The Worst West Ham Game You Have Ever Seen

Graybomeister suggested that I start a thread asking people to nominate the worst West Ham game they have ever seen. Mine would be a Christmas game against Sheffield United in the mid 1990s. Boredom personified. I think it ended 0-0, but I could be wrong.

This is not a thread about the worst West Ham performance. It’s a thread about terrible games.



121 Responses to The Worst West Ham Game You Have Ever Seen

  1. Savvakis says:

    West Ham vs Tottenham 2008 (A pathetic performance by both teams particularly from West Ham)

  2. Matt Ryan says:

    Ian, your grammar in the opening thread is terrible mate πŸ™‚ lol!!!

    Ok, worst game I can remember was quite recently actually, it was the 1-0 FAC defeat to Watford in 2007!

    And there was one in the late 90’s it was against Arsenal (at Highbury) and I actually fell asleep at the game! lol

  3. I was at theat game too,Boxing day no trains only good thing was the Xmas jumpers and the final whistle.

    My worse in 4-0 defeat in the late nineties I think, we were rubbish and left with 15 ins to go.


  4. Undoubtedly the 5-0 reverse at Watford in May 1985.
    We were 4-0 down after around 20 minutes and it made the remainder of the game utterly meaningless.
    We’d had a pig of a journey to get there too.
    Another that sticks in my mind was a 2-0 defeat by Middlesbrough in the late Seventies. My Uncle Bob left with 25 minutes remaining.

  5. Jonathan says:

    When we were in the Championship we played Derby at home in April 2004. It finished 0-0 and was the most tedious game I have ever sat through. Best game I have seen live has to be either play-off semis, 2004, home-leg when Matty scored a belter from the corner or obviously the 2006 FA Cup Final. SO CLOSE!! It still haunts me

  6. IoDHammer says:

    I would probably agree with that and say the Watford game was awefull!

  7. TW says:

    There’s loads – in particular Oldham away League Cup semi’s on valentines days, not because of the 6 – 0 hammering we took, mainly because the stand was open, it bucketed down with rain for every second we where there & on the way home on the mini bus on of the guys who was drugged out of his head listen to ‘Rave’ music all of the five hours it took us to get home, nightmare from hell!
    Couple of bright spots from that game, Martin Allen dancing in the main stand trying to gee up the fans – the lightbulbed scoreboard getting coined!
    So unlucky in the 2nd leg, one of the best nights I have had at West Ham, still don’t like Oldham to this day!

  8. NJ Hammer says:

    The 0-4 home loss to Chelsea least year was no fun, although Lampard was sent off…..

  9. supernumbersix says:

    Matt Ryan – I agree that was an appalling game.
    Went to a few very depressing games just before that, near the end of Pardew’s reign eg 0-1 to Reading anyone?? But many games under Roeder were depressing (doubly so because of the potential of the squad- not going into that one again though)

  10. Stelios J says:

    There were TWO games against Middlesborough in the mid-late 70s when Jackie Charlton managed them. Both at Upton Park, and both absolutely mind-numbing. Boro played with 11 men “goalside” for 90 minutes, before launching their one and only attack and scoring!

    I’m certain that happened in both the games, though the first was so bad, my memory may just be reliving a nightmare!

  11. Johnny Hammer says:

    0-0 home to Stoke in Championship. Took a client with me. It was so bad he sacked me afterwards!!

  12. Matt Ryan says:

    Ok, just to reiterate! My first post regarding Ians Grammar is now pointless as he has rectified it πŸ™‚ lol!

    So don’t want people telling me I don;t know what I’m talking about! lol


  13. downy says:

    Have to agree the Watford FAC game was awful. It was my seven year old daughters first ever football match,she hated it and now supports Chelsea:(

  14. chris says:

    watford game.

  15. supernumbersix says:

    D’you know what Stelios? I think just about every game against Boro that we have lost has been mind numbingly boring due to the 11 men, manager, coach, medic, kit man, 25 fans, coach driver etc all being behind the ball for 90 minutes – with the exception of one minute, where they all charge forward and score. I too remember a game near the end of 99/2000 I think, where I was trying to count the number of windows on a tower block in the distance only to snap out of it, on hearing someone cheering when they scored the winner.
    I hope we murder them on Saturday.

