Friday Rumour Mill

OK, busy at work, but here’s a couple of things to get your teeth into…

* Calum Davenport rumoured to be on his way to Wolves for £3 million. Personally, I like him as a player, but it means we recoup what we paid to Spurs, which isn’t a bad deal.

* The Kovacs deal looks done.

* The club is still ken to move Boa Morte and Faubert on elsewhere, but it looks increasingly unlikely.

That’s all. Unless, of course, you know different. Cyril…

PS Those too young to remember That’s Life won’t get that reference…


44 Responses to Friday Rumour Mill

  1. DevoDevo says:

    Morning Iain.

    Unfortunately, I am old enough to remember Cyril “and finally, Esther” Fletcher, which is sad in some respects, but does mean I am old enough to have witnessed the best years at West Ham United FC.

    Coincidentally, I have taken delievery today of 3 x DVD’s. Legends 1&2 and the Boys of 86. For anyone on here that is not old enough to have seen this era, I would recommend they buy these.

    So far, I have only watched some of the 86 DVD, but what I find interesting is the comparison with perhaps our best ever team to the current side. Quick, one touch movement and energy all over the pitch.

    For Collins and Upson, we had Gale and Martin.
    For Behrami, Parker, Collison & Noble, we had Ward, Dickens, Devonshire, and a mixture of Pike, Parris & Orr.

    The only difference was up front where we had the prolific partnership of Cottee and McAvennie. If we could get two players scoring as regularly as they did, we would indeed be up with the Sky 4.

    Anyway, I digress. Kovac is a good deal and I believe will be announced later today.

    Davenport has only himself to blame for his departure and recouping our outlay is good business.

    Neill’s form has improved steadliy throughout the month and is worth keeping now – we still need to ‘blood’ a replacement, whther that is Spector or another young player like Spence?

    Faubert should be shipped out as soon as and it will be a shame if it is not in this window. Not only has he been atrocious on the pitch, I don’t like his attitude or commitment either.

    I don’t mind LBM staying. The guy may not be good enough in the long run, but unlike Faubert, he will run all day for you and put in a shift. In all honesty, I was willing him to score the other night as I think his lack of a goal is the reason he has played so anxiously, notwithstanding the idiots that boo him.

    Looking forward to the Emirates and think we’ll get at least a point. Although in 13 Premiership games there has never been a draw between the two sides,Arsenal winning 9 and us 4.

    And on that Motsonesque note, I bid you goodbye.

  2. Tony says:

    Sadly, I too am old enough to remeber both Cyril and Esther.

    Agree 100% with all of the above and will be putting in my order for the DVDs over the weekend 😉

  3. Falvo says:

    Yeah, good points all round devodevo.

    However, i would be very happy to see LBM go, although i haven’t booed him because it is out of order, he has been playing dreadfully.

    Faubert, dont shoot me, was better against hull.
    He could be a good player, we don’t know how that injury affected his play really do we.

  4. geoff says:

    I think I’ve seen enough of Faubert to suggest he hasn’t the passion / commitment / skill, to make the grade to the Premiership. Every pass he attempts, he feels he has to make it special, and has to use a part of his foot that just isn’t natural. He never just sidefoots it for a 5 yard pass etc. Sorry, probably not explaining it well, but watch him and you will see what I mean. So, we could do with him departing. Neil has been good this season, but we need cover. Not sure about the Arsenal game. Everyone, again, needs to be at the top of their game. Fingers crossed.

  5. claret bobby says:

    You mean maybe he’s trying too hard to impress?

  6. djclipz says:

    the rumour mill was saying we were interested in Lyon’s Fred due to his likely departure… anyone heard anything more on this??

  7. Fitzhammer says:

    Going into this transfer window I was thoroughly depressed, what with talk of a fire sale and us losing all our best players. Well, we’re nearly through and the only significant name we have lost is Bellamy. And let’s face it the money we got for him, at his age, was good business. Then the club moved quickly to replace him with one of the best young prospects in Europe. I haven’t felt so optimistic since the Cottee/Macavennie era which places me firmly in Cyril Fletcher nostalgia mode.

