EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Nicholas Is Back on the Mic

Deck the halls, slaughter a goat, do whatever you do when you celebrate, but I bring glad tidings. Yes, Jeremy Nicholas is back on the microphone at Upton Park. Gone will be the moron who’s done the DJing duties for the last few months. Bubbles will be back, played at the right time. Mr Moon will be back. Well, maybe not, but you never know.

I’m told that Jeremy’s return is due in no small amount to the negative reaction on here and other sites to his replacement. It is good that the club can admit it made a mistake.

I bid you good night.

All is well and God is in her heaven.

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90 Responses to EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Nicholas Is Back on the Mic

  1. Jason Rose says:

    Glad to hear it! Welcome back JN – see you Wednesday.

  2. aussie graham says:

    Great news about the announcer but can we sign up ilunga because he is getting rave reviews and the usual suspects are lurking!

  3. devo says:

    Is Rednapp gonna put an offer in for him ?

  4. aussie graham says:

    Redknapp has gone in strong darren bent swap deal for jeremy nicholas!

  5. SJ Chandos says:

    It is a matter of total indifference to me, but I am pleased if it is that important to others!!

  6. Dave says:

    I’m glad that he is back but lets hope that he has stopped wishing the best for other teams – remember when Spurs knocked us out of the cup? ‘We’d like to wish Spurs all the best in the next round’.

  7. grayboguestmeister says:

    While we’re on the subject of Bubbles, how can we get people to sing it properly, in tune, and with the correct timing?

    The awful, rushed version that often comes out, with that terrible, flat top note on ‘fortune’s always hiding’ is a poor effort, to say the least. The only time it comes out right is when people have been singing along with the recording.

    C’mon, Guys, use your influence. It’s a joy to behold when the whole stadium is united in its rendition and it used to send a tingle down my spine.

  8. Fitzhammer says:

    A matter of indifference, has Sj Chandos no sesnse of history. as Ian puts it ‘ God is in His heaven’. We are on a winning run, still in the cup, a record signing and now Bubbles back in it’s proper place.

  9. budgie says:



  10. Hammerron says:

    Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Welcome back Jezza.

    Is this a bigger signing than Savio … bring on the Tigers I am so looking forward to Wednesday Night now … Bubbles being played at the right time!!! Sing up you Irons … we’re on the match with Franco’s Army!!!!

    Anyone notice how happy I am !!!!

  12. Upton Spark says:

    Jeremy is back and we’ve signed Savio as well; OH YES!!
    Sometimes it is so good being a football supporter.
    This makes up for all the bad times we have suffered.

  13. Roshi says:

    Get off your high horse Chandos, some people enjoy the club lock stock and barrel, and some people like to make up long scenario’s of what transfer targets the management should go for. We are all different, so don’t belittle others for their contribution to this blog. We all read your posts and I don’t recall anybody questioning your intelligence levels with some back handed statement.

  14. jon.london colney says:

    ilunga is a must signing,hes been excellent and brings nuch needed width.hail the jezza return,been a shambles since he left. how about playing the new lad and sears up front together? kids r us ?

  15. eleeNYC says:

    No speculation as to who the other signing may be?

  16. SJ Chandos says:

    Roshi, you have completely misread my post. I said I had nothing to say on the blog, but good luck to others who are interested. I find your reaction quite puzzling, how could my contribution be seen as belittling people’s intelligence? I would never do that In fact I have always been very respectful to fellow contributors, even when disagreeing with them. If want check the past blogs, there is nothing remotely disrespectful. If you have an axe to grind with me then fine, but do not use this as a context to try and do it because I am too long in thev tooth to get involved in such nonsense.

  17. grayboguestmeister says:

    … sometimes the written word doesn’t come over the way we intended it to, because the reader doesn’t have the advantage of hearing voice intonation or seeing facial expression to interpret our feelings… so, I’m sure no offence was intended, and if any was taken then it might be a misinterpretation.

    Shall we leave it at that, chaps, and get on with the usual top quality banter the blog usually generates? No need to perpetuate a disagreement …

    up the Ammerrzzzzzzzz!!!!!

