Transfer Window Squeaky Bum Time

Well, my flight to Strasburg has been cancelled so I can follow the close of the transfer window to my heart’s content. I’m snowed in and totally unable to get out of my drive. Let’s hope the same is true for Rob Green, Scott Parker and Matty Upson! Rumours today so far, for what they are worth…

* Bid turned down for Jonathan Spector from Sunderland
* Holding out for £3m for Davenport despite loan interest from Wolves & Birmingham
* Being linked to a move for Jo from Man C. Can’t really believe that.
* Henrik Larsson says no to a return to England
* Hammers to bid £8 million for Joe Ledley
* Bryce Moon to sign from Panathanaikos for £5 million

The Moon one is, I feel, the most likely to be true.

Anyway, feel free to add any rumours you hear in the comments, and keep the faith! Let’s hope we get to 5pm with no more departures, except LBM, of course 🙂

UPDATE 2.30: Calum Davenport is having a medical at Sunderland.


129 Responses to Transfer Window Squeaky Bum Time

  1. DagenhamHammer says:

    I’d take Jo for six months on loan with City paying 50% of his wages if the deal was possible. Zola can get the best out of anyone! We’re looking fairly safe and if this gamble pays off who knows where we might end up? Can’t see it happening though.

  2. Roymondo says:

    The reports I’ve read had Moon at £1.5m. He would seem a tad expensive at £5m.
    I think that the Ledley rumour could be the one that’s nearest to the truth although I’m nor sure whether we should pay £8m for him. I guess Cardiff would prefer to keep their best players as they are making a good fist of getting into the play-offs so they are probably quoting an inflated fee.

  3. Roymondo says:

    Jo has hardly pulled up trees since he went to Man City and I can’t see how he would gel with Carlton. If we get a striker it surely needs to be one who feeds off of Cole’s knockdowns.

  4. djclipz says:

    if all the airports are pretty much blocked, how do all the foreign imports get to the clubs to sign today!? and by 5pm!!

    Never realised that moon guy was only 22, he could indeed be a good buy! although i heard it was for less than 5 mil!!

  5. B F says:

    Bryce Moon would be a solid signing in my opinion but 5mil? Thought it would be much less. Really hope the Ledley deal comes off but I can see this being another ‘Giles Barnes’.

  6. Roymondo says:

    Perhaps they will extend the window. Let’s hope not. The quicker it closes the better

  7. TheBishop says:

    Why not sign Julien Flaubert from Real Madrid?!

  8. Andrew says:

    “if all the airports are pretty much blocked, how do all the foreign imports get to the clubs to sign today!? and by 5pm!!”

    I think faxed signatures are OK if they arrive before the deadline, as long as they appear in hard copy form by some date for inal ratification.

  9. HAMMER TIME says:

    Bryce Moon was touted at around £500K, i seriously doubt anymore than £1.5M for a Defender of whom has not played that many games for Panathanikos.

  10. devo says:

    Shut the window its cold outside,Mr Moon should be in the building

  11. Will says:

    Could always start the rumour that Bellamy feels he has made a huge mistake and wants to come back on loan!!! Ha ha I know it is lways a worry at this time when you are considered a selling club but why would any of them want to leave now? Our football is fantastic, the management team IMO is second to none, the club are buying players not selling off and the only departure of significance is Bellamy and whilst it wouls have been good to keep him I have not considered him a loss.

    Moon, Ledley and Jo in with I think Davenport and Neill going out, maybe both to Ramos’ Madrid.

  12. Matt says:

    I hear Howells, Mabbutt and Lineker are all tipped to go back to spuds to join the reunion

  13. BAC says:

    I’ve never seen this guy ‘Scooter’ Moon play, but he is reputed to have great pace, and to be equally at home at right back or in midfield. Sounds just like they said about Faubert before we signed him! Hopefully, if we get him, he will fit in better than le TGV, we certainly need some back-up (and pace!) at right back.

    Ledley sounds really expensive at £8 million, and I doubt we could afford Jo, who, although he is taking a long time to settle in the prem, wouldn’t be given away.

  14. chris says:

    the moon deal is almost complete .

  15. woodford roy says:

    I know we shouldn’t count our chickens just yet, but with only a few hours to go and everyone snowed in and unable to travel, we can be hopeful of surviving the Window without losing any of our key players. How good would that be? Shame that LBM is still here and I’m baffled by the decision not to offload Spector, who is clearly below Premiership standard, but I think we would have settled for this situation a few weeks ago. Fingers crossed that Ledley and Mr Moon are Hammers by 5pm!

  16. Kim says:

    They are talking about extending it on Sky. Hope not.