  8. Roshi says:

    Both LBM and Faubert are, wait for it, very good players.
    Again it’s a confidence thing, I don’t think LBM has ever really gelled with the Upton Park crowd after a slow start and his confidence has deteriorated to a very low point where to kick the ball straight is becoming a nightmare for him. Remember him at Fulham though and he was their star turn! Faubert is a strange one, he was the golden boy of French football, remember how the French manager was telling him not to join West Ham as he was a top 4 club player. You are right Falvo, Faubert’s game was about blistering pace and I to have wondered if he has lost that vital, as they used to say, “yard of pace” we don’t know because we never saw him play in anger prior to his injury. If he has lost a bit of speed obviously his confidence suffers because he is not playing the game as his wants to.
    As we have seen with our strike force and dare I say Neill how confidence helps turn the ordinary into superstars I wonder that if they stay, they will develop as the team continues to play well.

  9. djclipz says:

    I believe with faubert, he has had his injury and was out for a year… he came into the side this year and obviously hasn’t had the greatest time (whether its confidence or just losing something due to is long stint on the sidelines), so therefore he was invitably dropped. So i feel maybe he should have another chance if he can manage to string together a few good performances in the next month (especially as it looks unliekly he will move on now and zola has said he does like him), and to be honest his 20 mins against hull were a promising sight! You never know he could just click and (as roshi said) start to show us all the qualities the French manager was raving about!! At least his shot against hull the other night was on target, unlike boa morte’s hashed attempt!! There’s hope!!

  10. Falvo says:

    Well djclipz, it would appear scumbag Redknapp has dibs on Fred.

    But i hope thats not true, he looks like decent cover for Coley boy.

    And yes Roshi it is true, that we have not seen the best of Faubert or LBM. If somehow we could get the absolute best out of them (Zola and Clarkes next job) we would have a better team for it.

    All we’ve seen of Faubert is a youtube clip of startling speed and accuracy both in passing and timing. It could either be misleading or true and this injury has ruined his potential career at West Ham.

  11. Goatygav says:

    You’re right Roshi. If they could play to their potential for us then they’d be assets. I fear that LBM will never get there though. He’s had 68 games for us to date. You’ve got to ask yourself how long is it going to take? He’s scored one goal and missed countless sitters. I know you can’t fault his effort but I think it would be in everyone’s interest to see him move on. If he does and then returns with another club I’ll welcome him back warmly because of that effort he’s put in.

  12. Devo's Barnet says:


    I too remember That’s Life and the boy’s of 86 and have the DVD (it’s great isn’t it? Tony and Galey on good form as MC’s as usual!), and I must say that I agree with everything you said in your post. Well said mate.

  13. Devo's Barnet says:

    In particular I agree about Faubert, I think he has been a BIG disappointment. He can’t pass the ball, can’t cross the ball, can’t take players on and is not as pacey by half, as the player we thought we were getting. That, plus his alleged chain smoking and bad attitude is enough for me at least, to want to get shot of him.

    Let’s hope we can flog him back to a French club for some sort of recompense on our initial fee.

  14. Goatygav says:

    I’ve got Legends 2 & 3 but last time I looked couldn’t get hold of volume 1.

    “Four Ever West Ham” is another one I’ve loved watching. It’s the Cup win in ’64, the ECWC win in ’65 and the ’75 & ’80 cup wins.

  15. DevoDevo says:

    Devo’s barnet and others, thanks for the kind words!

    Geoff hits the bail on the head re Faubert, his passes and crosses are delivered as if he is trying to put spin on the ball every time he kicks it.

    Whilst I wouldn’t dispute the injury probably has blunted his pace, the aforementioned Devonshire came back from one that was even worse before 1986. He lost more than a yard but made up for it with his skill and intelligence, qualities that I doubt Faubert possesses.

    One last point on Ashton. I’m a big fan of his and assuming he plays again, how would he fit in to the present team set up? Our game at the moment is based on pace and movement, which are not his main qualities. Even Cole’s biggest detractors cannot doubt his pace or strength.

    It will be an interesting connundrum for GZ if does make it back.

  16. onechristiandailly says:

    The recent run has been based on the quality of the midfield passing, with Collison and Behrami tucking in and allowing Noble to get forward. That’s also craeted space for Ilunga and, to a lesser extent, Neill to push forward.

