Where Has Zola Gone?

Just had this on a comment…

For my sins i live right on top of the Arsenal. When I was waiting to get home, I saw the great GZ. My point is this. What the hell was he doing outside the ground so quickly after the Arsenal game? Alone, surrounded by all those Gooners? And with a flight bag? Lets hope he is about to sign some one good.

Either he was going to spend Sunday with his folks in Sardinia, or he was jetting off to sign a top player before 5pm tomorrow. Oh I do hope it is the latter. He’s played a blinder on transfers so far.

I’ve been very stupid and will be in the air myself tomorrow as the transfer window comes to a close, so I won’t be able to monitor things as closely as I would have hoped.

However, assuming my hotel in Strasburg has a good WiFi connection, I might well try to do another live chat tomorrow night. Stay tuned.


45 Responses to Where Has Zola Gone?

  1. jon.london colney says:

    its on the webb site that he left straight after the game thats why clarkey did the interview,maybe hes off to buy kaka or messi? i wish !!!

  2. Savion says:

    He went to Italy to pick up the new signing Alessandro Rosina at Torino

  3. Jolly says:

    Don’t think i could take anohter window closing – remember how disappointed we all were at the end of the last one!!!!

  4. Burnhammer says:

    I do not think a manager will put his family first on the eve of the transfer window closing. He is off to oversee the purchase of Joe Ledley flying from City airport to Cardiff.

  5. graybo guestmeister says:

    The live chat was fun last time. Weren’t we all anxious about Ashton being sold, or is my memory playing tricks?

    I think the window shuts at 5pm this time, not midnight. But please don’t hold me to that.

  6. DevoDevo says:

    Iain – it does appear to confirm that we have another foreign player to come in. Clarke almost said as much if you read between the lines.

    Exciting, isn’t it?

  7. djclipz says:

    very exciting indeed!!!

  8. kall says:

    how about a big hand for our unlucky owner is he that bad? i think not !

  9. westhamutd says:

    Iain, as you are a very influential person try to lobby for a wealthy new owner for WHU!!!!

  10. djclipz says:

    true kall, least he has kept it together!! Because lets be honest he has lost a hell of a lot of money due to the world financial crisis. It must feel like a right kick in the balls!!

  11. jon.london colney says:

    we did all sy that to sell of the family jewells would be mad so bg isnt as stupid as we suspected.im sure davenport and lbm maybe leaving still so one more in would be good,any news on ilunga yet? thats my only worry left.

  12. Mark Kerslake says:

    Maybe Sebastian Giovinco?? Here is hoping.

  13. dagenham cheddars says:

    i’d like too see us get that moon geezer. although lucus neil has played better in the last few games i still think a speedy right back would make us even more exciting going forward and better able to cope with the quick winger other teams have.

  14. romehammer says:

    no not giovinco,too lightweight for the premiership.. i hope its balotelli.. a strong player who has a lot to prove to inter. great goalscorer..he would be great.

  15. WHU Kim says:

    That’s an interesting snippet regarding Zola’s vanishing act, fingers crossed it means good news for us. I think I will miss the excitement of the transfer window closing as I can’t log onto the blog from work but if I manage to sneak off early I’ll be checking in.

  16. royski says:

    has anyone else heard that we will be bought in the summer by DIC?
    The same Dubai company that pulled out of a deal for Charlton.
    I hear they have already put some money down to complete the deal in the summer.

  17. Mikef says:

    Would love it (to paraphrase King Kev) if it was Balotelli. I thought yesterday we never looked like scoring. I feel we are worth a point against Man U but if we had a natural goalscorer we would stand a chance of nicking games like yesterday’s or next week’s. A point is nice but how sweet wqould 3 points be against the big boys?

  18. Barton says:

    He went to Lazio to sign Ezequiel Lavezzi (Striker/Winger) Argentinian btw

  19. Graybo says:

    dagenham cheddars (!?) I agree that Neill has been playing better but he gave away a couple of silly free-kicks again yesterday that could have proved very expensive. I just don’t believe he has a very good football brain.

    Doesn’t really maraud when he goes forward, either, does he? Or perhaps I’m getting too carried away by our current form and expecting too much.

  20. chris says:

    Does anyone think we will sign a wide player after buying a striker and a defender?

  21. Pete says:

    Fair play to the board for allowing the mini genious the funds.Up Up & Away,come on The Hammers!!!!!

  22. Goatygav says:

    Don’t ask me. I’m as cluelessly excited as a six year old on Christmas Eve who’s been very good all year.

