Welcome Back Jeremy Nicholas

An email from a reader…

As a regular reader of your blog can I just say you missed a cracking game last night and if it wasn’t for the Hull goalie it would have been a very embarrassing score for Hull.

But the important thing was the atmosphere, and we all feel it was down to Jeremy being back – FatBoy Slim to start, Bubbles played properly, team read out properly – when reading our reserves he correctly saved the name of Savio to the end so we could cheer…….even with Hull he paused after reading out Garcia and Bullard for reaction from us……he know West Ham which is more than the last guy did. As we were filing out he read out the rest of the nights scores, making a humerous comment about our reaction to Bellamy scoring which had us all laughing.

Good times are back at Upton Park and we have Jeremy to thank for it.



28 Responses to Welcome Back Jeremy Nicholas

  1. Alex says:

    Great game & great atmosphere – the best time for Jeremy to come back.

  2. George says:

    Will never forgive Jeremy Nicholas for his comments after Rebrov scored for Tottenham to knock us out the FA Cup.

    “I’m sure you’ll all agree with me, and wish Tottenham the best of luck in the next round”.

    Words that will haunt me forever!

  3. Carf says:

    I’ve just found Jeremy Nicholas official webpage, was wondering if anyone knows of a blog/twitter etc page that Jeremy might have. Or hasn’t he joined us yet in the world of blogging?

    Would love to view his thoughts on games and things West Ham.

  4. Paul B says:

    Always enjoyed Jeremy when he did his radio show on the old GLR station. He is fab and very much part of the upton park experience. Great performance last night. Enjoying the Franco revolution and the team appear to have a great spirit behind them and long may it continue.

  5. budgie says:

    I totally agree with the original email. I especially liked that JN introduced Savio whilst the players were warming up.

    As with Paul B I used to listen to him on GLR which is quite some time ago now.

    The atmosphere last night was great. I am sure it will be the same against MU and lets hope we can perform to keep it going through the game.

    I am also realistic enough to know that when M City come Bellamy will be the subject of considerable abuse. Negatives vibes though never do much for our team. How much better if we could just ignore him.

  6. bazza hammer says:

    i remember the 06/07 season when we lost to watford in the fa cup, at half time he read out a load of 0-0 scorelines, he said;

    “oh, the magic of the fa cup.”

    the way he said it was quite funny!

  7. anti boo boys says:

    Upton Park has become somewhat familiar to booing, whether for the opposition or our own players. Yes it is usually counter productive and does create a negative atmosphere for our players, even if the booing is for the opposition. If West Ham fans are stupid they will boo Bellamy. Booing players very rarely ever works, if at all. It only inspires the player, you’d have thought football fans would have realised this decades ago. Bellamy will be booed of course, creating negative vibes around the place, while Bellamy will absolutely love it, then rub it in big time when he eventually scores, as always happens with a booed player, then the boo boys (now more angrier than before) start to take it out on their own players as they are in such a negative mood anyway… now who’s the winner in that scenario?

  8. Les says:

    Good to see Jeremy back. Can’t understand why the club got rid of him in the first place. He generates a fine atmosphere, plays appropriate music, is a true fan, and bears no comparison to the idiot we have had to endure for the last five months or so. Come on you irons!

  9. chris says:

    Radio reports this morning suggest that Kovac’s arrival means one of our midfielders will leave, possibly parker.
    Please tell this an’t true west ham not after last night!!

  10. Andrew says:

    It was great to have Jeremy back hope the others are gone for good!

  11. Scalyback says:

    I agree that it was much better last night, although to put the improvement down entirely to JN is perhaps pushing the truth. Although it was better, I still think that some the magic of an evening game at the Boleyn is missing, and that is down in part to the remoteness of the fans to the pitch compared with the new West stand. I’m sorry to say that the fans also are not as noisey and still lapse into long periods of silence. Can anyone honestly say that bubbles is ever sung with the same vigour & gusto as even 5 years ago?

    My other concern is that there are still some fans who boo our own players (LBM last night for instance)although that seemsto be getting less vocal.

    Overall, a real improvement last night, but I think the way the team played might well have helped !

  12. claire says:

    I was just about to post exactly the same thing as the original emailer did. Great game, great atmosphere, and finally the crowd got to chant for Zola. Thanks, Jeremy.
    Party pooper hat on: still room for improvement, though – we need to keep possession more, though I suppose the pitch must have been pretty slippery. We’ve got 2 games coming up against much, much, tougher opposition.
    Party pooper hat off: Let’s hear it for Di Michele, Cole and Savio. Who needs Bellamy?

  13. Goatygav says:

    I was interested to hear your point about the volume coming from the stands nowadays Scalyback. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Lets face it though – it’s never going to be as good as when fans stood at games.

    So not wanting to push any one else’s agenda – just my own opinion – I’ve signed up to the “Stand Up Sit Down” campaign. If you’re interested you can have a look at their website at http://www.standupsitdown.co.uk/ .

    We all love to hear the roar of the crowd at a match. It’s part of what’s good about the game. The passions that are stirred when that sound goes right through you can’t be described. Come the end of the day it’s a big reason why the Corporate fan is drawn in.

