Faubert Bombs on Real Debut

Now, I don’t speak Spanish, but THIS report on Julien Faubert’s debut for Real Madrid leads me to think that the Spaniards are none too impressed by him. The headline reads (I think)


If we have any Spanish speakers out there, feel free to email me a translation of the whole thing and I will post it.


46 Responses to Faubert Bombs on Real Debut

  1. Claretandbluepoo says:

    ‘Mass demonstrations outside grund following Poo Bears dismal début’?

  2. Happy Hammer says:

    Here is a little something from Setanta which reads:

    Juande Ramos has declared that Julien Faubert has not impressed him during his first ever appearance in Real Madrid’s shirt.

    West Ham right midfielder Faubert made his debut in the Spanish league on Saturday night, in Los Merengues’ 1-0 win over Racing Santander.

    The Frenchman came in as a substitute for Arjen Robben with 30 minutes to go, and helped his team claim a seventh consecutive win in the Primera Liga.

    For his part, Ramos, who is massively criticized in Spain for playing ‘boring football’, said about the Hammer after the game: “He didn’t show anything, as well as the team at the end of the game.

    “We would be better not to speak about his display because it was just his first match.”

  3. DevoDevo says:

    What is PMSL in Spanish? 😉

  4. John J says:

    It’s a shame that Faubert didn’t live up to our expectations and that he’s off to a less than exciting start at the Bernabeu. I read that he smoked 20 a day, so that might be one explanation why he was better on Youtube than in real life. We still own him and we can only benefit if he improves, so I wish him all the best.

  5. Killing-Joker says:

    Just run it through the Babel Fish translater in future. You can convert whole batches of text from one language to another. http://uk.babelfish.yahoo.com/

  6. Chops says:

    I thought he did alright.

    Put in some decent passes and beat a few players.

  7. Ironside says:

    The comment by Ramos that “We would be better not to speak about his display because it was just his first match” appears to suggest that the Spanish headline probably just means the equivalent of “It’s too early to tell.”

    I’m still interested to see what he might be capable of because we never really got to see him in a settled run in a settled position.

    Some aspects of his play suggested that he had real potential but at other times he could be frustrating. I would be surprised if he could do enough under scrutiny at Real Madrid to keep their fans happy but I wish him all the best.

  8. Roshi says:

    Stubbing your fag out on the touchline before running on as a sub, isn’t the ideal way of impressing your new manager.

  9. Neil cornwell says:

    Max Clifford states on talk sport west ham will have new owners by end of week!!!

  10. Roymondo says:

    ….having just come from the pub after a few pints of lager…..

  11. Roshi says:

    …and a packet of crisps…

  12. Woolly1 says:

    To see the whole article in English open Ians link, right click anywhere on the page, go to `page info` then click on `Translate to English` .

    I know it Works with Oulook Express 6, can`t speak for anything else though.

  13. SJ Chandos says:

    I really do think it is a matter of attitude with Faubert. He has the ability, but he does not apply himself properly. If this story about his smoking habit is true, then really it tells us everything that we need to know about him as a professional. I said at the time that loan deal was announced, that surely he would not blow this fanastic opportunity? It looks like I over-estimated him!!

    I did not get to post on the Man U match, but I have to say that it was another really encouraging performance. It underlined the fact that we have the foundation of a really good team. In the past, Man Utd have cut through our midfield and rearguard at will and created chance after chance. Yesterday, they were restricted to a couple of chances and, apart from the goal, Green only had one real save to make!

    Our strike force was the one weakness, they worked hard but there was not enough class to threaten Man Utd’s rearguard. But, having said that they are definitely good enough to score against all of the teams outside the top four, so hopefully that will be good enough. Just hope that they keep fit or we are into uncharted territory!

  14. HermitRoadHarry says:

    Actually, the headline is a bit more damning. A better translation is: ‘Faubert made his debut but showed nothing’. He came on as a sub for Robben with 30 minutes to go, so with plenty of time to make an impression but just looked a bit lost on the wing and never got into the game. The intro says he had two opportunities to take on his man, but didn’t have the nerve and passed instead. I’d agree that a footballer of Faubert’s, let’s face it, limited capabilities is going to struggle to impress in one of the most demanding environments world football has to offer.

  15. Matt Ryan says:

    It actually translates exactly as…….

    “Faubert made his debut with Real Madrid but did not show anything”

    Hahaha!! I’m not at all surprised! (is ANYONE?)

