Chelsea Can Keep Their Thieving Hands Off!

Scolari has apparently been sacked by Chelsea. There will now be a media clamour for them to appoint Zola and Clarke. Zola has already made clear he is a man of honour and won’t even entertain the idea.

“I owe a lot to them. Not many clubs would haven given me this opportunity. My main aim is to do well here and repay the faith West Ham and their supporters have shown in me. It’s not in my nature to walk out on something that has only just begun.”

Remember this chant someone made up?

From Stamford Bridge to Upton Park
We’ve got your Zola and your Clarke!

And long may it remain that way.


87 Responses to Chelsea Can Keep Their Thieving Hands Off!

  1. irontc says:

    I can thoroughly recommend Glenn Roeder to Chelski!

  2. graybomeister says:

    Can anyone else see the Daily Fail story before it’s even been published? You can imagine the headlines already.

    I have faith in GZ, to and this sacking of Scolari is great timing for us. But I just hope they don’t make an interim appointment and then make GZ and SC offers they can’t refuse in the summer.

  3. Lee says:

    I wonder if they’ve considered Mr. H. Redknapp. A proven manager with a history of jumping ship for a pile on money (as long as he doesn’t have to move) before any finds out where the bodies are buried.

    The only problem is that he’s very loyal and doesn’t move clubs lightly!

  4. Goatygav says:

    I won’t be rushing to the bookies to put money on them going to Chelski. They may do one day but I reckon they’ll stick to the task at hand. I also wonder if Gianfranco and SC particularly want to work for Roman Abramovic. He’s seemingly lost interest.

  5. Scott says:

    I don’t think Zola will leave us in mid- first season, but the general point remains: When anyone at West Ham proves “too” successful, he becomes a target for the Big Boys. It puts an invisible but very real ceiling on our hopes of achievement.

  6. devo says:

    Curbs gets a job finally then

  7. Ronamatroid says:

    What a surprise. The “big” club in London didn’t like Avram “Rock Steadu Eddie” Grant, but went with a mavorick racist in Scolari. Am I alone in thinking that Chelski is not the big club they claim to be? I feel that we are at least on par with them, their empty seats on Saturday proves how fickle their “fans” are. Leav off Zola and Clarke, They will take us places.

  8. Goatygav says:

    I’ll bet they’ll be many Chelsea fan’s first choice.

  9. Roshi says:

    Tony Adams is free.

  10. Gav Hammer says:

    Gianfranco Zola you are the love of my life, Gianfranco Zola would let you shag my wife, Gianfranco Zola … we’ve got Stevie Clarke too !!!

  11. Big Casino says:

    Zola is an honest and decent fella, and I’m sure he will say publicly that he’s happy where here is…. but if Chelsea approach us, what can we do????

    I fear the worse….

    Why is it whenever we get onto something good something happens to screw it all up…….. if Zola goes, bang, there’s goes the team spirit and probably a lot of players out the door after him…….. West Ham have got to be strong on this…. but at the end of the day, as I say, if Chelsea do come a knocking, we can’t really stop him……

  12. Gav Hammer says:

    we will be bigger than chelsea soon … we will be taken over by the weekend … you mark my words, heard it here first !!!

  13. James says:

    Redcrap might be interested if the price is right, Adams to replace him at the spuds for a little pay back!!

    That would bring music to my ears!!

  14. royski says:

    I doubt Zola would go he is probably the last honest man left in football.

    But could you blame him as fans we never sing his name we sang no stop for Alan Pardew yet the best thing that has ever happend to this club we show no appreciation what so ever.

    And proves we still have at least 20,000 thick Hammers over there

  15. Goatygav says:

    Interesting that Morinho was in town yesterday too. Hmmmmm.

  16. Bav says:

    I think Franco and Steve will stay…especially seeing as they persuaded Scottie parker and matty Upson to stay loyal during the window. I really liked the Roeder suggestion and he is available.

  17. irontc says:

    Zola and Clarke aint going anywhere!

  18. graybomeister says:

    irontc… yes they are!! To Wemberley, with us!!! 😉

  19. irontc says:

    But straight home after that !

  20. Goatygav says:

    How long before the first Chelsea fan posts on here to try and wind us up?

  21. royski says:

    They wouldn’t have the front there club is in a mess it’s shambolic

  22. smudge says:

    What about the nasty little five footer and his mate Poyet!!!!