  17. HAMMER TIME says:

    Would love Bryce Moon, crowned 100 metre sprint champion at both under 17’s and under 19’s level, each and every article you find about him praises his ‘brimming technical ability’, sounds like a fantasic signing, of whom has champions league pedigree to his side. Whilst Julien Faubert looked good this time 18months ago, he was not found by Gianluca Nani. Remember how when we signed Herita Ilunga many judged, ‘who is he?’, well lets hope Bryce Moon can have an impact of the same calibre.

  18. Goatygav says:

    I wonder how much Ludo had to do with Kovac coming to UP? Apparently there were other interested parties.

  19. Goatygav says:

    So glad we’re not still in for Stephen Appiah. While he’s not a bad player he turned his nose up to us in the Summer and is extremely injury prone.

  20. StainesWestHam says:

    With Faubert gone, I think we need to pull out the stops to sign a quality right sided player. Joe Ledley would be great, but Moon seems more likely.
    The deadline will be extended I think, which is a shame because I think clubs leaving it this late are always taking a big risk – so it’s tough luck in my opinion. However, I hope we can still get rid of Davenport and Rigor Mortis!

  21. HAMMER TIME says:

    Am i the only West Ham fan who wants Luis Boa Morte to stay, he is starting to perform of late and provides excellent back up to the first team. Would love him to stay!

  22. Roshi says:

    Forget the transfer window, where’s SJ Chandos when you need him!

  23. Roymondo says:

    I agree with Hammer Time. Unless we sign a left sided player today it is one of the areas where we would be short of back up. At least LBM is always committed when he comes on and I reckon it would only take one goal to give his confidence a lift. Just as happened to Carlton.

  24. Roymondo says:

    SJ Chandos has probably gone off with Nani to help him negotiate a major signing and give him some advice on future targets. About time the boy’s ability was used properly!

  25. colney says:

    surley all the clubs have to agree to this extension of the window? oh hang on …my mistake,the fa and pl can just make up the rules as they go along only of it suits arsenal manure or chelski!!! this stinks of 3rd party agreements or what ?

  26. Goatygav says:

    I guess it all depends on what you value most in a player Hammer Time. You’re clearly impressed by LBM’s work ethic and nuisancevalue to other teams. Admirable qualities in a player and something West Ham fans are known for admiring.

    My problem with Louis is the fact that he was Fulham’s outstanding player going forward. A real threat to defences. He chipped in with his share of goals and created so much of what Fulham got out of their games. By comparison he’s woeful in posession and in front of goal. You just can’t afford a player who persistently gives the ball away and you can’t blame fans frustration at that. The annoying thing is he’s in a good team. He should be thriving on what’s going on but he doesn’t seem to be able to turn it on for us.

    If he does go and then returns with another team I’ll applaud him on to the pitch for his effort. Even better than that I hope he shows us what he’s capable of while he’s playing for us. The evidence of 69 games suggests, however, that he’s just not a West Ham player.

  27. brookingsbonce says:

    Skysports have just reported that Jo is at Everton to discuss loan move… thankgod he’s not at upton!!!

    I agree with Roymondo with regards to signing a left sided player… Queresma’s being lined up by spurs..lets sneak in the back door and grab him on loan, he was superb for Porto..not wanted at Inter.

    How about a move for Saviola???

  28. HAMMER TIME says:

    So Goatygav, Carlton Cole has played 68 games for us, n 8 games ago many of the fans were criticising his ability and touting we should offload him, now in an instance he has scored and brought back the confidence in him and scoring and assisting freely, we now all love him!
    Luis Boa Morte has not done what Faubert did and run when the going got tough but has instead showed respect to Zola and Clarke by staying, fighting for his place and giving 100% every time he plays. He is chipping in with the perfomances to see the games out right now, and despite not playing as well as he did for Fulham will never hit the majorly high notes with fans such as yourself critising him and saying you want him gone from the team, whilst many other fans boo him week in week out!

  29. djclipz says:

    i’d love to sign quaresma just so harry can’t have him!!

    He is pretty useful though too i suppose!! haha

  30. Goatygav says:

    I’ve given my honest and balanced view Hammer Time. As for the fans who boo him they’re out of order.

  31. HAMMER TIME says:

    Fair play, but as you say they are out of order and not worthy of being a true fan!

  32. Goatygav says:

    I’ve also admitted being mistaken about CC as I was also one who didn’t think he’d ever make it. I’ve stated in both cases, however, that I hope they prove me wrong. This is how I genuinely feel about LBM. Nothing would please me more than if he started putting in killer crosses and chips in with the odd goal.

  33. HAMMER TIME says:

    I think we are the only two who have an opinion on him! haha

  34. Tuckshop says:

    Unless I’m wrong wasn’t Joorabchian recruited to help out on the transfers side? The whole window and not a peep? Maybe I’m wrong. That’s it, I must be wrong.

  35. StainesWestHam says:

    I wonder how much cash we will need to have in reserve to sign our loan players in the summer: Ilunga, Di Michele and possibly Kovac. Perhaps 10-12mill in total?