  18. SJ Chandos says:

    I have no problem with Roshi, I did even react badly when he starting calling me ‘Chandros,’ which is really respectful is it not? I certainly would not question people’s contributions, that’s not my style. If anyone shares Roshi’s interpretation to that post then accept my apologies, because I certainly did not mean it badly.

    I think your suggestion is an excellent one, grayboguesmeister.

  19. SJ Chandos says:

    sorry, did ‘not’ not react badly

  20. Roshi says:

    Thank you for your apology “Chandos”. I think I apologised for my typing error with regard to your name, but I have to say I have only just noticed why you would have got the hump, I assume the “dros” part is what upset you. I really had not meant that, it was a genuine mistake.
    I agree with Gray….ster, sometimes the written word does not come out as intended and I to am sorry that I reacted to your post, although I have on a number of occasions posted how much I have enjoyed your scribes.
    There we are, we’re all Happy Hammers again, no hard feelings.

  21. grayboguestmeister says:

    Roshi, yeah, the old handle is a bit long. Sorry about that. It comes from the days when, on another forum, I used to forget to sign in, so I became known as The GuestMeister due to my posts always being attributed to a Guest. People got to know this and it became a running joke.

  22. grayboguestmeister says:

    … you had to be there, really.

  23. SJ Chandos says:

    No hard feelings Roshi, to be honest re-reading the post now it does sound a bit brash!

  24. supernumbersix says:

    They actually listened to our complaints and did something !!! Welcome back JN. Thank christ for that. Perhaps we can now go back to how the pre match build up SHOULD be done. It’s been rubbish this season in that department at UP. Used to make the hairs stand up on the back of my neck on hearing UP belting out ‘bubbles’ (in tune or not), imagine what it must have done for our players and even more importantly how the opposition must have felt on their way out of the tunnel. Normal service resumed, an exciting new signing, Spuds struggling and the sun is shining! It’s a good day.

  25. Roshi says:

    Will JN be back for the Hull game. I’m gutted due to work commitments, I cannot make the game tomorrow (the exhibition industry is no good for your social life) but Yippee!!! I’ve just been told it’s on Sky 2……..I LOVE SKY+

  26. chris says:

    Good news!
    Hope neresko signing turns out good,but cant help but think we do need a proven goal scorer as well, think this guy will play out wide.

  27. SJ Chandos says:

    Sky’s Sports News has got a interview with Duxbury coming on shortly.

  28. SJ Chandos says:

    Interesting, Duxbury’s using Sky Sports News to speak directly to the fans to reassure them and put the record straight. Good strategy, the club needs to improve it’s communications and you need to give the media access to keep them sweet. Hitherto there has been a lot of ‘shooting themselves in the foot’ with regard to the club’s failure to effectively communicate. I hope this is a sign that the club’s policy and approach is going to change .

  29. Upton Spark says:

    As a West Ham fan for some 40 odd years now,I have never known West Ham to use the press as much as others seem to do.
    There is of course nothing wrong with that as quite a few don’t readily speak out,but in this case I totally agree that Scott Duxberry has done the right thing in telling his side and apparently there is more to come later today on Sky Sports News.

  30. SJ Chandos says:

    I must say Jeremy Nicholas seems very popular. I cannot say that I have taken much notice of the change of presenter, to be honest. Mind you I thought Bill Remfry was still doing it. lol. Anyone remember Remfry taking his life in his hands to climb off the old West Stand upper terrace in to his little DJ box, sandwiches and flask tucked under his arm! He was a real character!

    I spoke to Jeremy Nicholas when we were doing some advertising work at the stadium, a few years back, and he seemed an ok sort of guy!

  31. Eric says:

    regarding Dyer:

    The midfielder, who has just returned to action after a lengthy absence, has suffered a leg injury that could require surgery. He could be ruled out for several weeks.

    Cassic. When does his contract run out? Dead weight. I’m sorry. We can’t hang our hopes on this fella anymore

  32. Eric says:

    regarding Dyer:

    The midfielder, who has just returned to action after a lengthy absence, has suffered a leg injury that could require surgery. He could be ruled out for several weeks.