  23. royski says:

    and have heard today that we have a buyer for the club and a deal is nearly all done, so Zola must know that things will be looking up for us soon finaically

  24. royski says:

    yes Wise goes there that would be great

  25. graybomeister says:

    Slow down and take a breather, boys… spelling and grammar have gone to pot… we do have standards, you know. This is West Ham, after all.

  26. mal-content says:

    Zola & Clark are in the frame. Has Zola enough experience to handle Chelsea prima donas? Another thought. If Chelsea offer enough money to pay off WH debts including whatever lies ahead re Sheffield United might not the board be tempted?

  27. graybomeister says:

    Guus Hiddink’s appointment would take the heat off, wouldn’t it?

  28. Roshi says:

    Sven….get in there.

    I’d like to see old big head Hanson in charge.

  29. Doc H Ball says:

    Where did you hear about the buyer royski?

  30. paul says:

    David O`Leary, available 4 ya Chel$ki..

  31. IoDHammer says:

    mal-content are you seriously suggesting that Zola, after a run of perhaps 8 or 9 games is worth writing off a clubs debts and potentially shouldering 20 odd million if the sheffield united thing goes tits up lol

    maybe ferguson is worth that much! lol

  32. Goatygav says:

    Only problem with that, Graybo, would be that Hiddink’s a top manager and would probably galvanize them again. I like the Tony Adams option.

  33. IoDHammer says:

    Quote from Green “I didn’t have a great deal to do and United didn’t really get into fifth gear at any point.” about sundays game

    Look at sky sports lately, almost every single player has come out and said they are happy and feel that they are all going in the right direction. We are on the brink of acheiving something big like an FA cup win or a european spot, anyone would be MAD to leave that and i think they all know it.

  34. Colin Barnes says:

    I think that Chelsea will struggle to find a top class manager with their record of regular sacking. Scolari always admitted that he was there for the money and I can’t see any other reason to take a job at Stamford Bridge. The culture there is not one of team playing and loyalty, it’s one of buy success. Zola may have had some wonderful years playing for Chelsea, but he’s no fool and can see what he’s got at Upton Park, and that the Chelsea alternative is a bit shabby. Besides he’s a man of honour and has said he’s not going so there’s no point in considering it a possibility.

    Who might they go for…? How about Martin O’Neill? Surely one of the most talented of British based managers.

  35. colney says:

    morinio in london for the weekend watching the hammers,well,ok the manure,then the next day his old job becomes vacant?????? anyone seen them having a chat sunday night in some flash london restaurant?
    zola wont go back and im not sure roman would want clarkey back after he left under a fight.

  36. graybomeister says:

    Goatygav, it’s a good plan, but you’re ignoring one inescapable fact… donkeys don’t like bridges.

  37. IoDHammer says:

    Martin O Niell at Chelsea would be interesting!

  38. SJ Chandos says:

    I think that we will be ok. Chelski will want Zola to have more than half a season’s management experience before they make a bid for him. They might, however, try and tempt Clarke back as Chelski Head Coach, but he has something good going at West Ham and I doubt he will give it up this soon.

    It is time for Mr Duxbury to do his thing and stop any speculation in its tracks!

  39. Goatygav says:

    Lol! That’s scuppered that one then.

    Think I might have a go at it. I’ve played championship manager. How difficult could it be?

  40. E1 says:

    Did’nt we have to pay a lot of money to get clarke £6mill I think, if they wanted to go we could name our price,say 100mill the pair sounds fair in chelski land anyway. Can’t see clarke wanting to go back somehow after the way he left and zola will want to see the job done,just hope the board stay true to their word.

  41. Goatygav says:

    I’d really have to blag it in the interview though – hiding my ulterior motives that is!

  42. IoDHammer says:,19528,11661_4908173,00.html

    I don’t know what to make of this? lol

  43. Goatygav says:

    I do IoDHammer. It’s called Misquotes and Speculation.

  44. colney says:

    i see the bull is flowing freely allready on these suposed webb sites that only report the facts,one site is allready saying 24 hours and both will be named at funny,why do they print such crap?

  45. Claretandbluepoo says:

    The Roman has a history of only appointing mangers that have already achieved great success. Ok, he’s only appointed 2 managers so far but i’m just trying to be optimistic.

    Only supporting West Ham can you go from excitement to despair as much in-between games as during them.

  46. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    if they had any sense, surely they’d try to poach ferguson’s number 2. can’t believe that they’ve dumped scholari so soon when they’ve not even let him build his own team yet or funded any replenishment of the squad. surely this sort of mentality will prevent zola and clarke ever going back. i’d like to suggest kevin keegan to add a bit of speed to their team. sorry.

