Vote for Scott Parker

The FA is running a competition for the player of the 4th round of the FA Cup. Scott Parker is one of the five players in the running. You can vote for him HERE (before 3 Feb).


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  1. Falvo says:

    definitely him

    hes got 45% of the vote at the moment iain
    he was amazing

  2. grayboguestmeister says:

    Good shout, Iain… I’m sure this post will give him a good leg-up in the ratings.

  3. Bav says:

    Just voted for Scottie….he has 54%….keep it going guys!!

  4. colney says:

    done me bit. coyi !!!!

  5. Goatygav says:

    Cheers Iain – just registered my vote. He’s currently winning with 46.15%.

  6. Roshi says:

    Just voted.

  7. claret bobby says:



  8. Paul M says:

    me too, scotty at 46% nearest to him is Neil Sullivan on 20% so it’s looking good for him

  9. redkipper says:

    46.91% !

  10. Hammer Ray says:

    Thanks Iain. Mines in..48.26% and well in front

  11. RunningHammer says:

    done…. 48.19%

  12. SJ Chandos says:

    Parker certainly deserves recognition for his recent form.

    I read Bellamy’s press conference comments the other day and I was reminded of Christine Keller’s famous riposte,’he would say that would’nt he.’

    I accept his word that there was no strike. That has all the marks of Sportsmail invention. I also accept with a pinch of salt that Bellamy left West Ham on better terms than he has other clubs. That is not exactly a difficult achievement, considering the angst generated by his time at Newcastle, Backburn and Liverpool.

    However, what I cannot understand is his failure to recognise that being injured and only playing 20 matches in a 18 month period is hard to take for us fans. All the time he was injured he was pocketing his inflated wages, yet as soon as he is fit and in form he wants a move. Does he not think that after carrying him as a passenger for 18 months he owed the club something back? Obviously not!

    At West Ham he had popularity, a good relationship with his coach and an improving team. He has exchanged that for the uncertainty of Eastlands. It is obviously a good financial move, but has he considered what will happen if (when) Hughes is sacked and City start to attract the big names. He becomes a highly paid reserve, prior to returning to the likes of Norwich via Blackburn! As Zola said the other day, money is not everything is it?

  13. SJ Chandos says:

    Speaking of Zola, some of the Chelski fans are starting to turn their eyes to Upton Park with green eyed envy! If Big Phil falters the calls for a Zola/Clarke return will inevitably increase in volume!

    However, I think that Zola and Clarke will remain loyal to the Hammers project. And I think Zola would be very wise to do so. He needs to realise that his unique place in Chelski fans hearts could be spoilt by managerial failure. In addition, the Hammers fans would not forgive such a move.

    Far better to keep Zola the iconic Chelski footballer and Zola the Hammers managerial legend (in the making)completely separate. If he wants a model look at Sir Matt Busby, Man City captain and founder of the Man Utd footballing dynasty! Zola, you know it makes sense!

  14. Kenthammer says:

    Done! COYI

  15. Roshi says:

    Unfortunately for Bellamy, he has an inflated opinion of his own intelligence. I believe his departure from West Ham was decided by the board, as soon as they had confirmation that Savio was joining and had nothing to do with Bellamy deciding whether he would stay or go. He was part of a strategic business decision by West Ham and he didn’t see it coming, he was duped by the board..nice one!

  16. SJ Chandos says:

    However, the reality is that to keep Zola/Clarke and the likes of Berhami we need forward movement and success. That means EUFA Cup qualification this season and Champions League at some point there after. We have a real window of opportunity right now, we need to take it with both hands!

    Am I getting ahead of myself, yes probably, but what’s wrong with ambition and forward thinking, absolutely nothing. As Shakespeare said (to paraphase), self pride is not such a great a sin as self-neglect!

  17. SJ Chandos says:

    Methinks you may you be right, Roshi!

  18. Basildon Bob says:

    Voted, now 48.64%, next closest is Neil Sullivan on 22%.

    My view on the Bellamy situation is he has moved on and so should we. Both he and Zola & Dux have said there was no strike, despite the gutter press stories and that is good enough for me. As I have said before I am disappointed with the gratitude he has shown the fans that supported him by leaving, but I more excited by the prospect of Savio, who for his 5 minute cameo showed he might just be the replacement for Bellamy we hoped he would be.

