Faubert to Madrid. Real-ly

I can hardly believe I am typing this but it’s confirmed that Julien Faubert
is in discussions with Real Madrid about a loan move.

Coming tomorrow: Sir Alex signs Luis Boa Morte!


103 Responses to Faubert to Madrid. Real-ly

  1. Terry says:

    Bet he can’t wait to get into duty free for some ciggies

  2. Rob says:

    wow, gob smacking!

  3. Goatygav says:

    Just sat here watchin’ “Happy Gilmore” on Sky 1. The adverts came on so I thought – ‘quick switch over to Sky Sports’ – still adverts – gone over to Setanta News on 418 – West Ham in discussions with Real Madrid over a loan of Faubert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t quite decide which is fiction and which is fact. They both seem as ridiculuous as each other. One channel showing a hockey player driving 450 yards the first time he picks up a golf club. The other showing the world’s most successful footie club wanting to borrow a flop from a team who haven’t won anything for 28 1/2 years.

  4. RPHammer says:

    Great transfer activity so far given it was all meant to be a disaster.

    Last sentence says a lot – must already have someone lined up.

  5. james says:

    unbelievable!! we should put a term in the deal that under no circumstances are we to take him back…..unless he finds form and stops smoking

  6. Carf says:

    *checks calendar*

    Nope, not April 1st.

    The worlds gone mad!

  7. jon.london colney says:

    its on the west ham site 2 ,now thats a first!!! someone in talks and they say it on the webb? blimey we realy are changing !!! as for real madrid,well fmswwaff,do they know what there getting? 1.5 mill till the end ov the season than a substantial fee if they want him!!! i have got to stay off the beer!

  8. Goatygav says:

    It’s all a bit too surreal for me. I’m off to bed. When I wake up I expect this all to have been a dream.

  9. james says:

    goal.com saying the deal is now completed??? 1.5m till june with an option to make perminant for a further 6m. gets us our money back

  10. oz ex chicken runner says:

    Maybe there are two real madrids??Suppose that want a class replacement since Becks left eh??

  11. james says:

    we’ll get a replacement apparently, i just saw we pay a scientist to clone behrami.

  12. james says:

    its because Ramos miss out on Luis Valencia, a bit of booby prize.

  13. Hayden says:

    What can I say… they can obviously spot a good player when they see one. To be honest I bet he’ll go there and either (a) sit on the bench for the duration – loan move for back up. Or (b) go and be phenomenal. Let’s be honest, it never looked like he actually wanted to play here. I bet he sacked his agent over that move.

  14. Biffo the bear says:

    well they do seem intent on not winning the title this year, i’m sure he can help them.

  15. Hayden says:

    I have to say – I love Scott Duxburry’s final comment on the official site. “If he does go out on loan we will act quickly to look for a replacement”…

  16. the Headmaster says:

    Please God let this be true. His lack of commitment and fitness is legend.

  17. Goatygav says:

    Just to change the subject here for a second. Just goes to show the average demographic on this site. Friday night and this many of us rush to the blog to comment on Faux Pas. Reckon there’s more than just a few with families for whom “Stayin’ in is the new goin’ out.”

  18. Has someone spiked my drink tonight???

    Faubert to Madrid OMFGG!! Juande Ramos is clearly barking!!!

    Next I’ll be reading they are sending us Sergio Ramos in a straight swap deal!!! … now thats an idea!!!

  19. Kim says:

    Oh my giddy aunt. Do you think he could pack lbm in his suitcase – a BOGOF deal!!! The world has gone mad and I fully expect Man U to give us Carlitos for £2m and we get Ronaldo thrown an extra £1m.

  20. Hayden and the others … who would you sign in his place bearing in mind that there are under 3 days to go?

  21. the Headmaster says:

    Had to check out Hayden’s quote from Duxburry. It’s true! This really is laughable – who’s he gonna replace him with? Like for like, I could recommend me Mum….

  22. Goatygav says:

    Sorry – forgot how many are in different time zones! Ramos must be on a differnt planet too!

  23. the Headmaster says:

    Incidentally, she’s partially sighted

  24. SJ Chandos says:

    Amazing deal, you always get one or two deals coming out of left field. £1.5m for a 5 month loan, that’s a good deal in itself. You can hear Duxbury now: Julien Faubert is one of West Ham’s very best young players, it’s going to take a really good deal to get us to part with him! lol.

    We could make a right killing on him in the summer, unless he blows it of course. Surely even Faubert has got to motivated by getting a chance with one of the biggest clubs in world football? Surely ?????

    Then we have the question of who they will bring in to cover right midfield. Duxbury has confirmed that a replacement is going to be brought in. So, a right sided midfielder and striker before 2nd February. This window is getting very interesting indeed!