  23. Goatygav says:

    Anyone reckon we might make a surprise signing and let a surprise one go? Like, maybe, Luca Toni for Carlton Cole or something?

  24. HAMMER TIME says:

    Lets be realists, and not get our hopes up on a world class signing, instead judging by the papers and on previous speculation he has either travelled to Cardiff to finalise a deal for left midfielder Joe Ledley, flew to Greece to finalise a deal for right midfielder Bryce Moon, or flew to Italy to check avaliabilty and twist the arms of either Inter Milan for Mario Balotelli or Juventus for Sebastian Giovinco. Either way any of the signings (if any) would mark a positive for the club, adding strength and depth for the team. Scott Duxbury did say that they will move quickly to replace Faubert so i imagine its going to be a wide right player seeing as Collison and Boa Morte pretty much have the left side covered with Savio Nsereko filling in when needed to or permanantly. So all signs point to Bryce Moon for £500k!

  25. budgie says:

    Sorry guys but surely the business of signing and negotiating for players is done by Duxbury and Nani and not by GZ.
    I think the trip was possibly a family visit or a scouting trip but not to sign someone.

    I’m with Steve Clarke. Sooner it is closed the better

  26. alanalandevonshire says:

    As good a player as he seems to be i’m hoping we are not going to make a move to sign Mario Bolotelli on loan from Inter. I have read a few articles on him being very petulant and would not want to bring in a player that would upset the rhythm and team spirit of the squad. I’m hoping for Joe Ledley as a good young British player and may be Bryce Moon for R/B cover, although we do have Behrami and Spector who could cover there. Other than that maybe a forward who could slot straight in and score some goals but who that could be I have no idea.
    Other than that I would like to say how pleased I am as to how the club have gone about our dealings in the transfer window this Jan. Old Twitchy could learn a thing or two about how to conduct himself. COYI.


  27. E1 says:

    maybe Micha richards ?( I hope ). Who knows Robbie keane ?
    How much we got to spend ?
    bellend and matty = £ 17.5 mill – savio £9mill = 8.5mill + davenport £3mill = £11.5 only £3.5mill short for the 15mill liverpool want for keane. We still have LBM and a few others to off load so who knows, but I bet there will be at least one or two to come in, CAN’T WAIT !!!!!!

  28. SJ Chandos says:

    Yes as Budgie has stated, the mechanics of transfer negotiations lie in the relm of Nani, so Zola disappearing after the game is more likely to be personal and mundane. Unless of course, Nani accompanied him? A better question would be, what is Nani’s whereabouts?

    I think they will definitely try to buy a right-sided midfielder to replace Faubert. If they can get a utility players that can cover the right-side they may go for that. I have been saying for a considerable time that another striker is necessary to provide cover. I would not be so concerned about it if Tristan had proven himself during more actual match time, but do we really want to rely on him in these circumstances?

    There was a report last night in The Independent (the only press source in which I have any faith)that we had made an offer to Henrik Larsson. He can cover both wide right and play as a striker, so he fits the bill in that respect. The only resevation being his age, 37 years old, but if he is fit, he could be an option for a short-term deal? The likes of Sears would really benefit from training with a striker of that class.

    Nani could pull a surprise rabbit out of the hat, failing that they may sign stop gaps on loan to see us through to the summer. It obviously depends whether they can land substantive targets in the time remaining. Hopefully, WestHam started the process on Friday when Real contact them about Faubert, they are probably working on it at this moment! It will be interesting to see who they land come 5pm tomorrow?

  29. Stelios J says:

    PLEASE! Let’s just get through tomorrow! If we sign nobody I’ll be delighted, so long as nobody leaves. I’m worried about the Kovac deal. Yes, we needed cover now Hayden has left, but I can’t help but be nervous that he may have been brought in as cover for Matty or Scott…or both!

    Roll on 5PM Monday and the same squad as we have 9PM Sunday.


  30. SJ Chandos says:

    This weekend’s Chandos Award for the most speculative press peice of the weekend goes to the News of the World for their ‘West Ham to offload Ashton and Dyer’ peice published today.

    It is a classic example of sloppy logic in trying to weld a nothing peice together. In the absence of the predicted ‘fire sale’ they start trying to think up an angle. Upson, no he has pledged his future to the club; Berhami, no not a goer; Collison, Noble …. nah! I know what about the injured players, oh yeah our old favorites Ashton and Dyer! What about Gabbidon, nah, not high profile enough!

    Lets see a bit of research, lets have look at the Hammers fans websites, yes some criticism of both players for their injury record. That’s the angle, West Ham tire of sicknote players and will offload as soon as possible! Sorted. A classic case of adding 2 + 2 and telling everyone it is 5!