    Let the past be the past gents, the future is bright the future is claret and blue, COYI.

  19. SJ Chandos says:

    I still say we need another striker in on loan. Cole went down at one point last night and my heart sank. If the unthinkable should happem do we really want to be relying on Tristan?

    The deal that is crying out to be done is Faubert to Lyon and Fred to us. It would be so neat and symetrical! That’s providing Fred’s fitness and attitude is right? Also, does he have a EU passport?I am not necessarily going to hold standing up Redknapp against him but …? However, I am not sure if that would then leave us light on the right side of midfield?

    Other than that, Nsereko and loan deals forKovac and a striker (keeping Faubert till the summer) will do for me this window!

  20. IronMick says:

    Well done SJ for throwing in a bit of Shakespear into a football forum.
    I think you are totally right that we need to have European football to attract and keep out best players. I think we can get away with it this year but we need to be knocking on the door! Part of me actually want Scolari to do well just so those west londoners do not turn their attention to our awesome two-some!

    I was thinking while we were playing last night about the impending selling of our club. With the way things are going at the moment I would not welcome anything that was going to destabalise things. I truly believe in ‘the football project’ and don’t want anything to change the clubs plans for this. If we are to believe what we are told in relation to the football club being financially stable in it’s own right, then why sell??
    BG has no money to invest but we are commercially viable in our own right, we have just broken our transfer record after all! It’s looking like things on the pitch are moving forward which is only going to make us look more attractive and expensive to potential buyers. My wish is for BG to stick it out, the current downturn WILL get better and hopefully so will West Ham United
    I thank you

  21. SJ Chandos says:

    Shock, horror, the latest from Stamford Bridge. The crossed arms of Drogba and Malouda was not in fact a demonstration of support for an African prisoner of conscience, but a not so subtle sign to Zola and Clarke, come and get us!!!! They know a rising fotballing power when they see one! lol.

  22. SwedeHammer says:

    Done my share, 48.6%
    So what is the thought of Kovac coming. According to The Independent it’s more or less a done deal. They say he is a great Defensive midfielder with Central Defensive skills as well…

  23. SJ Chandos says:

    Yes Iron Mick, nothing like a bit of Shakey to reinforce a point! lol. I agree. I hope that BG can restructure his interests, perhaps attract new investment and retain control of the club. I suppose it all depends if he needs to sell to fund or shore up other interests? Regardless, I am sure he will do what is best for the club, as well as looking after his own interests.

    I think the club is stable in the short to medium term, but in the longer term,perhaps, additional funding will be required to keep the forward momentum going.

    However, would’nt it be ironic if a consortium came in, abandoned ‘The Project,’started recruiting countless big names and pushed out all our youngsters! Some might say great I suppose? However, if a takeover consortium were wise they would take a considered approach, build on the current foundations and use new, available funds to just add one or two superstars to the mix.

    What do you think will happen to Man City’s Academy under their new regime? You have to fear for it, don’t you.

  24. generalpractice says:

    SJ, re Tristan – Many were slating Di Michele on here and other sites, in the middle of it I remember Zola talking about what a good player he is. Now he has had a run of games he is showing his true worth and again my faith in Zola and Nani is reinforced. I feel the same about Tristan – if they are confident, it makes me feel confident. WHEN they are confident, he will get a run of games and prove to us that he is worthy back up to Cole. Ditto the boy Sears. It’s been a long, long, long time since I have felt this happy about the way WHU as a whole, top to bottom is evolving. It ain’t 100% there yet, but boy is it an improvement on the last three years. The only thing that worries me, is not being worried about our next game against the Arse on Saturday.

  25. IronMick says:

    Yeah totally agree. I know some would be happy having an unlimited funds, but for me it just wouldn’t be west ham.’Like my dreams they fade and die’….so i throw millions of pounds at them.
    An integral part of this football club and the national team for that matter is our academy and the current owners and management realize this!
    I think the best way forward would to (as you suggested)attract new investors into the club while keeping overall control, I’m sorry to say though I cannot see BG putting west ham in front of his own personal interests…I would be very happy to be proved wrong!

