The Top 20 Sports Blogs

Each month, Wikio publishes a league table of the country’s 20 most popular sports blogs. They use a formula based on links and site visits to arrive at it. They will be publishing this list tomorrow.



Egal =


Egal =


Progression +1

F1 Fanatic

Baisse -1

Line and Length

Egal =

King Cricket

Egal =

Progression +2


Progression +7

West Ham Till I Die

Progression +1


Progression +2

Letchworth Girls’ Rugby

Baisse -3

Total Flanker

Baisse -5

The Corridor (a cricket blog)

Egal =

West Ham Fans

Egal =


Progression +6

Sport Is A TV Show



Progression +6

BBC Sport Editors’ Blog

Progression +14

Harry Hotspur

Baisse -3

“Have you ever been to Liverpool?”

Baisse -3

12 Responses to The Top 20 Sports Blogs

  1. Roymondo says:

    Right, we must get you higher up the list Iain. But at least you are above Letchworth Girls Rugby, which has to be positive.

  2. DevoDevo says:

    Number 1 probably bets a number of erroneous hits. 😉

  3. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    surely Iain, the more blogs you do, the more visits you’ll get, get typing mate.

  4. Martin of Surbiton says:

    So, who will finish the season higher? The Blog or the Team? Hope you don’t mind my wanting the latter, but top 6 for both would be good.

  5. Phil says:

    Your frequent appearances on Sky News should help get you up the list Iain if you drop in your a Hammers Fan! Try kicking some of the dross that pass themselves off as sports journalists. e.g. The Daily Snail for a start. Any chance they might make a positive comment about WHU or comment or apogise on the “Firesale” that never was that they so grandly predicted ?

    Good Luck, great blog

  6. Wes says:


  7. onechristiandailly says:

    To be fair, the Letchwoth Girls Rugby is a comprehensive and informative blog and well worth a read. And Arsenal will always be at the top, as their fans spend a lot of time alone…

  8. Jonek says:

    Scott Parker become Player of the Round!!!


  9. james says:

    They can’t help fire shots at us. This is from yahoo sports, they just had too add on their little swipe at the end.
    West Ham’s Gianfranco Zola was equally good at hanging on to the people he needed, retaining the likes of Matthew Upson and Scott Parker while getting top dollar for the one man he did cash in on, red-hot striker Craig Bellamy. But is Savio Nsereko really the man Zola wanted to fill that gap? It doesn’t seem likely.

  10. E1 says:

    BBC sports editors blog, Hmmmmm maybe we should all give it a visit and tell him what we think about the treatment we don’t get on MOTD. It may boost his ratings but maybe he might get the message,what do you all think

  11. the headmaster says:

    It’s a fine idea E1 but perhaps a contemptuous silence from us the fans, answered by the boys on the pitch in terms of their continued excellence, is what is required.
    We need the resolution of this frickin Tevezgate thing for once and for all so that they can all be shut up and we can resume our place in the hearts of the nation; hearts that have now been severely poisoned by the monotonous onslaught from the hacks in fleet street – that’s why we appear in some half arsed survey conducted by the currant bun in the top 10 of most hated clubs.

  12. Its good to be noticed – and thanks for the positive comment, onechristiandailly!

    Despite slipping 6 places in the past two months, we are actually the No. 1 rugby blog which says something. Not sure what…

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