  36. Goatygav says:

    Maybe people are all talked out about him in previous blogs?

    I’m sure we’re all in agreement that we get through today without losing any of the team’s spine and we sign another decent full back or wide player.

  37. woodford roy says:


    LBM stays because he is on good money and lives in London, which is a million times more attractive than living in Hull. While he may try harder than Faubert, and that’s not difficult, his performances for us reveal a lack of quality. He can’t pass, go pass defenders, cross the ball or score goals – all attributes that we should expect of an attacking midfielder/winger playing in the Prem. Time for him to accept that it hasn’t worked out at West Ham and he needs to ship out and start again somewhere else. He doesn’t suit the CZ/Clark style of play and he is getting game time when I’d prefer us to be bringing on our younger talent from the bench to give them experience.

  38. Goatygav says:

    Ilunga = £1.5M
    Di Mic = ?
    Kovac = £3M

    Could be a lot less than £10M – £12M.

    Come the Summer we may also attract one or two VERY decent players.

    Optimism abounds – funny what 8 games can do for you isn’t it?

  39. HAMMER TIME says:

    Ilunga – £2Million (bear in mind we agreed the deal before he was known to us and when Toulouse wanted to offload him).

    Di Michele – £2.5Million

    Kovac – £3Million

    Lastuvka – £2Million

  40. Roymondo says:

    I’m not sure what the situation with Joorabchian was. Probably hush money.
    He was a”transfer consultant” with Man City and was involved somewhere in the aborted attempt to sign Kaka but I believe they have given him the elbow now. As his only contribution to football seems to have been owning some South American players “economic rights” and buying into Corinthians in Brazil – a venture that ended in accusations of money laundering – I can’t understand why any club would want to retain him to help with transfers. He appears to be a prime example of a leech that attaches himself to the game and sucks some of the blood out for his own benefit. And the game allows this to carry on happening. Amazing! It’s enough to make a cat laugh.

  41. Goatygav says:

    Here Here Raymondo. I hope that blood sucker never darkens our doorstep again. Unfortunately he seems to have taken a liking to us.

  42. djclipz says:

    Hammer time… tht 2mil for lastuvka, is tht actually what we are paying, or is it a possibility??

    If its just a possibility then maybe it won’t happen, as that Stech we have got seems to have come up trumps recently and has even found himself on the bench!

  43. StainesWestHam says:

    I don’t boo Boa Morte I just don’t think he’s very good. How can you say he’s improved recently? Was that in reserve games? He’s hardly played for the first team recently and when he does, well, he’s just not very good. He’s played for the club for 2 years, played over 75 games and scored 1 goal. For an attacking midfielder/ winger that’s not good is it?

  44. SJ Chandos says:

    Looks like they are, indeed, going for a utility player to cover right back and right midfield. That player, at the moment, looks like Bryce Moon, who is a bit of an unknown quantity to most of us. Apparently, he has played in the SA league, Irish league and of course, the Greek league. I understand that he has real pace and could be deployed on the right to cover for Neill’s lack of pace. This would allow Berhami to move to the centre if need be!

    The deal is reputed to be a loan until the end of the season, pending a £1.5m deal. He is worth a punt in my opinion. Watch out for Illunga, it could be that deal is tied up today, although there is no pressure because it can wait to the end of the season.

    I personally am not too bothered about the left side now with Collison, Berhami and LBM able to cover it. My concern is another striker. Jo is off to Everton, I do not believe the Hammers are interested in him. There is still a possibility of a deal emerging from the Italian market.

    For those of you worried about a high profile departure, relax. The only player leaving is Davenport and they certainly want that one to go through! They also rejected a Sunderland bid for Spector today, because Zola values him as a utility player able to cover 2 or 3 positions.

    Finally, on things non-Hammers, spare a thought for our ex-friend Defoe, at home, leg in plaster and what is he watching on TV. Yes, the potential return of Robbie Keane, the same Keane that he cannot play along side, the same Keane that consistently kept him out of the side previously! I bet Arry did not tell him about that when he re-signed. A sobering thought for him I would have thought!!!!

  45. HAMMER TIME says:

    The £2million for Jan Lastuvka is not a certain figure, but judging on what they demanded from Bochum last season after he was on loan there £3Million, they will want less than that but no less then two.

  46. StainesWestHam says:

    2 mill for Ilunga would be amazing. I honestly think he could possibly be in the prem team of the season if he carries on playing this well. I think we should hang to Di Michele too – there is something classy about him in my opinion. I nearly fell off my seat last week his curling shot that hit the post – genius! We’ll have to wait and see if Kovac is any good and Lopez seems like he won’t play very much if at all.

  47. SJ Chandos says:

    The player that is going spare that could do us a real turn is Saviola. ‘The Rabbit’ has real pace, although he is a bit on the light side. He is a player of enormous unfulfilled potential. Working with Mister and playing alongside that great leader of the forward line (tongue firmly in cheek), Carlton Cole, could be the making of him!!!!

