Man Utd Match Report: We Couldn’t Have Asked For More


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As I said in my preview, I was anxious about this game. I needn’t have been. This is the first time I can recall that we have matched Manchester United in virtually every area. OK, we have had some good results against them in the recent past, but let’s face it, we have rarely outplayed them or looked safe.

We lost this game, but most observers would agree that we didn’t deserve to. In the first half we edged it, without a shadow of a doubt. After they scored we seemed to lose something, but overall, a draw would have been a fair result. And a draw it would have been if it hadn’t been for the lack of a call to James Collins from Lucas Neill which led to a needless corner. And if Carlton Cole hadn’t gone in on Giggs with a sliding tackle, rather than box him in. If only… But the fact is, Giggs scored a super goal and nothing can take that away from him.

But this was another game in which there wasn’t a single weak performance from any West Ham player. They all played their hearts out, played good football and deserved to get something out of the game.

In defence, Upson and Collins were fantastic. There was one tackle by Upson on Ronaldo in the first half, right on the goal line, which was simply world class. Lucas Neill had his best game of the season, managing four long range shots, several rampaging runs and some great tackles. His partnership with Valon Behrami managed to keep Ronaldo much quieter than normal. Behrami was fantastic. Time after time he ran with Ronaldo and emerged with the ball. Time after time his tackles were timed to perfection.

Scott Parker and Mark Noble harried and tackled as if it had gone out of fashion. Parker, in particular, was outstanding in the first half. Collison had a golden chance to open the scoring, having dribbled into the area, but it just wouldn’t fall for him.

Di Michele was on fire in the first period. He showed some sublime skills. But he faded badly in the second half and I was surprised he wasn’t subbed. But Carlton Cole just got better and better as the game went on. He was unlucky not to score in the first ten minutes when he was through on goal. A United player fouled him but he still got a powerful shot in. Needless to say the foul wasn’t given. He held the ball up well and was a constant threat. He had several other chances which he was unlucky with.

Savio looked very bright when he came on. He’s clearly not the real deal yet, and gives the ball away a lot, but there was enough about him to think that he really is one for the future. I’d like to see him dribble. He seems to be constantly looking for the pass, rather than to run at the defence. And that symbolises one of our two weaknesses at the moment. We lack a dribbler and we lack width.

Just a word about Carlos Tevez. I found myself tearing up at the reaction of the crowd to him, and indeed his reaction to our cheers. I wonder if we will see him back at Upton Park one day in the claret and blue. It was good to see Rio and Michael Carrick getting a good reception too, but I was disappointed that they failed to acknowledge it.

I’d say Cole was man of the match, closely followed by Behrami. The whole performance bodes well for the future. We’ve kept a constant level of performance for the last eight or nine games.

Green 7
Ilunga 7
Upson 8
Collins 8
Neill 8
Collison 7
Parker 8
Noble 7
Behrami 9
Cole 9
Di Michele 7


78 Responses to Man Utd Match Report: We Couldn’t Have Asked For More

  1. Goatygav says:

    Yep – pretty much agree with that. Cole’s my M-O-T-M too.

    Looking forward to seeing our lads get a run out for England. Hope Fabio Capello gives them a fair bite at it.

  2. graybomeister says:

    I thought ManYoo paid us a great compliment in their approach to the match.

    They kept it very tight and were happy to try and expose us with counter-attacks. Can’t fault the effort by our lads.

    The way I look at it, in the past we’ve played out of our skins to secure a win against this lot. Today we played what is becoming our normal game and still matched them in every department (does that make sense?) It’s a good measure or our progress.

    I thought the two missed tackles at the corner were quite poor, (when Giggs did the same dummy twice to different players). But, hey, that’s me being hyper-critical.

    Well done, boys, now please don’t get injured on England duty, anyone.

  3. westhamutd says:

    I do agree with your report expecially when you say you’d expect Di Michele to be subbed in the second half. But let’s face it Tristan is not the right man to replace Di Michele.
    Think we couldn’t perform better and we’re gaining more and more respect.

