Upson: Money Doesn’t Motivate Me

There’s a nice interview with Matthew Upson in today’s Evening Standard, where he says he will never be motivated by money. Read it HERE.


14 Responses to Upson: Money Doesn’t Motivate Me

  1. devo says:

    what a professional

  2. IronMick says:

    Top bloke! A certain Welsh rugrat would do well to take a leaf out of Upson’s book!
    I’ve never really understood it when a player moves to another club for the money. They are mulit-millionaires anyway? It’s like winning the lottery then complaining that you have to share it with somebody else – just be bloody grateful!
    I feel slightly worried for Upson in the England set up because I think if Rio and Terry are fit he won’t get a look in. Still, I think he has firmly established himself in the squad to the extent that he is an automatic pick.
    With Gerrard injured Scott parker HAS to be in the team.


  3. Goatygav says:

    Really encouraging to hear this from him.

    I wondered what he’d really meant when he first stated he’d be off if other key players went too. I can understand now that he wants to win things and if the likes of Parker and Greeno had’ve gone then there wasn’t much chance of us progressing.

    Credit to the club, Zola and Clarkey and the players for dealing with this transfer window with professionalism, restraint and dignity.

    Needless to say I can’t wait ’til 4 O’Clock on Sunday to come around. I reckong it’ll be a classic!


  4. theebayexpert says:

    John Terry is on the downward slope. His body is complaining too much and I think he is over-rated. Give me our man any day.

    I sincerely hope our man gets a run in the England team. If we could just nudge into Europe it would take his game to another level.

    Respect to the man.

  5. djclipz says:

    yeh Upson is a good guy, and im glad he’s enjoyin it at west ham. Cos i certainly am watchin! Glad i read tht! Its funny too, when we bought him i was a little unsure over it and i know others were too. He has def proved me wrong though, great player!!

    Been a while since i been to a match at upton park, next up for me Middlesbrough in the cup!! COYI!!

  6. Eddie Chappers says:

    I hope that we are able to hang on to him as we try to push on and build at West Ham, as whilst the interview makes good reading about Upson as a genuine professional character it also fails to show any overt loyalty to a club that plucked him from the Championship for regular Premiership football. I have a lot of respect for his comments though, unlike Bellamy who declared loyalty and gratitude to the club he requested to leave a month later!!

  7. Roymondo says:

    We have to accept that if we carry on improving it may become harder to hold onto our best players, particularly if enquiries come in from teams playing in Europe. That’s when the football ambitions come into play although those clubs will be paying higher wages in the main. Also, fringe England players like Upson would probably think their international chances would improves playing for one of the top clubs.
    This makes it all the more important that the club continues to show ambition. A couple of key recruitments in the summer would help this of course.

  8. D&G says:

    So he is still on the same salary when he played at Birmingham?

    He is playing for love not money?

  9. DevoDevo says:

    Both Upson & Jagielka are currently above Terry on form (and Rio considering he has been injured). It will be interesting to see who Capello goes with.

    I’ve suggested on another site that instead of players holding up the club shirt when they join a new club, they hold up their contract instead. Either that, or one of those ovesized checks that competition winners receive with the words;

    Pay the bearer £70,000 per week plus bonuses and chauffeur etc.

    Let’s keep football real.

  10. RPHammer says:

    Players in Upson’s position need to be playing every week – a move to higher money with a stronger squad may not acheive this. Just look at Tevez.

  11. Doc H Ball says:

    Seems like a top bloke to me.

    My old man says that you knew Bobby Moore was so good because you didn’t really notice he was there. Less last ditch tackles and more anticipation.

    It’s a bit like that with Upson, he marshalls our entire defence. Our best centre half since Alvin (Rio reached his peak elsewhere I’m afraid)

    Really looking forward to Sunday – I can feel the buzz already…

  12. supernumbersix says:

    Have to say, I did not want Upson. Didn’t rate him and thought early on he was proving me right. Plus he was crocked alot before he came to us. Happy to say that humble pie never tasted so damn good. I was wrong big time.
    Top player, great attitude agree with Doc H, which is saying something seeing as you can guess by my moniker who I regard as the greatest ever Hammer. Personally I would make him captain, although it is a tough choice as Scotty Parker is giving him a run for his money.

  13. richard swinnerton says:

    Was not sure about him at first. Has proved me wrong.Glad to have him as a mentor for Tomkins. That boy is the future, and the way he played against Carew in the last game of last season and the way he has played in the cup games gives me confidence for the future

  14. South African Hammer says:

    He does seem a special person – and not just a footballer – for my son’s Christmas present I decided to write to every member of the Hammers team to ask for a signed photo (difficult to get hold of living in Johannesburg). The club replied they couldn’t because the pics still had XL on the shirts etc etc. Lo and behold, of the 30 odd letters I sent, one was returned with a signed picture – Mr Matthew Upson!
    Just feel he is a notch above the rest in more ways that one…

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