    What do people think about Arry Redknapp, he really seems to have lost it! No inspired deals, an absence of great players pulled out of nowhere (a la Bilic and Reiper) and a general lack of sense of direction. He just seems to be striking out in all directions in the transfer market trying to find a solution, any solution. ‘Out of’ and ‘depth’ are the words that come to mind. Sadly, he probably will huff and puff his way out of relegation, but does he look a long term option at Spurs? I do not think so!

  48. boghammer says:

    I too like LBM’s workrate, but he is employed as an attacking midfielder/forward. His goal presence is atrocious. On the subject of Cole, whilst he is scoring some goals lately (& a couple of good’uns too), I still think he spurns a lot of quality chances, so, I reserve my judgement on him. £8 million for Ledley is ridiculous. Bullard was only £5 million. I could live with Moon & Kovac on loan (gives us a chance to suss them out – especially Moon as a direct Neill replacement). By the summer we will have worked out which loan signings to keep (but should have tied Ilunga down by now) & go on from there.

  49. SJ Chandos says:

    Word is that Nani has Di Michele lined up for £800,000. At that sort of money he is worth hanging on to. As StainesWestHam says, he has ability and has shown it recently. My reservation is that he is likely to shine against Hull and Fulham, but disappear against Arsenal and Man Utd. But it is up to him to prove otherwise!

    If Zola sticks with his current strikers, hope Cole stays fit. If they they were going to rely on Tristan as back up, why has he not got more playing time? That situation worries me a lot, but Zola and Clarke say they are happy, but they would publicly would’nt they!

  50. boghammer says:

    Re SJ Chandos comment re ‘Arry. I just think that he’s not used to having the brass to go into the market boots ‘n’ all. It is taking away from his ability to spot the bargain as he is only looking at the top draw.
    After his recent dealings, I hope he goes down (& I do mean to the Championship) in a screaming heap!!!.

  51. StainesWestHam says:

    The spurs fans I know don’t like Harry Redknapp. They want him to keep them up and then leave. It’s really strange that he’s brought back Chimbonda, Defoe and (probably) Keane. In general it’s never good to go backwards in life – whether it’s to an old job or an ex-girlfriend!! I always thought he could pluck a good player out from obscurity – like Kanoute for example. Either he doesn’t want to take a punt/ risk on a lesser known player, or maybe he doesn’t have the contacts he used to. I was surprised that Spurs were so willing to part with 14m for Bellamy and the Palacios signing was a strange one too. I think they ‘arry is always better off wheelin and dealing at the cheaper end of the market rather than haveing lots of cash at his disposal (remember how he quickly wasted the 18m from the Rio sale).

    It is a real possibility that Spurs could go down. I think that the likes of Stoke could have more fight in them than spurs. Their squad is full of big time charlies that don’t feel they should be in that position. Also, their Uefa cup campaign is a worrying distraction between their league games against Arsenal and Hull they have a trip to Moscow which isn’t ideal. It could be fascinating to see how the club would cope if they did go down. Anyway, at least it keeps the tabloid focus on them rather than us for a change!

  52. SJ Chandos says:

    What happen to the two South Americans that were on trial with us? Also, the question of Lopez’s role with us intrigues me. Why has he not been given a proper chance to show us what he can do at first team level? It’s not as if his form in the reserves is indifferent. On the contrary, he has looked outstanding at times. A real puzzle?

  53. SJ Chandos says:

    Yeah true about the press, not much coverage of us today, that is a very good thing. I personally think that the likes of Upson, Parker, Green and Berhami are good characters. That is the difference from another recent high profile departure!

    It is one aspect of the recent changes at West Ham that has not been sufficiently recognised, the comradeship and good spirit in the squad and how this translates positively on the pitch. Ted Fenton and Ron Greenwood always emphasised that aspect of assessing potential buys, as well as the players ability. We have certainly come a long way since the reign of the ‘Baby Bentley Boys’ in the playing squad and a good job too.

    Zola will not tolerate indiscipline or challenges to his authority, and that is the way it has to be!

  54. Conor says:

    SJ, re Lopez I have always assumed he was simply back up for Ilunga and whilst Ilunga was fit and in form he would just be a squad player. I was not at Watford, nor have I seen the reserves this season so have no view on the player. Would you have liked to see him come on to play left midfield (rather than say LBM) or would you have liked to see him start in the Cup games?

  55. SJ Chandos says:

    Joe Ledley always seemed an unlikely deal to me and, I agree that, 8m is a very inflated fee for the player. If we want him, we should leave until the summer and get him for about 4.5m.

    If they need a left sided addition, I personally, would prefer Mattock, from Leicester City, and he will cost less than Ledley.