    Again: we need a NEW WEALTHY OWNER

  4. Dujon says:

    Great effort guys. A win against Middlesborough in the FA cup and a league victory against bolton will deffinately put us in great positions. If we carry this up for the rest of the season, there is a good chance we can make UEFA or win the FA. coyi!

  5. aussie graham says:

    Give zola and clarke time to assess the squad during the off season exciting times ahead lets beat boro in the cup.

  6. curtis says:

    r u serious about cole??? 9?? come on!! he still sucks 2 me!

  7. Oskar B says:

    good round up but didn’t think cole was that good and was quite dissapointed with noble, but it’s hard to say how much of that was because of they look better against worse opponents:

    Green 8
    Ilunga 7
    Upson 7
    Collins 9
    Neill 8
    Collison 7
    Parker 8
    Noble 6
    Behrami 9
    Cole 7
    Di Michele 7

  8. graybomeister says:

    Guys, let’s be encouraging to people like Noble and Cole. I seem to remember Carrick having a hard time but look how he has blossomed.

    The lesson to learn is that in the past youngsters have shown promise and then gone on to blossom at other clubs, so wouldn’t it be nice it we backed them while they learn their trade and then reap the rewards in two or three season’s time, rather than see them upsticks and away?

    Whatever else you think of Frank Lampard, he has had a fantastic few years at Chelski, and Carrick is currently THE hot midfielder in the Premier League (hot in terms of playing ability, you understand).

    We’ve seen what a big factor confidence is, so let’s get behind them all.

    Savio does look bright and confident, and he’s obviously come on and played to instructions. I think we will see him come on in leaps and bounds once he finds his feet and settles in with a role that he can call his own. Again, let’s give him some time.

    We can all see what GZ and SC are doing… patience will be rewarded, so if you hear the boo-boys getting on anyone’s back at the Boleyn, tell ’em to lay off.

  9. Fitzhammer says:

    It’s the first time in recent history I have seen Man.U. time wasting against us. Di Michaeli clearly tired towards the end. I would have loved to have seen Freddie come on. Oh, if only we could get Tevez back, that would complete the jigsaw.

  10. aussie graham says:

    cole has developed tremendously shame he is not a diver rio was pulling him back inside the penalty area and if he was a cheat we get a penalty rio is red carded and who knows?

  11. Roshi says:

    Hate to say it, but if Bellamy had been playing……!!

  12. DevoDevo says:

    I said the same on the open thresd, Roshi!

    Won’t repeat everything again, but I did say after the Arsenal game that I suspected Di Michele wouldn’t be as effective against better teams and I think this game confirmed it.

    Manyoo had one serious attempt on goal and they scored with it. When was the last time you could say that?

  13. appyhammer says:

    I think we played well and as the ‘pundits’ on sky said we are progressing well with our development. If this game showed a coulpe of things, the system we are playing suits our game and we are playing as a unit which is hard to break down as well as playing with flair, when not playing the future champions. Also Di Michaeli is not for next season and is only a make weight until ashton is fit. Behrami was my man of the match for his constant running again. That man has some engine who just does not stop. He stopped Ronaldo into having a quite game

  14. graybomeister says:

    DevoDevo I think Sir HairDryer will be dancing up and down in his jimjams as he goes to bed tonight after his bottle of red wine, since I’m convinced they were setting up for a point.

  15. trevor brooking's tracksuit says:

    we did well today. great game, really tight and a draw would have been fair.

    we don’t really seem to have a talisman at the moment though – someone who can step up and create something a little bit special.

    thought we lacked a little bit of quality up front. cole tried hard and did a lot of good things but i just never feel completely confident of him getting some testing shots in. i thought di michele had quite a quiet one.

    we also lacked width – at times going forward we really slowed down to a halt instead of moving the ball around with speed. a lot of the time we got in each other’s way.

    but i feel bad saying this when we pushed manu all the way and the team put in so much.

    best game for neill for sometime. he and valon snuffed out ronaldo completely.

  16. savvyho says:

    “it hadn’t been for the lack of a call to James Collins from Lucas Neill which led to a needless corner. And if Carlton Cole hadn’t gone in on Giggs with a sliding tackle”????????????????