    The ONLY bad thing about this is that we will get him back and not receive the the other £5 Million that Madrid could have bought him for at the end of the season.

    And after this, who is going to want to buy him?

    The guy is absolutely USELESS! What did Curbs see in him??? GZ and Nani would never have even looked twice at him! I saw him play in France (on TV) a couple of times and what I saw was no better than I saw at Upton Park!

    Matt Ryan

  16. SJ Chandos says:

    On the likes of Faubert and Boa Morte, I can fully understand and share in the fustration of my fellow supporters. But I just do not understand this growing criticism of Mark Noble. Noble is class and he will go on to be a England international. Admittedly, he is not playing his best football at the moment, but he never hids and is always trying to do good things on the pitch. Moreover, he is contributing massively to the improved performances of this West Ham team.

    At yestersay’s game, I observed from my seat in the BMU that it was the same idiots baiting him that used scream abuse at Carlton Cole. Is that a coincidence?
    No I do not think so, some people psychologically just need someone to hate. And it says far more about them than it does about Mark Noble.

  17. SJ Chandos says:

    Rereading my first post, I think I concentrated too much on West Ham ‘s ability to contain Man Utd. It should also be added that our passing and movement more than matched them and that on a number of occasions we got around their rearguard, but the final ball was never good enough. I though Illunga in particular looked really dangerous when he went forward on the left. That is one of Man Utds weaknesses, you have to use width to get behind them. Zola and Clarke knew that and the team worked hard at it. On another day we would have got a draw. Still never mind, perhaps we will put the record straight in the FA Cup!!!!

    This weeks Chandos award to the media has got to go to the Sun’s Cutis and Dillon for their Manchester Utd ‘love in’ of a report. It completely fails to recognise West Ham’s contribution to yesterday’s match. Still why am I surprised? A supplementary Chandos to Mr Calvin of the Sunday Mirror, for the pathetic attempt to argue that there is any parity between Bobby Moore and Beckham! The article largely ignores the fact that Moore was the greatest defender in the world, England’s best ever captain and a winner of the World Cup. Beckham is an overrated media created icon, whoses greatest achievement is securing England’s qualification to the 2006 World Cup Finals! There is not, nor can there ever be any parity between a legend and a legend in his own lunch time!

  18. Matt Ryan says:

    I have to say, I was never a complete damner of Cole and I always thought the boy would come good! Glad he has improved! 🙂 BUT…. I just can’t decide if he is good or not! I see him score some goals and that is always good! But watching him against the likes of Berbatov and (dare I say it) Bellamy, Cole just isn’t in that class! I know a strikers job is to score goals and he has done that somewhat! But I just can’t see him sustaining an England place! When Heskey, Rooney and Defoe are back, Cole will be out on his bum!

  19. Matt Ryan says:

    And sorry, I know a loyt of you love Noble and I know he bleeds Claret and blue but I have to say, he either needs to shape up or go! At the moment he isn’t what we need at Upton Park! We need stability and Noble just isn’t that at the moment!

    Ok, all slate me now!!! lol

  20. SJ Chandos says:

    Following on from my posts yesterday, I really do believe that we have a golden opportunity to execute a ‘great leap forward’ this season. Success breeds success and EUFA qualification can fast track us on to the road to a brighter future.

    My one long standing reservation is the current situation relating to our avilable strikers. I think that we are all sweating on Cole and Di Michele staying fit and in good form. Beyond them we are in to uncharted waters, is Tristan still good enough, are Sears and Nsereko ready to step up to the plate? What we really need is for Sears to acelerate his development and perhaps he will do that before the end of the season. Nsereko looks a top prospect, but he is not the finished article. In particular, I think they need to look at his physicality and finishing, both of which will need some work. But, having said that itis still early days for him and we all need heed Zola’s calls for patience.

    Whatever happened to Zavron Hines, I saw him in pre-season at Southampton and he looked very good. Perhaps he is anothe option that could come out of left field?

  21. Roymondo says:

    Mr Chandos – you usually show good judgement but I don’t get this thing about the importance of Di Michele staying fit and in good form. In my view, he has only had one good game for us which was against Hull. Even in the game when he first came, that he scored twice in, he had a ‘mare if you discount the goals. He should be the one who is picking up Cole’s lay offs and he just ain’t. And when he does get the ball he generally loses it. I though he was our worst performer by some distance yesterday as he was at Arsenal last week.