    But, with the form that we’re in, you can bet that opposing managers will be looking closely at our style of play and planning to break up the midfield rhythm. There will be times when we need genuine width of the sort that Etherington used to give us on his good days and, apart from LBM and Faubert, we don’t have many naturally wide players at the moment (although maybe Savio could do a job on the left). Both need to regain some confidence – I think that’s why Zola’s often keen to bring them on from the bench – as well as protecting the younger players’ fitness.

    So I’d prefer to see them stay, unless we can get similar replacements, which is unlikely. My guess is that Kovac will be the last signing in the window, with Davenport the last player to leave.

    Given the headlines on 1 Jan about fire-sales and the vultures circling around Green and Parker, I couldn’t be more pleased.


  17. Hammerswest says:

    DevoDevo I too remember the boys of 86, had a season ticket in those days, and also That’s Life, you just brought back a whole rush of nostalgia. But back to the present I’ve not been so excited in years we are definitely heading in the right direction. Re Faubert, you comment on his passing and I agree, but look at his first touch, usually awful, the boy needs some basic practice in receiving and delivering a ball, I don’t think he cares enough to fix it while he is at the Hammers.

  18. Goatygav says:

    Interesting question DevoDevo. I’ve thought about where Deano would fit in on his return. I’m unsure. I guess it depends on how the current two up front develop their partnership. The way things are going they’re getting a decent understanding between them.

  19. Devo's Barnet says:


    yep Alan Devonshire adapted his game very well after his injury aganist Wigan in the cup. I remember thinking when he first came back, that he wouldn’t be able to hack it, but he went on to have a few more great years (obviously never better than 1985-86). For that reason like you I don’t buy this idea that Faubert was great and is now completely pants just due to an injury.

    Regarding LBM I actually found myself feeling a lot of sympathy for him the other night when he came off the bench against Hull and was so gutted for him that he didn’t score from that chance (again like yourself). He reminded me of the kid at school who isn’t very good at football but runs his nuts off and tries sooo hard!! You had to love ‘im! Having said that it would be nice for all parties concerned if we could move him on soon, he clearly needs it as much as the club do.

    Still, how nice is it to have this feel good factor about the place again? Let’s enjoy it and look forward with something approaching optimism!!


  20. the headmaster says:

    20 a day has to go in my opinion. As for LBM, I tend to agree with the above – the dude is basically a good player. Trouble is, he consistently tries too hard for us and it just doesn’t come off. His woeful effort against Hull in front of the BML last week was almost the final nail in his coffin for a lot of us, I suspect.
    Agree tho – booing is just plain counterproductive and not the behaviour of a true fan or supporter

  21. Paul M says:

    On another note, What does everyone think of a bid for Fabian Delph. Apparently 5 million will get him. Certainly another good player in the making, could we and should we try and get him?

  22. jpt says:

    I remember Cyril and That’s Life, but still don’t get the joke.
    Maybe it’s me…

  23. James says:

    Zola must see some qualities in Faubert as he always seems to put him on as the first sub these day’s, Think Zola said a week back that he wants Faubert to stay. Now If Zola see’s potential as he did with Cole then I say let’s give him till the end of the Season to prove he is worthy of the 6 million we paid!!

    As for Boa, now he is a terrible player but If he is g0od around the squad in training as Zola states then I pretty much think he needs to stay. Little thing’s like losing him could cause confidence to go as he gets on with the club!! The mentality of the players is crucial for are progression to a Euro spot!!

  24. Basildon Bob says:

    As with all footballers, confidence is key. Look at Cole & Di Michele as examples.

    I have said my piece on LBM in a previous thread, the same could be said of Faubert. Had a good reputation at another club, comes here get a serious injury, takes a year to recover, change of board/manager during his time, never given time to adapt to the english game, gets slated, confidence shot to pieces. Players need time to adapt to different playing cultures. Tevez was out of sorts when he came to UP so was Mascherano but no-one got on there backs. We should give all our players support, not just the favourites.