    Blackburn Rovers want £25m for Santa Cruz, are they having a laugh???? Still it is those mugs Man City, I suppose.

  56. Falvo says:

    Very true SJ Chandos, Lopez’ lack of chances is startling to say the least. On the other hand, Ilunga has been brilliant so we dont really need him. Concerning ilunga, he’ll cost quite a bit i reckon cos he’ll have impressed other clubs. Di Michele will stay on. Kovac will stay on. We don’t need Lastuvka, Marek Stech in the youths is a good prospect, let him go on the bench.

    LBM though hard working just doesnt have the quality we need. He doesn’t show experience that surely he MUST have. Not worth the money on the wage bill if you ask me, i wouldnt boo him cos he tries, but hes just not worth it for me.

    A few people may remember me mentioning kevin doyle as a good player to target, turns out im distantly related to him! How coincidental.

  57. StainesWestHam says:

    Davenport is having his medical at Sunderland. See yer! Don’t mess with the Zola man! Maybe they’ll try and sign Lucas Neill so they can have our entire old back four.

  58. HAMMER TIME says:

    Still rather quiet on the Transfers front, although it would appear that Calum Davenport is on his way out for £3Million which is a great bit of business for both teams. Hurry up Bryce Moon though, Come on in!

  59. StainesWestHam says:

    Stoke sign Camara, that’s more bad news for spurs if you ask me. Camara can score goals (just not for us). It doesn’t look like they’re going to extend the deadline then?

  60. Colm says:

    I dont know about you guys but I actually Like Davenport He was Quite solid(When his neck wasnt broken etc) under Curbs and could nick afew goals.However he cant beat collins class to get into the team so I suppose 3m is alright.

    Gotta Let Tomkins Progress too is suppose, so I guess its the right choice for our Mighty zola’s revolution.

    Sunderland love our defenders too so everyone is happy.

  61. Goatygav says:

    Fifa have said that the Transfer window CAN be extended if it can be proved that the weather has made it impossible to do the deal by 5pm.

  62. Nathon Don says:


  63. woodford roy says:

    I agree with Colm that Davenport is a decent player but Zola has been very smart in showing everyone that he has a hard edge. With Tomkins and Spence both coming through the ranks, centreback is one position we don’t need to worry about and 3million is good business for Davenport.
    The rumours about Moon and Ledley have been around for weeks, so I would have hoped the deal(s) would have been done and announced by now if anything was happening. Maybe the club just love the drama of keeping us waiting.

  64. alanalandevonshire says:

    Just who are we going to leave out to give Lopez a chance? Ilunga, Collison or Behrami? I don’t think putting him on the bench in place of Boa morte is giving him that chance do you? why on earth would we start messing with a settled midfield or L/B which are the positions he plays. If anyone is going to get a chance to impress on the left of midfiled my money is going to be on Nsereko.

  65. Scalyback says:

    Don’t know how accurate this is but I just read this on the BBC Sport Transfer Day live text :-
    “1439: West Ham tell BBC Sport they are not expecting anything to come in to the club today, but they do expect defender Calum Davenport to be on his way out of Upton Park. He is due to have a medical at Sunderland today.”

  66. daxrsa says:

    Just read this on the ‘live transfer deadline’ on the BBC sport website:

    1439: West Ham tell BBC Sport they are not expecting anything to come in to the club today, but they do expect defender Calum Davenport to be on his way out of Upton Park. He is due to have a medical at Sunderland today.

    Hope they just deflecting some attention….

  67. E1 says:

    News Now are saying davenport to sunderland is a loan deal ?

  68. E1 says:

    Micha richerds is avaliable for 5 to 7mill ?

  69. StainesWestHam says:

    That’s it then. Looks like there will be no new players coming in today…

  70. brooking is still the best says:

    It looks like we wont have any signings to talk about today. According to the BBC, an insider is not expecting any.
    It wouldn’t be all bad if no signings are made today, we are doing OK. With the amount of player leaving it may leave us short if we had a couple of injurys but hopefully we will be alright.
    My concern is, what happens to the estimated £30+ million the club has made since last summer, will we see any of it to make the steps forward we need to?
    The board at West Ham must be delighted the recent good form has covered up this issue.

  71. Goatygav says:

    How’s that then Nathan Don?

    Extra time is being given for medicals and player signatures etc.

  72. Colm says:

    Ha Micha Richards joining would be fantastic Idea however extermely unlikely,Zola would Re-ignite his career big time, turning Neill into a further fringe player to off-load and hand Parker/Upson the captains armband.

    Im actually shocked at how few clubs have moved for Citys players this window,surely they would want to off load some of their squad to make room for Messi,Kaka,Terry,Ronaldo,Fabrigas,Ribury,Sergio Ramos,Gerrard,Ronaldino Etc…

  73. HAMMER TIME says:

    Another disapointing transfer window deadline day, anti-climax or what!