  26. Kiwi Hammer says:

    Kovac sounds like another terrific buy Swede.

    Sell Bellers for 14mill, Mullins for 3 mill, bring in Kovac and Savio(ur) and we make a tidy 4 mill profit whilst gaining what could potentially be two better players.

    SJ, I too would like another striker til end of season. I’m sure we’ve got enough funds for it.


  27. Kiwi Hammer says:

    Parker still with twice as many votes as Sullivan on 48%.

  28. E1 says:

    Patience is what we must all have we are not ready for european succsess just yet, maybe this time next year, we won’t I think get enough money to spend this summer and the younger players are far from ready they will need at least another season. We can gain experience and promote the club through the domestic competitions and slowly build as we go. It has taken Man Utd 30+ years to get where they are we are not going to do it in 1 season. Ambition is one thing dreaming is another, I do not doubt for one moment that zola and clarke given time and a reasonable amount of finance WILL take our club back to the heady heights of the Sixties and beyond. I also know that we will have some disapointments along the way. LETS KEEP OUR FEET ON THE GROUND AND ENJOY TODAY AND WAIT AND SEE WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS.

  29. E1 says:

    Iain your pole for who we should keep or sell makes interesting reading after the last couple of weeks events, wonder what the results would be if you asked again now? GO ON GIVE IT A TRY.

  30. james says:

    All I hear about is the funds raised from Bellamy and Mullins. You know we have sold a few others too, plus got got some long term loans of the payroll. I still think Davenport and LBM could be off, maybe closer to the deadline. I’d be happy with additions but I don’t think we need them, we must be down to Zola’s desired number by now.

  31. matta says:

    just voted, he is now a fraction under 50% of the vote

  32. Hammerswest says:

    Scotty 49.75, nearest 23% done my bit.
    Kovac sounds like a good deal let’s hope that gets done

  33. HammerslegendMoore says:

    Hi folks,I have voted. I am new to the site. I have been loooking the blogs for some time and I thought I would leave a post to say how great it is. Thanks Iain the chat is great and everyone is really good. I have learned a lot just viewing the chat. Not like other sites where they just slag off each other. SJ Chandos you are a legend. are you a journo, your writing is good enough. keep up the good work all. Up the Ammers.

  34. SwedeHammer says:

    Good call Kiwi

  35. brooking still the best says:

    Scottys on 50% now !!

  36. the headmaster says:

    me too – it’s all over!

  37. SJ Chandos says:

    I understand what you are saying about patience E1, and they will get it if needed. However, the fact is we are joint 7th with 14 games to go and playing like a dream. We are ideally placed to challenge for a EUFA Cup spot and it is concrete achievements that will drive the development of the club.

    We can wait for next season or the season after that for EUFA, but who knows? This is a window of opportunity and we need to grab it. Strike while the iron is hot, that’s my motto!

  38. colney says:

    any chance we can get to at least 40 points b4 we order up the passport stuff? ive been a suporter for many years and nothing will ever surprise me so 6 points in the nxt 2 games and then a couple ov draws and ill be down woollies….no wait, theyve gone belly up,post office to get me photo re taken!!!coyi

  39. notahappyhamer says:

    what does coyi i mean think i know but just want to make sure

  40. kenthammer says:

    Just done my bit for Scotty – he’s now over 50%!
    Come On You Irons !!!!!

  41. oz ex chicken runner says:

    notahappyhamer..are you serious?
    SJ…if you read this I always thought back in the sixties that the “band” that played was the Leytonstone Silver Band???Do you remember Monty with his bugle??

  42. oz ex chicken runner says:

    I know always late…it has been bloody hot over here, 4 days above 40 celsius…enough to kill off my chicken run without a bit of hard labour!! Anyway , more important things, Scottie is now 50.8%..can’t wait for the window to close, really can’t see anyone going now..the whole team and club are heading in the right direction…Cole scores again..proving me wrong every game but I don’t mind!!I am quietly confident going into the next two games…could even get 4 points!SJ I think UEFA may be a bit too far this year but no harm in striving for it otherwise what else in the EPL! makes us look up rather than down! Great hopes for the cup as well…I know we have always been in these positions over the years but you have to be positive. COYI

  43. SJ Chandos says:

    Hi Oz ExCR, it was definitely the British Legion Band in the 1970s and I would need to check the sixities out. I have some 60s programmes tucked away somewhere so I will let you know.

