Has Ilunga Signed?

The Club website gives more than a strong hint that we now have the permanent services of Herita Ilunga.

Scott Duxbury says…

Having also exercised the option to keep Herita Ilunga at the club long-term, we are very happy with the business we have done.

I hope that means what I think it means. Ilunga has been massive for us this season.

The only move today was Calum Davenport to Sunderland on loan. Rumours of Rumanian and Argentinian signings proved to be wide of the mark.


30 Responses to Has Ilunga Signed?

  1. james says:

    I like the way he was humble enough to say keeping Green, Upson and Parker should not be viewed as an achievement but something that should be done anyway. Goddamit Duxbury your making us like you!!! Stop it

  2. djclipz says:

    lol i feel the same james, he is starting to win me around. And if a surprise late addition did happen to materialise and he turned out to be awesome, it would just be going up and up!!

  3. Mike says:

    Well Ian, he was already on a season-long loan so we wouldn’t need to pay a fee right now anyway, but I’m sure the fee has been agreed in principle for the summer (much like has happened with Cardiff and Michael Chopra). I loved the way he dropped it in casually though, very smooth!

    I still hold Duxbury largely responsible for the Tevez grief though so it’s not all good news.. that’s why he’s trying everything to get back in the Hammers fans’ good books, cos he screwed up big time as a CEO with all that scandal and tittle-tattle.

  4. james says:

    The only person who did actually say he screwed up is McCabe and Duxbury has welcome this new investigation as he believes it will clear him. Now we’ve had a good window, largely down to him so maybe we should cut him a little slack for now. This new ‘fans first’ relationship is only going to work if its a 2 way street.

  5. brayhammer says:

    Its wierd but I am now beginning to trust the board . . and that makes me un-easy, very un-easy. Tevezgate will probably bring back my distrust but this month has been very impressive. Brought in around £20m in transfer fees and reduced the wage bill by around £150k a week, while still bringing in two good players and keeping Illunga long term as well as triming the fat from the squad. Even as I write this I am saying the same thing to myself . . why does this make me un-easy?? And suddenly I remember . . .I have never trusted the board before!! Looking forward to Man United game COYI!

  6. Stelios J says:

    This has been incredible; while Tottenham spend close to £50 mil in an attempt to resurrect the same team as they had two years ago (sans their best player; if I can find Alan Gilzean, Jimmy Greaves or Martin Chivers, I’d like to become their agents; Spurs are bound to put in an offer for them sooner or later!), we make a profit and hang on to our best players!

    Mr Duxbury, I take it all back, other than some of it.

    Kai doxe tw theou

    Way hey!
    St. J

  7. the headmaster says:

    Long live the new ‘special relationship’. Since 5pm today I feel like a dog with 2 pricks! (no offers, thanks..)

  8. alanalandevonshire says:

    From me a big pat on the back for the way the club have conducted themselves during this transfer window. They made positive comments through out the window and, unlike the past, they have kept their word and above all have acted with dignity and integrity. So much for yes man Zola coming in and being told he would have to sell off the better players. So much for the fire sale, and so much for Westham being in financial meltdown. I’m sure the red tops will be glowing in their praise of Westham tomorrow and printing full apologies for the complete and utter rubbish they have continued to write about our great club. I look forward in anticipation to the rest of the season. COYbeautifulI

  9. Stelios J says:

    Btw, yes, Ilunga has signed. Three and half years, costing us one and a half mil, according to KUMB, and they’re rarely wrong.

    St. J

  10. james says:

    Have you noticed on Ilunga’s personal blog he signs off a few times with COYI!! Better than capitains blog. So glad he has signed he definitly seems up for the fight.

  11. Joe says:

    Whilst Duxbury does seem to be making all the right noises, he did say all of the transfer monies would be made available to Zola.

    The Etherington, Mullins and Faubert deals should have covered Savio (without add ons) and Ilunga (if we have indeed signed him)

    The Bellamy money seems as yet untouched. Will we see it turned into players ?

  12. jon.london colney says:

    well i for one am completley gob smacked after that window.duxbury has had a personality transplant,weve lost one player that was on the hit list and by his track record we should not be surprised realy! we have improved the confidence of the fans and squad,we are the second best inform club in the best league in the world and to top it all,weve stillllll got lbm!!!! oh well,maybe even he can put one chance away one game this season?nah now i am loosing it ! hope we give the mancs a right good game sunday.coyi.

  13. ironsmith says:

    I can only agree with the sentiments here and I think it is a case of credit where credit is due. Duxbury, as an integral part of our super management team, has performed remarkably well during this window. Well done indeed Scott, and keep it up. I am so looking forward to the rest of the season and West Hams’ future which looks so bright now.

  14. SJ Chandos says:

    Yeah, its all very positive and Duxbury has, indeed, handled himself very well during this window. The comments on here seem to reinforce the view that the club have done much to begin repairing the key relationship between the board and the club’s fan base. That relationship has had experienced numerous strains placed upon it in recent years, but it is to the credit of Hammers fans that they have maintained their magnificant levels of support.

    We can also take confidence in Duxbury’s comments about the fans and the need to keep us informed. Hopefully, that will be translated in to more openness and effective communication in future.

  15. Paul B says:

    I think Herita Ilunga has been great this season so far, realy like him. I feel so proud right now and enjoying sticking two fingers up at all those pundits (Mark Lawrenson, red tops etc) who said we would not hold on to our major players and would have to sell. I was a little sad to see Mullins and Ethrington go but I do wish them all the best and understand that the moves they did might be good for them. I get the feeling that there is long term project here and it’s going in the right direction. Youth, experiance but I fell the club is attractive to play for thanks to Franco and Clarke and the staff we have right now. There is good spirit in E13 right now and long may it continue.