  74. Colm says:

    Pay no attention to him GOATYGAV hes just jealous….;-)

  75. HAMMER TIME says:

    YE pay no attention, clearley he is an idiot with no life!

  76. E1 says:

    We are going to have spend big in the summer if we get into europe take out the 3 sick notes dyer ashton and gabbidon then our current 1st 11 and check out what we have left. Savio Kovac Lopez Lbm Spector Stokes Tristan Tomkins Sears and 2 very young keepers Stech and Lastuvka, even for the rest of this season we are a bit light if we get injuries/ suspensions and have a decent cup run.I am hoping for a right back at least.

  77. Iain Dale says:

    Goaty Gav is a bit of mug tho, constantly on here, get a grip.

  78. woodford roy says:

    Not that long ago Micah Richards was being talked about as a £20 million Man U target. Where does this cut down price of £7 mill come from? If Anton was ‘worth’ £8 mill, then I reckon Richards would command a lot more.

    One player I would have loved to see heading in our direction from City is Michael Johnson. I know he has been injured this season but last year he looked like a young Colin Bell (i know – that dates me) in the City midfield. Seems like he might be going to the barcodes which is a waste of a young talent.

  79. Goatygav says:

    I’d have Sturridge in a shot too.

  80. Berkshire Hammer says:

    16.03 nothing new on Sky Sports apart form Keane to the Spuds

  81. brooking is still the best says:

    Bloody Spuds, buying their way of the brown stuff.
    I was talking to my mates the other day, I said I’d be happy with a cup every ten years, it was then agreed that we would swap a cup win to see the Spuds get relegated, has anyone got an opinion on this,
    after all, we all had had a skinful.

  82. E1 says:

    Brooking is still the best: it would be a hard one to call but I think if it come to it spuds going down would be my choice just to see defunk & mr twitchy fall flat. HE HE HE

  83. djclipz says:

    I bet if something does happen it will be late like in the summer. Illunga and di michele were announced well into the morning!!

  84. colney says:

    sky are dressing this up far to much.there trying to make up stuff just to keep it going!

  85. woodford roy says:

    KUMB have mentioned a right back called Sergin Homei from Dynamo B. Anyone heard of him? Is this for real?

  86. tony reader says:

    its been mentioned on sky as a loan deal

  87. E1 says:

    Everton in for chris Eagles!

  88. DevoDevo says:

    Everton swoop for Eagles.

    There’s one for the copywriters.

    Not sure about Richards. Another baby Bentley member.

    Sturridge yes.

  89. Hammer Ray says:

    In answer to the earlier question by someone asking if he was the only person to want to keep hold of Boa Morte, the answer sadly is a resounding YES. I won’t be too worried if we don’t pick up any last minute signings, but would still have liked us to remove the likes of him from the wage bill. I know he tries his hardest but he just hasn’t been up to it for some time. As for the Spuds signing Keane as their new saviour, I’m not so sure he can provide the fire power that they will probably need to guarantee safety, so the millions that Redknapp has fritterred away could be in vain, not for the first time! Trying to spend your way out of trouble and falling flat on your face. Now wouldn’t that be a shame!

  90. E1 says:

    That’s it all over now we wait

  91. Berkshire Hammer says:

    all shut any news?

  92. colney says:

    a word for the board….thanks.

  93. djclipz says:

    bring on man utd!!!!

  94. Goatygav says:

    djclipz made a good point. We didn’t learn about a couple of Summer signings until well after the window was closed.

  95. Sergiu Homei, 22 yr old Romanian right back apparently signed.

  96. E1 says:

    Homei,they kept that quite IF it’s true ? lets hope he is as good as nani’s other signings. I will be very happy if we have decent right back cover or does this mean neill has gone? The plot thickens.
    Still think we are very light outside the first eleven.

  97. Its on a Romanian website that he was travelling to London today – given the weather and the extension to the window we may not know until later in the week, ie clubs have agreed, Premier League advised, personal terms and medical still in progress…

    There is a strong rumour on other sites that we are signing an Argentinian also…

    Given that we announced various deals the day after the last window, I think we should all have a sleepless night and not concentrate on work until at least this time tomorrow…


  98. HAMMERTIME says:

    Madird-Hammer, can you please give me the link to this website stating the Argentinian please. You have me excited lol

  99. Martin of Surbiton says:

    Well, Sky Sports are trying to raise the excitement level by saying is a “massive” day, but the top stories in the SPL are about players not moving and the only massive news is that Keane is back at *hite Hart Lane and nobody can figure out if Arshevin is coming or going. Santa Cruz not moving. Michael Johnson not moving etc. etc.

    And…….Green not moving, Parker not moving, Upson not moving. How good does that sound when you remember all the fire sale stories of a few weeks ago? My bum is squeak-free.

  100. US Hammer says:


    I have a nasty memory of WHU signing a couple of Argies at the end of a transfer window not that long ago. Terrific players, both, but I things didn’t really work out very well long-term, did they?