    If you had a hardcore of 5K all standing in one, or two, well managed area/s you’d have the impetous to get the rest of the stadium joining in at the tops of their voices

    As for booing visiting players I guess some people get carried away a bit. I would never boo our own but the “Pantomime Villain” of some unpopular visiting players can often be too much of a pull. Under these circumstances I think good humoured taunting is part and parcel. It’s up to the player whether they rise to it or not. It can also go either way. In Jermaine Defoe’s instance I’m certain that his penalty misses have been because he’s “bottled it,” after the fans have got to him. For some others it can be an extra motivation to play better.

  14. Goatygav says:

    BTW – I don’t mean to patronize those of us who are already aware of Stand Up Sit Down. I’m sure that many of us already are.

  15. SJ Chandos says:

    It was certainly a much better atmosphere in the ground last night. I personally think it had more to do with Hammers improved form and results than the announcer. I have never really given the role of the match announcer much consideration to be honest. However, as I somewhat ham fistedly tried to say the other day, I am genuinely pleased that Jeremy is back for those contributors who feel that he improves the Upton Park match experience.

  16. SJ Chandos says:

    Goatygav, I have been a long standing advocate of converting the lower seating areas behind the goals in to controlled standing areas. I would personally like to see standing season tickets so that the numbers in those areas can be properly regulated and controlled. This issue of opposition standing would also need to be properly considered.

    The real danger to fans was the fencing that they put up in the 1980s. And that was the ultimate cause of the deaths at Hillsborough. Yes, the Police abdicated their responsibilities and were the architects of the crush occurring, but if there had been no fences then it would have been relieved by fans spiling on to the pitch. As you will recall, West Ham had a similar situation at QPR in the 1980s, when the absence of fences averted any danger.

    I must admit now days I love my seat in the BMU, but I can understand how others fans would prefer the solidarity and collective identity reinforced by standing. However, I think that the powers to be are very unlikely to back track now. Still you never know, that is what campaigning is all about is it not?

  17. IronMick says:

    Personally I have never experience being in a standing area at a football ground (except Dagenham and Redbridge etc 😉 I would very much embrace the chance to! It would, however, need to be very well organised and implemented.
    I have been in a few very dodgy crowd situations at gigs and festivals and can easily imagine the dangers involved at a football match if not properly regulated.
    The fans in the proposed standing area’s would undoubtedly be the more hardcore among us and I think while it would be brilliant for atmosphere at some point it would go OTT – and that would be the end of that
    Sadly I think this is something we will never see, nobody with any sort of power would have the balls needed to make such a decision – we will all just have to make do standing in front of our seats.

  18. Goatygav says:

    Cheers SJ. The campaign’s been running a while and may have run out of steam a bit but it’s a “Plan With No Flaws” IMO. Sometimes a re-injection of interest and energy can get things moving again. Apparently there are, or were, over 100 MP’s signed up. They were proposing a parliamentary “Early Motion” (what a dodgy term that really is) and talk of “White Papers” were prevalent in the “House.”

    Such discussion of Early Motions and White Paper in in our House usually involve Lamb Jalfraizi and the Fridge. (Perhaps that should be saved for another blog)

  19. Les says:

    I thought this thread was about the announcer!!!!!!!!

  20. Upton Spark says:

    Great performance from West Ham last night and great performance from the very talented Jeremy.
    Bubbles was just brill and as already stated Jeremy knew when to invite the crowd to join in and created the right atmosphere that the other idiot couldn’t do.
    Long may Jeremy stay as he is a true Hammer man.

  21. Goatygav says:

    Grand Job Jeremy. Great to have you back fella!!

  22. Roy says:

    I didn’t sit at a match for the first 20 years I went and standing did create a great atmosphere. It was even easier talking to your mates as if there were 5 or 6 of you you could still have a conversation while in seats the two on the end are a fair way apart.
    The problem with the old terraces, from a safety point of view, was that there was no sectioning and the crowd could easily be spread unevenly along the area.
    In Germany they have some standing areas and your ticket takes you through a specific entrance into an area restricted by numbers. So, for example, if the BM lower was standing it could be broken down into 4 or 5 sections and your ticket (or season ticket)would relate to one of them. Pretty simple and easy to control.

  23. Goatygav says:

    Yeah – exactly Roy. You make a fantastic point and I think this would be the best solution.

    At least there wouldn’t be a massive “SURGE” of bodies jumping about when goals are scored. You’d probably keep the change in your pocket that always got lost too. If they were invented back then I suppose you’d have lost your mobile phone to boot.

  24. Falvo says:

    Les, if you were a regular, you would know that the posts on this site ALWAYS develop into three or four different subjects.

    For proof please check the post following this concerning scott parker. Its not about parker after about 20 comments 😀

  25. Les says:


    Not being a regular contributor does NOT indicate that I am a new visitor to this site.

  26. Goatygav says:

    I try to keep some relevance to the original post. Well – try at least. My comments about safe standing areas were mainly to do with adding to the atmospehere at games which kind of ties in with how Jeremy Nicholas also affects the atmosphere at games.

    For further info please visit http://www.tenuous-links.com .

  27. westhampete says:

    great to see JC back, proper hammer who gets what were about. No longer have to listen to the clueless monotone of the previous “dj”, hopefully he was part of the deal that took craig whatsisname to the blue part of manc-land

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