  25. Mind you i reckon Kovac could be a good signing, 6ft 3 that gives us a bit more help in the air and different option in midfield to what we already have.

    I have to say (and I said it on Wednesday before the Hull game) I’m really upbeat about what Zola and Clarke are doing and I honestly believe we are gonna kick sum Gooner butt tomorrow.

    I’m already looking forward to the United game!!!

  26. the Headmaster says:

    Me Mum’s only on 15 a day…..

  27. Goatygav says:

    Can she play down the right Headmaster?

  28. Hayden says:

    Wouldn’t an ideal replacement be N’Zogbia? He’s having a sulk because Joe Kinnear mispronounced his name.. I always imagined Faubert to be of a similar character. Always sulking.

  29. the Headmaster says:

    She’s been known to be condescending towards Conservatives, if that’s what you mean! No, she’s more of a utility (room) player – more than a match for Fagsbear tho!

  30. the Headmaster says:

    Gone to Wigan I understand Hayden – great nick name from old Kinnear tho, eh? Insomnia – lol!!!

  31. Goatygav says:

    Yep, yep yep – that’s what I meant.

    Do you reckon she’d sign for 105 a week? – smokes that is.

  32. Headmaster, whats her name? I’m just using my free vouchers from wednesday to buy a new shirt and thought I’d use the free shirt printing one to get her name on me back!!

  33. Goatygav says:

    We’re just bein’ silly now. – Hang on?

  34. scott says:

    Do we really need to replace him ? behrami’s first choise right midfeild, neill’s first choise right back. it’s the perfect opportunity to blood some youths like stanislas who played very well at south end

  35. SJ Chandos says:

    And the 1.5m from the loan now gives us the fee for Illunga, that is a deal that needs to be tied down now, if at all possible?

    Bellamy and fringe players out and Nsereko, Kovac, a right midfielder and (hopefully) a striker in! This is turning out to be a pivotal transfer window. Not exactly what Sportsmail, Mirror Sports, et al were predicting is it!! lol.

  36. the Headmaster says:

    Just spoke to her agent. She’s not gonna be playin for us fellas – says we abused her rep on that t’internet. Taken her lead from the insomnia chap at the toon..

    Her bush is burnt; but less about the accident with the cigarette lighter on the back of a motorbike.

    So, it’s back to the drawing board for us

  37. graybo guestmeister says:

    Hang on… I go for a 15-minute walk, come back and settle down for a bit of Marmite on toast and a beer… decide to have one last look at the web before settling down to Black Books … and BAM!!! the DaleMeister hits us with this.

    Frankly, I’m miffed to have missed out on all the banter, so I’m going to watch the telly and sulk.

  38. the Headmaster says:

    Seriously, SJC – it’s beyond our wildest! If 20 a day goes and LBM joins him, our January will be complete. No concerns from me about Davenport either I have to say.

  39. Goatygav says:

    Well – let him get a bit of confidence in the Champions League and perhaps we’ll take him back to warm a spot on the bench.

    Right – Going to stop now and watch my comedy hero – Eddie Izzard on Jonathan Ross. Are you happy with your wash?

  40. the Headmaster says:

    One observation from me, guys – the development of this blog is intriguing.
    I remember on the eve of the last transfer window shutting, Iain did a chat room thing which went well and, to the best of my knowledge, he hasn’t repeated. I note that over the months, this site has evolved to such an extent that far from the early days, when people posted maybe one or two comments a day, it now does indeed resemble more of a chat room. No criticism intended here – just an observation.
    Any thoughts about the desirability of a more permanent and instant way of communicating or is the blog enough?
    Sorry Iain – uninvited and uncommissioned market research!

  41. Goatygav says:

    Mmmmmmm. Lily Allen too.

  42. SJ Chandos says:

    N’Zogia is left sided as far as I know. He is a good player, but seems to have a bit of a attitude!

  43. james says:

    Goatygav. i live on vancouver island its 3pm here, so i still have good time celebrate this amazing news with a heavy night out.

  44. Goatygav says:

    Good stuff James. By some weird design my Mrs is out getting hammered while I’m here on a Fujitsu Siemens Laptop and an empty bottle of wine watching BBC1. Something ‘aint right.

  45. Goatygav says:

    BTW – I’m not on the bottle of wine. The bottle of wine’s on the table.

    I’d better go away now.

  46. james says:

    just a thought, did saviola join portsmouth on loan? maybe theres room for a swap deal? 1.5m for 5 months, saviola to get us through and 6m for the summer lovely!! yeah keep the bottle on the table or beat away lbm with it.

