Cole Gets England Call

Congratulations to Carlton Cole for his England callup. He’s joined in the squad by Matthew Upson and Rob Green. Here’s the squad in full…

Joe Hart ( Manchester City), David James (Portsmouth), Robert Green (West Ham United); Wayne Bridge (Manchester City), Ashley Cole (Chelsea), Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United), Phil Jagielka (Everton), Glen Johnson (Portsmouth), John Terry (Chelsea), Matthew Upson (West Ham United), Luke Young (Aston Villa); Gareth Barry (Aston Villa), David Beckham (AC Milan), Michael Carrick (Manchester United), Stewart Downing (Middlesbrough), Frank Lampard (Chelsea), James Milner (Aston Villa), Shaun Wright-Phillips (Manchester City), Ashley Young (Aston Villa); Gabriel Agbonlahor (Aston Villa), Carlton Cole (West Ham United), Peter Crouch (Portsmouth), Emile Heskey (Aston Villa).

You have to say that the line-up of strikers is one of the weakest I can ever remember. Not a single one of them is an out and out goalscorer.

Interestingly, there are nine current or former West Ham players in this squad. And if Defoe and Joe Cole were fit there would have been another two.

Oh, and not a single Spurs player in the squad…


28 Responses to Cole Gets England Call

  1. johnny says:

    What no Spurs players in the squad. I suppose Capello does not want England to concede a goal in the last minute

  2. Yeah, well done, Carlton Cole. We never doubted you for a minute (erm… well, pass the humble pie).

    Seriously, what a turnaround. Prove us all wrong and move onwards and upwards.

  3. lee says:

    I must admit im a little disappointed not to see Scott Parker in the squad. His performances of late no doubt merit a place. I really hope Green starts against Spain, lets hope this is the beginning of him being England number 1.

  4. Hospital Worker says:

    Glad to see that Fabio has realised the only way to win the World Cup is to pack the team with West Ham players…

    Long may it continue.

  5. supernumbersix says:

    The Academy rules!! Gutted for Scott Parker though.

  6. the headmaster says:

    Parker’s omission reflects a dearth of high quality english midfielders in my view.
    Upson is there on merit.
    Cole is there because we have a paucity of quality in that department in England.
    Green should start if there is any justice.

  7. the headmaster says:

    I’ve followed Goatygav’s example and put a mug shot on!
    MOTD now – at least we won’t be shown last and without comment tonight, having not played!
    What bet they contrive to show the Spuds first on MOTD2 toworrow??

  8. Frankie D says:

    Parker has played really well in the last dozen or so games. I have to say when we were playing bad, he was looking like Robbie Savage, just running around without purpose. But as we have improved he has looked very good. I’m glad he has made me eat my words. Hope he remains as consistent as this.

  9. brookingsbonce says:

    Congratulations on all 3 being called up. I for one have doubted Cole (like many of us) but it’s a friendly so lets give him the credit where credit’s due!

    Scotty’s ommision has left me a bit more dazed!! He has, like CC been in fine form, a good perfomance from him tomorrow against Man U should put him in with a shout of an appearence of the bench at least.

    2-1 to the Hammers tomorrow!!

  10. Roshi says:

    Have just seen our biggest nightmare on MOTD. Banners at Chelsea calling for Zola.
    Lets hope he can see a great future at West Ham.

  11. HammerRon says:

    West ham Rules 🙂

  12. hammeredCalv says:

    well done Carlton,i would like to have seen Parker there to. Im not worried that Chelsea fans are singing for Zola & Clarke, Zola is not interested in money, he only took the job due to the football project, along with Clarke ! And i feel with the signings he has made and more to follow in the summer,he wont walk away from what he has started !

  13. Tony says:

    Well done all 3 of them. Shades of 66 an all that!
    A quick question for you Iain, is Terry an ex hammer?
    Bit thin, one year (93) in the youths before going to Chelski. I dont like him as a player, so I wndt like to call him an ex hammer, all the other eight are ok by me , even fat frank.

  14. westhamutd says:

    As i know Capello’s football credo, I’m sure Parker’s callup is a matter of “when”
    PS Iain, again, no news about a brand new ownership at WHU ? Next season we have to be in the top four to keep the best players (and GZ).

  15. E1 says:

    Excellent news and an increase in profile for the club quality players will be more interested in joining.All 3 are there on merit shame about parker thought he would have taken gerrards place.
    Who is the ref for the man u game,anyone know?

  16. djclipz says:

    Great news, Green and Upson are a dead cert and i hope upson even gets another start along with Green, he fully deserves it! Looking at the strikers in the squad Cole had to be called up really, especially considering his form so well done to him too. Is a shame on parker but like someone said earlier we do have a very strong midfield so it is tht little bit harder to break into. But if he continues the way he has it will be no time at all until he gets another chance. I can only remember one game where he had a shocker tbh and since then he’s got better and better so its great!!

    Bring on the scum today!! COYI!!!!!!

  17. Tony says:

    No Arsenulnul and no Liverpool players either!

  18. Rush-is-Right says:

    Not a single one of them is an out and out goalscorer.

    I can’t agree with you there Iain. Agbonlahor.

  19. brookingsbonce says:

    The ref is Phil Dowd. He’s ref’d 16 games this season… dished out 2 reds and 47 yellows. Not doing bad as a ref this season…apart from sending of CC against the Arse!!!

  20. brookingsbonce says:

    The ref is Phil Dowd. He’s ref’d 16 games this season… dished out 2 reds and 47 yellows. Not doing bad as a ref this season…apart from sending of CC against the Arse!!!

    2-1 to us today!


  21. E1 says:

    THANKS BROOKINGSBONCE, I agree 2-1 whatever happens van der sar’s record goes.We have got them worried going by some of the comments coming from the man u players, they are saying the crowd won’t bother them(that means we do upset em)so we MUST do our bit today and really get behind zola and the lads. Just think we could be 7th at 6 o’clock tonight !! COYI !!!!!!!!!!

  22. Roshi says:

    Tony, Have Arsenal got any English or even British players. Maybe one or two, how bad is that for the English game. Same for Liverpool

  23. Chris (fancies a good game today) says:

    Crazy crazy news about Carlton. I like the article that basically said, ‘it’s not suprising that he’s in the England squad, more that he fully deserves it’. A point we’d all agree on i imagine.

  24. Tony says:

    Only first team regular at The Arse is Walcott. Least Gerrard is at Liverpool but never realy turns it on for England. Sad the level is so low.

  25. westhamutd says:

    That’s the point. I hope GZ will get more & more brit players in the squad (expecially from the Academy) rather than foregniers (I’m italian not a BNP supporter).
    I think 4 foreign players in the starting line up are enough. We support a team linked to a territory.

  26. Goatygav says:

    FantastiCole! Made up for our three lads in the Squad. What would an England goal do for CC’s confidence? Hope they all get the opportunity to show what they can do against the Spanish.

    Shame for Scott Parker but the headmaster’s right about the high number of quality English Central Midfielders. Maybe his chance will come if he continues to play well.

    Yes – the mug-shot’s gone on. Glad you’ve got yours on there too headmaster.

  27. kiwihammer says:

    Hi, can someone please help me. I have a smart a..e who doesnt believe John Terry ever played for us at any level. I could do with specific details of which team and when (and possibly who with) so i can shut them up………poxy Chelski supporters !!

  28. IoDHammer says:

    Where is Scott Parker! But congrats to Cole, i always had faith in him, although i questioned it alot…

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