    Like James said in the previous post comments, all NOBLE had to do is hoof it up field….but he didn’t.

    Keep playing him, he will cost us games.

  17. Claretandbluepoo says:

    Behrami was our most effective player i thought, constantly neutralising the Portuguese winker & beginning attacks from it. I think the difference really was Man Yoo’s defence, world class you have to admit. I felt we played a wee bit too narrow & it would have been better to have some width on occasions (our best chance came from a demon cross!). Were it not for a bit of sleepy defending, think it was Neil who played Giggs onside we would have finished deservedly on level terms with one of Europe’s best teams right now.

  18. E1 says:

    Great game and overall performance our subsitutions did’nt change the game and although Savio is clearly one for the future we have very little depth to the squad and we will need to spend in the summer and continue to off load the lesser and liability players
    such as ashton dyer and gabbidon. Kovac di michele tristan and lopaz are all loan players and with the exception of purhaps kovac they will I am sure all go.
    Outside of our first 11 there is very little in terms of choice,experience and ready quality. In real terms we are doing well and playing great stuff at times, we still have a long way to go and this squad will be changed dramaticly if we get into europe next season of that I am sure.
    Great to hear sir alec say how good the support was and that they have beaten a very good team.

  19. James says:

    Di Michele is rated to high, should be a 6 because he was out of his depth and Behrami is worth a 10 for keeping Ronaldo quiet for the whole game. Other than that the rest looks spot on!!

  20. Giggsy's right peg says:

    Man United fan hear in peace. I just want to doff my cap to your team today, fair play…you’ve been the only team (apart from Arsenal at the emirates) to really open up and have a go at us and it’s to your credit. It’s nice to see an open competitive match for once and it’s taken something extraordinary (Ryan’s usually club-like right foot, that’s his one for the year!) to take the three points. And also a nice touch to see the way you greeted the returning Ferdinand, Carrick and especially Tevez. As a club, we love to show appreciation to our past players who come back as opponents and it’s nice to see another set of fans do the same, too many clubs don’t. Good luck for the rest of the season.

    P.S. We should have had a pen, but we’ll let it go this time!

  21. Roshi says:

    Cole has improved immensely this season and is a good “Heskey” like player, but we do not have the goal scoring target man that puts the fear of God into an opposing defence.
    Whether Ashton will return or not, we don’t know, and of course after basically a two season layoff what will his performance be if he does return.
    On reflection today a really good performance and an eye opener for our weak spots against top opposition, we need that goal grabber.

  22. Frankie D says:

    Noble is the only weak link in the team. Once again he saw a pass too late and and lost the ball. Hopefully Zola and Clarke will suss him out soon and sell him to a league one team.

    He will never be as good as Carrick, Cole, Lampard etc. Collison is already alot better. Noble is the worst midfielder in his age group in the premier league.

    Sorry for the rant but I cannot stand him.

    Everyone else played out of their skin. I’ll let Parker off for his pirouette for the goal.

  23. James says:

    Frankie D, Your having a laugh get a grip!!

    Noble is a hard working midfielder who is also 100% West Ham supporter!!

    Yes he can mess up at times in terms of distrubution of the ball but If you happend to watch today’s match he won the ball much more than he lost it! He disposessed Ronaldo, Tevez and Berbatov several times today!! Some rubbish player he is!!

    Nice joke!!

  24. SwedeHammer says:

    I have not been this proud of this team in a very long time. At the same time, it is very obvious that we do not carry the same quality up front as we do at our defensive line and midfield. It seams at time, when we attack, we come to a screeching halt at the box and start to make things a little complicated. We lack the “straight-to-goal” mentality that…I also hate to say this..Bellamy brought to our team. Hopefully, with a couple of matches, Savio, will bring that.

  25. Hammer Ray says:

    Sorry Iain…but Cole MOTM ???? No way in my opinion. We all see things differently I suppose, but for me all we needed today was a finisher, and he wasn’t it. He worked very hard but his finishing was poor when called upon. Parker my MOTD by a mile. Our midfield and defence were as good as theirs if not better, but no bite up front sadly. We will beat lesser teams playing as we did and no disgrace to lose to Man Yoo as most teams do, but if we had a finisher today we may have even won, let alone draw. Promising football though. The future’s bright. COYI

  26. graybomeister says:

    Please give Noble time to develop and learn his trade. He’s trying to do things the right way and we shouldn’t expect these lads to come in and play like a seasoned pro from Day One.