  16. brookingsbonce says:

    I’ve just been to our official site and can’t find Dux saying that about Ilunga ( maybe i’m just a teeny bit too drunk?) but i’m really starting to be swayed by the man… for once he’s stood firm to his word (ok so we let a few go) and the signing of Kovac in my opinion is a great one… the bloke’s a top player, would haveliked to have seen a left sided one come in but hey ho,
    Roll on the summer!!

  17. bazzahammer says:


  18. Biffo the bear says:

    I think the club has finally found it’s feet after the Icelandic takeover. With hindsight we can see that Eggy wasn’t what we hoped he was. I fell for it at the time, i remember at Birmingham away he made his way through all their fans to come and celebrate with us after we nicked 3 points…..all the promise of foreign money and all that. Turns out he was blowing silly money on silly players. It could have ended up with us ‘doing a Leeds’

    Now we have ‘The football project’ with Mr Duxbury, Gianluca Nani, Gianfranco Zola and Steve Clarke. A modern, forward thinking club with respect for it’s playing traditions that brings through exciting young players(and a CEO who appears to tell the truth!) I am extremely impressed with the clubs behaviour during this transfer window and am looking forward to the next one.

    Mr Headmaster…. are they called Bentley and Defoe?

  19. aussie graham says:

    dont trust duxbury he is a closet manure fan so has he siphoned off the 14 million bellamy money into a dodgy icelandic investment never to be seen again dont let this prick fool you because he sure aint bought anyone!

  20. HammerMan says:

    West Ham United have announced the signing of Herita Ilunga on a permanent deal.

    The Hammers opted to exercise their ‘right to buy’ option at a cost of around £1.5million earlier in the transfer window as a result of Ilunga’s good form since joining United on loan last September. The deal was confirmed by CEO Scott Duxbury on whufc.com tonight.

    The Congalese full-back was a post-deadline day capture last September, arriving from Toulouse as a replacement for George McCartney who joined Sunderland for £6million.

    Since moving to East London Ilunga has been a virtual ever-present in Gianfranco Zola’s first team, drawing plaudits from supporters impressed by his attacking forays and battling qualities.

    The 26-year-old defender is understood to have signed a three-and-a-half year contract with the Hammers.

  21. Auckland Hammer says:

    Has to be without doubt the buy of the window across the whole premership ! This guy is a class act who just gets on with it and dosen’t seem to talk very much if at all on the pitch anyone noticed that !

  22. Roshi says:

    All looks good and I think gives us a rosy future.

    To any Spurs fans dropping in here, the way your manager conducted business was appalling and the is an old saying in business…YOU CAN’T DEAL BACKWARDS!

  23. Hammer on the Gold Coast says:

    After the last few (many) years, it is so nice to read good things. Excellent!

  24. iron man says:

    Looks like Cheri has signed,great player been good for us all season.Things are looking up at last, if we can add a bit more in attack to a great defensive performance against Arse we can get something from the Man U game.
    Hope we can keep our best players come the summer,
    Behrami has been class to we need to keep hold of him
    as there will be teams sniffing round him this summer!
    COYI !!!!!

  25. raving iron says:

    The board seem to have turned the corner and now understand they are looking after our club, and pretty well at the moment too! With the actions over the last 4 weeks we have silenced the critics and cynics who thought we were about to have an all offers accepted auction. We at last seem to have a management team who want to take us forward and in the style so long associated with our club it is as though a huge black cloud has lifted from E13 for now at least! Long may king Gianfranco rule the roost at Upton Park! coyi

  26. Paul M says:

    I can feel the love on this blog, it’s a great time to be a hammer.
    Live it while we can & long may it continue.


  27. IOWHammer says:

    A good read. It is good to see the club looking like it finally knows where it’s going. I liked the bit where Duxbury says they tried to get another player in but it did not work out. In the past the world and his wife would have known who this was but the board seem to be going about their business in a very professional way, well done to them. Good to see them say that the money has been put aside for the summer to try and get who Zola wants, and do you know what, i think i believe them. COYI

  28. Roymondo says:

    I agree with IOWHammer that the club has conducted its business in a professional way – unlike that lot up the road who seem to want to do their business via the press. This applies to Liverpool as well if you remember their pursuit of Gareth Barry in the summer.
    I get the impression that any targets we have are well thought through, both in terms of their value and their “fit” within the squad as opposed to the knee jerk methods applied by Arry and his chairman.
    A summary of transfer activity by club during this window, in the Telegraph estimated a net spend by the Spuds of £47.75m which was second only to Man City (£52.3m) to whom money has no real value anyway. They estimate we made a net profit of £9m during the window and that excludes the reduction in the wage bill which someone has estimated at £150k per week. That’s another couple of million bnetween now and the end of the season.
    A very satisfactory window, me thinks!

  29. James says:

    Duxbury has now got a pair!! Great stuff!!

    Yep Ilunga is our’s his reward for being so solid at the back.

    Behrami is one we need to fight to keep, By far one of the best midfield players in the prem along with Parker. I have faith in Zola and how footballer’s around the world want to play 110% for him. Zola is the man to keep these great players at our club!! Zola is a West Ham God.

    As for Bellamy, You can just see that he wanted to be the special one at West Ham, unfortunately for him he was’nt, And out he went!

  30. Basildon Bob says:

    Good news on Ilunga, Shame we could get a deal for Homei or Moon sorted out, but, as Dux said it will give us time to asses the situation for the summer window and not waste our money.

    The noises being made by the board/management are having a positive effect on the morale of the fans and the players. UP will be electric come sunday, I reckon Van Der Sar’s clean sheet record may be broken, COYI

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