  47. SJ Chandos says:

    You know I am trying to think of right sided options the names I keep coming up are N’Zogia, Gamst Pedersen, Johnston, McCready, Mattock, Ledley …. All left sided players, I was led to believe that they are in short supply?

    No doubt they have already set up a deal. It will probably be overseas player, but you never know? Perhaps they might take a gamble on player like Chris Eagles or a stop gap old hand, a la Solano?

  48. irontc says:

    What TGV gonna do at Real? Hand out smokes around the side of the pitch?

  49. SJC, Goaty, I bet we sign Paulo Ferriera, I heard a rumour he’d been seen a U.P but laughed it off as speculation … after all we heard the same last time round … but now maybe their is some legs in the deal!!!

  50. james says:

    chris eagles. i would be very happy with him but can’t see burnley letting him go with less than 3 days. thats one that sir alex definately got wrong.

  51. Goatygav says:

    Pah!!!! Who needs Chelski cast offs – we send all of ours to Real Madrid!!!!

    Only future world-beaters for us now.

    Is it me or could you imagine Julien Faubert as the guard in the Castle Turrets in the Monty Python “Holy Grail” sketch shouting “I Fart in your general direction – you English Pig-Dog” “Your Mother was a Hamster and your father smelled of Elderberries.”

  52. Goaty, thats too much Vino mate LOL

  53. the Headmaster says:

    Goaty – I just p@ssed myself at that one, dude

  54. Goatygav says:

    Yes – it’s been a blast but it’s really time to go now. Last time I did this it was on MySpace and the next time I went on I had no friends left.

    Adios Muchachos (& Julien)

  55. graybo guestmeister says:

    Goaty… Ornchurch Ammer is right… take a moment to calm yourself.

    by the way, I’ve stopped sulking and am now enjoying Black Books DVD with vino, cheese and biscuits and the missus (not necessarily in that order!!)

    Headmaster… I know what you mean, but suggest it is left as is.

    I enjoyed the transfer deadline ‘live’ chat, but for the cup match v Hartlepool we had a pretty good posting session amongst us (Goatygav, Chris, et all) so I say let’s enjoy as is.

  56. irontc says:

    Having just read a few of the wires – looks like this is Duxo / the club trying to generate interset in TGV (fair play) to try and offlaod TGV. He’ll probably end up somewhere in france or stay with us.

  57. graybo guestmeister says:

    Incidentally, in the wake of our Hartlepool chat I hunted out old programmes and ticket stubs…

    so, little competition…

    1) Face value price of ticket for FA Cup semi-final replay v Ipswich Town at Stamford Bridge, 1975?

    2) Face value price of ticket for FA Cup final v Fulham, Wembley Stadium 1975?

  58. E1 says:

    Micha richards !!!!! 5 mill can play right back, centre back and wing back and only 22

  59. sxlad says:

    what great news! Although i feel sorry for le HGV as it’s not a nice injury to have. Snapping an Achilles tendon is probably one of the worst injuries a player can get, so he has done well to come back from that!

    It was obvious that he has lost maybe two yards of pace and his confidence has taken a knock because of it. I wish him well in his quest, but on the other hand I am glad he won’t be playing for us again anytime soon.

    That’s footie and some you win some you lose, Faubert could have been a good player for us, but it just was never going to happen once he snapped his achillies. Further on top of that the boo boys got on his case and this is the end result.

    A good deal for all sides me thinks…

  60. james says:

    i can’t wait to see the look on some peoples faces come 3rd feb when all said and done and we come up trumps in this window.

  61. the headmaster says:

    I’d have a punt at £6 on the final and, oh I dunno £4.50 for the semi??

  62. graybo guestmeister says:

    Close (ish) but no cigar, Headmaster

  63. SJ Chandos says:

    Yes Ornchurch Hammer, Ferriera is a good call. He provides options at right-back and right midfield. It could be an option? He effectively kills two birds with one stone. And they need to sell players. Perhaps we can get him in a Chelski ‘fire sale.’ lol.

  64. the headmaster says:

    Incidentally Graybo – you are about to be featured in the manure edition of olas mate. Something you wrote the other day hit the spot and needs to be quoted!

  65. graybo guestmeister says:

    Ooh, sorry, I should have clarified… standing for both (I slummed it)

  66. graybo guestmeister says:

    eh? what’s that all about then?

  67. graybo guestmeister says:

    oh dear… you’ve all gone to bed… (or passed out)

    I dunno… the kids of today, no stamina.

    GoatyGav I hope your head doesn’t hurt too much.

    Are we all posting during the Gooners game on Saturday? (ooh, hang on, that’s today, innit?)