  101. brooking is still the best says:

    We may have kept the first eleven apart from the runt Bellamy.They hae tried their hardest to sell everyone else. Lost count on our net gain, taking away the fee for the 19 year old which is nearer the £5 million mark then what was quoted, it must be nudging the £40 million mark if you also count the summer period. This board stinks and have got away with it thanks to the brilliant work of Zola and Clark.
    If T Brown was still there we would be gunning for him big style! We are being taken to the cleaners and we are still happy about it? Funny old game…

  102. SJ Chandos says:

    I think I started the Lopez discussion, and what I said was, why as Lopez not ‘been’ given a chance. Past tenses, no one is suggesting that he be brought at the expense of anyone in the current midfield.

    However, it has not always been thus, there was a run of games when in October-November when he could have been considered for a place wide left, ahead of Illunga. It did not happen, regardless of how well he played. That’s all, an observation.

  103. E1 says:

    can’t wait for the rest of the season if we stay injury free 14 games to go I reckon we should be good for at least 13pts maybe even 17.

  104. colney says:

    did davenport actually go? sky are repeating themselves robbie this robbie that !!!

  105. budgie says:

    Despite the fact that we are owned by an Icelandic banker who has lost millions as a result of the worst recession of any of our lifetimes, have a potential judgement againt the club for a very substantial sum of money, were committed to several over priced deals by our previous executive director and are constantly the subject of rumours in the media we have sold only one disruptive personality who has left many clubs before, brought in at least two promising sounding players and kept three or four very good players that we were all desperate to keep. I dont thnk we should get carried away but the team is improving and playing with tremendous spirit. C’mon guys this is glass half full time.

  106. james says:

    The thing is with Lopez he hasn’t been vocal about not getting a chance but we only have him till the summer so a) the club may not wish to renew the conract b) the player may not wish to renew the contract. Either way unless he starts to rack up some minutes on the pitch we may see the last of him which will be a shame as he looks promising.

  107. E1 says:

    Brooking is best : We have an improved squad, we got rid of most of the deadwood, we are sitting in a good league position,We are pro rata value of club to debt in one of the stongest positions in the league, we have raised aprox 40 mill that will if need be cover any competation we might have to pay the blunts or it will most likley be the kitty for summer buys.We are also in the middle of a very good cup run NOW WHEN DID BROWN AND CO EVER GET US IN AS GOOD A STATE With all bases covered. Lets not forget the board told us our top players were not for sale and have stuck to it,nanni has so far only brought in top quality and no money has been wasted any player sold we have got good prices on.
    So bottom line What the hell are you moaning about MUPPET!!

  108. Fordie says:

    I look forward to all the apologies in the papers tomorrow for their poor reporting about the total melt down at West Ham that they all predicted. What happened to the fire sale? When in doubt just make up a story and try to destabilise a team. It didn’t work and it now appears we have a good basis for bright future, please don’t let us shoot ourselves in the foot again!

  109. alanalandevonshire says:

    SJ you seem very quick to take offence to anyone who does not agree with your point of view. Taken in context with the rest of your statement regarding Lopez it is very much present context. “it’s not as if his form is indifferent in the reserves. On the contrary, he has looked outstanding at times”. If you are not championing him for a chance then I don’t understand the comment. He’s good that Lopez boy, we should have played him 3 months ago, but not now because we have a good side, but he is playing well for the stiffs.

  110. E1 says:

    Davenport has gone on loan till end of season to sunderland they’ve got a half decent defence now with 3 of our old boy’s. PROJECT FOOTBALL ROLLS ON !!
    COYI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. james says:

    looks like we’re done for this window then. officail site says davenports off on loan but no mention of others off or new arrivals so i would take it as thats it for now.

  112. DevoDevo says:

    A fantastic window for West Ham. Stronger team & squad although as E1 says, still needs a bit more for next season.

    And if, yes it’s a big IF, we can get Dyer & deano back firing on all cylinders, things would be even better.

    Well done to the board for standing by their word.

    Roll on Sunday.

  113. brooking is still the best says:

    E1 thanks! muppet

  114. E1 says:

    brooking is best : Your welcome now enjoy the rest of the season COYI !!

  115. Hospital Worker says:

    Official site also implies we have now purchased Illunga.

  116. E1 says:

    Duxbury has confirmed on official site Illunga has been signed long term. (Squad ready for challenge)

  117. StainesWestHam says:

    Great news about Ilunga. Not sure how much the fee was, but money well spent I reckon! Well done to West Ham Utd for holding on to our best players – let’s keep it going for the rest of the season! We’ve got rid of some reasonable players, but going forward it’s quality over quantity.

