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A message from Helen Blaby, Five Live Travel Hammermac…

Could you through excellent site inform WHU supporters that incorrect information has appeared in the WHU official website regarding travel arrangements for Sunday 8th Feb as it looks like there will no service to Upton Park, I have tried to contact them without success. They state that there is no District Line service between Embankment and Upminster but this is not correct according to tfl there is no service between Embankment & Whitechapel and between Barking & Upminster (which is the case for the rest of the season) So there IS a service between Barking & Whitechapel with trains stopping at Upton Park.

I hope he’s right! This is a ‘without prejudice’ announcement!

PS I wonder whatever happened to Jo-Anne Sale, Five Live Travel. She is sorely missed. Not that Helen Blaby isn’t excellent too. [Stop digging – Ed].


9 Responses to Man U Tube Travel Info

  1. Alex says:

    I did a journey planner on and, it too, claimed there was no district line going through Upton Park, but Hammersmith & City lines are.

  2. Tim says:

    This was hashed out on the kumb forum a few weeks back when it was first noticed and the TFL journey planner etc. is incorrect in this instance. The DL is running between Whitechapel and Barking on Sunday and will be stopping at Upton Park. I understand that the definitive source on these things is a pdf of track closures for the next 6 months, which can be found on the tfl site here:

  3. devo says:

    Taz in Waltham, Lincs writes
    03 February 2009
    With all the controversy of the so called’ Tevez affair’ can anyone explain to me why Tottenham have been allowed to break Premier League rule L19, to my knowledge, twice in this transfer window.

    The rule states that no player can rejoin his former club within 12 months of leaving. Defoe and Keane both have.

    One rule for one one for another or what?

  4. Burnhammer says:

    I have to do the journey from Hammersmith to UP on Sunday. The six months ahead TFL planner is wrong. It says Embankment to Whitechapel is out of service on Sunday. The NEXT weekend TFL planner says Embankment to Upminster is out of service. This appears to be correct as they have two bus services to get from Upminster to Barking. The Hammersmith and City will be FULLY open which will include to Barking. This was confirmed by a customer service advisor at TFL on the phone at midday today and the reason for this is that they are aware of the Man Utd game.

  5. budgie says:

    Having just scrolled through 150 odd pages of the PL Rules I found L19. It says that a transfer within one year requires the prior written consent of the board (presumably the Premier League Board)
    The question is did they have that.

  6. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    THIS WEEKEND…..What’s happening is that the district IS suspended between embankment and upminster but the hammersmith and city line IS running normally which goes from barking to whitechapel then on to hammersmith via liverpool st. so there will be some trains between barking/west ham and upton park but nowhere near as many as usual.

  7. Baloo says:

    Taz / Devo,

    The league states that players can rejoin teams within 12 months providing they have written permission from the league. They obviously had, and this goes some way to explaining why the Defoe and Keane transfers took a little longer than others.

  8. Upton Spark says:

    The rule that states a player can not play for another team within a year is open to fiddle and missuse,which for those in the know will be a doddle which obviously Spurs have managed to do with no trouble!
    As for the District Line thingy,I have spoke to a chap at Transport for London who says that there WILL be a service to Upton Park this week as they are aware of the BIG game against Man Utd.
    Let’s hope he is right otherwise there will be chaos.

  9. Tim says:

    This is a non-issue. Trains are running between Whitechapel and Barking on Sunday, the only question is whether the bars in the cars will be purple or green. As for replacement buses from Upminster, they’re also par for the course this season.

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