    We get these guys playing the right way and in the past we let them go, to inflict damage on us when they return. Let’s keep these guys on board.

  27. supernumbersix says:

    We played great.
    Agree generally with most on here but can’t believe some of the comments on here about Noble. Perhaps he should have hoofed it upfield but nowadays we don’t do that. I am happy to say that we pass it out of danger, yeah maybe he mucked it up but so did whoever played Giggs onside. Not sure who it was, Sky reckoned it was Parker, methinks it was Neil. Had he moved two more paces forward, Giggs would have been a yard off.
    While I think CC had one of his best games (both Vidic and Ferds almost tore his shirt off to hold him back on more than one occasion) I think Deano would have put at least one of those chances away. Di Michele was good but I agree with Mr Dale, he should have been subbed. Tristan needs a run of games just like Di Michele did, just like CC did, just like a lot of players do.
    It should have been a draw, it wasn’t and if I had to choose one of their lot to score, I would have chosen Giggs over one of ‘our own’ (Tevez, Carrick or Ferdinand) great player, loyalty personified. I wished he’d fallen over the ball, but there you go. Now let’s get behind the mighty Hammers and help them do Boro next week and smash Bolton the next eh??

  28. the headmaster says:

    Behrami was absolutely sublime today.
    We needed every player to be on it and we nearly got that today; Nobes was the exception in the midfield, having a relatively poor game I felt.
    If Cole is an England striker, then we’ve all got hope!
    That having been said, I was proud of the guys and enjoyed the afternoon.

  29. James says:

    Cannot believe Parker missed out on the England squad! Surely Green is set for a start along with Upson! Does anyone think that Cole will start?

    At least no spud players were called up, they really must be that crap!

  30. Hammer Ray says:

    The next matches against the likes of Boro & Bolton are ones that we historically would drop points on so I feel if we can play as we have been doing and put these teams away then it will really show our improvement. If this happens, you never know, we may get promoted to 2nd last spot on the Match of the Day running order….. but don’t count your chickens!

  31. E1 says:


  32. savvyho says:

    Spot on Frankie D.

    I guess Noble’s gonna stay young forever. We have to keep giving him chances because he’s always gonna be “learning his trade”….more than 70 appearances in.

    There are only two words in reply to that argument: Jack Collison

  33. HammersWest says:

    I agree with HammerRay, Parker MOTM for me,
    I haven’t seen him ‘live’ before only on televised games and he played a blinder, Behrami also impressive keeping the winker quiet. The whole team was excellent, but I agree we need a finisher, was I the only one willing them to take a shot? Have to say though we did not look outclassed, and could have won it. A draw would have been fair.
    now on to Boro and Bolton, both winnable,
    Watching Kovacs warming up he looks powerful, I’m hopeful for that one.
    Good to see the crowd welcome back Carlos, and him responding. I wish we could have him back.
    Still, going to bed a happy Hammer

  34. James says:

    Serious chaps, you need to quit slating Noble!! I slated him myself a few weeks back but now I see how he works in the team. He rustles players for the ball like the countless times he stole the ball from all the top Man U players today!! His distribution let’s him down along with making a hash out of opportunities to score, have to admit he does get me shouting “SHOOT FOR F SAKE” repeatedly but at least he has grit which is all I ask!! And Collison is a different style of player so no real comparison in my opinion.

    If anybody needs stick then Lucas Neill is were it should be aimed, He cost us the goal by not marking Giggs on the right and almost gave a penalty away to Ronaldo, The question is can he cut it????

    To your disgust Noble is a stayer!

  35. Hammer Ray says:

    Carlos was a season long Legend and wore the shirt with more pride than we could ever have imagined so it is no surprise to me that he shows us such respect still despite his messy transfers. Always welcome back, as is Rio and Carrick who both served us well, and have never had a bad word to say about their time with us, which validated the warm reception they are always granted by the vast majority. In the post match interview tonight GZ was upbeat and full of praise for a team on the up which I don’t think anyone can argue with. Fine points need tidying up, aka finishing, but plenty to be positive about. Sleep well Hammers!