  47. IoDHammer says:

    I hate this, although its all bull it’s still unsettling. One thing does make sense tho, we as west ham fans need to really let zola know how much we want him!

  48. SJ Chandos says:

    Scott, I agree that there has been something of a glass ceiling on ambitions in the past. The point, however, that the club need to show resolution and resist overtures from the so-called big four clubs.

    I think it is inevitable that approaches will come for Zola and Clarke, and indeed our players, if this rate of improvement continues. We are essentially in a race against time to secure the progress that will enable us to resist those approaches. If we remain a middle table PL team then the ‘cherry picking’ going to continue. We need success to break the trend. That’s why I am so anxious to see the club achieve a ‘great leap forward’ this season to secure EUFA qualification.

    And of course one of the major variable factors is the situation regarding the ownership/investment in the club. So, movement on this front would, all things being equal, be another positive development in helping us achieve our ambitions.

  49. Andrew F says:

    Oh please. It’s only a matter of time before they come home. At the very least, we could have Clarke, and goodness knows he’s the brains of the operation. I’d like to have Zola in as figure-head as well, though.

    Perhaps we’ll install an interim and have Z + C at the end of the season.

  50. brookingsbonce says:

    i’m gonna stick my neck on the line and say GC + SC will stay…why go now??
    My money is on a dark horse like Billic!!! Everyone wanted a piece of him last year… us, the toon, and evn on Englands short list….

  51. DevoDevo says:

    Notwithstanding Franco’s explicit answer to the question at the w/e (remember, we’re not talking about a Bellamy here) and the fact that he’s already snubbed Abramovich in the past as a player, why would he and Clarke leave a club on the up with talented youngsters for a team of ageing egos?

    From Stamford Bridge to upton park
    We’ve got Zola & Steve Clarke
    They’re claret and blue through & through
    Stick your blue flag up …

  52. Rob says:

    Zola did not go back and play for Chelsea after he left, Lord knows they tried to bring him back, and Clarke was not given his proper respect due. Clarke should have replaced Jose when the”special one” left Stamford Bridge. Why would they go back? I believe Gianfranco is about moving forward in life, and look at his young exiting club! Life is good at West Ham we’re just not use to how that feels, but I am sure we will get use to it!
    SING THEIR NAMES!!! CLARKE AND ZOLA, or Gianfranco and Steve!!!
    They have us playing West Ham football, and I for one LOVE WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!

  53. brookingsbonce says:

    nice one devoDevo – thats what i’m saying. Things are looking good for us – ok so if they did go… maybe we’d go for billic and di canio??

    Don’t want it to happen… but when the big boys knock, we answer and let them take what they want usually…this window we done well to staive off that… so lets keep doing it!! 🙂


  54. graybomeister says:

    IOD don’t worry about that story… (I know you put lol, but others might be concerned) … the editor has said ‘We’ve got to get something on the website’ … so they pick up the phone to the lawyer and, well, we all know what agents and lawyers are like, they’re not going to say much, so all of a sudden he’s not ruling it out and hey presto Sky have a few paragraphs to get people on their site, boosting hit counts and keeping advertisers and sponsors happy.

  55. Hands off chelski,bloody cheek. Don,t really care who they get,they allready have cole and lampard.
    Why would zola go anyway to a team who can,t eve.n beat hull

  56. John says:

    I agree Colin, and think that Mister Zola is aware of his own limitations and inexperience at this point in time. At West Ham he is more secure than he ever would be at Chelsea and if the results didn’t start immediately and continue I wonder if the fans there would be as considerate and patient as we have been certainly Abramovich would not be. I also think Zola is a decent honourable sort of bloke I know there are not many about but I genuinely think he is and I would be unbelievably disappointed if he let us down.
    I understand Clarkey’s eventual ambition is to be a manager in his own right.Helping to Build up West Ham into a successful unit will look much better on his cv than running back to a risky session at Chelsea. Don’t wsorry boys I am sure it is all going to be ok.

  57. james says:

    I moved to canada so I can’t be at the games, I will be in August for a few. Can you do me a favor and please sing these guys names?!! Like mentioned earlier we did it for Pardew, no one can bring the house down like Upton Park and we’ll all be kicking ourselves if they leave without us putting up a fight.

  58. james says:

    I think the Duxbury and Zola should make some kind of statement. If ever there was a time the fans needed that promised open line of communication this would be it.

  59. Goatygav says:

    Good point John.

