Papped with Phil Jupitus!


I don’t know, there you are, sitting innocently enjoying egg, bacon & chips in Ken’s Cafe (yes, I know I shouldn’t) and discussing the joys of twittering with one of Britain’s leading West Ham supporting comedians (I am the other), and unbeknown to us we get our picture taken. And then someone posts it on Flickr. The cheek of it.

I knew I shouldn’t have worn that fleece…

PS If you are on Twitter, you can follow Phill Jupitus HERE and me HERE.

UPDATE: Phil Jupitus has identified the photographer – Pete May, author of another Hammers blog, HAMMERS IN THE HEART.

UPDATE: Pete May says it wasn’t him, guv! The mystery deepens.


8 Responses to Papped with Phil Jupitus!

  1. Goatygav says:

    Just hit follow on Phil Jupitus’ Twitter page.

  2. Ryan Cullen says:

    Iain, if the picture was from Flickr, you should be providing a link to the original.

  3. graybomeister says:

    Blimey!! Wouldn’t want to meet you two in a dark alley on a Saturday night… or I’d have to give you some money for a shave and a sarnie 🙂

  4. Simon from Gravesend says:

    Just how old is the pic at the top of your blog then Iain?? Would never recognise you now from that!!

  5. WHU Kim says:

    Look like typical Hammers to me!

  6. Tony Titan says:

    Are you sure your not out collecting aged debts ?

  7. Roshi says:

    Cor “ICF” or what! How many lace holes in your DM’s Iain …LOL

  8. Pete May says:

    Just to say that this was nothing to do with me! Don’t even know what twitter is apart from the fact that Stephen Fry uses it and in any case I would not take pics of mates and post them anywhere without their permission!

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