    Classic. When does his contract run out? Dead weight. I’m sorry. We can’t hang our hopes on this fella anymore

  33. jon.london colney says:

    wow duxbury talking our language!!!!! no player sales to our main rivals !!! upson,green and parker getting new deals.r we to believe that duxbury has had a personality change ?

  34. SJ Chandos says:

    I also remember the police band in the late sixities and early seventies. And when they used to denote the other matches fixures by letters in the programme and put put up the half-time scores on the south and north bank walls. Seems half a life time ago, oh crap it was!!!!!!! lol.

  35. grayboguestmeister says:

    Oh crikey… I thought it was the Royal British Legion band !!!!

    One of us is going senile.

    Remfry…. was he the one who used to go…. ‘E-E-E-T-T’S BUBBLEZZZZZZ T-I-I-I-M-AAAA

  36. grayboguestmeister says:

    Doug or Bill?

  37. Roshi says:

    While we’re talking about the entertainment do we need pop music etc at half time, can’t we have Jeff Stelling and his cronies on the big screens to get comment on the other games taking place. And as somebody else said, sort out the PA system so that the crowd can understand what is being said.

  38. budgie says:

    I think it was Bill with the glasses who did the PA.

    Doug I think did the radio commentary to hospitals.
    I am pretty sure it was the British Legion Band and the old Post Horn Gallop but then again I am probably older than both of you (SJC & GBM that is)

  39. grayboguestmeister says:

    SJ, wasn’t it the Police band at Highbury? They used to have a tenor come out and sing a couple of numbers (this was pre-Sting, obviously).

  40. SJ Chandos says:

    I was going through some old programmes from the early seventies a while back and found I had the autograph of that 1970s, one match, Hammers icon, Ade Coker!!

    Talking of black players have you noticed how the media seem to think that the break through happened with WBA and Regis, Moses, Batson, etc, in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Yet West Ham had first team players like John Charles, Clive Charles, Ade Coker and Clyde Best long before that. There is an argument that it was Greenwood that pioneered the introduction of black players in this country, rather than Atkinson.

    We also had a Turkish youth player called Yilmaz Orhan, who actually debuted in the first team. Any one remember him?

  41. SJ Chandos says:

    Yes Budgie GrayBM, it was the British Legion Band, you are perfectly right. I know about the Post Horn Gallop, but I do not remember it? When abouts did they stop it in the 1960s?

  42. grayboguestmeister says:

    Yep, I actually saw Ade Coker play for us at Selhurst Park.

    And black players in English football goes back well beyond our crop. Check out the artist Colin Yates on the web. He’s done a special study on the subject, and his art is brilliant.

    I remember Yilmaz Orhan, too. He was a neat little player, I seem to remember, but I don’t think he lasted very long.

    On the topic of Clyde Best, my Subbuteo team at the time was adapted in his honour by my going over his legs with a black Biro. That has to be some sort of crime, no?

    Ah, jumpers for goalposts. Eh?

  43. redkipper says:

    Had a great time at Highbury once listened to the Singing policeman when I was sitting in the Directors box! I feared the worst but Alan Taylor scored 2 goals, nil for the Ars. When the game finished we went into the directors bar no sign of their manager (forgoten his Irish name no matter) – best drinks I ever had!! Those were the days.

  44. grayboguestmeister says:

    Yes, that Alan Taylor cup run was something to behold. Didn’t ref Clive Thomas fix that one for us? I also feared the worst and couldn’t believe it when we won. Was a bit damp that day, I seem to recall?

  45. grayboguestmeister says:

    Terry Neill?

  46. grayboguestmeister says:

    I was trying to post a link for Colin Yates, but I think I must be doing something wrong, or the software won’t allow links

    try this with the usual triple w in front


  47. SJ Chandos says:

    Bertie Mee. Yeah I was at that match and the semi-final win at Stamford Bridge also sticks in my mind. I was a kid and went with my Dad. The West Ham fans were dancing down the Fulham Road to the tube! I recall saying to him the fans are really enjoying themselves and he replied yeah well it does not happen too often son! I did not know how right he was!!!!

