Player Performance Vote

For the rest of the season, I’m going to invite to rate each player’s performance after each game. You should give each player a mark out of ten. A player has to have spent at least 15 minutes on the pitch to be included. I will announce the result for each match on the evening after the game (ie, for today’s game I will post the result on Monday evening)

Click HERE to vote.

You are only allowed to vote once. The software picks up any attempt at multiple voting.


15 Responses to Player Performance Vote

  1. savvyho says:

    If I put minus 5 for Noble, will this count as negative?

  2. HammersWest says:


  3. Chris (fancies a good game today) says:


  4. HammerMan says:

    Done. Unlucky boys. We only missed a man up front with some pace. I think the new boy is going to take a while to adjust. Maybe we should give Sears a run out. Watch out Boro, we are heading to the quarter finals!

  5. happyhammer says:

    Seriously people if we churn out performances like we have against teams like man u and arsenal recently then there is no reason y we cant be very successful. I see us beating three quarters of the league at least. It took a bit of brilliance to beat us against man u and tht was really all they did. If we play like we have been against boro we should win easily, becos our play will cause a lot of problems to a lot of teams. So proud of the boys desire and skill tht they are showing. Lets just keep backing them and watch us return to winning ways on the w/e!! COYI!!

  6. Peddler says:

    According to Sky News this morning, Man Utd ‘brushed us aside’. Somebody else that didn’t watch the game, then.

  7. graybomeister says:

    Guys, we are a team… please leave Noble alone. He’s playing his part.

    Re the voting, presumably this is for people who were actually at the game.

  8. birdlives says:

    Where can I see the total?

  9. Biffo the bear says:

    Whilst I wouldn’t give Noble a minus five, I have thought on a few occasions recently that his performances, whilst still being good, have stood out as being a potential weakness in an otherwise improving side.

    I hope he can improve and rise to the task that’s been given him, I think it’s a fitness thing, with the midfield style of Zola and Clarke, the midfield have all the running to do. Mark looked absolutely knackered when he came off yesterday which must have meant he under-performed for five minutes before they took him off?

    I know he’s made some great contributions in recent games but just a few warning bells have been ringing for me as well. Maybe it’s because of the simply amazing non-stop running of Valon ‘Forrest Gump’ Behrami by comparison, I’m not sure. Anyone else thought the same?

  10. mokumhammer says:

    a ‘ minus five’ for Noble is being generous savvyho!

  11. Roymondo says:

    I think this anti-Noble thing is getting ridiculous and says a lot about the football judgement of some of the posters.

  12. Sactown Hammer says:

    Biffo I agree with what you say about Noble. I was able to watch yesterdays game on TV. I liked the flow of the team play by the hammers. It seemed the midfielders were all over the field interchanging postions. A couple of times though, they had three midfielders within 10 feet of each other which is dangerous to be in against a team like MU. But for the most part they played well. The one time they gave too much space cost them. And they were lucky not to concede a penalty on Neils tackle on Ronaldo. But overall the performance was their.

  13. Simon from Gravesend says:

    Just on Noble…

    I thought he played well in the first half but his performance faded in the second. He began to give the ball away with alarming regularity and dwelt on the ball far too long (the goal being a prime example). Coming forward on the ball he was slow and, again, dwelt too long. By the time he decided what to do with the ball the opportunity had gone. I’m not saying he played particularly badly, but he was clearly the weak link in the midfield and needed to come off.

    Overall it was a great performance yesterday and I thought we outplayed and outfought Man U for the majority of the game. Unfortunately, one piece of skill was the difference. However, if we continue to perform like that it augurs well

  14. Savvyho says:

    Sorry mokumhammer…I like being generous!

    Roymondo, we’re entitled to judge how we like. Football is about opinions.

    Very good analysis of Noble’s performance Simon from Gravesend.

  15. David the Yank says:

    Watched live on tv yesterday (English, not Chinese). Noble tackled well. He simply does not have any creative ideas in midfield, so held the ball or made poor passes. I thought the 4 of them in midfield played terrific.

    I thought Cole was simply awful, back to his old habits: poor holding the ball up, poor distribution (save for 1 excellent pass late), not quick at finishing. Granted he was going up against the EPL Player of the Year (Vidic). And his flying tackle at Giggs was simply ridiculous. All he had to do was hold Giggs up for 3 seconds with his big body.

    This was the game when Bellamy was most needed. And Savio looked like boy vs man when Berbatov just brushed him off the ball. Clarke will need to get 15 pounds of muscle on him if he has any chance whatsoever to play in this league. (Granted he is very young so could gain the strength.)

    But I thought Neill (who you know I generally do not like) played terrifically well (though I don’t know where he was on the Giggs goal) and really held Ronaldo to nothing (with help from the midfield). And I still think Upson has clearly earned the second centre half position for your country over Terry.

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