  68. brooking is still the best says:

    somebody at sometime saw something in him that made us pay £6million. Pity he looked like a complete twat since he got back in the team after his injury. Maybe it was that injury that ruined his career with us?
    Good luck to him there, He is on loan with Real paying £1.5 for the privilage, good luck only because if they like what they see, their willing to cough up another £4.5 million in the summer. mugs!

  69. the headmaster says:

    I’ve got access to a Portugese satelite via a mate – watching the game live in Bromley. Nice.

  70. oz ex chicken runner says:

    remember when we were signing faubert and Iain posted a you tube footage of him…he looked very tasty and we all a bit excited by it…what happened??? maybe the footage was a set up over 100 takes! There must be some right sided palyers out there…what happened with Ledlel King interest? and is Dyer injured again??
    Bye Bye Julian…you caused me to shout at the Tv so much when you played…and at 2-3am in the morning good job I don’t have neighbours close by!!

  71. oz ex chicken runner says:

    by the way Graybo..I have plenty of stamina..while you have been posting and having a beer..I have been working!!Bring on the gooners…I fancy us tonight for a victory!! 2-1…just upset Gallas!!

  72. HammersWest says:

    Just got home from work, can’t believe the news going straight to the wine now, I think a glass is in order
    Goodbye fauxpas it’s been……

  73. IronMick says:

    Ok just got in….
    I admit I have had several drinks but WTF?? haha
    sorry guys, there will be no attempted inteligent insight into this from me tonight.
    I will however sleep with a little grin!

  74. SJ Chandos says:

    I reckon that we can be pretty confident of beating Boro in the 5th round of the FA Cup at Upton Park. If so, what price Sheffield Utd beating Hull City to set up a 6th round draw with us in a real grudge quarter final? You know that the fates could conspire to bring it about. How sweet would a victory be over those hypocrites?

    On the Arsenal match, I think that we can get at least a draw tomorrow. A point will be a very satisfactory result, but this team is capable of taking all three against a depleted Arsenal!

    It is certainly going to be a good test of our progress to date under Zola and Clarke.

  75. IronMick says:

    I agree that it will really show us how far we have come in the last few weeks. What I would say though i if we do get beat, we need to keep our spirits up – it is arsenal away after all – any points out of the next two would be a bonus.
    I’m going for a tight 1-0
    to us

  76. IronMick says:

    sorry…was supposed to type months not weeks
    I knew typing was a bad move

  77. SJ Chandos says:

    I hope we do it tomorrow, because I just love it when Wenger morphs in to his sulky, bad loser persona!

  78. SJ Chandos says:

    As opposed to Zola who is always so gracious to opponents win, lose or draw! Wenger could really take a leaf out of his book in the sportsmanship stakes, don’t you think?

  79. IronMick says:

    Yeah for sure. I think what Wenger has done at Arsenal is brilliant and on that level have a lot of respect for the man. When things are going against him he does tend to turn into a bit of a muppet, as do some of his players! He thinks he is saving face by blaming everyone/everything an ” not seeing ze inccident” when it does the opposite! It takes more of man to admit being well beat or wrong!

  80. SJ Chandos says:

    Yep agreed, if we lose against Arsenal at the Emirates it is no disgrace at all; nor will it be a cue to lapse in to pessimism and negativity.

    In that scenerio, I will be looking for evidence of improvement via a close, competitive contest,with us losing by the odd goal. In particular, a good indicator will be the degree to which our movement and passing starts to match that exhibited by the gooners. And that we pose an attacking threat and ask questions of their back four.

  81. SJ Chandos says:

    Mind you, I think they are all cut from the same cloth, Wenger, Benitez and Fergie!

    And even if we were to lose, cheer up it’s three points in the bag against Man U, Sunday week!!!!

    Anyway night all, I guess I need to get some shut eye before the trek to north London tomorrow. Enjoy the game and here’s to a 1-2 Hammers victory!

  82. Gavva says:

    A couple of months ago we were all tearing our hair out over the form of Carlton Cole and Julien Faubert. Fast forward to today, and Cole is on the verge of an England call up, and Faubert is in talks to actually play for Real Madrid! Yet again the football world proves to me that I obviously know nothing about football!!!
    Another cheeky 1-0 at the Emirates will do for me!

  83. Goatygav says:

    Mornin’ all.

    Did something happen last night then?

  84. D&G says:

    If this happens then I don’t see why we cant get Kaka on loan.

  85. DevoDevo says:

    Morning all, looking forward to today!