  48. budgie says:

    GBM I was at that game at Selhurst Park too.

    I reckon the Post Horn did stop in the early 1960’s although i used to sit in A Block in the West Stand from about 1968 until 1975 and I seem to remember it then.

    Someone will know.

    And redkipper that fantastic 6th Round cup tie. Was the manager was Terry Neill? One of the many great times at Highbury. Who can forget Leroy’s winner in that replay when the referee added about 5 minutes injury time or for that matter the last team to win there 3-2 when Bobby Z shrugged off Sol Campbell who fled the ground.


  49. SJ Chandos says:

    Thanks GrayBGM, I will check the website out!

  50. SJ Chandos says:

    Yeah, Ade Coker scored that wonder goal and played a blinder against Palace, if I recall. I was not there, but I remember the Big Match coverage. It went a bit down hill after that for him. On Orhan, I think he only played one or two matches.

    It really pulled me up in my tracks when I told my mate’s kid, at the Fulham match, that I remember Redknapp playing on the wing!!!! A sobering thought. What’s that 37 years ago? Always remember that penalty Redknapp won in the 2nd leg of the League Cup semi against Stoke City. We though we were at Wembley, but …… Banks had other ideas!

    I think that the Post Horn must have stopped before I started going in 1967. However, I may have just forgotten it?

  51. Roshi says:

    I will never forget that sinking feeling when Geoff Hurst had his penalty saved by Gordon Banks, the crowd fell silent and Hurst just looked at Banks in disbelief. 37 years ago is it really that long. Talk about Harry on the wing, local lad, arms flapping and spindly legs galloping down the wing even then he gave everyone a laugh.

  52. SJ Chandos says:

    Yeah, they should have got Pop Robson to take in hindsight, Banks nearly saved Hurst’s penalty in the 1st leg at the Victoria Ground. The fact is that Banks knew Hurst too well from their England duty. Brave man though, I do not think I would have fancied getting in the way of a Hurst shot! Then that series of replays commenced. The manner of the defeat at Old Trafford was so gutting, for me, only surpassed by the 1976 ECWC Final Defeat.

    As a club, we have never had much luck in the League Cup and its other reincarnations!

  53. Kim says:

    Can I point out that some of us would love to sing in tune – it just wasn’t in God’s gifts to us! Oh well to me I sound like Jennifer Hudson. I am sorry that the rest of you have to suffer though!!!! Really looking forward to tomorrow’s game. And an apology to Duxbury. I have been less than favourable to him in the past but he is saying and doing all the right things. I still wish that the dodgy Kia wasn’t involved in our club though! 35 points by the end of Saturday!

  54. grayboguestmeister says:

    Kim… LOL… yeah, who am I trying to kid, I can’t sing, either … but I’ve noticed that the top note comes a little easier if lots of people are singing it gently, like a lullaby, instead of a few just shouting at the tops of their voices… trust me !!!

    And it used to sound wonderful.

    Altogether now ….

  55. grayboguestmeister says:

    OK, so bottom line is that Chand(r)os and Roshi nearly had a bust-up this morning, but if we go on at this rate we’ll be heading for a misty-eyed session over a pint or three in a pub somewhere near the Boleyn Ground, where we can all bore for England about memorable matches of the 60s and 70s.

  56. IoDHammer says:

    Does anyone know any good pubs to watch the game in on Wednesday? Will many pubs even have Sky Sports 2? I am desperate to find a good pub on the Isle of Dogs near Greenwhich! lol

  57. Roshi says:

    I’m all for a pint. Its easy to get misty eyed about that late 60’s team, I feel sorry for today’s younger supporters who did not get the chance to see Moore, Hurst, Peters etc.
    To watch Bobby command his team to attack, defend etc was to watch the finest captain and footballer ever to walk onto a pitch…..Hero, something I will never forget

  58. redkipper says:

    Gray’meister & Budgie your right the Ars manager was Terry Neill understood he was not very happy that day. Also in the directors bar was the then Chelsea manager also involved with the England under 21’s real nice guy forgoten his name any guesses?