  16. supernumbersix says:

    Johnny Hammer – that ‘s really funny. I also took a client to a match, the Boro game I described above and nearly got sacked – and he was a Hammer’s fan.

  17. Tony says:

    Agree with Johnny Hammer, Stoke in championship at home, but i think we may of even lost 1-0. Good thing was i took my girlfriend and it was a freezing cold night game, she didn’t pester me anymore asking to come again. ha ha

  18. Earl of Essex says:

    0-1 defeat to Leedscum when Vinny Jones scored a scrappy goal in an awful game where dirty Leeds kicked us off the park, played offside all day and scored with their only real attack.

    Another bad one v them was when we lost 1-5 at home. Rob Harris was the joke of a ref that day, dirty Leeds crippled Berkovic straight from the kick off, Harte smacked Wrighty and he was off early on. Shaka then Lomas also red carded too.

  19. Rob says:

    The defeat against Blackburn with Roeder ‘in charge’ on 21.10.01 with a team that included di Canio, Carrick, Sinclair and Kanoute (Defoe was a sub not used).

  20. Goatygav says:

    I would’ve said losing to Liverpool at Anfield 6-0 in 84 or 85 but our fans were awsome that day. Completely outsang the Kop. Five mins before the end singing “We want seven, We want seven, We want seven”

    Nah – It was a 0-0 at home vs Derby County about 5 years ago. We were back in the 2nd tier (I think they called it the first division then – before it became the Championship – but I could be wrong) It was live on TV on a Sunday and Trevor Francis was commenting/commentating. The game was absolutely woeful but the atmosphere was even worse. A 3/4 full Upton Park was soul-less – many fans were on Pardew’s back and were getting at the team from the first whistle.

    It was a shame because I had taken my two cousins from Exeter to the game for their first matchday visit to Upton Park and it ended up a very quiet trip home.

  21. Matt Ryan says:

    For the sheer disappointment, I would say the 06 cup final! But the game itself was amazing if you were a neutral!

  22. Goatygav says:

    On the subject of ‘Borough does anyone remember Bernie Slaven netting a goal to level it at 2-2 at Upton Park in ’94ish. He came up to the corner of the North Bank and West Stand and gave us some. Lucky to get out alive. Never liked him – or ‘Borough for that matter.

  23. Stelios J says:

    I was at the second leg TW, singing ‘we’re proud of you’ West Ham. Didn’t Oldham have the bloody plastic pitch installed for the first leg, or am I talking out of my grass?

  24. frayne says:

    the 0-0 with sheffield, miserable, boring and i was standing in a puddle in the old north end,am currently suing mccabe for 90mins of my life back

  25. Richard Watson says:

    Does noone remember the embarrasment of the 7-1 hammering against Blackburn in 2001. Not only was it a poor game, but it was live on Sky as well!. Poor Grant McCann, he managed to score a cracking own goal & I don’t think he ever played for us again!.

  26. IoDHammer says:

    Im reading alot of middlesborough games which where boring, im now very scared of a boring game on saturday!

  27. Matt Ryan says:

    IoDHammer, no chance mate! They we are playing, it couldn;t possibly be, I know we havenpt scored in 2 games and lost our last but even those games weren’t boring! Ok, the Arsenal game could have been better but I enjoyed it! And the Manure game was brilliant! Even though we lost πŸ™‚

  28. Jimmy says:

    In terms of dullness the 1-0 defeat at Villa last season was up there. Most of the crowd seemed more interested in celebrating England’s win over Australia in the Rugby World Cup. Apart from the scoreline I’m struggling to remember anything about the game and it was less than 18 months ago.

  29. Stelios J says:

    Supernumbersix I “met” an old flame on Twitter, this week, and invited her to the game on Saturday (Valentine’s Day! I’m nothing if not an old romantic!).

    She hasn’t spoken to me since; perhaps I shouldn’t have told her we were playing Middlesborough! Live and learn.

    Gav, I remember the foul and loathesome Bernie Slaven. “Wolfman Jack-off” we called him!