    On the Monty character, yeah I do vaguely remember him at Upton Park. Who was he, do you know? Monty’s batman perhap? lol. I bet you ain’t missing old blighty with that kind of wheather. The snow is supposed to be setting in again soon here. It’s certainly bloody cold out tonight!

    As for EUFA, why not? Pessimistic fans of my acquaintance who were striking the (relegation) white flag after the Spurs defeat might rubbish the idea, but I think it is a definite possibility. If Man Utd beat Spurs then there will be an extra EUFA place via the league position, taking qualification down to 7th. If we can hang in there why not?

    This is plan A as far as I am concerned, plan B is others longer time-scale. Actually, what is there to disagree about if it is presented in those terms?

  44. SJ Chandos says:

    Did you see the Hull City match on TV over in Oz? It was a great performance, it really was. The press over here are still not fully acknowledging West Ham’s resurgence! The Sportsmail’s headline was something like Hammers overcome weak Hull!!!!!

    Well Hull City were only weak because we rendered them thus! If it had been 6-0 it would have been a fair result.

  45. SJ Chandos says:

    As for the FA Cup, yes that is another possibility for EUFA qualification. It would be nice to take the bitter edge off the cruel and undeserved result in 2006. We need to dispatch Boro and hope that we get another good draw in the 6th round, after that you have to expect to come up against one of the stronger teams in the semis if they are still in the draw!

    As my old Dad used to say, if your names on the cup you will win it whoever you face. Who thought in 1964 that we would trounce Man U 3-1 in the semis at Hillsborough? Not many!

  46. SJ Chandos says:

    Scott Parker is on 50.82% of the vote! What a powerful election machine Mr Dale is running here!!!! lol.

  47. SJ Chandos says:

    “I’m not about to jump ship because I’ve committed to come here and get West Ham into Europe and we’re right on course for that.”

    The above is quote from Lucas Neill in today’s Sydney Herald, he obviously agrees with me about EUFA qualification!!!!

  48. SJ Chandos says:

    But I suppose that is not such a positive recommendation as far as a lot of people on here are concerned, is it????? lol.

  49. oz ex chicken runner says: are right about UEFA, if it does go down to 7th we are definatley in with a good shout , yer and maybe Everton are not that far ahead and they have striker problems too…if Cahill gets injured again (if you jump like kangaroos it is always possible!)so if we can maintain our form it is possible, I am sure Zola etc are talking that way?
    As for Monty, I started going over Upton Park in 1962 and Monty was an old geezer ( I was 11 so everyone was old to me then!) and he dressed up in a uniform with medals etc and use to play the bugle throughout the game, most of the crowd liked him.I actually missed the Hull game, I had to drive to Melbourne and left at 3.30am…and I forgot to record it…can’t believe it..anyway saw the highlights and reports, seems we played well again and could have won by more. Seen many great,good and not so good teams over the years at West Ham but I do have a good feel about this squad as long as we keep them…cooling down here now…only 29 celsius!!
    Time for a cold beer or two…I still like and can get John Smith Smooth out here,…COYI

  50. E1 says:

    Micha Richards 5mill
    Kevin Nolan 4mill
    both good ages 22 & 26 with prem experience got to be worth ago IF we have the money the both have european experience as well

  51. Goatygav says:

    6th or 7th is a realistic expectation. Anything above that would be a bonus. Let’s not raise expectations too high.

    I’d love to see our cup run continue to the quarters and beyond too. You never know where that might take us.

    The next two league results could be fantastic or not. Whatever the results are I think it’s important to focus on how the team play/perform. Let’s not get down on ourselves if the final scores don’t go our way. Let’s continue the optimism and excitement while keeping it real.

    What’s the score this season if one of the top 5 win the cups? Do the places go to the runners up or the league? I think that’s key to whether we should seriously consider UEFA qualification or not.

