Well Done Carlton Cole

Carlton Cole is sponsoring a 12 year old piano prodigy. Good on him. More HERE.


24 Responses to Well Done Carlton Cole

  1. supernumbersix says:

    Nice one CC. Best goal yet.

  2. 4737 Carlin Sir says:

    When i saw the RSS feed I thought he had got ‘the call’ and I hadn’t seen the squad yet (you never quite know when the squad is going to be announced these days)

  3. Colin Barnes says:

    Can the players in this team get any better? They’ve revived my interest in football with their spirit and fabulous performances and now are showing themselves to be compassionate and cultured too! I sponsored Rob Green on his scramble up Kilimanjaro and now we have Carlton Cole helping a young man make his way in life. Bravo! I am a very proud Hammer.

  4. Shropshire Hammer says:

    Well done CC, helps to restore faith in modern day footballers. I am sure they are not all Champagne Charlies, even if that is the impression potrayed by the media. Also noted, on the same site, that it is Ronaldo’s birthday today, I guess we need to make sure we give him a belated birthday present on Sunday. Any ideas from anyone? COYI

  5. Rob says:

    Well done Carlton. Pure class.

  6. E1 says:

    TOP MAN CC !!

  7. james says:

    carton cole is a merry old soul and a merry old soul is he

  8. geoff says:

    The world is in recession. West Ham are actually reversing the trend. We have had negative press for over 2 years now, and all of a sudden, we are doing the right things. Well done Carlton, and well done the new boss. Wow, what a reversal. Fingers crossed we can keep it going, and Iain,you are running a superb site here and not attracting the inane comments you see on other websites. Long may it continue. I really love West Ham, as I know all other true fans do.

  9. HammerRon says:

    Well done Carlton

  10. Goatygav says:

    What a few weeks CC has had. After the lows off and on the pitch of being nicked DD in the early hours of a Saturday morning and his goal drought to where he is now is like a transformation.

    Well done fella – keep it up!!

  11. Graybo says:

    WHTID bloggers … this site has really raised my spirits over recent weeks.

    Iain’s post today is another boost.

    I had despaired of the Hammers and my interest in football was at an all-time low.

    The moronic comments on other blogs and message boards compounded it, but this blog and the new Hammers’ holistic approach to running a football club has got me back on board.

    The great thing about this blog is that people on here have a healthy perspective on life, and even yesterday’s hot topic brought out the best in people.

    The one guy who threatened to tip us all over the edge slunk back to his right and proper place. Shame we weren’t able to bring him on board and change his thinking, but can’t win ’em all.

    Do you know what? I’m not convinced we are going to be able to stop ManYoo on Sunday, but as long as we give it our best shot and keep playing the way we have, I don’t really mind. If Manyoo play better then I can take a defeat at the hands of the champions-elect.

    Needless to say I’d love it – really love it – if we could beat them, but I will be able to content myself with a rip-roaring encounter with the Boleyn Ground rocking and a reeling.

    Goatygav, wrap up warm for your lad’s practice this morning, and here’s a tip from me… buy him a bottle of Elliman’s liniment, mix it with some olive oil 50-50, give it a good shake, and slap it on his legs before he goes out on the pitch. Make it a big bottle because all his team-mates will want some.

  12. Johnboy says:

    Good morning all,

    could I just quickly apologize for a couple of over the top posts I have made recently? I seem to be sitting down at the pooter too late in the evening after too much red wine and getting a wee bit too excited. Especially at that pillock a couple of days ago. Ian, sorry about that big long sweary word you had to delete.
    On the subject on Sunday’s big game, I’ve been reading on newsnow this a.m. that apparently we have a special sort of vitriol saved up for Man Yoo, with Surr Alex banging on about it here and there. I certainly wouldn’t say I dislike their fans particularly, but I would say that as we’ve got a none too shabby record against one of the most successful teams in the world then damn right we get fired up for the fixture. And I’m really up for this one.

  13. Goatygav says:

    Cheers Graybo – all snowed off here this morning but will do next week.

    Agreed about tomorrow. They’re going to know they were in a game for sure!


  14. JackHammer says:

    Well done Carlton, these things matter and are all too rare!

  15. Ads says:

    First of all well played Carlton Cole. There should be more people doing things like that, and in my mind, donations to help grass roots football.

    As for Fergie, he is playing the mind games. He hates coming to West Ham because he knows we will give them a game. But it would be a sad state of affairs if the crowd couldn’t raise the roof for the visit of the English, European and World Champions of football. I am so envious of anyone going to the match, so lets get behind the boys, win or lose, they are doing us proud at the moment.

    Come on you irons!!!!

  16. graybomeister says:

    Re Fergie… you have to admire his success and single-mindedness, but I just wish he’d just let his results speak for themselves. He doesn’t need to engage in this kind of stuff, and it makes it all the worse for the fact that he only does it through certain media.

    Either keep quiet and don’t talk to any, or just get on with it and speak to them all.

  17. Eddie Chappers says:

    Nicely written article in the Guardian today on the Zola regime, worth a read:



  18. Dujon says:

    Very nice Carlton. Keep it up mate!

  19. graybomeister says:

    Just out of interest… do we know if there are any players or club officials lurking on this site, incognito?

    It would make sense for them to avoid some of the other sites that spout pure malice and obscenities, but we like to think this one’s a bit different.

  20. The Gaffer says:

    Carlton Cole has been superb and deserves an England call up.

    West ham will now doubt be a tough test for us (I’m a United fan) but I still think we will win!

    Be sure to check out my article ‘Tactics talk: West Ham United’ and give me your views on it by comment on the blog.
    Thank you

  21. lotf says:

    Nice one carlton.

    And cheers for the link Eddie, interesting to read some insight from Zola as to how he’s turned things round.

    “I think we’re now training more with the ball,” Zola says. “We have it for at least 80% of our sessions and I think the players enjoy that.”

    “The defenders and attackers all train together because it is all about cooperation,” Zola says. “Only one day a week do we separate them and – you won’t believe me now – but on that day I take the defence and Steve works with the attackers.”

  22. the headmaster says:

    Super stuff, CC. Appreciated by all of us.

  23. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    he’s just been named in the england squad too so well done twice over CC.

  24. Sting says:

    Welldone CC, I openly admit thet i was a doubter. However learning from Yoda (Zola) has paid off, keep it up mate and congrats on the call up, well deserved.

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