  25. We all had massive expectations of Faubert when he came across la channel. He was young French and apparently as fast as one of them Steam Trains. Couple that with praise from some big time French charlie, we were all of the belief we had the next carlos thingymajig (the Real Madrid guy…you know, the Brazilian). So, a couple of months later he gets crocked like big time crocked massively CROCKED. Achilles tendon snapped and when you think about that is one big bad injury to get if you are a professional athlete. I guess its like being a brickie and breaking all your fingers, wrists and chipping your knuckles on not one hand but both. So we all cried ‘Mondeur’ shame for the poor lad ‘cest la vie’ lets get him on the table with ashton and the other 12 and get him some r&r. Time went by………..

    months and months after his r&r we are back to the belief that we have got a new player. He’s on the mend…he’s in training….he’s playing. happy days.

    couple of matches went by, give him a few more he just aint match fit yet.

    2 months later and excuses were running dry and now were here. Faux Pas is the most adept name handed down to the poor guy. Deep down we have to love him because he is in our shirt. Deep down we have to hate him. his sulking face, his out of position play, his inability to f***k his pass up. His all round attitude of im French and it could be my body language and now lets be honest his fat arse waddling up and down.

    thats my view if yours differs then please dont slag me off.

    ……….did i mention his public request to leave?….shall i start?

  26. E1 says:

    I think we just need to support the squad we have for the rest of the season and let zola decide in the summer who comes and goes Project football seems to make sense, lets just enjoy what we have now and get behind the team, ALL OF THEM !!
    Europe is possible although unless we can reduce/ improve the squad I doubt we will go far.
    Just a side note 10 mill could buy us Micha richards & Kevin Nolan both have Euro experince and are quality players.

  27. E1 says:


  28. Falvo says:

    Who is Fabian Delph?

  29. james says:

    does anyone else think we should hijack fulhams loan move for giles barnes???

  30. james says:

    i’ve just heard that the player who caused the injury to defoe was none other than darren bent.

  31. E1 says:

    James: NO

  32. james says:

    fair enough 🙂

  33. tony reader says:

    i remember us playing man city the last game of the season when these players was about, west ham fans on the pitch with man city singing ” theres only one west ham” then tony cotteee and frank mcavennie chucking there boots to the crowd from the stands.. oh i ache for that feeling again

  34. E1 says:

    Oh well nolans gone to the bar-codes he would have been good cover for parker and/or noble.

  35. tony reader says:

    apparently on kumb, an argentinian will be sighning by sunday, oh and he wears a hairband lol

  36. tony reader says:

    we have kovac for that surely

  37. E1 says:

    Who would you play IF the following players were injured
    1) Green
    2) upson
    3) parker
    4) Behrami
    5) cole
    6) Illunga
    7) Noble
    9) Collins
    10) colison
    11) Neil
    and what about if we had more than one out at the same time ?

  38. brooking is still the best says:

    If M Richards is ready to leave Man C, we should try everything to get him. He could be a great great player.

  39. E1 says:

    KOVAC HAS SIGNED it’s official

  40. james says:

    faux berk to real!!! someones losing the plot

  41. tony reader says:

    PMSL .. just ordered the cab

  42. brayhammer says:

    EI the team I would pick if everyone isfit would be.
    1. Green
    2. Neill
    3. Illunga
    4. Parker
    5. Collins
    6. Upson
    7. Dyer
    8. Belrahmi
    9. Upson
    10. Savio
    11. Collison
    4-3-3 (Dyer and Savio either side of Ashton)
    12. Laviska
    13. Tompkins
    14. Kovac
    15. Noble
    16. Boa Morte
    17. Di Michelle / Sears
    18. Cole

  43. Paul M says:

    Falvo mate, are you sure? have you had your head buried in the sand for the last couple of months.
    He is a young lad at Leeds who is setting that division on fire. BIG BIG future, just needs the right guidance. Could be an England player within 2-3 years. He can run all day, tackle like a terrier and scores goals, keep your eye on him. £5 million now £15 mill in 2 years.

  44. Dujon says:

    I wouldn’t leave Cole out even if Asthon is fit. Maybe give cole and Ashton 50/50 of the game, and if the first person on plays well he can maybe stay on for longer.

    I’m thinking Savio will have a blinder of a game tonight and maybe even net a long range goal. Hope so :D.

    I’m thinking collison, di michelle, cole, nsereko and behrami could all very be goal scorers today (tonight over here). I also can only hope all 5 of them score!, wait make that all 11 (yes green as well).

    Realistically anybody could score at emirates, our players are playing THAT well.


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