  52. IronMick says:

    Micha Richards would be a great addition to our squad although I do think he is still learning, he would blossom under the guidance of Clarke/Zola. Kevin Nolan, who I do rate I think would maybe of a less importance – just because of the players we have in that area – seems like a good price if true though.

    and so Lawro’s prediction for tomorrow
    ( taken with a large pinch, sorry Kg of salt)

    In October, I thought West Ham were about to implode. Alan Curbishley had left by this point and new boss Gianfranco Zola saw his new team lose four games during the month.

    But since then, Zola has turned things around and they’re getting results by playing football.

    Arsenal are on a great unbeaten run. They drew against a tough Everton side, but scored late again in a match which shows that they are fit enough.

    Verdict: 2-0

    haha, I just love his contradictions
    p.s the Hull match he predicted a scrappy 2-2 draw

  53. alanalandevonshire says:

    Just a small point SJ, why do you insist on calling it the EUFA cup? Like you I am looking upwards and onwards and think with a little luck we could qualify. I think its important that if the next 2 results go against us we need to keep being positve. These 2 results will not define our season (unless we win them) the 7 or so after that will.
    My glass is half full. COYI.

  54. Falvo says:

    Big test over the next two games, and don’t we know it. If we get maximum points, we are well on track to get a UEFA place.

    I really think we could turn arsenal over. And Carlos Tevez will hopefully underpeform if we give him the amazing reception we usually give him.
    So i think it is very probable that we will get draws at the least.

    Such is the enthusiasm and excitement i feel concerning our team at the moment. Zola is already a legend to me.

    On the subject of Richards and Nolan, it is unlikely Richards will leave Man City to a team where to be perfectly honest it is not definite that he will get match starts considering the form of Upson and Collins. Then of course you’ve got Tomkins getting better and better. Maybe we could push him to right back, should we get him.

    Nolan is a reasonable target, but do we need him? Collison, Parker, Noble, Behrami, Dyer, Stanislas, Faubert, LBM and even Nsereko. I dont think, considering Zola’s love of Faubert and LBM, he’d even get onto the bench. Also if Kovac were to come on loan, play well and sign permanently, would we need him.

    Final note: Mark Lawresnon is full of himself and so up himself its unbelievable. It appears to me that he is wrong most of the time generally and always wrong when it comes to us Hammers. Stuff his opinion, what pompous fool gave him the right to judge.

  55. richo says:

    I agree with you SJ regarding UEFA (sorry alan Europa cup), Were still in the cup and that would be the easiest and best way to qualify, however qualifying via league position is still achievable. If we beat Arsenal we cut the gap to seven points and still have 14 matches to play after that, it would be a monumental feat if we were to achieve it but outside the realm of possibility it aint.
    Like others have stated however team stability and improvement is more important than a European berth, still who’d of thought when the season started with Curbs in charge we’d be sitting here even talking about Europe.

  56. Roshi says:

    Definitely British Legion Band in the 60’s

  57. Falvo says:

    ps. please comment on my view, i’d like to see what everyone thinks of my opinions.

  58. richo says:

    I agree Falvo, I think we’ve healthy competition in those areas of the pitch (defence and midfield) maybe another quality forward.

  59. djclipz says:

    if man u beat tottenham in the carling cup, doesn’t tht mean 7th place in the league becomes a uefa cup spot??

  60. Falvo says:

    yeah would be a better idea richo, but who ??
    also i think considering his recent improvement, it is likely di michele will stay on…

    i’ll make up a shortlist 🙂

    kevin doyle (reading),
    fred (lyon),
    mario balotelli (inter),


    UPDATE: kevin doyle is going to newcastle according to bbc sport, follow this link..

    UPDATE: Sky Sports claims Kovac is on his way over to Upton Parkat the moment and will sign for £3mil in the summer.

  61. Falvo says:

    sorry not kevin doyle to newcastle, kevin nolan. my mistake

  62. richo says:

    I like Dan Sturridge he has good pace and he’s young

  63. Falvo says:

    yep but the problem with man city players is that man city have the money to offer them twice as much as they deserve.

    plus the fact that he is young will certainly be a bonus to hughes,

    what about roque santa cruz?? he wants to leave but allardyce is being picky and stubbborn

    perhaps the trio of zola, clarke and nani could persuade him in some way

    would be expensive though.