  36. chris says:

    Why is our worse player our captain!
    Sorry guys i know we played well but our right side is always our weakness,thought everyone deserved a 7 apart from neil and di michele who should change his name to di mi- snail- ly,hes to slow for this level.
    If only Cole was a better finisher,If only! but his done well in recent weeks so cant grumble.
    Like everyone else ,I thought we matched them in all departments, liked the way we play one two’s around the box looking for an openings.
    Nobles dumbiz are clever if he was a yard quicker he would score alot more,shame.
    Collinson looks sharp in the tackle and parkers playing well in every game.
    Still think we are missing a world class striker up front,savio looks more of a passer than a striker but maybe Zola can work on that,
    and before I go…..Carlton you should of gone down when you were clean through ferdinand would of gone!!

  37. Savvyho says:

    Bet me James!

    Noble will not be a regular by the end of this season/beginning of the next unless we have injuries to the first team playing squad, the reserves, the youths, the ladies and the chef. Then he may stand a chance although Herbie the Hammer may get picked ahead of him.

  38. E1 says:

    @savvyho I bet you used to moan about Lampard Rio carrick and cole when they came into the team they all had bad games/seasons but how many of them do you wish we’re still here. Noble is nothing like collison he’s more like lampard collinson is like carrick with pace, don’t forget noble won young hammer of the year in his first season and collison will most likley not be good enough for you next season they need time and we are in a good position to give it to them. Noble will come good as have all the others but this time we don’t have to sell,SO CHILL OUT AND LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL or go and support another team

  39. Savvyho says:

    E1, first of all, I was trying to start an intelligent debate with James, not you. Secondly, you like assuming and putting words in peoples mouths? makes you content does it? “I bet you used to moan about Lampard….”, how old are you?

    I did not mention Rio, Carrick, Lampard or Cole. It was clear they had talent which is why clubs came in for them. Ask why no one wants Noble? because he’s ordinary…and I know Noble is not like Collison…and he will never be. That’s my point.

    I wasn’t comparing their style of play….I was comparing the rate of their progression. But you managed to assume something else.

    My support of West Ham does not depend on you. I’m allowed to have an opinion on my teams players so why don’t you go get a G.C.S.E.

  40. James says:


    Firstly did you watch the Man U game?

    Secondly are you saying Noble did not play with any commitment during the game, Are you saying he did not win us the ball several times during the game?

    Just for example, Back in the day Lampard got fat, he played stinkers until Chelsea came in with that 11 million bid, From fat Frank to one of the Worlds best players, We let Noble go then we will regret it so forget it!!

  41. South African Hammer says:

    Totally agree with Iain’s report. The Sky stats say that 26% of the play was in our third, 45% in the the middle and 29% in Man U’s third – that really says something! Also, I have never witnessed any Hammer’s keeper only having to make one save in a WH/MU game – shows we have really come on in leaps and bounds. The commentator kept saying how good Man U were at keeping the ball – the sad thing for them was that it was always in their half when they were doing it!
    Proud to be a Hammer’s fan and really proud of our manager.

  42. aussie graham says:

    watched a classic 5-4 win against bradford city season 1999 di canio lumpalard joe cole carrick rio redcrapp the manager who would have thought ten years on there all gone.

  43. Eddie Chappers says:

    I am really not sure why severe criticism is being at Noble? I agree that his performances haven’t been up to his usual standard but that is because he has set himself a high benchmark (the same benchmark that had Wenger looking at him in the summer) and people forget he is still developing- yes he is still only 21 even though he is now our longest serving player. He has a lot of developing left to do but he admitted that himself in his interview on Friday and who better to do that than Zola. His commitment I believe to be unquestionable and I would gladly see him continue in our established midfield unit rather than breaking up the successful combination as we have done in years gone by. Is the Nobes criticism due to LBM not getting any playing time recently??? COYI

  44. graybomeister says:

    Agree wholeheartedly Eddie Chappers… we must give these lads a break and let them get on with it. Teamwork is the key. And that includes us.