  30. graybomeister says:

    Hmmm… people falling asleep at a Hammers match? Surely there must be some mistake. Oh well, maybe not.

    Great stories, guys… especially identify with Supernumbersix counting windows on a tower block.

    Sad thing is, now I think of it, we do all have a rich vein of poor matches to draw on (if that’s not a contradiction). Funny how so many of them appear to have involved Boro.

    Still, let the good times roll, eh, for 2009 and beyond.

  31. John says:

    Reading away new years day 2007 thrashed 6-0 ~ well actually I only saw about half of it as my mate who was driving decided to leave at half time. First and only time I have left a game early

  32. graybomeister says:

    Stelios, romance and football don’t go together in my experience, either.

    At school I asked a girl if she would like to go to see Chelsea-West Ham with me (her being a Chelsea fan) and I just couldn’t fathom out why she said no. What more could a girl want?

    Also, years later, took the missus to see us play Villa, and it can’t have been that good, because midway through the first half I found myself looking over her shoulder and reading the second-hand book that she had bought as we approached the ground ‘just in case I get bored’. Her first and only Upton Park experience… marriage still going strong, though, and we had a healthy debate last night about the various merits of England’s most capped outfield players.

  33. Matt Ryan says:

    Graybomaister – Lol it wasn’t like i had a 90 minute nap! lol! I nodded off! There was absolutely NO atmosphere at all! And what with the Highbury Library! πŸ™‚

    If I remember correctly, I had also gone straight from the pub after a long shift doing nights! So maybe that had something to do with it!

  34. Matt says:

    Vs Emley, FA Cup at home. Cold, dire, and just scraped through.

  35. Matt Ryan says:

    Blimey Matt, whan was that?

  36. Paolo says:

    Not sure who we played but the first league game at UP after we got relegated was a painful experience.

    Half empty stadium, you could hear a pin drop (and the players shouting to each other like on a Sunday pitch), half of the team including our young drop of talent had been sold and I could hardly recognise any of the new players (I think it’s the year that we bought David Connolly).

    Was like waking up in street the morning after a stag do. Utterly confusing and depressing.

  37. Liam says:

    I remember a 0-0 draw at home with QPR I think around 1995. I think Martin Allen got sent off after fighting with Rufus Brevett. That was the only memorable thing about it.

  38. graybomeister says:

    Paolo… πŸ™‚
    reminds me of a game at Crystal Palace I went to on New Year’s Day. It was like the whole crowd had a hangover. There was this gentle murmuring all the way through the match, and the game didn’t do anything to dispel our collective pain.

  39. Stelios J says:

    You’re absolutely right, of course, Graybomeister! Took my ex-wife to a QPR game a few years back, on a wet and wet Wednesday, which was rather wet. She spent the whole journey and the walk down Green Street as if she’d found a plectrum and lost a guitar, and only cheered up when the announcement came that game was postponed!

    Have a very close female friend, however, who came and sat with me in the Bobby Moore, rather than her boyfriend who was in the away end as a Notting Forest supporter. Bobby Gould bless her!

  40. Goatygav says:

    Tell me about it Stelios! Insult to injury he scored against us in the Masters, I think it was, to knock us out recently.

    While on that subject, as well as taking ladies to football, I’ve just booked up the Masters at Wembley Arena in July with the Mrs and my boys. Really looking forward to that one.

  41. Matt says:

    The Emley game was 1998 –

    They equalised before we finally knocked them out.

  42. Andrew says:

    on a completely diiferent thread…..

    it was good to see Green, Upson and Carlton Cole rfeprwsenting England last night (even if the performance was not so good).

    Got me thinking. When was the last time three *current* Hammers represented our country (on the pitch at the same time)? Could it be as far back as Hurst, Peters and Moore?

  43. Matt Ryan says:

    Andrew, I actually thought C.Cole did pretty well considering the circumstances! πŸ™‚ Was hard to judge Upson and Green really!

  44. England v Cameroon on Sunday 26 May 2002 featured three West Ham players – Trevor Sinclair, Joe Cole and David James.

  45. Matt P says:

    Living in Sheffield there are three games that stick in my mind

    1. 0-5 against Sheffield Wednesday. Chris Waddle ripped us apart, David Burrows didn’t know what happened but had no support and the rest of the team might as well not have turned up we were terrible.