  22. SJ Chandos says:

    Matt, no one should get slated on here for expressing his opinion. I do disagree with you because I think Noble has outstanding ability and will become a England international.

    I have seen other outstanding West Ham players have dips in form like Noble. For instance, around the 1977-78 season, Alan Devonshire had a dodgy period. But he learnt from it and sprung back to become the player that we all remember and love. Similarly, Brooking did not realize his true potential until he was 22-23 years of age.

    All I am saying is have a little patience and he will come through. All talk of selling him is totally pre-mature, in my view. Zola knows the quality of the boy, that’s why he recently said it is Parker and Kovac that are competing for a place in centre midfield alongside Noble.

  23. SJ Chandos says:

    Raymondo, yes I have to admit I am not the greatest fan of Di Michele either. I think he has the ability to perform against the Hull City’s , Newcastle Utd’s and Fulham’s, but he is found wanting against the top teams. He also has this annoying inability to retain possession in midfield. I think that is what you have very correctly observed. And I cannot disagree with you.

    What I meant is that I hope that he continues to perform against the lower teams in the way that he did against Hull City. As for playing the likes of Man Utd, Liverpool Chelski and Villa, we might as well try Sears or Nsereko in those games, because he is largely ineffectual against that quality of opponent. Harsh I know, but that’s hope that he proves me and you wrong! Because ultimately, our failure to sign an experienced striker on loan means that behind him we are relying on Tristan or the youngsters. If it becomes necessary, I would opt for Sears making the step up.

  24. Bernie Bonds says:

    SJ,for Sears to progress he needs time on the pitch im not Zola bashing but he just is nt giving him a chance!imo he does nt rate him that much aka Tristian,whats your take on it?

  25. morts irons says:

    Iain mate i’ve heard through the grapevine that my beloved WEST HAM UTD will have new owner’s by the weekend????? has anyone else heard that? coyi!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Goatygav says:

    Matt Ryan. I won’t slate you. You’ve pointed out Nobes’ lack of form. Form is temporary, however, class is permanent. Mark Noble is a class player on a poor run of form. I’m glad you hope he comes through for us.

    Gianfranco and SC know what they’re doing. They know how to coach players, when they need a rocket up their backside and when to put an arm ’round them. They’ll get the best out of him and will see him develop into a fantastic, home grown, talent. Be patient.

    On another point – did anyone else think it was a generous allocation to the Man Utd fans yesterday? To the club’s credit as it helped generate a fantastic atmosphere. With any luck they might reciprocate next season. Our fans were awesome!!

  27. edi 2 spuds says:

    I speak Spanish, and as you guessed Juan Carlos Gonzalez isn’t too nice about him, pointing out that he didn’t get into the game straight away (can you blame him?), that he misdirected a pass, etc, etc… but he does say at the end he’s quick and in a counter-attack went round a player, only to be sold 10 Benson’s by Van de Vlaart (poetic justice innit)

  28. SJ Chandos says:

    Yes Bernie, I agree, Sears is in a bit of a catch 22 situation at the moment. Is he ready for the first team, how can he progress without more playing time? Zola and Clarke know what they are doing and they obviously think that he is not quite there yet. Yet, at the same time they have kept him as part of the squad, rather than loaning him out.

    Perhaps, a period on loan in the Championship or Division One would have been beneficial? Alternatively, maybe they think that he is not that far off and it would be more beneficial for him to be around the 1st team squad? One thing is for sure, if Di Michele or Cole get injured he may have to step up and do the business. Perhaps that type of scenerio that will see him finally step up? We shall see, I guess?

  29. d scaloni says:

    I think if ou google the article then you will have an option to translate the page.

    And yes, I also heard about Faubert’s smoking habit. Apparently the club (WHU) offered to help him with it nut he didn’t want to know. The same with Etherington as he couldn’t stop gambling, this is why Zola eventually shipped them out.

    I think Faubert has got alot of pace, it just his touch that lets him down. It’s a shame because he did look to be a good prospect.

  30. phil says:

    Am I missing something with all this criticism of Noble. In my opinion he is an integral part of an excellent 4 man midfield that works well as a unit. I would like to see him try some more shots from distance (actually that goes for all the team). The only one who wanted to have a go was Neill.
    Our main problem is up front and if we still had Bellamy we could well have won yesterday.

  31. brookingsbonce says:


    please dont go for zola!!!