  45. Goatygav says:

    Great point well made Grabo and Eddie Chappers.

  46. Goatygav says:

    That’s Graybo – apologies for the typo.

  47. paul says:

    I simply cannot understand why so many people seem to rate Cole. I thought once again he was simply too slow and cumbersome. The way I see it is that for every goal he scores he will have misssed 4. Maybe people see something I do not.

  48. DevoDevo says:

    paul – whilst I have been a Cole critic in the past and his finishing still needs improving, I’m not sure anyone can throw the accustaion of “slow” at him?

    Anyone that can catle a yard out of Ferdinand is NOT slow. He is too honest for his own good, had he gone down under Rio’s challenge, he would have gained a pen (assuming Dowd would have been brave enough to penalise Manyoo).

    His hold up play and control were superb yesterday, the problem is that in Di Michele, we don’t have a player to run past him so everything goes backwards. perhaps Sears can be given a chance?

    Finally on Noble. he didn’t have a great game, but still provides some ‘killer’ passes. His lack of pace and stamina is the main concern for me in a midfield that bristles with energy. Maybe Zopla could employ Kovac as the holding player, give Parker a more advanced role and leave Noble to come on later when legs are getting tired.

  49. DevoDevo says:

    Fingers appear to be fat today! Apologies for typos!

  50. IoDHammer says:

    Firstly i would like to say i agree, the yougsters need time, and Savio’s cross into the box was the best ive seen in AGES, he will be brilliant, i dont mind if it takes years, hes young!

    Cole was amazing, i loved how much Vidic was trying to strip him off just to get the ball!

    And after Zola was saying he takes the defenders one day a week, i wonder if hes been teaching Neil how to shoot form distance! Ive felt for a coupe of years now that we dont take enough “pott shots”

    So pleased with this team!

  51. Roshi says:

    When you look at where we were in October?November and you see the progress this team has made, who can really criticize the team and individuals now.
    Sure you are going to have the better players in teams and the not so good, but you have to look at a team as a collective, and I would think that there are a lot of Premiership chairman casting an envious look at our team and management at the moment. Long may it continue, because this is the kind of football we used to watch at West Ham in the Greenwood/Lyall era.
    Personally, I love it!

  52. chris says:

    some people on here seem to have it in for Noble,
    hes got time on his side,has very good feet and a few tricks,just lacks a bit of pace but thats what gives him more composure on the ball than the rest of our midfield,I think he needs to get in the gym more,maybe build those hamstrings up, increase his twich fibres which will give him an extra burst of pace.

  53. Roymondo says:

    Well, football opinion has always divided fans so it’s no surprise to see differing points of view amongst the posters on here.
    So here’s my ten pennies worth – for what it’s worth.
    Overall it was a very good performance and, against the best team in the country by some distance, showed how far we have come in a short time.
    Vidic and Ferdinand probably had their hardest game of the season so far against Carlton Cole. He is a target man, is there to hold the ball up and put pressure on the opposition defence. He did just that. Di Michele’s unintelligent runs were never going to get him on the end of Cole’s layoffs and I felt he had a very poor game. It’s his sort of player who we need to rely on for goals more than Cole and he just doesn’t crack it at the highest level. Only one good game – against Hull – says it all.
    Noble had, in my opinion, a decent game. He is not the quickest and never will be but he is playing at the point of the diamond in midfield which is new to him. He may make it, he may not but he’s worth his place at the moment as the alternatives are far worse.
    Neill is very frustrating. He generally had a good game yesterday – particularly going forward – but is prone to have lapses at the back which can undo all his good work. His booking was always going to happen.
    The two central defenders were excellent yesterday, Parker and Behrami were superb and both Collison and Ilunga had decent games.
    I think that’s covered all of them now.
    Ah, apart from Savio. Difficult to make a real judgement yet as he’s not had much time on the pitch and it’s always hard to make an impact coming on late. I’d like to see hime start a game and see where Zola sees him. He was bought a “a direct replacement for Bellamy” but that’s not the role he has been asked to do so far.
    And Tristan. I have no comment to make.