  64. Paul M says:

    notahappyhammer – just to confirm mate, coyi =
    Come On You Irons

  65. richo says:

    Í think Zola must be pretty happy with our striking options at the moment, i’d like to see Sears get a bit of time but trust Zolas’ judgement considering the confidence he’s given Cole.

  66. richo says:

    Santa Cruz is a great player he’d be a welcome addition for sure

  67. IronMick says:

    djcliptz, yes I think that is correct.
    7th place is definately achieveable, more achieveable than getting into Europe via the FA cup I think, but even that is a posibility!
    However I think this season a strong league position would be a good result, with getting into Europe a big bonus. This is taking into account the position we was in a few months ago.
    Next year is the year we should really be pushing for Europe from the offset.

  68. Goatygav says:

    Hi Djblipz – that’s what I was asking. I’ve visited the UEFA site and there’s nothing on there about where the places go. In past years I think they’ve delayed decisons on that until quite near the end of the season. Whether that’s a “Wait and see who Qulifies,” strategy or not I’m usure of.

    What I do know is that there’s only one fixed place from the league this time around. So the only certainty is that anything below 5th may not qualify for the UEFA.

  69. IronMick says:

    Santa Cruz, I think is top, top quality striker but would cost in excess on 17million so I think we can safely rule that on out!

  70. richo says:

    For sure IronMick, I honestly cant see any forwards coming in during this window as I mentioned before Zola seems happy with DiMichele and Cole, then we’ve got Tristan and Sears it’s minimal cover i know but time is running out.

  71. Falvo says:

    yes a very good point, IronMick, but who else can we consider, not just for January, for the summer as well?

  72. Goatygav says:

    Sorry for the Typo Djclipz.

  73. Roy says:

    I was of the opinion that the UEFA – sorry Europa – Cup places were given for 5th in the league, FA Cup Winners, or runners up if the winners qualify for the Champions League, and Carling Cup winners.
    If the Carling Cup winner qualifies for the Champions League the runner up doesn’t get the Europa spot and so 6th place in the league comes into play.
    If both FA Cup finalists have qualified for the Champions league then 7th place in the league becomes a Europa Cup spot.
    The only other way into the Europa Cup is through fair play which we ain’t gonna get.
    I think we should just go and win the FA Cup then there will be no doubt.

  74. Roy says:

    And Scott Parker is now on 51.09% of the vote. Done deal

  75. Falvo says:

    haha easier said than done, roy.

    but isn’t it 5th, 6th, FA cup, fair play??

    Anyone willing to shed some light on this???

  76. richo says:

    Your right Roy, If cup winners have already qualified then qualification is granted to the next highest ranked team in the league. Never heard of the fair play qualification what’s the go with that?

  77. IronMick says:

    FA Cup is in the bag 😉
    I Agree Richo, I don’t see any other strikers comming in. Cole is playing out of his skin, Di Michele has shown what he can do given the chance, and is rated higher than Tristan who could cover if needed. Then we have Sears and now Savio so I think we are ok in that department. My only slight concern is the lack of a ‘big man’ should Cole get injured.

  78. Goatygav says:

    There’s definitely a place allocated to the winner of the League Cup. I think Roy’s probably right about the runner up spot transferring to the league if necessary. I remember a lot of confusion about this last year and being unable to find anything out ’til the end of the season.

    I wonder if UEFA don’t make any announcements so that they can stop teams they don’t want in the competition.

  79. Paul M says:

    All this talk about new stikers for the summer – lets get Ashton fit. He is as good as anyone on his day. Yes he has had his share of injury problems (thanx to Wright-Phillips)but if we can get him fit and trim we have plenty up front then. I think a quality midfield playmaker, another right back and left back (cover for Illunga)should be priorities.
    Kovac will sign on loan, so good cover for Parker and central defence, I would like to see another loan striker with experience come in – don’t shout, but Bent could do a good job and he has a lot to prove. Only as cover though.

  80. Goatygav says:

    Fair play’s how Man City qualified this year.

  81. IronMick says:

    I think if Bent were to leave Spurs he would go to a ‘smaller’ club where he would have first team football and the chance to re-establish himself.
    Moving to us would be putting himself in the same position that he is in now + he rejected us.

    I can’t wait to see how much spurs have lost on him if he does leave.