    Damp – can’t rememberj just the bar drinks, had my WH scarf in the bar but covered it up when I eventualy staggered outside.

    The reall icing on the cake was it was afriend of mine who had connections in football who got the directors tickets so getting in was free!

  59. budgie says:

    Redkipper I confess to looking at Wikipedia but you must mean Dave Sexton , ex Hammer of course.

  60. chris says:


  61. IronMick says:

    hahahahaha, Chris – I very nearly copied ‘mylegsareshottobits’ in to google to check it out! very good Sir
    personally I’m still hopefull I will, one day, see mr dyer play a full game!

    I’m feeling a little left out of all this nostalga but have enjoyed reading all the same – an as someone pointed out, I’m gutted not to have witnessed Moore, Hurst et al.
    Best memory for me would be Ipswitch play off semi – most insaine atmosphere I have personally experienced at Upton Park

  62. grayboguestmeister says:

    Wasn’t always sweetness and light, IronMick.

    Mooro was named on the subs’ bench by Greenwood on one memorable occasion and we got spanked 4-1 … can’t remember if it was Man City or Derby or some other non-descript team… and by the end of the match you could have parked a double-decker bus on the North Bank (as one newspaper reported next day). My Dad said the old line: shall we stay to the end and miss the crowd?

    Lowest of the low points, that was. Miserable day for everyone.

  63. IronMick says:

    I’m well aware of that Grayboguestmeister šŸ˜‰ –
    I’ve had more lows than highs supporting west ham (I’m 24 btw). I guess it’s just my prerogative to dwell on the good ones!
    Just thought with all this positively going I’d keep the wave going!

    On another note I think it’s about time we really started getting behind Zola and singing his name more. I had my doubts initially but am over the moon to say I was wrong, although I think Mr Clarke has had a massive impact as well!

  64. grayboguestmeister says:

    Yep, with you on that one… I was surprised and delighted when we managed to get Mr Clarke alongside GZ. The only reason I could see that one failing was if we didn’t have players in place with the intelligence to understand what was expected and the ability to deliver it, but the crop currently coming along seem to have grasped it.

    e.g. I thought it was great to see Tomkinson’s School Days playing such an assured role on Saturday, plus Behrami getting stuck in again and coming up trumps with the goal. Collison is coming along nicely and the whole balance of the side is looking good (although we could do with someone ‘bedding’ in on the left and making that position their own.

  65. Goatygav says:

    Brilliant – just in time for my first visit of the season to Upton Park.

  66. IronMick says:

    Yeah dispite what the midfield looks like on paper (lacking width prodomonantly) the system really seems to be working, this simplily must be down to the hard work on the training pitches, and the players developing as a team. The way the midfield covers itself is especially great to watch. Also Neil and Illunga are getting forward, and not being exposed.
    Hopefully Savi.o.o.o – watch him take on two or three, savi.o.o.o – round the keeper easily (Sorry, couldnt resist) will be essentially be a straight replacemnt for T**T, I’m aware he can also play on the wing but think he will be used in this role!

  67. Roshi says:

    IronMick, I have seen highs and lows at Upton Park, but the noise and atmosphere at that Ipswich game was the best I have ever experienced, I thought the stand was actually moving!
    Walking back to my car some Ipswich supporters asked me if it was always like that, couldn’t resist it, “oh that was nothing, should hear it when we really get behind the team”

  68. Upton Spark says:

    Yes;memories of the past that have been spoke about on here. I too remember the old way we used to put up little plates near the corner flags at half time for the scores around the grounds.
    I also remember Bobby Moore taking stick all match until he got his own back late in the game and sent the offending player crashing into and over the wall by the old chicken run. There was quite a cheer as you can imagine. Then there was Billy Bonds wrestling on hte ground in the mud with Colin Todd and the two of them getting their marching orders.
    Memories ‘eh…………………….

  69. E1 says:

    yilmaz orhan 9 games no goals 76/77 season. not up to much
    Ade coker 11 games 3 goals very very fast. 71/73.
    how about david llewellyn or dudley tyler

  70. grayboguestmeister says:

    Mud… MUD!!! Blimey, Upton Spark, you’ve opened up a whole new can of worms with that comment.