  54. SJ Chandos says:

    Mark Noble is going to be a West Ham and England legend. It is just a matter of time and development.

    I have noticed at the ground that the very same people that used yto bait Cole have transfered their hatred to Noble. It says more about them than him really!!!!!

  55. Goatygav says:

    Agree with you Chris.

    Nobes delivers a great ball from wide areas and set pieces. Nearly every corner he takes is perfectly out of the keeper’s reach and delivered to danger areas. He strikes the ball well from around the box. He can tackle. When he broke in to the side he showed good passing and movement. He’s not far off being as good as Ray Stewart was from the spot. He does have good feet and gives everything for the shirt he’s so obviously proud to wear.

    Chris’ point about his pace was a good one. He isn’t the quickest but neither was Trevor Brooking.

    Lately he’s been caught in posession a few times and his passes haven’t found their targets as often as they used to but I believe he will learn and grow.

    If Gianfranco beleives in him then it’s good enough for me.

    The team’s playing well and I’m a very Happy Hammer. Why moan?

  56. IoDHammer says:

    When was the last time west ham scored from a corner? It frustrates me so much lol But im still happy!

  57. Frankie D says:

    GoatyGav – I think it is a crime to use Brooking and Noble in the same breath.

    I hope he does turn out to be a good player, but a legend, SJ Chandos? Don’t make me laugh.

    Devo Devo – good point about Kovac/Noble.

  58. SJ Chandos says:

    Ok, Frankie D, I will not make you laugh, I will just remind you of your comment when you are proved completely and hopelessly wrong!

  59. SJ Chandos says:

    Noble is performing reasonably well, but not to the best of his ability, granted. That will come in time. The thing about Noble is that he never hids and always looks to do positive things, that is a plus.

    The midfield is playing amazingly well as a unit, so why drop Noble? As I have said previously, players like Devonshire had dodgy periods when they were developing and Brooking did not realise his true potential until he was 22-23! Noble can become a top draw player, Wenger and Fergie are not interested in bad or average players and that’s a fact.

    Talk of selling him is madness in my opinion. Others will not share that opinion, so as I always say in these situations, time will tell who is right?

    If people want to see him dropped and

  60. savvyho says:

    sj chandos. Your comments used to be decent but all this tapping on the back has made lose the plot.

    noble a west ham legend? hahahaha

    you have lost all credibility…and who are these people who have turned their cole criticism into noble criticism? youre just making things up in your head and accusing people.

    roymondo is right, football is about opinions. if you dont like people criticising noble then tough, its their right.

    IoDhammer, we never score from corners because noble takes them. no whip, no pace for attackers to do anything with them. delaps throw ins are better.


  61. SJ Chandos says:

    Sorry I should have added:

    If people want to see him dropped and potentially sold that is their opinion. Thankfully, that will not happen because Zola knows a player when he sees one! That why he has said, Parker and Kovac are competing for a central midfield spot alongside Noble!

  62. IoDHammer says:

    That may be a possibility, his cross into the box was sharp low and acurate, hopefulyl not a one off!

  63. SJ Chandos says:

    Savvyho, football is about certainly about opinions. If you do not agree with me then fine. I do not know what this ‘tapping on the back’ you refer to is? But we will pass over that one.

    I am not attacking people on here for criticising Noble, I am just disagreeing with them, as is my right! If you had bothered to read my post correctly he would have seen that I when I was comparing the Cole-Noble situation I was refering to some of the people who sit around me in the BMU, at no time did I criticise or accuse anyone on here.

    As for my credibility, I think I have a pretty good record of getting things right, and without hindsight as well. So your views on my credibility or alleged lack of it do not concern me one little bit!

  64. Frankie D says:

    SJ Chandos

    I look forward to you proving me hoplessly wrong just to see what you define as a legend. Seems as though Noble won’t have to achieve much to gain that status in your eyes.

    But for West Ham’s sake, I hope he does at least turn out to be a good player.

  65. SJ Chandos says:

    Oh, while we are about it, Noble’s corners are awful, but Nsereko, who has had about 30 minutes of first team football and has never taken a corner, to my knowledge, would be so much better!!!!!! lol.

