Man Utd Open Thread

In about an hour I shall be setting off for Upton Park from Tunbridge Wells, full of hope and expectation, although my expectation is that just like my dreams’ we’ll fade and die this afternoon. I’m not normally this pessimistic before a game, and in many ways there’s no reason why I should be. Unbeaten in 8 and 3 clean sheets. You can’t get much better than that – apart from 11 clean sheets, I suppose!

Anyway, let’s hope our claret & blue boys prove me wrong and put on the performance of the season. COYI!


45 Responses to Man Utd Open Thread

  1. Daveip1966 says:

    Wish I could be there. It’s a midnight kick-off here, so most of the pubs near me will be shut, so I hope the crowd make the due amount of noise. Fingers crossed.

  2. Chris (fancies a good game today) says:

    For me, its so far from a ‘must win’ i’m almost apathetic. As long as its a good game shall be my mantra for this afternoon. If we lose, it wont be a turning over because of our work ethic, and United are in 5th gear and cruising so nobody will think any less of the lads if we lose. Here’s hoping we see a bit more of Savio!

  3. Bernie Bonds says:

    Keep the faith Iain,i can see us nicking it 1 0 or maybe 1 1 hope we start singing Zolas name at last after him say he won nt go back to chelski COYI!!! WHTID !!!

  4. SJ Chandos says:

    A draw would be a good result against what is, lets face it, the best team in Europe. However, you can never under-estimate West Ham’s chances against Man U at Upton Park.

    I will be looking for another positive performance to underline, still further, our recent improvement. The good thing with Man U is that they allow the opposition to play football, that is one of the key reasons why we do so well against them.

    At least a point today and then the FA cup 5th round and a very different, but equally indicative, challenge against Bolton at the Reebok. We defintively owe them one!

  5. DagenhamHammer says:

    The Boleyn needs to be rocking today… 12th man and all that… Franco Zola’s claret and blue army!! COYI!!

  6. Russell says:

    I was at Upton Park the last 2 seasons against the silly red half of manchester when we did them both times so am gutted I couldnt make it today. I was at old trafford when the fiends did us 4-1 so I’m not quite the lucky charm I thought I was. However, 2-1 victory today, a goal each from upson & ginger pele and carlton will play so well fergie the red nosed reindeer will bid for him in the summer. As u can tell I’m quite excited! CCCCCCCCCCCOOOOOOYYYYYIIIIIIIII’S!

  7. SJ Chandos says:

    Bernie, Zola and Clarke are committed to our project and I expect them to stay loyal. But, the fact is we need demonstrable improvement to ensure that we keep our best assets, both in terms of management and playing staff. That means a top 7 finish and a EUFA place come May. We have a window of opportunity this season and the club need to grab it with both hands. Success breeds success and the club can start achieving it through a great leap forward!

  8. SJ Chandos says:

    From the horse’s mouth, so to speak:

    “In football you never know what lies round the corner but I have no intention of walking out on West Ham,” Zola said in the Sunday Mirror.

    “I owe a lot to them. Not many clubs would haven given me this opportunity.

    “My main aim is to do well here and repay the faith West Ham and their supporters have shown in me.

    “It’s not in my nature to walk out on something that has only just begun.”

  9. SJ Chandos says:

    That’s loyalty and commitment, its so rare these days in football that we have perhaps forgotten what it looks like!!!!

  10. Eddie Chappers says:

    As Zola has been quoted saying, there is something starting at Upton Park this season and he would be foolish to walk out on what he is creating and the team he is modelling- especially when he will be able to get his teeth really stuck in to moulding the squad in his own image in the summer.

    In terms of todays game, the problem we face is that Man U have a hell of a lot of match winning players in form, unlike Arsenal team we faced last week, so the boys just have to keep themselves concentrated for the full 90 mins and see if we can nick one from a set piece or counterattack. Optimistic!!

  11. lotf says:

    I honestly don’t think Zola would have much success at Chelsea. Chelsea’s problems at the moment have not arisen from their training or their football skills, but from their personalities. Yes, West Ham are full of well-paid footballers who are worshipped by the fans, but not quite on the same level as some of Chelsea’s superstars.

    I don’t think Zola has the personality to sort out the dressing-room at Chelsea because all their players have enough experience to think they know better. Mourinho made it work because of his sheer arrogance and ‘big’ persona, not to mention the fact that he was the one that signed many of the players. Phil Scolari is experienced but doesnt have those qualities. Zola on the other hand is humble, down to earth and honest.