    The pitch was a sight to behold, wasn’t it. The ball used to fall from a great height and just ‘die’ with a plop. A blade of grass was a rare sight. Possibly Harry Redknapp, Johnny Ayris, John Sissons, were the only guys who had the luxury of performing on grass.

  71. grayboguestmeister says:

    Dudley Tyler was quite a light player who got knocked around a bit and didn’t last long, I seem to remember.

    Johnny Ayris… short, light, again didn’t really last too long. Last seen managing a sports centre in South Woodham Ferrers, Essex (although that was a few years ago, so he must have moved on by now).

    Interesting that I first came across this blog when I was trying to find out where John McDowell ended up. Best Google search I ever did, because I really enjoy this site.

  72. Upton Spark says:

    I was showing an old video of the pitch at West Ham to my son a few years ago and he couldn’t believe the players actually had to play in those conditions with more mud than anything else!
    Here’s another one;
    Keeper Lawrie Lesley getting injured and having to play on the right wing for the remainder of the game. I think he nearly scored as well. No subs in those day’s.

  73. Goatygav says:

    Just read the Duxbury and using the media comments. I think the Club are being very cute about the timing of their interviews. You don’t hear much from them when there’s masses of press speculation around. They’ve come out now, risen above the “Told you So” position that they could’ve taken and re-iterated their message. They are portraying strength and integrity, inspiring confidence from us fans whilst, very indirectly and subtly, suggesting that the popular press could have got it wrong about the club.

  74. redkipper says:

    Budgie your right again it was Dave Sexton, seem to remember he never got his credit for being a very good coach as he kept out of the meida circus. He and John Lyall were very similar in that regard.

    Not like wonkey eye who has long gone from being a joke to a nobody who believes his own hype which the press just love.

    Give me Zola and Clarke anyday.

  75. the headmaster says:

    Anyway, back on message so to speak;
    Glad JN is back (although no more of those Delia-esque 12th man quips please Jeremy!)
    As for the middle class fop that has occupied the mic for the past few months, he will certainly not be missed by me.
    Go bubbles…….. de de de de

  76. Upton Spark says:

    Just read what Roshi said about the Ipswich game when Ethers scored that screamer.
    Yes,the Bobby Moore Stand definately moved that night.
    I have never felt or heard anything like it.
    Just shows what we are capable of when we the fans get going.

    Zola can bring the good times back to Upton Park for sure.
    Should be a good game tomorrow versus Hull.

  77. SJ Chandos says:

    Goaty Gav, I think that the club have realised that they have not exactly been helping themselves with the media. After Eggy left the club seemed to withdraw within itself, becoming very insular and non-communicative. It was alarming for the fans and a gift to the worst elements of the media.

    I think today’s interview is the start of a new communications strategy. Linking the interview with the signing of Nsereko was very good public relations, specifically designed to get maximum coverage and positive impact. When was the last time West Ham got such good coverage as they have today?

    I think Duxbury has acquired a bad reputation because he has been a distant figure and this has allowed the rumours and distortions about his role at the club to take hold, hence the untrustworthy Duxbury reputation. The way to counter that is to be open, show commitment to the cause and communicate. The ‘we will not sell to Spurs’ is a master stroke in terms of getting the fans on side!

    As for the media, I do not like them, but they are a fact of life at a top club like West Ham. The trick is to manage the relationship and feed them information. They then try to stay on side to keep the lines of communication open and information flowing. When there is a communications vacum at a club, the media just speculate and this in turn alarms the fans. Reactive responses and denials just make the situation worse. That is the type of scenerio we have witnessed so far this season.

    Some papers, like Sportsmail, will always be negative in their coverage, but the trick is to cultivate and use your own sources to counter it! Communicating via Sky, directly to the fans is a very good move. Now it is the press that have to react to the club’s agenda, rather than the other way round!

    Well done Mr Duxbury, now keep it going, keep it open and proactive!