  66. SJ Chandos says:

    Fair enough Frankie D, I can accept and respect that response. We will just have to agree to disagree.

  67. IoDHammer says:

    Id love to see nsereko be the corner taker! Just to spice it up a bit lol

  68. SJ Chandos says:

    IoDHammer, nothing to spice up, I am moving on from the Noble issue. People know my views on Noble and there is nothing more for me to add.

    The fact is that I am respectful to people who are respectful to me, people raising issues of credibility is disrespectful in my view. But I do not come on here to have petty arguments with fellow Hammers fans, so that’s it as far as I am concerned.

  69. IoDHammer says:

    I think Noble is a great player to be honest, and to be super negative and picky i do think we could get a couple more goals from corners and am just thinking what other players take corners other then Noble?

  70. DevoDevo says:

    IoD – I entirelt agree with that comment on Savio’s cross! I said pretty much the same thing after he played it. Perhaps he will get more minutes against a lesser side and show us his crossing ability more. He certainly looked pretty sharp in the limited time we have seen him.

    I also think Noble is a good player and wouldn’t want him to leave the club, but as I said, he may need a bit of a rest and i tcould be worth having a go with Kovac and Parker further up.

    Lastly, for the life of me I don’t know how Parker hasn’t made Capello’s squad? He has to be the best holding English midfielder in the country at the current time.

    Let’s hope the international players all come back fit ready to spank Boro!

  71. Savvyho says:

    Alright Chandos, stop loving yourself.

    West Ham is not the only club Savio has played for. But, since you seem to think so, go and have a look at the ball (a cross!!!) Savio put in near the end of the game against Man U and you will see the difference between what Noble lobs in and what is a real cross…whether it be a corner or not….it’s still a cross.

    ….and I did not say Savio’s corners are better than Nobles because Savio hasn’t taken any has he. The sooner you pull your head out of your own behind, the sooner you will stop assuming. I said Savio will start taking corners soon. The reason…which I should of stated but didn’t know you were so good at assumptions…is because he has a good cross.

    I guess time will tell.

  72. colney says:

    ive been in bognor all weekend for an 80’s thing,watched the game in a sports bar and glad to say we west ham out numbered the manure lot and the neutrals were all saying we didnt deserve that.great effort and as a lot have said,heading in the right direction,coyi

  73. IoDHammer says:

    Oh and one more major thing that i can’t keep in any longer.

    What the hell is up with match of the day! Can not stand those jerks, not a single bit of praise for west ham apart from a breif mention for Cole, but thats only because its relevant news that hes in the England squad, just blabbered on about Man UTD even though they had an ex west ham manager right next to them. Apalling presenting. so so so dull.

  74. E1 says:

    Savvho : Based on your comments seems to me that an intelligent conversation is beyond you as all you want to do is argue with people who don’t agree with you, as sj said we all have an opinion.
    Regarding GCSE’s I have 11 so another 1 would’nt lower me to your level. We should just agree to differ.

  75. Savvyho says:

    GCS…E1 In fact it was I who said we all have an opinion, not SJ. You lot are the ones who cannot take it when someone criticises Noble….if you read back you will realise this….if you have any honesty what so ever.

    Now don’t try and put your head up SJ behind….theres no space for two, he already has his own up there.

  76. E1 says:

    SEE an argument and all your doing is speaking out of yours, must be a millwall or spud fan.

  77. 10no6 says:

    BBC news football web site and MOTD they can’t help having a pop at us look at this article about Jack Collison…they say Jack the latest talented graduate out of the self styled “academy of football” then go on to list Lampard Cole Carrick Ferdinand . So self styled then is it which means using a title or name that one has given oneself, esp. without right or justification; but then the dufus lists a number of reasons why perhaps we are called the Academy. The Beeb really need to stop benefiting from a government tax I really object on so many grounds but mostly because of West Ham.

  78. brooking is still the best says:

    yep, a fair report. although I thenk Behrami was by far out best player. He isn’t flashy, he just get on with the job and must run far more then any other player out there.
    Great game, shame we lost.

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