is) who wrote the match report for the Hartlepool game.
    Quotes from his report:
    “……losing players in the transfer window could leave him (Zola) staring at a relegation battle”
    “Craig Bellamy has left and a few more could follow”
    “With the whole squad up for sale……”
    Who are these people and who, specifically is Adian Magee and how is he allowed to get away with such sloppy reporting? Even to those papers that seem to have had an anti-West Ham agenda it would appear pretty clear by now that we are not offloading players during this window (except fringe ones) and that the statements made by the board are being shown to have a large element of truth about them. All Mr Magoo is doing is regurgitating the rumours that were around a month ago and that have been found, subsequently, to be false.
    Ah, and Magoo made James Collins M.o.M which, although he had a decent game was, in my opinion, not sound judgement. Anyone of the midfield four had a better shout than Ginge and TV’s annointment of Scott Parker was probably right.
    I’m going to watch the Sunday Supplement on Sky now as I need a dose of fiction.

  15. Jason Rose says:

    Google ‘Masal Bugduv’ – it tells you all you need to know about the lack of quality in Sports journalism these days.

  16. westhamutd says:

    No news (=bad news) about the team sale? Are we going to expect the second wave of gov. bailout?…

  17. devo says:

    Idiot journalist of the week and every week must be that brain fart of a paper DAILY MAIL who constantly knock west ham

  18. D&G says:

    Can I also add Neil McLemon’s blinder of a story about the so called DONE DEAL for Nsereko

    They assumed just because Nani was in Italy (which could be for a thousand different reasons) he was there to ‘smash their transfer record’ on him.

    I would love to know how they are going to get themselves out of this story if it doesn’t happen. I suppose this is what happens when you instruct your chief GOLF correspondent to write a story about football.

  19. Richard says:

    What I cannot understand is why Idiot jurnalist are not pick up that Newcas United appear to be in deeper finanical mess than West H. I just hope at the end of the season we are in the top 5 places. Spurs go down as the bottom club!. But then Harry will jump ship again to Porthsmonth!!!!!!!!!!
    I think we are in a good position at the moment!.

  20. D&G says:

    ALSO the Mirror added a video link about the kid (which normally shows you the best bits of the player)

    He missed nearly all his bloody shots on goal and we are going to fork out 10million for that?

  21. richo says:

    Jason Rose-Masal Bugduv hoax, that is one of the funniest things i’ve read in a while…backs up the old statement “dont believe everything you read”.

  22. Charles Foster Kane says:

    Ah, that quaint old relic of the past. That beast that’s not quite extinct, but is still hanging on in there against the progress of this millenium. That slowly crumbling monument of a bygone age. I speak of course of the Betamax of modern day writing: print journalism. Seriously though, no-one with more than a basic level of education reads newspapers anymore.

  23. hammeredCalv says:

    I dont believe any of the rubbish in the papers, i just wait until the club make an official statement, because up until now they have said little but what they have had to say they have stuck to it ! All posotive signs so far !!

    E1 i fancy Sheff utd at home next round ! but would rather get them in the final !

  24. E1 says:

    sunday supplement (sky) nice to see we are no longer the talk of the town the crisis clubs are liverpool,spurs and newcastle. we didn’t really get mentioned throughout, think they have gone off us now we are starting to prove them ALL wrong.

  25. Ricky says:

    Well written article… its good to see there is someone with the correct facts, its hard to find these days. This is the first time i have visited this site but it wont be the last. i look forward to reading future articles from yoursef.

    Bring on Sheffield united next round! 😀

  26. SJ Chandos says:

    Roy, I do not usually take much notice of the tabloid match reports to be honest! If you look at a number of them, many have the same emphasis, basic structures and references. This is because they base their reports upon a standard agency report of the match. They just put a name to it or write ‘staff wtriter’ to give the impression that they actually had someone at the match on the day!

  27. chris says:

    DYER DYER DYER…..We must some how collect the insurance,this man will never play,hes out again for a long spell enough is enough stop messing us around Kieron you no you cant play.Injured ever month from 2002 thats offical.

  28. SJ Chandos says:

    If I were a sports journalist (god forbid) I would be looking in to the situation of Chelski’s owner, the struggles of the Liverpool owners to repay their £350m loan and the increasing indebtness of Manchester Utd. I might also ask whether the Aston Villa owner is also loading them up with debt or whether there is genuine investment in the club (i.e. like BG has done – £30m straight in to the club this season, no loans)?