    2. 1-4 against Barnsley in the FA cup the season before . It was feezing cold with no cover on the stand and what felt like a force 10 gale blowing into our faces. Their striker scored a hatrick and then to wind us up gesticulated to us which caused a surge by the fans to try and rip his throat out which was nice and again we were terrible.

    3. 0-1 against Rotherham. At the time this was the most soul destroying game that I had been to. The side was patched up with what was left of the relegated team, plus a few reserves and loanees – I thought that if this was the future we wouldn’t be in the top flight for about 5 years if we were lucky. At half time a couple of people stood in front of me mentioned about the team not using Rotherham’s changing rooms as if they deserved the star treatment with loads of pampering. Turned out that this was Roeder behaving like the total prick that he was. I look back more fondly on this match as the next day Roeder was sacked and Sir Trev was put in charge albeit temporarily.

  46. graybomeister says:

    The Headmaster must be at school… bet he’s stood through some awful matches. πŸ˜‰

    We’ll just have to wait patiently.

  47. phil says:

    The game at Crystal Palace on New years Day – was that when we played Charlton in 1986 and won 1-0 with a goal from Cottee. It sounds like it as it was piss poor and freezing cold.
    Also the 0-0 Derby game metioned sticks in mind as it was during one of my recent returns to the UK and I took my little boy then aged 5 and we had to leave after 25 minutes as he was so bored – the right decision apparantly.

  48. graybomeister says:

    Thank you, Phil, I thought it might have been against Charlton, but couldn’t remember. Without checking the record books it sounds about right. Someone will know for sure.

    Two best descriptions of hangovers:
    * Wearing an internal balaclava.
    * Felt as though I’d borrowed someone else’s tongue.

  49. supernumbersix says:

    New (comedy) thread Mr Dale ; Wives and or partners at the football – preferably WHU games; do’s and dont’s; did and shouldn’t, never again etc

  50. Stelios J says:

    Yes, excellent article, Brookingsbonce! Cheers for that.

  51. SJ Chandos says:

    There has been quite a few, but the one that stands out in my mind is the FA Cup tie against Farnborough at Upton Park in about 1992. The game was truly awful and the fans in the upper east side seats were making paper planes and having a contest on how far they could get them unto the pitch! The contest only stopped Morley when scored a 90th minute winner!

  52. Mike says:

    For me it would be the game against Rotherham in 04

  53. Kev Green Street says:

    Looks as though Deano won’t be back this season:,19528,11095_4915723,00.html

  54. Matt Ryan says:


  55. IoDHammer says:


  56. brookingsbonce says:

    I thought so to Stelios… love when he said that standing on chelsea players head was an “accident”… i think i remember him doing it down by the corner flag when ball was going out and he accidently “stamped” on him a few times!!!

  57. dagenhamdave says:

    For me it was the playoff final against palace , had so much hope and it was shattered by Neil Shipperley !!!!!!!!!

  58. LJ says:

    More recently, Pompey at home this season wasn’t much to write home about was it?

  59. onechristiandailly says:

    On the day of the Hillsborough disaster. I think we were playing Southampton and lost 2-1. I remember the North Bank being half empty and eerily quiet as the news came through. That was the season we also lost to Middlesborough at home when they scored twice in the last two minutes – was that the Slaven winner?

  60. D&G says:

    I went to a game in 92,93 (I think) away to Notts County winter time in the rain freezing cold out in the open and if I am correct we lost 1-0 and didn’t have a single shot on goal!

    …and we complain these days!

  61. Goatygav says:

    OneChristianDailly. It was defo a 2-2er. It was on a Wednesday night.

    Was the Southampton one when they turned up late after having trained at Rod Stewart’s house when their coach broke down? I think I saw it on TV and Beattie got a lucky winner.

  62. Trappisto says:

    On the subject of games aganist Boro, here’s Lawro’s prediction for this weekend’s game:

    “West Ham v Middlesbrough (1500 GMT)
    The Hammers are much improved and Boro don’t know where their next win is coming from, so I’m going for a draw!

    An extra match won’t suit the visitors but I think they’ll pinch a draw for the replay.