    Can the Premier league please extend the window as I’m beginning to warm to it! 😀

    Watched Boys of 86 DVD – very good and brought back many memories of traipsing to different outposts. The difference in atmosphere is palpable, but it also reminded me that as goals were going in supporters were being escorted round the outside of the pitch!

    Legends Vol 2 was a disappointment but still has some good footage. Hardly anything on Bobby Moore or Devo. The McAvvenie footage is all from the 86 DVD and I’m still trying to work out how Trevor Morley became a ‘legend’? I could name a dozen forwards that were better than him without even thinking about it. Strange.

    Anyway, must dash.

    Prediction for today 0-1. COYI.

  86. djclipz says:

    i read this last nyt when i was pisd…. i actually woke up this morning and thought tht it was a dream!?

    Good luck to him though, if they give us our money back or more after the loan, ill be more than happy!!

  87. Hayden says:

    I was only joking about N’Zogbia… I don’t want him here. The connection was that they both seem to enjoy a sulk haha. I am starting to think one of two things has happened.. (a) Real Madrid can see the potential in this lazy, can’t be bothered, 25 a day Frenchman. (b) Scott Duxburry is in fact akin to a god, and managed to persuade one of the best clubs in the world that Faubert was in fact smoking hot property and commanded £1.5 million on initial loan fee alone. You wait until the Summer, £10 million more will be coming our way if Duxburry works his magic. What happened to him? He’s only gone and done a Carlton Cole! (Feel free to use that one). A replacement…. Unsure about that. I don’t think we’d bring in anyone to go in ahead of Neill and Behrami (obviously) so… A squad player. Maybe we’ll step it up for Ledley now, or is he only left sided?

  88. Falvo says:

    Erm, it all seems a bit ridiculous to me.
    Lets hope he finds form and we have him back and he becomes our star player.

  89. Graybo says:

    Whisper it quietly, but there’s a nice piece on Steve Clarke in the Daily Fail today.

  90. Falvo says:

    Cheeky 1-0 scorelines?
    I’m betting my money on 2-0 west ham, Upson and Nsereko the scorers.

    I wonder what the odds are of that…

  91. brayhammer says:

    Faubert to Real Madrid for £1.5m, maybe Dux can sell Boa to Barca for £5m . . ring them mate!!! – 2-0 to the Irons today Goal King Cole and Jack!!

  92. Paul M says:

    I love Juande Ramos

    First he shafts the spuds by buying a load of old dross and turning them into a laughing stock,and now at Real he thinks Rupert the bear is the answer to his right sided problems. He is GOD.
    How comes he is regarded as one of THE top coaches/managers in Europe. I think I’ll try for me coaching badge, I fancy aving a go at that !!!!

    As for a right sided midfield player, lets tap up Bentley or swap LBM for him (and some cash) I think the way Duxbury is performing at the moment he might just be able to pull that one off!!

  93. Hayden says:

    Paul M … Bentley? We’ve just got rid of one grade A —- in Craig Bellamy, we don’t need another.

  94. Dutch Hammer says:

    Since supporting west ham and watching dutch league and seeing him playing every week, I feel Pranjic (kraotian international) would perfectly fit into this team. Now playing for Heerenveen is fast,has stamina, is intellegent and has brilliant technique.

    secondly, what about Gretar Steinsson (Bolton)?

  95. D&G says:

    N’Zogbia is a left winger so he wont be considered although we do need a left winger but if the impossible happens and Faubert leaves for Real we will need a R Winger asap.

    Don’t know of any Prem RW players available so looks like it will be from abroad.

  96. Paul M says:

    Funny that, i don’t recall you calling bellend a grade A —- a few weeks ago when he was on fire for us. Yes, well rid now but when he actually played he did give 100%.
    Bentley is a proven right midfielder player with pedigree in premier league and an England international. He has gone absent at spuds agreed, but who hasn’t. They seem to stuff every player up they get lately. He is also out of favour now so why not?

  97. Paul M says:

    that post is for Hayden by the way

  98. GoatyGav says:

    Head’s ok cheers Graybo. Was up early to take the oldest to footie practice.

    Let’s hope it’s another great performance today. Can’t wait to see it on Football First.


  99. wonday myson says:

    standards at real must be falling through the floor as they made an offer for penant – faubert had a face like a smacked arse when he came on against hull – it will probably be warmer sitting on the bench in madrid – he can smoke a few fags uninterrupted

  100. Roshi says:

    Paul Merson was hilarious on Sky today when told of Fauberts move. Looking incredulous he suggested that Fauberts agent “should be knighted for pulling off his transfer”.

  101. Dutch Hammer says:

    Can anybody tell me the price of Kovac’s loan? Is this more ore less than the 1.5 million we earn on Faubert’s loan to Real?

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