    I also reckon Gianfranco might have known the Chelsea job was becoming vacant when he put out his “I’m here to stay,” messages to the press.

  60. Andrew F says:

    Zola’s lawyer: “It is very difficult to say if anything will happen, but Chelsea is a special place for Gianfranco Zola.”


  61. lotf says:

    chelsea should get curbs, he can save them with Quashie and Boa Morte!

    I wrote this in the Man U open thread and i’m just going to paste the exact same thing again:

    I honestly don’t think Zola would have much success at Chelsea. Chelsea’s problems at the moment have not arisen from their training or their football skills, but from their personalities. Yes, West Ham are full of well-paid footballers who are worshipped by the fans, but not quite on the same level as some of Chelsea’s superstars.

    I don’t think Zola has the personality to sort out the dressing-room at Chelsea because all their players have enough experience to think they know better. Mourinho made it work because of his sheer arrogance and ‘big’ persona, not to mention the fact that he was the one that signed many of the players. Phil Scolari is experienced but doesnt have those qualities. Zola on the other hand is humble, down to earth and honest.

  62. thegeneralmuz says:

    zola will not leave,he is a man of honour and is creating something special at upton park,we gave him a chance and he is repaying us with the best football we have seen in a long long time!stick the blue flag up your ….!

  63. Claretandbluepoo says:

    Andrew F – You have clearly come on here to try and stir things up, your going to have to raise your game significantly if you want any modicum of success, bit like your team really (-:

  64. Trappisto says:

    Hi Guys,

    First proper post, so thought I’d make it a hopefully reassuring one:

    Although interesting to note which part of Zola’s lawyer’s statement they decided to quote in their little box!

    Personally, I read the statement as being a polite ‘no thanks’ without sounding so vehement they upset the Chelsea fans in case anything happens in the future. If it were me, turning down a club I had a long relationship with, I’d probably say something similar!

  65. Claretandbluepoo says:

    From that link Trappisto sent

    ‘De Giorgis said to the Italian media: “No-one has contacted us, hence, I exclude the possibility that Mancini will go to Chelsea.

    “We are aware of Scolari’s sacking but they would have contacted us in the case they had though about Mancini. Instead, they have contacted others.” ‘

    They HAVE contacted others!

  66. Andrew F says:

    Claretandbluepoo –

    I actually haven’t. I’m just sort of trying to convince myself that Gianfranco Zola, my hero (there’s a photo in my living room of me with him from when I was mascot), is about to take over at Chelsea.

    It’s an exciting prospect – and, with respect, I think having Zola and Clarke in charge at Chelsea would mean a lot more to us than having them at West Ham means to you.

    Don’t get me wrong: for the last few months, I’ve been following West Ham’s results closely. I cheer on Carlton Cole with vigour, and I applaud the way you’ve been playing. I remember your 2-0 defeat against Spurs in the game before you played us. You were absolutely abysmal. The difference between then and now is monumental.

    But Zola and Clarke are Chelsea. They’re our heroes, not yours, and we await the day when they come back where they belong.

  67. 4737 Carlin Sir says:

    Looks like if he’s asked he will go…from BBC site

    “At the moment we know nothing about the link between Gianfranco Zola and the vacant position at Chelsea,” Marrucco said in a statement.

    “Gianfranco is very happy at West Ham and still thanks them for giving him the opportunity to be a coach in the Premier League.

    “It is very difficult to say if anything will happen, but Chelsea is a special place for Gianfranco Zola.”

    The last statement speaks volumes for me, it might be that something is getting lost in translation, i do hope so.

  68. royski says:

    Doc H ball

    sorry only just logged back on,it has come from a friend who is very close with the west ham media department, And i did post about 2 weeks ago when i heard the DIC were going to be the buyers.

  69. supernumbersix says:

    Andrew F – appreciate the sentiment but read the title at the front of this thread and go but yourselves another manager and some more history.

  70. Claretandbluepoo says:

    There’s a big rumour breaking that Big Phil is set to join West Ham.

    He’s gonna work as the new kit man (-:

  71. supernumbersix says:

    That’s BUY yourselves another manager

  72. Biffo the bear says:

    I have got to laugh at the ‘Zola and Clarke are our heroes not yours’ comment, if Clarke is a Chalsea hero why did the club try and stop him leaving when he had been sidelined by Scolari? After over 20 years service to the club they put him on gardening leave and asked for four times the value of his remaining contract in compensation!! To expect him to go back and say ‘ooh thanks very much for letting me come back Mr Kenyon sir’ is just wishful thinking…no wait it’s not wishful thinking it’s complete bollocks is what it is!