    Verdict: 1-1”

    I don’t really follow the man’s logic sometimes.

  63. SJ Chandos says:

    Goatygav, 0-1 Southampton match was the home fixture in 2002/03. We absolutely battered their goal, without reward, and Beattie got a late winner. Ironically, if we had taken those three points we would have stayed up that season!

  64. IoDHammer says:

    That guy is a fool! What the hell does that even mean!

  65. SidcupHammer says:

    Without doubt a 1-0 home win over Norwich back in the old first Division in the 80’s sometime. We had upfront Paul Goddard and the Goal Machine that was Sandy Clarke!! It was at a time when Match of the Day only used to show one half of a game in highlights, saying that “Nothing much happened in the 1st half so we pick up the game in the 2nd Half”.
    Well this game was so bad that the wags on the North bank were saying that MOTD would be saying about this classic that nothing much happened in the 1st half or the 2nd so we won’t show the match at all. It was a shocker of a game. I might be wrong but I think old Sandy scored the goal.

  66. Mike H says:

    After several years living in the US I took my American wife to her first Hammers game. Standing in the North Bank with her yellow sweater on, Notts Forest came out in their away colours – yellow. Who knew. Anyway – great day, Hammers won and no problems with the North Bank Boys.

    Great to see us playing so well under Zola and Clarke – they are truly inspirational. Wembley here we come.

  67. Goatygav says:

    Yeah – Their manager was Gordon Strachan at the time and he was a mate of Rod Stewart. So Rod Stewart was responsible for sending us down that year!! πŸ˜€

  68. Randisco says:

    Agreed with John on the post above… 6-0 loss away to Reading was absolute crap

  69. Hammerron says:

    Reading home 2006 0-1, boring ,boring ,boring

  70. E1 says:

    Play-off final v palace was pants game and journey
    I will never travel on a coach again !!!!! and i have never seen such a poor performance before or since.

  71. Tom says:

    Every game when Lou Macari was in charge.

  72. MOORO says:

    Early eighties, mid winter, home Vs WBA. We lost 2-0, utterly crap. Closely followed by the two home games in 2007 against against Watford one in the FAC the other a league match, absolutely appaling matches, for what is supposed to be the best league in the world!

  73. citizen71 says:

    Sunderland V The Hammers last season at Roker Park so 96/97 if google is to be believed. 0-0 absolute borefest of the highest kind. It was Sunday game if my memory serves me correctly and I have never been so miserable at a game in my whole life

  74. claire says:

    The first playoff at the Milennium stadium against Palace. Terrible game, chaotic trains there and back, and the following week I offered a job to someone who turned out to be a Palace suipporter and decorated his workstation with Palcce posters. I would have fired him if I could have…

  75. gossy says:

    Notts Forest in their relegation season for 96/97 visited Boxing or New Year’s day (so bad I choose not to remember), we lost 1 zip. These were the days of Dowie on his own, and before the Hartson/Kitson rainbow. The worst part was dragging a Liverpool supporting Uni mate over to sample the atmosphere of Upton Park. It was a sub zero day, with sub zero football and a sub zero atmosphere. Rubbish.

  76. GCA says:

    Showing my age here but it has to be the bore draw with swindon FA cup 5th round late seventies (i think) . i actually watched a serious game of cards break out

  77. Wibs - NorthWestHammers says:

    Stockport away when Iain Dowie scored his infamous own goal,it poured with rain from start to finish.

  78. Bonzo says:

    Any game against George Graham’s Arsenal… I used to take my pillow along with me every time that we played them.

  79. Burfy says:

    England had won the Rugby World Cup on the morning of game at Watford. Spirits were high only for the biggest let down to follow – 0-0, cold, wet & nothing happened.

  80. darkspectacle says:

    On the day of that defeat at Stockport I was visiting my girlfriend of the time who lived very nearby. She was a Star Trek nut and for that evening I had to sit by an open window of her appartment listening to the sound of cheering Stockport fans blow across the town while she tried to interest me in the stupid film she wanted to watch. It was the worst game that I never saw. An awful night!

