When Jupitus Met Tone

Nice article by Phil Jupitus in The Times today about what it’s like to meet your heroes. There’s a nice Tony Cottee anecdote. Read it HERE.


11 Responses to When Jupitus Met Tone

  1. grayboguestmeister says:

    Nice story. Like the quote about Kevin Keen:’He chatted about how brilliant Gianfranco Zola’s training sessions are and how optimistic the team are feeling.’

    It shows, doesn’t it?

    And the quote from Kovac in the papers today underlines what an influence GZ is. (something along the lines of ‘it’s because he’s there that I’m signing’)

  2. Goatygav says:

    Cheers Iain. Enjoyable read.

    I remember “Bottling it” at a pro/celeb golf day my company put on at the Buckinghamshire. Sir Trev was at the dinner. He saw me making a b-line towards him so he disappeared towards the bar. At that point I gave up my pursuit. Still gutted I didn’t go over and talk but I suddenly realized my mind had gone totally blank and that I’d probably not know what to say.

  3. Doc H Ball says:

    Funnily enough I saw Jupitus on a rush hour train from Barking on the Monday after the disasterous Everton home game. I was unsure if I should talk to him or not, he was looking sheepish, but I told him I was a fellow manic depressive and looking for serendipity. He rushed off to TV towers.

    Is Jupitus not the old fanzine cartoonist Porky? The one that did saucy postcard like cartoons in OLAS?

  4. US'Ammer says:

    I met Clyde Best in a Portland, Oregon bar many years ago.
    Struck up a conversation which included the fact that I was a WHU supporter.
    His first reaction was “I suppose you were one of the b—–ds that used to boo me”.
    “Only when you missed from inside six yards” was received with a smile and he was kind enough thereafter to put up with my numerous Bobby Moore

  5. Graybo says:

    Ah, Doc H Ball, that reminds me of the occasion when my legs turned to jelly when I approached one Sir Robert Moore of this parish on a train.

    We travelling back from playing Man City and because my dad had reached some sort of middle management role at London Transport he qualified for one return first-class rail ticket for him and his family per year. We used it to go to Manchester.

    As a first-class passenger I had access to the team’s carriage and Bobby was sitting on his own in a corner with a glass of red wine (strange, I thought lager was his tipple).

    I sidled up and said: ‘Excuse me, Mr Moore, but could I have your autograph, please.’ He signed without saying anything, and I couldn’t think of anything to ask, so went back to dad, dead chuffed but utterly speechless. My hero, he was.

    And then when we got off the train at Watford and the train pulled away he gave me a lovely wave as we walked down the platform.

    Here’s the really interesting thing, though. My dad had earlier had a right go at Jimmy Lindsay (who, you ask? Exactly). He had refused to give me his autograph as we boarded the train in Manchester, saying: ‘I don’t think you’re supposed to be in here, son.’

    What a difference between a nobody who thought he was somebody, and our legendary player who inspired so many.

  6. tc says:

    Doc H – almost definitely. He used to be Porky the Poet on the gig circuit.

  7. Will says:

    Just seen the official site and one of the articles says that they are “happy with the transfer window business and that after exercising the right on a long ter m Ilunga contract” Has there been any other word on this?

    Need to know as this would be great news

  8. Brisboy says:

    I went to college with phil jupitas, he was a big Members fan (you know…the sound of the suburbs!!)….go on ask him!

  9. delboycorona says:

    Nice story Graybo. That would have been Nov 21st 1970.
    You shoulda gone 9 months earlier when we whipped ’em 5-2 with Greavsie scoring 2 on his debut and Boycie lobbing Joe Corrigan.
    I met Sir Bobby on the platform at Southampton Central after we got thrashed 6-2. They opened a special gate onto the platform for the players right up at the front of the train away from the crowds. I happened to be there cos I was photographing the engine (35019 Belgian Marine if anyone’s interested!)He shook my hand and was very gracious. Will never, ever, forget it – or him!

  10. Liam says:

    Phill is/was Porky the poet and it was ‘Fortunes Always Hiding ‘ fanzine that his cartoons were in.
    He went to the Cup Final in Cardiff with his good mate Braggy.
    Ask him hand on heart who his fave team is and he would say Red Sox, all the way.

  11. Doc H Ball says:

    Ta Liam.

    Of course it was the late great ‘Fortunes’, the best fanzine ever by a country mile. I saw North Bank Norman at a game last season – emigrated to San Fransisco and now a martial arts instructor.

    Strange how life turns out ain’t it?

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