  78. SJ Chandos says:

    This improved, proactive communications will also be good as the Tevez debacle reaches its conclusion. Hopefully, Sheffield Utd will not get it all their own way any more. Since the end of the season 2006/07 they have set the agenda, now hopefully it is our turn. And about time too!!!!

  79. SJ Chandos says:

    Check out Sportsmail’s response and how they emphasised the Spurs issue over the other key messages in interview. At the same time they have tried to break the positive linkage between the key messages in the Duxbury interview and the Nsereko transfer. The Duxbury-Spurs controversy happen on the same day as ….. It’s classic! lol.

  80. chris says:

    Still working with eye matchsticks!!!
    Thought dux came across strong,was quite impressed, hope any players thinking about a move think the same.
    Is there any u tube of our new signing?
    Still think we need another proven striker,what do you all think?

  81. Goatygav says:

    Long may it continue SJ.

    Looking forward to Hull. A quick question for anyone reading this. I’m up to the Boleyn tonight for the game. I’ve got a membership card but my brother hasn’t. We’re going on spec and need to get tickets from the office. Can this be done on the night? I’m not sure as everyone I’ve always gone with has had a card.



  82. IronMick says:

    Hi Goatygav.
    I’m pretty sure that you can get the ticket from the office. I’d do it in plenty of time though as the office gets really busy sometimes before a game!
    Just seen that we have been linked with Radoslav Kovac, of Spartak Moscow. Wikipedia indicates that he plays a holding midfield role, so maybe a replacement for Mullins. Ā£4million is the price.
    Personally I would be happy if we didnt bring in any new players as long as we keep all our stars. However if we did maybe a left winger would be more appropriate.

  83. Goatygav says:

    Cheers IronMick

    I notice that Savio has the no 10 shirt. No extra pressure then?

  84. Paul M says:

    Kovac is 30 years old, can’t see that happening it goes against the new club policy of buying youth or players with potential. Although an international player if he was any good surely a bigger team would of been in for him at his age ?

  85. jon.london colney says:

    part ov me thinks yep,nice touch mr duxbury,tell the spuds where to go….than me thinks ….mmmm bit childish for a million pound business to close a door on potential money spinners.what if the balls on the other foot and we want one ov there players? even utd and arse do business,utd madrid, and so on.cant see much logic in this other than regaining the west ham faithfulls suport in the club.any thoughts ian/chaps? take your “stuff them ” head off and what you think?

  86. IoDHammer says:

    Im hoping they decide to save any remaining transfer money until the summer, i feel that we have enough tallent and that Zola and Clarke can get the best out of this squad, is there any position we really need to improve upon?

  87. IronMick says:

    jon.london colney, I take your point that we could potentially loose money by refusing to do business with the spuds, however I’m comfortable with that if it means not selling, and therefore improving both out league rivals and our local rivals.
    You mention Man U and Arsenal doing business, but this is rare and they are harly local – when was the last time busines was done between Man U and Liverpool??….

  88. Roy says:

    Goatygav – I would phone the ticket office if I were you and arrange the ticket in advance. You only have to collect it then.

  89. jon.london colney says:

    mick,point taken however ever heard keep your friends close and your enemies closer? when we were getting relegated chelski helped keep browns pockets bulging…no sorry ..helped keep the club solvent.we all hated the idea ov cole and fat boy going to them but we desperatly needed the money.spuds do have shed loads of cash to throw about and picture this….spuds bid for lbm as a head line!! would you say no?

    all im trying to say is as a suporter we have our blinkered ideas and from a business point ov view i think this is a very negative outlook.

    oh last point,bobby zamora.matty etherington.davenport,all bought on the cheap from who?

  90. IronMick says:

    Good point Jon.London,
    In the case of getting relegated I think the rule book generally gets thrown out the window though.
    Haha, I’m sure if there was ‘something in it’ for Harry he would buy LBM ( we can only prey)
    You also make a good point mentioning the players you do, however it is my opinion that Spurs were too short sighted to see their potentian and in the case of Zamora and Etherington they were part of deals involving our (better) players.
    In addition, I think I’m correct that our CEO said that we would not sell out ‘Top’ players.
    So LBM shouldn’t be a problem šŸ˜‰

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