  82. richo says:

    Yes Ashton’s the forgotten man at the moment aint he, would love to see him back as long as he’s fully fit don’t wanna see him back for a couple of months then another extended peiod on the sidelines.

  83. Paul M says:

    I would like to congratulate the board on this site. They have obviously done some excellent business by appointing GZ and then SC. Hats off to them, there was quite a few names in the hat for manager but they have got it spot on with their choice, GZ plays it the West Ham way and seems to have MUCH respect from ALL the players and staff. Him and Clarkey could be the best signings we have made for a long long time.

  84. IronMick says:

    The concept of getting into Europe via fair play in bull…crap in my opinion. It degrades the competition.
    anyway we are mid-table on the fair play at the mo.

  85. djclipz says:

    i do worry about ashton, we really don’t hear anything about him… last i heard he was off crutches but who really knows!!?? Plus for the reason he is injured again now was for exploratory surgery on that ankle, and were we even told that that had gone well???

    so the league does sound a viable option for europe, but screw it lets do it by the fa cup to make sure!! As long as we are going to be fully safe in the league (this year), concentrating fully on the fa cup would be great!!! Im stil heartbroken from 2006!! tht needs to change!!

  86. Falvo says:

    Indeed Paul M a good point.

    On the subject of Deano, if he’s 100% fit i’d put him back in. But at the moment we dont NEED him back and playing as soon as possible.
    If he gets back in training, we play him in reserves for 10 minutes at the end of the game, then 20, then half a game, then a full game.
    Then we break him back into the first team again, any one know how long before he’s expected back in training?

  87. Falvo says:

    Yeah i agree with djclipz
    The official site isnt informative enough for me. I want to know whats wrong with the players, how long they’re likely to be out and get updates on progress at least once a month.

    Thats my next job then. I’ll have to have a word with Scott Duxbury 😉

  88. IronMick says:

    I have to admit that when writing a previous post about strikers Deano didn’t even enter my mind. This could be seen as good – we are not desperate to get him back, or bad – he is not anywhere near a return…maybe both thinking about it!
    I have tried to find out about Deano a few times but come up with nothing concrete at all. I am slightly concerned that we have heard nothing in a long time from the club. Falvo is right IF and when he comes back it needs to be a very gradual thing.

  89. IronMick says:

    This post has gone off on a tangent or two hasn’t it!

  90. Falvo says:

    Also, i think we should give more support to the Reserves. We often feature senior players or rising stars and it would be a major help if some of the fans could get behind the reserves.

  91. richo says:

    Don’t get any insight or news on reserves in Australia sorry Falvo

  92. Falvo says:

    damn thats one down.

    anyone else?

  93. Falvo says:

    damn thats one down.

    anyone else?
    i understand of course that some people are incapable of going out to reserve games during the week for different reasons: work/family etc.

  94. Goatygav says:

    Like all good conversations there’s a need to move on.

    Still can’t find out how the qualification for the new UEFA “EUROPA LEAGUE” Competition is going to work. The UEFA site’s not the easiest to navigate. If anyone else fancies a go I found this and this .

    As far as who qualifies is concerned I think there are also choices to be made by the Football Associations of each country who have multiple team entries in to the competition.

  95. Falvo says:

    And so true IronMick, it could be good, it could be bad that we aren’t overly concerned about Deano. But the fact remains that the club isn’t giving us enough information.

  96. Falvo says:

    I KNOW!
    lets get a petition going on here



  97. IronMick says:

    Well I know people within west ham read various forums to get our reactions to things so maybe we will hear something…anything.
    Wishful thinking I know!

    On another topic I was thinking of getting a petition together for the treatment we (west ham) recieve in MOTD. I think it is unbelievable to be honest.
    Especially from an ‘impartial’ public funded company.
    Dispite my support for Gaza I agreed with the BBC’s decision to not screen the appeal because of impartiallity which I think is imperative. By showing us last every week it not only contradicts the ‘code’ of the BBC it makes us licence fee paying fans to suffer.
    Maybe you could throw your weight (proverbial) behind this Iain?
    I would be really happy to hear your thoughts.

  98. richo says:

    Yeah and the package doesn’t really show all the highlights either, it’s just a quick rundown. When it comes to the ‘big four’ however it’s always more detailed.