  32. Goatygav says:

    Well Well. This should be interesting. Zola’s said this earlier on – http://fourfourtwo.com/news/england/24707/default.aspx

  33. Ironside says:

    I am shocked and stunned to hear that there has apparently been critisism of Noble. Have heard nothing of the like near where I sit even from those who previously made the mistake of slagging Carlton Cole.

    His attributes are there for all to see. His potential is obvious (as it always has been with Cole in my view) and he is a key part of what is rapidly becoming one of the best midfield units in the league. ANY young player will have peaks and troughs (no doubt its only a matter of time before some people start getting on Collison’s back) but we have to have a borader perspective. Can he get better? Yes. Is he already one of our key performers? Yes. Does he deserve our backing as he continues to develop? Definitely.

  34. john says:

    your all experts lol
    nobels problem is he is not suited to the job he is being asked to do at the front of a diamond you need to be two footed and take players on both sides maybe collinson would be the better option with nobel on the left side just a thought

  35. Smudger says:

    My mate “Havers” summed Fauberts mystifying move to Real Madrid with the conclusion that;
    Faubert has not actually gone to play for Real Madrid but he is simply on a TV reality show and thinks he is playing for the real Real. In fact he and the other contestants are playing for a “real” Madrid pub team who get to play at the Bernabau once a week.

    When the loan period ends could we not pack him off to somewhere like the Big Brother House with the caveat that he is never to be evicted.

  36. Steve says:

    So…Faubert sucks in Spain too? Well, at least we know it wasn’t the rain.

  37. hAMMER@MAN says:

    just 1 more thing too add. Did anyone see how POOR Savio was for the short time he was on, poor first touch and no vision plus he looked almost lost at times. Look in know he was only on for about 9 mins and hes only 19 but for 10 million quid you need good performances week in and week out. And don’t anyone dare look at the fact that over time he will improve because this was supposed to be or instant replacement too Bellamy. TEN MILL KISS AWAY!!!

    P.S Im not the first i see too notice nobles below part performances and work rate. Remember in our great escape he was practically hurling himself into tackles, last night he wouldn’t touch Berbatov with a pole. He obviously thinks hes much MUCH better than he is. =]

  38. anontanan says:

    I thought he did alright too!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  39. 10no6 says:

    Sorry got to agree with Hammer@man, Savio didn’t look good to me and I think Noble needs some of the attention that has improved (but not perfected) Cole.

    I have got to admit I did feel a bit disappointed yesterday but now sober and on reflection we did well in so many areas against an extremely good side so I think we still showed progress. I think for Cole to miss that chance (low & hard rather than chip surely) and when he failed to turn and deliver a shot demonstrate a problem. B- for young Cole much improved but still some work to do

  40. 10no6 says:

    PS another thought sometimes an unbeaten run can end up a curse certainly at West Ham you know beat Mancs lose to Boro so with it out of the way (with no shame in losing) I think we can have a good win next week.

  41. supernumbersix says:

    Cole – I agree still lacks that real killer instinct that Deano has, but getting there.

    Savio – ferchrissakes! GZ asked us to give him time. He showed some good touches and he showed some bad touches. He’s new to the prem and he’s 19. What he DID show was that he was happy to get stuck in and did not seem overawed by the opposition. I’ll go with the manager’s judgement on this one and at least wait and see before I judge.

    Noble – can’t believe the split opinion on this one. The guy is still developing and I think we should lay off him. but you’re entitled to your opinion just please don’t boo him (if you’re that way inlclined) pretty please

    Faubert – I think he was actually Vin Diesel (or he is Vin Diesel’s smaller twin) which would explain why he couldn’t play.

  42. Biffo the bear says:


  43. 10no6 says:

    I never boo players wouldn’t even boo boogers as for Savio you’re right in some respects but that is my gut feeling…is he better than Sears at this stage?

    Noble is still developing that is why I said perhaps he needs the Zola TLC

  44. generalpractice says:

    10no6 – I think he’s a different type of player to Sears, from what little I’ve seen. Generally I have been happy with Nani’s choices – yeah including Di Michele – so I’m happy to give him the benefit of the doubt at the moment. Glad you’re not a boo boy.

  45. 10no6 says:

    Well I hope I am very wrong and will of course give Savio my full support. I suppose I would like to see a goalscorer with a pedigree and track record..it has been awhile and if we had one on Sunday I think we would have won.

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