  81. gossy says:

    Oldham away, 1st leg semi-final, 6 fooking nil in the rain…………… Got lost on the way there and back. Thanks West Ham for that day out

  82. Ronamatroid says:

    I remember a cold wet night standing on the North Bank watching Man U beat us 2 – 0. I thkn we were doomed as well, so it really wasn’t a game to savour. Strachen (the little git) scored a goal, and sat on the advertising hordings flexing his muscles.
    The only highlight was a really drunk Hammers supporter slurring terrible hurtful songs about Man U at the top of his voice. God I was cold and peeved off!

  83. E1 says:

    Iain great post how about one for our 1st or best ever game

  84. Tommo says:

    Right,have seen some shockers over the years but this one takes the Mcvitie! It was Queens Park Rangers in our opening game of the season at home in the 1987/88 season!.I know its a way back and i know your all thinking,why that game but honestly that game has haunted me throughout my life,nearly fluffed my wedding vows in 2001 cause i was still thinking about that bloody game,god it’s making my teeth itch now!,anyway cut along story and all that,West Ham got battered 3-0.

  85. graybomeister says:

    Yes, the Strachan muscle-flexing. Oh, what a cocky so-and-so.

  86. steve murphy says:

    as a hammers who moved to australia in 1979 i get to upton park about once a year on average i suppose… one year leaps to mind.. it was the home debut of liam brady .. i had been away for about 4 years without a game.. and lo and behold the hammers were playing norwich… we lost 2-0 and it was the worst, most disgraceful load of old bollocks i have ever seen.. almost made me a chelsea fan… well you get what i mean..

  87. thegeneralmuz says:

    steaua bucharest away uefa cup it was like a warzone rain wind fog police,military,paramilitary open end terrace west ham fans buying hats off police and we were terrible!great trip though stayed in same hotel as team moncs,sinclair and others joined us in bar for a drink to end the trip on a high

  88. jeff fleming says:

    living in grimsby, the worst game ive ever seen has got to be the 3-0 drubbing grimsby gave us in a fa cup replay in about 1994/95 i think, wot a night and the cod heads still remind me of the scoreline

  89. West Country Hammer says:

    Undoubtedly it has to be the first play-off final versus Palace. It all started on such a high with hammers fans practically taking over Cardiff city centre. Amazing atmosphere with a huge sense of anticipation in the air……until that great lump-of-lard Shipperly somehow defied the laws of physics and got a toe-end to squeeze the ball into the onion-bag. Any of the handful of games featuring Marco Boogers would come a close 2nd to Shipperly-gate…..

  90. MarkyMark says:

    2 games against Reading..
    First April 04 in the Championship when we lost 2-0, we were apalling…….
    Then Jan 07 when we lost6-0

  91. adam West Ham Religion says:

    must say the recent home again against everton this season, when we lost 3-1. i was at the game and to see us be 1-0 up @ 85 mins then lose 3-1 in 7 minutes was the worst and most shocking i have ever seen. also the 1-0 loss at bolton the year we went down. joey cole throwing a tantrum and seeing that jammy bastard Jay Jay Okocha bury one in the top corner after shoving off JC then brushing the ball past ian pearce who was slipping over whilst going to challenge.


  92. Claretandbluepoo says:

    FA Cup Replay 2006 against Bolton. Despite us obviously winning it was brass monkeys, the game was as exciting to watch as paint dry and it took about 4 hours to get home to Dartford.

  93. Geoff says:

    0-6 vs Sunderland away 1976(?), nothing more to say.

  94. Jackster101 says:

    first time blogger, so what better way to start than to remind others about two games i can’t for the life of me seperate for being the worst.

    1) As has already been mentioned, West ham vs Watford FAC 2007. The game was so DULL AND TEDIOUS that i went to get a hot dog, before half time, and would you believe it Watford score. The only bloody action in the game and i misses it. Think it was Boa Mortes home debut too, not sure (explains a lot)

    2) West ham Vs Tottenham 2008…..would describe but would probally fall asleep.. so much rivalry, a game which always delivers, yet, disapointed so much..