  73. supernumbersix says:

    Right on Biffo.

  74. DevoDevo says:

    here’s the good news folks….

    Gianfranco Zola has reassured West Ham’s board he has no intention of quitting the club, amid speculation he is a contender for the managerial vacancy at Chelsea.

    Blues legend Zola has been linked with a return to Stamford Bridge following the surprise dismissal of Luiz Felipe Scolari on Monday.

    However, Sky Sports News’ chief news reporter Bryan Swanson has learnt that Zola has personally reassured West Ham chief executive Scott Duxbury that he remains firmly committed to the Upton Park outfit.

    Zola has said publicly before that he owes the club a great deal of debt, although he will not comment publicly on the Chelsea link.

    The feeling is that he is 100 per cent committed to West Ham and feels no need to comment on every story.

    Senior West Ham sources have told Sky Sports News that there is no need for supporters to be concerned, as Zola will definitely not be lured from East London.

    Since taking charge at Chelsea’s capital neighbours earlier in the season the Italian tactician has earned praise for guiding the Hammers to eighth in the table.

  75. supernumbersix says:

    Onwards and Upwards we go.

  76. Claretandbluepoo says:

    Andrew F’s gone very quite, perhaps his favourite picture has fallen of the wall!

  77. supernumbersix says:

    We’ll send him a new picture – one with Z & C in claret and blue.

  78. Claretandbluepoo says:

    You can dress as the mascot supernumbersix!

  79. supernumbersix says:

    Yes! I’ll dress as Herbie the Hammer! I’m there mate. Now that would be a picture for AF.

  80. Claretandbluepoo says:

    I bring me camera!

  81. Paul M says:

    of course GZ & SC are being linked with Chel$ki !! as ex employees and the great job they are doing for us they certainly would be. BUT, that said they will not go

  82. BAC says:

    It’s obvious that Harry Redknapp and Shovel Lampard should take over, it being a well known fact that they are both lifelong closet Chelsea fans. Failing that, Abramovich could appoint Craig Bellamy as player/manager, that would be a new challenge for him (and everybody else at the club).

  83. Roymondo says:

    At the moment it’s all media speculation and, due to Zola and Clarke’s history, their names will surface. It doesn’t mean they are in the frame, if a frame even exists.
    The Times theory this morning is that Chelsea will make a temporary appointment until the end of the season with the brief to ensure Champions League qualification. After that there will be money to spend to rebuild.
    My own theory – based on absolutely bugger all – is that Chelsea might just have realised that the successful clubs all build something over time and stick with the man they thinks is right. If they do that then Zola might be a contender. If they don’t then they will go for another Hollywood manager whose English is limited, who has little knowledge of the Premier Leagus and who will last 6 months before he’s off down the dole office with a few million quid in his back pocket.
    Let’s hope it’s the latter.

  84. Claretandbluepoo says:

    It would be more sensible for Chelsea to appoint a manager with a History of success at this level. In the meantime allow Zola to continue to answer the question, have you got what it takes to manage a Premier Team & win silver wear? He is effectively only half an hour into a one and a half hour exam at the moment. Taking Zola back to Stamford Bridge right now would be a case of heart over head and introduce a massive risk. Expectation at Chelsea could not be higher, the chairman wants the top honours and is not prepared to wait. If Zola didn’t deliver (and lets bare in mind he got rid of Grant despite taking the team to within a penalty strike of winning the Champions League) within his first season it WILL all end in tears and the fallout would be immeasurable. Surely Chelsea would be wise to at least wait until the summer before giving serious consideration to Zola.

  85. Daveip1966 says:

    @ Roymondo, and so the latest tattle is that Hiddink’s considering a jobshare

  86. graybomeister says:

    This is really winding me up… Chelsea are in talks with Hiddink and the BBC website STILL has pic of Zola and Clarke on its front page next to the main headline.

    And the Dail Fail website is running story saying senior Chelsea players want our two in charge.

    When is someone going to launch into these media outlets? (I hesitate to call them news services)

  87. Doc H Ball says:

    Clarke’s the one we need to secure most.

    If it came to it and in the summer Chelski wanted Zola/Clarke back, we should let the wee geezer go (if he wanted to) demand Joey Cole back and offer Clarke the manager’s job and DiCanio the assistant’s.

    Whilst I feel sure that Zola’s the inspiration, I’m equally sure that without Clarke we’d still nbe up the proverbial.

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