    Anyway, onto the game today. I’m really looking forward to it, I think we will respond to the arsenal game by playing a bit more attacking football and the home crowd should help. The UP faithful are always on top form for this fixture so let’s give hope they the team a bit of motivation to go out there and do it.

    Realistically would be happy with a point. COYI

  12. westhamutd says:

    Noble will score.

  13. I’m afraid I share the feeling that we are not going to win today, but I am confident we will play our part in an epic match and ultimately be happy that we push the best team in Europe all the way.

    I fear that ManYoo have just a little bit too much experience of digging deep to win big matches.

    Going to be a classic encounter, though.

    Up the Ammmmmerrzzzzzzz

  14. Stelios J says:

    Agreed SJ; there does, however, appear to be an inescapable logic behind all this, or, at least, I can’t break those shackles!

    Let’s get behind GZ; I went to the last game at the Millennium where we sung ‘West Ham United’s Claret and Blue Army’ and to the first game of the following season where we sang ‘Alan Pardew’s Claret and Blue Army’. The difference was palpable; It brought a tear to APs eye, and to mine!

    Gianfranco’s claret and blue army!

    St. J

  15. brookingsbonce says:

    2-1 to the Hammers! Noble and Cole 😉 We’ll nick it at the death after being under the cosh for 89 mins!


  16. Bernie Bonds says:

    SJ you are guv of posts,it takes me ages to type one, with one finger ha ha,been going to up park since 53 54 season,we will always be the BEST fans & deserve some sucess,i think GZ & SK will bring it home!thanks for your acknowledgement,phew like writting war&peace,COYI

  17. E1 says:

    Iain, we have 3 england internationals playing they only have 2 how can you think we will loose the worst way today is a draw. SHAME ON YOU

  18. brooking is still the best says:

    just about to leave, feeling is that we might get a result today. Just hope we do ourselves proud and give them a real hard game. 2.1 to the Hammers! COYI!!

  19. HamburgHammer says:

    One thing’s for sure, we’ll give them one hell of a game. If Man U want to take anything from Upton Park today they will have to work very very hard against our team.

    Got a funny feeling we might just nick this one. Di Michele to score..COYI

  20. Goatygav says:

    I hope you get to see a fantastic game of football Iain. Win, loose or draw I reckon you’ll get your money’s worth.

    I’m going for an entertaining draw. 2-2 for me.

  21. Clemmo-Romford says:

    Win,lose or draw, the one thing we can guarantee from a Hammers side today that we have’nt been able to do for a long time, is that they will give 100% committment – there are no big time Charlie’s and we are no longer reliant on just one or two players – Zola & Clark have done a brilliant job in very challenging circumstances……by the way, does anyone know what is exactly wrong with Gabbidon – 18mths seems a long time out with a groin strain!

  22. alan says:

    i just hope its a better 2 hours than the utter trash i have just set through between the spuds and the title goners what a load of poney well come on west ham a nice 2-1 win would be nice but i think 1-1

  23. anyone around for a chat while the game is on?

  24. ok, so prediction for second half is that Manure are going to get two goals on the break

  25. savvyhoe says:

    Noble will score? he’s gotta start playing first.

  26. coo… everyone’s down the pub!!

  27. SwedeHammer says:

    Cole is everywhere. An absolute giant today. We deserve a break now.

  28. savvyhoe says:

    Noble is a joke.

  29. c’mon our boys… one big push!

  30. I think we are tiring

  31. oh well. at least we made them work for it.

    stupid goal, though. Two very poor challenges

  32. SwedeHammer says:

    In the 35 years I’ve been a hammer..have not seen such a solid game in a very very long time. If we wouldn’t have given up that stupid corner…

  33. yep… agree with that, too

  34. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    i thought we did ourselves proud and yet again i thought much of our success was down to behrami and parker’s excellent interceptions and tackles. i thought our only fault was not shooting with the first touch into a crowded box often enough as no one seemed to want to take the chance.
    also hats off to zola for his loyalty but then who’d want to go to chelsea and have to pander to all the prima donnas and prima sharons there when you’re part way through building a young side for the future with players with the right attitude and hunger to learn from the boss. zola could potentially be at west ham for a very long time or if he left for stamford bridge, be the boss there for 5 minutes until they lose a couple of games. easy decision for him really.

  35. hammeredCalv says:

    gutted ! we played well, had more of the game,we just seem to lack that cutting edge up front since bellend went ! overall we did ourselves proud today ! Parker and berhami were excellent !