  31. SJ Chandos says:

    Stelios, I do not think Kovac been brought in to replace Upson or Parker. For one thing they are in pre-season for the Russian League and Kovac will need time to get his fitness levels up. The only departure will be Davenport. So relax and enjoy the speculation about incomings!

  32. D&G says:

    I have been on Balotelli’s forum and they say he isn’t coming to us.

    But there again they would say that wouldn’t they.

  33. Gary says:

    With regards to the News of The World article, this actually appears to make good sense. WHU need players that can stay fit and perform week-in week-out. This can not be said for either Ashton or Dyer, so let them go and use the money to find someone younger and fitter. Both players are just increasing the wage bill and giving little or nothing back

  34. GCA says:

    Guys i was the one who saw the great GZ on saturday ( have the photos to prove).
    it was so strange that all todays leads have been on what clark has had to say. my first fear was GZ had walked. that maybe arsenal had brought Upson.
    but he was calm and happy, letting the gooners take photos, i was the only one who shook his hand. i just wished i had the presence of bloody mind to offer him a lift that he needed. in my corner of the hornsey road he had no way out.
    come on ian let us know he is still with us

  35. Stelios J says:

    Chandos, mate, I’ll relax at 5PM tomorrow. Not a second sooner. I think we have the making of something here but there’s always something there to remind me of past failures!

  36. SJ Chandos says:

    Ok Stelios, time (as always) will determine whether your fears are justified. Personally, I am not worried at all on that score.

    GCA, I doubt Zola would stand there chatting to fans if Upson had been sold under him and he had just resigned. As for Clarke taking the post-match press conference, that has happened before, after the Stoke City match. He is still the Hammers manager, in my opinion, without a shadow of a doubt.

    At the end of the day, the targets are already agreed with Zola and the responsiblity for landing them lies with Nani. Zola’s next duty is the post-window press conference if we land someone.

  37. Swazihammer says:

    I’m hoping for Joe Ledley and i’m praying he is taking L.B.M. with him!
    Keep up the great work with our defence “Clarkie”, Conceded only 5 goals (scored 12) away from home in 8 games of which 3 games were against Arsenal,liverpool and Chelsea!!We must be in the top 3 teams on our current form?
    A Hammer till i die.

  38. Paul M says:

    If it is Giovinco, just copied this piece below, makes for good readin !!

    Not since the days of the young Francesco Totti has a player been earning such rave reviews for his performances with the Italy Under-21 national team. Sebastian Giovinco has been dazzling journalists and fans all around the continent, and it seems; the player could be destined for greatness.

    Midfield playmaker we have all asked for, young and Italian, he fits the bill perfectly.
    As SJ has already pointed out above, as a stop gap striker, Henrick Larsen would be perfect, the ultimate poacher and how good would he be for Freddie?
    Moon at the back as cover and I’ll be well happy


  39. DevoDevo says:

    I believe Kovac has been brought in as a better quality utility player to what we had.

    He’s experienced, which will prove invaluable in the run in as we have a young midfield who, thankfully so far, have remained injury free since the revival. If we lose one of them we don’t have a great deal of cover.

    He can play at the back, but this is secondary for me, as we have good cover there.

    I’ll stand by my pre-window assessment that Green, parker & Upson will be going nowhere. Nor would have Bellamy had he had any morals.

    Latest reports are mentioning the South African Moon again.

  40. John says:

    Yeah Devo Bellamy looked to be a victim of his morals on Saturday High flying West Ham drew with Arsenal, a deflated looking Bellamy and Manchester City losing to 10 men Stoke what a delight!

  41. Goatygav says:

    While I hear what people are saying about Zola not being the one to jet off to do deals for players I think it’s still a distinct possibility. If West Ham have to “Pitch” to a player about “Project Football” then, if it was me, I’d be more convinced by the Manager being there to add weight to West Ham’s case.

  42. whambam says:

    FA and FIFA are in talks at the moment to extend the transfer window

  43. DevoDevo says:

    Zola’s truned down an approach for Spector from Sunderland. This confirms that he sees him as our ‘utility’ player when short of first teamers.

    More reports linking Moon. This one sounds the most feasible and the guy is known as “Scooter” because of his speed!

    Plays RB & RM – Thanks for the memories, Julien! 😀

  44. bob says:

    e1’s comments, can tell your not a proper footie fan, cant believe people believe what they see, for example this iain dale has not got a clue!

  45. stuartnoel says:

    He was in Barcelona trying to get Henrik Larsson

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