  99. supernumbersix says:

    IronMick – Sign a petition?? I’ll go to war over it if you like? I became so disgusted by MOTD / BBC and their ‘coverage’ of WHU, that after holding out for years and years, I have had to break an unwritten rule to not line Murdoch’s pockets unless absolutely necessary. I finally succumbed and had SKY plumbed in. Since the New Year I have watched no less than four WHU games. Two of which, were ‘recorded’ on SKY+ and watched later. I watched the entire game against Hull from 11pm on Wednesday night. Bloody marvellous. Even the punditry is bearable – as long as it ain’t the tedious, Matt ‘I abhor WHU’ Le Tissier. As far as I’m concerned the BBC, Lineker and his mates can go whistle.

  100. IronMick says:

    Supernumbersix, haha – I like your style.
    We have been lucky with the recent Live games that have been shown – thank god for sky. That is the one saving grace in the BBC situation. Even though living Murdoch’s pockets is an annoyance to say the least.
    I also know a pub that shows every single Prem league game so I can get away with not getting drawn out when we are once again on last on MOTD after playing a blinder.

  101. West_Ham says:

    Shame on you supernumbersix!! 😉 BBC for Sport!!

    Although wasn’t Lineker one of the people who represented SU in their latest circus act…err I mean arbitration?

  102. DevoDevo says:

    Echo what paul M said re the board. I also think Duxbury has improved his standing with the fans after his announcement during the early days of the transfer window which, apart from the greed of one man, he has kept faithfully to. His later announcement that he would never ever sell another player to Spurs was priceless and must have had old twitchy throwing his Wii console at the TV!

    As for Europe, I think it is a distinct possiblity this season. Even Everton are not out of reach if we continue to play as we are. But as goatygav has said, if the results don’t go our way in the next two games, let’s not all get despondent and negative, other teams will be dropping points and Wigan are losing some of their best players.

  103. generalpractice says:

    There’s no substitute for being at Upton Park on match day, so I go fairly regularly. I don’t watch many games in the pub to be honest (too distracting for me), prefer beers with mates ’round mine – especially lately!
    But seriously, MOTD really make my blood boil. Even when we play a top four team, they talk about how good they were if they beat us, or how bad they were because WHU won!! My missus got so fed up with me throwing my toys out of the pram at Linekers mug, she paid for the first month, which was a result eh?

  104. supernumbersix says:

    IronMick – There’s no substitute for being at Upton Park on match day, so I go fairly regularly. I don’t watch many games in the pub to be honest (too distracting for me), prefer beers with mates ’round mine – especially lately!
    But seriously, MOTD really make my blood boil. Even when we play a top four team, they talk about how good they were if they beat us, or how bad they were because WHU won!! My missus got so fed up with me throwing my toys out of the pram at Linekers mug, she paid for the first month, which was a result eh?


  105. Paul M says:

    I guess we would all take 2 points now from the next couple of games if they were offered but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if we get none. The next 5 or 6 games after these are ALL winnable against teams we can beat home or away. Another 15 points from just those games and we will be well safe and this will also push us on the tails of 5-6 spot in the league.

    All looking rosy at the mo’ long may it last. Yes, we will have the odd blip, even the big boys do, but I can only see the ‘team’ improving from now until the end of the season.
    Come on boys give a big push and keep the hard work going and we will be looking at Europe for next season, fact.


  106. Goatygav says:

    How’s Scott getting on I wonder?

  107. Goatygav says:

    Where’s the next blog gone?

  108. the Headmaster says:

    over and out?

  109. HammerMalta says:

    If we did`nt had a poor run of results few weeks ago we might be up with the top four.Fairly i think Bolton,Arsenal and the Spuds games really deserved to loose.Everton I-O up ten minutes to go ,could ave done a bit of effort,Hull away a draw would ave been a more fair result and we outclassed Aston Villa at home,but thinkig of getting three away draws against Liverpool Celski and Arsenal that is some impovment.Zola-Clark-Nani partnership is working now Kovac to the list.Tip on the icing snap Saviola the Argentinian version of Michael Owen.COYI!!!!!

  110. Tony says:

    WELL DONE SCOTTIE!!!!!!!!!!

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