    The press have been very slow emphasising these issues. But like turning a tanker, the tabloid press take a long time to change course. A lot of it is laziness, sloppy one dimesional thinking and band wagon jumping. The likes of Sportsmail and Mirror Sports deserve to be boycotted by West Ham fans. Now there is a campaign waiting to be taken up by someone!

  29. SJ Chandos says:

    A good 5th round draw and we can win the FA Cup. It would be good to see the Chelskis, Arsenals, Man Utds and Liverpools matched together at this stage! That’s what happened last year, together with a lot of upsets, and Portsmouth had the easiest passage to winning the Cup I can ever remember!

    It would be nice to lift the FA Cup again. It has been too long!

  30. Eddie Chappers says:

    Where does the new Dyer is out long term come from?? I read he had a slight calf strain from the reserve game tuesday and was not included as a precaution, I for one was glad he was not included as his double leg break occured in a similar game in the league cup if I remember rightly.

  31. chris says:

    Eddie he had a scan yesterday,his calf is torn!

  32. Eddie Chappers says:

    Thanks chris, hadnt seen anything reported on it at all

  33. Eddie Chappers says:

    Chris- Where did you hear the news on Dyer? A tear would put him out for another month? On it states a slight muscle problem and why did they wait 5 days to get a scan on it?

  34. IodHammer says:

    Although i olnly ever read it if there is an article on West Ham, i continue to be impressed with the great articles in the independant, I like the fact that they dont give an opinion as such but just present all of the facts, and are usually acurate and as far as im aware havent had any howlers… yet!

  35. chris says:

    I work part time at the ground,that was the word around the place saturday evening.
    I could be wrong but usually not.Unfortunatley!

  36. Richard says:

    well said Iain, too much of this lazy journalism around. at least they’re getting their comeuppance as more and more are put out to pasture with plumetting sales

    i’m amazed Mr Shepherds got back on the ladder given his past misdemeanours which ended in a lengthy jail sentence

  37. Eddie Chappers says:

    Ok chris thanks lets hope its not true, though tears and strains for a player who has been out for so long are common- Eduardo who is not known to be injury prone has had similar problems on his come back from a leg break.

  38. chris says:

    Eddie I dont think dyer will ever play,I think he knows it as well but 80,000 a week, you got to keep quiet!
    Googlemail his injury list,I kid you not injured ever month for 7 years!!
    We moan about LBM and Faubert,but this is our worse signing ever!

  39. Eddie Chappers says:

    I can see where you’re coming from and I don’t suppose many people would turn down his weekly wage and give up trying to get fit. I just hope that the insurance we have on him will keep covering it, I am optimistic though that if his career can be saved then the current medical team will have a good go and have already shown themselves to be worth their weight in gold with no longterm injuries to the team except those inherited from the previous regime.

  40. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    What short memories everyone has. You all should be ashamed of yourselves even reading anything from murdoch’s group. after everything he did to his printers, drivers and various other employees in this and other countries and he’s still at it now with sky. does anyone on here enjoy paying a subscription every month and still watch adverts?

  41. E1 says:

    Is it me or are ITV and setanta’s coverage of the FA cup POO! bored to death Bring back the BBC!!!!
    Only about an hour before the draw I would like to miss the blunts cos if we got knocked out by them it would be the worst thing that could happen, just want a home draw and hope that the big 4 get draw against each other. Fancy chelsea in the final or villa.

  42. irontc says:

    Blunts next, dont know who in the quarters, Chelski in the Semis. Man Utd in the final!

    job done!

  43. colney says:

    faubert being reported to be 25………fags a day !!!!! explains a lot.

  44. irontc says:

    Faubert + TGV = Tabs, Girls and Vino.

  45. irontc says:

    boro it is then

  46. SJ Chandos says:

    Marleeeen Deapreciation Society, I fully sympathise with your comments on Murdoch’s media group. In fact, I supported the print unions in their past disputes. But there is a difference between reading/viewing their publications/broadcasts and buying them. I would never personally purchase the NoW or Sun or subcribe to Sky, but my business does require me to refer to them frequently, so I do not have much choice I am afraid.

    However, I understand where you are coming from on this. And good on you for making the point!

  47. Goatygav says:

    That’s a pretty major balls up for a so called professional.

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