  36. James says:

    Someone please correct me but, Why did’nt Zola take off Di Michele and put somebody else on sooner rather than later? He was really out of his deph today!!

    I also feel we deserved the draw especially as the corner Man u scored from first of all should’nt have been and secondly I think it was noble who had the time to hoof the ball up the field, All that effort for one cheap mistake, a real shame!

    Overall I was impressed with the never let die attitude after they scored so going by that I think our confidence will not be hit! Bring on the next team!

  37. Tevezgate says:

    We played well, they got very lucky with their goal, 99 times out of 100 that just wouldn’t have got through. So, on to the home tie with Boro next week now and a potential FA Cup quarter final… Come on you Irons!

  38. MickeyN says:

    Although I am just an armchair supporter these days, I am very proud of West Ham’s performance today. I watched the game on Sky. Their commentary was so biased and fawning over Man U that I would be hard pressed to know whom the Reds were playing. During West Ham’s excellent passing and frequent attacks, all you could hear was drooling over how great Giggs was or Van Der Sar’s perfection. Maybe Sky was transferred to MUTV in the January window. COYI

  39. claire says:

    We deserved a draw, but poor defending led to that goal. But we took the game to them and didn’t give up. No-one’s yet mentioned Savio – it’s going to take him a while yet to find his feet, I’m afraid. Pace he has, but maybe he needs a bit longer on the pitch in subsequent games (if we dare – maybe agains the Baggies?) to adjust.

  40. Rapidhammer says:

    Hammers played very well. Good passing, good attacking, but no threat in front of the goal. We miss Bellars! Valon Behrami was my man of the match. Di Michele should have been subbed. Why does GZ not play Freddy Sears ?

  41. Phil says:

    We really deserved a draw out of this and were as good as Man U although as someone said if you listened to the sycophants who broadcast the game you would be hard pressed to remember who Man U played against.
    Berhami was tremendous but everyone played weel except perhaps Di Michelle who should have been subbed.

  42. Goatygav says:

    I don’t like losing but I’m massively proud of the team. They didn’t do what so many other teams in the PL do and show Man Utd too much respect. To a man they all looked like they believed they could play the World Champions at their own game and win. There was some really great movement and passing, especially in the first half, and Carlton Cole was terrific. Behrami managed to keep Ronald McDonaldo quieter than usual. Greeno did well claiming their balls into the box and pulled off a great save from Scholes. Some great footwork from Collison in their box nearly set up Cole.

    If I were to criticize anything it would be that the defence didn’t move up as a line just before their goal and played Giggs on side when the ball came over.

    To be fair I think they just edged it but we’ve played the PL, European and World Champions while they’re right on top of their game and very nearly got something to show for it.

    Our form hadn’t escaped the notice of Gary McCallister who commented on the team’s approach to the game compared to so many other sides in the league. Good on him.

  43. jpt says:

    Di Michele didn’t played too well and Cole was far too intricate in fact I think our player who had the most shots on target was Lucas Neil!

  44. DevoDevo says:

    It’s a mark of how far we have progressed under the Zola/Clarke dream team that we restricted Manyoo to one shot, the goal and are disappointed not to have got at least a draw which was the least our performance deserved.

    I did say after the Aresenal game that i didn’t think Di Michele was good enough to support Cole against the better teams and I think today’s performance confirmed this. As nuch as it hurts me to say it, if Bellamy had been playing, I think we could have nicked a win.

    I thought we played far too deep in the first half, as we did against Arsenal, but rectified this in the 2nd half, when we played some good stuff.

    Our lack of width means that we have to encourage Ilunga up more. He looks dangerous when he does. Neill couldn’t be expected to do this as much with Ronaldo to worry about but to his credit, he had 3 shots on goal, two on target. Behrami was outstanding again in providing cover for him.

    Savio showed a few glimpses of what he is about but will need time. Unfortunately, he also cuts in and leaves us very narrow.

    Can’t believe Parker didn’t get in the England squad, how good is he playing at the moment?

  45. Clemmo-Romford says:

    The performance of the team today simply proves how far we have come in a short period of time. With the loss of someone like Bellamy we now need to start having a pop at goal at every potential opportunity, rather than trying to walk it into the net like the Gooners – If we adopt that approach then the chances are there will be deflections and parried shots by keepers which will end up at the feet of Cole or Di Michelle to finish off.

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