  118. DagenhamHammer says:

    Hooray for Illunga! I was worried we’d lose him

  119. james says:

    I’m really starting to like the board and even Duxbury is warming on me. With this ‘football project’ who needs to drop (waste) money like Rednapp or Hughes!! My only fear now is that if as forcasted our owners do sell up, they do it with someone they trust is willing to see this masterplan through and not someone who will scrap it and try and snap every Kaka and Messi under the sun. This club is built on strong traditions and this project is the best way to transition those traditions into the modern era.

  120. DevoDevo says:

    Hear, hear, James.

  121. E1 says:

    james: I don’t think we have much to worry about, if the club is sold it will be project football and it’s results that will sell it. Succsess on the pitch is only 40% of what a new owner will be looking for the other 60% will be down to a sound fincial foundation and medium to long term business plan. But I am not so sure BG will sell unless he really has to and if we continue both on and off the pitch the way we have since project football came into effect he could probably afford to boost the coffers if need be.The young players are the key and we must do our bit come what may to help keep the momentum going. The next 5 years will show steady improvment and we will as long as we are keeping our better players become the force we all know we should be. OUR GLASSES ARE JUST 1/2 FULL

  122. Kim says:

    I am happy, relieved and impressed with the quiet dignity the club has shown in this window. We have shown so much more class than some other clubs. My only concern now is young Mr Sears. GZ and Clarkey obviously don’t think he is ready and on the few appearances he has made this season I agree. But the boy should go out on loan and I hope they give him the opportunity to get some front line games elsewhere. He needs more than playing for the reserves and five minutes here and there. I would also like to see Stanislas on the bench soon – he looked great for Southend against Chelsea. Happy it is over and delighted with the business we have done. Happy days!!!

  123. USHammer says:

    As to the discussion about the left. Savio has street cred as a left winger so that could provide an option to get his quality on the pitch if Cole and DiMichelle continue to partner so well. All in all a decent window with some interesting options for the future. I too would have liked to see Lopez get a run out but I think Zola understands the value of a settled side and will only tinker if things go off the boil. And let’s not forget that Kovac is a class player with all the qualities we like and bags of top flight experience on the international stage. Plus he is multi-position capable which seems to be a criteria for us at the minute. Nice to see players like him choose to come to us rather than us having to bribe them with massive wages!

  124. Apparently the Argentinian was Crespo whom we wanted on a loan to end of season, and both Homei and Moon went to the wire but could not be concluded for sensible money…

  125. the headmaster says:

    I cannot get past the unbelievable relief of holding on to all those we needed to keep.
    Savvio and the Illunga thing is just the icing on the cake for me.
    The collective ranks of the mass media should bow their heads in shame – where is the accountability when you come out with statements like “Parker’s on his way – make no mistake about it, he’ll be gone by the end of the window” (Collymore on 606 just after we’d turned over Portsmouth and in what now feels like a vindictive comment in the aftermath of a season defining performance). Mug.

  126. SJ Chandos says:

    Alanalandevonshire, I do not recall taking offence, I especially do not take offence at people expressing their genuine opinions, as you have done. Further, I do not react badly to people disagreeing with me. That would be silly. No, I was just trying to clarify my original point that’s all!

    What I actually said was that he had shown good form in the reserves and I would have expected him to have got a chance by now. However, I accept your point about not disrupting a winning team, where’s the contradiction in that?

    In effect I am telling you what I meant, not what you wanted me to mean. Or are you seriously telling me whatI originally meant? This is a non-argument really, is’nt it.

  127. SJ Chandos says:

    A bit of a fustrating day for the club it seems. They appear to have identified two right sided targets and failed to agree deals for either. On the plus side, they have, indeed, tied Illunga down to a deal, thank you very much Real Madrid! That’s a significant positive.

    They are going to go with the squad they have now. I think that the right and left sided berths can be covered. I just hope that Cole stays fit and both he and Di Michele continue their good form. Otherwise, Tristan, Sears and Nsereko are going have to step up the plate. I doubt we will see the best of Nsereko this season and Sears does not seem ready, but who knows, both players might make significant contributions?

    Zola and Clarke will make the best of what they have and plan for the summer. The other positive thing was Duxbury’s acknowledgement of the fans and the need to keep us better informed. Another sign of their new policy in this respect.

  128. richo says:

    Gee you’ve been churning out the posts lately Iain. I’m happy with the way things have panned out and my pessimism before the window opened has turned to a strong optimism for the future, I share Kims delight with the board and management in the way have have conducted themselves and the deals done in the transfer period, long into the future may this continue i hope. My only concern is the one which most share… our Forward stocks which seem a little thin.

  129. Goatygav says:

    & one more thing. Whoever called themselves Iain Dale – try harder. If you’re going to pretend to be the author of this blog then post your comments with Iain’s picture like he does. Also don’t use text-speak like “tho” as it’s a bit of a giveaway. Otherwise you’re the one who ends up looking like a mug – n’est-ce pas?

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