  95. Daniel Shaw says:

    That game in the mid 90’s, i think it was 1992 against sheffield united, that you mentioned, was my first ever game! Weirdly i was hooked from that point on…
    But it was an awful game on a horrible winters day, the only highlight i remember was an inflatable mr blobby being tossed around!

    losing 4-1 at cardiff made me feel awful too

    COYI! Dan

  96. Roymondo says:

    There’s been so many “worst” games over the years but I think that the 6-0 defeat at Reading two years ago left me feeling lower than I ever have after a West Ham game. I can’t remember a match where the lack of effort was so high or the body language so bad. How any team from the “best league in the world” could be so woeful is beyond comprehension.

  97. Cookie says:

    There have been many terrible games, but for sheer anti-climatic value and the most disappointment it has to be the League Cup semi-final home first leg against Luton Town. We were truly shocking, with Allen McKnightmare personifying all that was bad with West Ham that day. I have never walked away from a game so glum and heart-broken at giving up a cup final place with no ounce of fight in the whole team. Made matters worse that we made a right fight of the second leg and almost turned things around but for that Showaddywaddy off-spring.

  98. DevoDevo says:

    Too many to pick one, but I was at Anfield (see Goatygav) when we lost 0-6 and recall us singing “here we go” when we forced our first corner after about 70 minutes.

    The Kop gave the West ham supporters a standing ovation at the end.

  99. Ads says:

    Any of the recent FA Cup games in the 90’s when we lost to the likes of Swansea, Wrexham and nearly losing to Farnborough.

    Apart from that, I remember losing 5-1 at home to Leeds in the Redknapp era when we had about 3 players sent off and Hasselbaink scored about 4 of the 6 goals!

    Also Reading at home last season, when we drew 1-1 and were so bloody negative!! There has been a lot of bad games unfortunately!

  100. IronMick says:

    Can’t really think of a stand out worst West Ham game to be honest, there have been a few. I tend to let them slip out of my mind pretty quickly! One game that I have not forgotten was watching Charlton play West Brom…my god mind knumbingly dull, and with less atmosphere than my bathroom, if it wasn’t for some idiot with a drum you could have heard a pin drop! The only saving grace was that I was sitting next to Alan Pardrew in the directors box so had a chat with him.

  101. Another theme emerging from this polite chit-chat is the ability of Hammers fans to smile in the face of adversity. Let’s face it, we are used to it.

    You can’t get much better than the Villa Park semi-final v Forest in 91 when Tony Gale was sent off and we went down 4-0. I remember some people around me wondering what the heck was going on, with our non-stop singing, stamping and clapping shaking the very fabric of the stand for the entire second half.

    I suppose the feeling has always been ‘Oh well, we’re going down, might as well try and enjoy ourselves’. (I love the idea of a paper plane competition, though, I have to admit).

    Oops, bit too polite and chit-chatty… I’ll get back to this week’s copy of Women’s Realm now.

  102. Paul M says:

    when we lost to Northampton in a cup game, now that was a load of cobblers —– get it?
    last year or the year before (my memory is fading) we lost 2 or 3 games 4-0 back to back, that little ‘run’ had me despairing!!

  103. Lardy says:

    0-0 away at Watford. Chucked it down the whole match and even my wife wondered why there was no-one using the left side of the pitch (Etherington was injured).

  104. IoDHammer says:

    Ok im seriously seriously depressed now, can we PLEASE talk about our best games! Pleeease! lol

  105. Zvezda & Hammers says:

    Friendly against Marconi Fairfield in Sydney Australia about 10 years ago….no atmosphere, no known Hammers playing, 1 pissy goal to us and just a crap game.

  106. Roshi says:

    I love a game of total mediocrity…’s what being a West Ham fan is all about!….BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!

    Pretty bubbles in the air..

  107. It would have to be the 90-91 FA Cup semi-final were we lost 4-0 to Nottingham Forest.
    We were on top of them until Tony Gale was unfairly sent of early in the game. We still played well but unfortunately were not able to hold them out and they scored 4 undeserved goals.
    Although we played our hearts out with 10 men, Forest were a very good team and took full advantage.
    It was a heartbreaking result especially as the send off was not warranted.

  108. HermitRoadHarry says:

    Re: semi v Forest 91

    And remember Roy Keane celebrating his goal right in front of us? I’ve never forgiven him for that.

  109. Eric says:

    I see stories of Terry Dixon being likened to Wayne Rooney. I cop to knowing little about him but this sounds like it could be good.

  110. Daveip1966 says:

    I remember that 5-1 against Leeds, didn’t Wright gent fined for trashing the ref’s room after his red card?

    Two worst ones for me: 99’00 season (I think) and we were 3-0 up against Wimbledon at home on a Monday night. And lost 4-3. We just totally fell apart, after looking like we were going to inflict a severe beating.

    But the absolute worst was the New Year game at Leeds a couple of years later. Evening kick off, but there were no trains so that meant a coach from the ground about 2-ish (thankfully the Boleyn was open). It snowed on the way up, and the heating had broken so we were frozen by the time we reached whatever services we stopped at on the M1. When we got back on, it was fixed, but jammed at full so everyone was boiling instead.

    Got to the ground and we were absolutely abysmal, how they only put three past us I don’t know. And it was even colder by now. And the stewards (ShowSec, you b******s, i hope you all got stranded on the Snake Pass for 48 hours last week, you make the old trafford goons look good) kept trying to make us sit down when we were just trying to keep the blood circulating. Even the normal away tradition of cheering in the teeth of a pounding was snuffed out that game. Gah!!!

  111. … yes, but it made you what you are today, didn’t it, Daveip πŸ˜‰

    which is …?

  112. Daveip1966 says:

    living on the equator, Graybo ;o)

  113. Paul Watling says:

    I took my, then, 5 year old son to see us Vs Aston Villa in about 1993-94 and they were awful! So bad in fact that the little fella fell asleep half way through the first half. We lost 4-0 I think and he never really engaged with the Irons after that…. Luckily for me My daughter’s first experience of the Hammers was a rather satisfying 3-1 home victory over Blackburn in 95/96 and she has been a member with me for the last 10 years. It is good that we don’t have tooo many bad memories, Although I would also nominate our Miserable performance at Anfield last year under Curbs as one of the poorest recent performances I have witnessed.

  114. Paul Watling says:

    Oh I just thought of another one Oxford in the old 2nd divison, took my little Jock Nephew, who at half time had those in the North Bank near us laughing when he turned to me and said, Uncle Paul, aren’t West Ham allowed in the white box? Out of the mouths of Babes eh! It was 0-0 or 1-1 I think awful game mid to late 80’s!

  115. Shropshire Hammer says:

    Any away game at Luton when they had their plastic pitch, crap football and we always seemed to lose. Plus Oldham in the cup semi that has already been mentioned. Other cup defeats to the likes of Swansea, Stockport, Blackpool, etc, etc. Hopefully those days are over. Looking forward to tomorrow’s game, even if it is against boring ‘boro.

  116. thegeneralmuz says:

    roshi does your mediocrity comment equate to your general view of the game?i believe watching our beloved has more highs and lows and long may it continue or we might just turn into the yids! are you tottenham in disguise????????

  117. Hammer Ray says:

    Worst game for me was the only game I have brought my Daughter to so far. 1-0 home defeat by Man City under Curbs at Christmas 2007. Absolutely the worst West Ham performance while I’ve been at UP. My daughter still loves them though, bless er! For the record, I was at the 8-1 home win vs Newcastle. Must have been 86ish. Missed Alvin Martins 1st goal as I was arriving. Peter Beardsley finished up in goal! Hilarious. Martin got a hat-trick also, and I sat next to Clive Allen also so pretty memorable!! He was cheering us on too!!!

  118. the headmaster says:

    Stelios you are so right; The Jack Charlton’s Boro game around 78 defo springs to mind. 1 – 0 I believe it was, with them scorong in the 9th minute and then using the passback to the goalie tactic (you could then!). Just dire.
    Losing to Palace at Cardiff, Stoke at home in December 05, West Brom 4-3 after being 3 up and Judas getting himself sent off, 4-0 away at Charlton with Pards in charge of them. Christ, the list is almost endless….
    Sorry Graybo (glad you missed me!) been away training some teachers in London.

  119. Earl says:

    Cheer!, Daily update English Premier League videos clip(Liverpool vs Sunderland 2-0 All Goals and more..),

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