Harry Harris Stirs it on 5 Live

A reader emails this…

I am fuming after hearing ‘journalist’ Harry Harris, that well known Chelsea supporter, on Five Live this morning. Discussing the Hiddink appointment, he said that he ‘could exclusively reveal’ that Zola and Clarke were interviewed at Chelsea last week and would be appointed to manage Chelsea next season.


48 Responses to Harry Harris Stirs it on 5 Live

  1. IoDHammer says:

    What a fool this guy is!

  2. Tony says:

    Harry at Chelski and Harry at Sprus, spot the connection…… yep your right both are ________.

    Suggestions needed for the blank space!

  3. IoDHammer says:


  4. Roymondo says:

    I learnt years ago not to believe a word this guy say – or writes. It amazes me that he is still employed.
    Wouldn’t it be a good idea if all journos were measured each year on how accurate their predictions and “exclusives” turned out to be. If they did that, and published a league table, I am sure that old Harry would be relegation fodder.

  5. devo says:

    What a Plonker

  6. babelman says:

    who cares guy is a tosser

  7. Hear-hear Roymondo… the only answer is for people to stop buying the rags and tell people why they are not buying the rags.

    Some sections of our press are truly appalling.

    The questioning on radio and tv is appalling. People are just allowed to say anything they like without being challenged.

    The interviewer should have said to Harris: ‘What evidence do you have to back up that claim.’

  8. will says:

    Why is it that if you or I came out with this sh*te it would be liabelous but when Journo does and it is wrong unfounded and utter boll*X then nothing is said.

    Zola as far as I am concerened (and I hope I am right) is a man of honour and also seems very indebted to WHUFC for giving him his shot.


  9. DevoDevo says:

    Harry Harris is a ………

    Winning entry wins a signed picture of the bug eyed journo.

  10. kelvin says:

    On iPlayer – “in my view”

    What view would that be? The one you’re guessing at mate? Since no one else would know what goes on in your dust mite sized brain, then here’s one from me

    “I can reveal exclusively, in my view, you are a cock”

  11. Roy says:

    This guy ran a one man crusade against us over the Tevez case. He hates West Ham. I actually thought he was a spud.

  12. Biffo the bear says:

    Should be sued or at least slapped with a fish. I used to believe that journalists had to check their sources and were meant to tell the truth. Now it seems they can just make up things they wish were true and no-one seems to get punished for lying. It must be the case that their editors or producers in the case of broadcasters, think it’s ok to ‘stir things up a bit’. I think radio shows with phone-ins are particularly guilty of this and will say almost anything to get those phone lines buzzing. A particularly low form of what is a fairly seedy business in the first place.

  13. Scalyback says:

    Maybe the club &/or Zola & Clarke should do something about this type of ‘journalism’ and this ‘gentleman’ in particular. Could they seek some sort of redress in court maybe? At the very least he should be banned from the Boleyn Ground.

    What really annoys me is that lots of ‘journalists’ will pick up on this and get several more stories out of it.

  14. kevin mousley says:

    well if Harry says it is so, we can all rest easy in our beds …Zola’s staying!

  15. Goatygav says:

    Have said on a former blog that I haven’t bought a newspaper for over 11 years. It’s simple really. Vote with your feet.

  16. Bav says:

    He needs a swift kick up the harris…lol…what a stirring winker!!

  17. jon.london colney says:

    this is just a west london muppet abusing his position trying to stir up the dirty stuff as there jelousy cant handle the truth….zola doesnt want to manage any other club while he is enjoying working with west ham.typical muppet,god i hate using clean words-that has nothing better to say so i know…lets stir up that lot from the other side!!!!

    as for parker signing…..magic.coyi

  18. devo says:

    to see a club as rich as Chelski ,and its supporters, coveting our management team all that money they spent on managers and players so sad

  19. hammer4eva says:

    The word b0ll0cks seems to come to mind. Apparently Mr Zola and Mr Clarke are very happy hammers thanks very much so s0d off Mr Harris and find some other worthless news to report.
    After what the official West Ham site have been saying it will be very surprising if Mr Zola goes anywhere at least for 3 years or so.
    I hope we don’t get too cocky re the game tomorrow and think we just have to turn up to win, as Middlesboro will be going all out to cheer up their fans after a bad season so far.
    It will be a lot closer than people are saying and I’ll go for a 1-0 win.

  20. James says:

    The bloke is in a dream world, Chelsea had their day and now Villa are the bigger club apparently, Everyone is getting old like Fat Frank and Roman won’t part with his cash any more due to the huge debt Chelsea are in.

    So Chelski fans listen up, Zola is into young future world class players not overated old ones! West Ham are going places by pure hard work and graft, not by the texture of our fabric like your lot! Watch and learn!

    And do us a favour go get Arry from the spuds!

  21. Savvyho says:

    Gianfranco Zola is too much of a gentleman to participate in something as underhand as that.

    We would have seen it on his face at the press conference if this was true and he definitely would not have spoken about the unfinished project and being lucky to be at a club like ours.

  22. Savvyho says:

    We don’t need to worry…Hiddink is there to stay. Once he tastes the Premiership flavour, he’s gonna want more.

  23. devo says:


  24. jpt says:

    Harry Harris and Chelski can get…..lost

  25. NC Hammer says:

    Dunno if anyone recalls Harry tipping Roy Keane for the Chelsea job after Grant was fired last year. The guy is a pratt and should be treated as such.

  26. latham says:

    this is why i hate evereything that aint claret & blue

  27. HammerMalta says:

    Is this Harry any relation to Harry “potter”.COYI!!!!!Let the good times roll.

  28. tommo says:

    Harry Harris is a Pumphead!!

  29. E1 says:

    wishfull thinking they are going to struggle unless the top man changes his mind and spends, Fantasy football always seems to go wrong if you ride your luck to long and don’t make changes.

  30. DaDon says:

    Having subbed his copy i know exactly how poor a journalist he is. At the very least Chelsea would need to get West Ham’s permission to even talk to Zola and Clarke, let alone formally interview them. To be ignored.

  31. RunningHammer says:

    I don’t want to be the sole voice of doubt…and I know this geezer is just a stirring idiot….but am I the only one who already had suspicions this might be the case?

    Hadn’t anyone else wondered why Guus Hiddink is only Chelscum’s “temporary coach until the end of the season…” ??

  32. westhamutd says:

    Who do you think is working on extending new contracts to our best players? Zola for sure. He needs to ensure a winning cycle to our side. For its and our sake.

  33. DevoDevo says:

    goatygav – you’re a man after my own heart. Most papers are filth and with TV are responsible for the society that we live in today.

    BTW – this is what a Spurs fan has said about Dixon:

    Football FanCast columnist Des Lewis wonders if West Ham fans realise what a class act this Dixon is.

    When news broke yesterday afternoon that Terry Dixon had put pen to paper on a three year contract at West Ham, I had mixed emotions.

    Firstly there was delight for a kid who has suffered some horrendous knee injuries and glad to see that he refused to give into them despite doctors fears, and secondly utter disappointment that my team didn’t show the same patience and fortitude that West Ham have, in giving this player every opportunity to succeed. This kid is special and our loss is very much West Ham’s gain.

    It is not often that I get blown away by a young player, but Dixon has it all. I have watched him develop from the age of 14 at Spurs and even then he was being tipped for great things. You don’t get called up for the full Republic of Ireland squad at the age of 16 if you didn’t have ability and he has it in droves. Strong as an ox, quick and a prolific finisher, the likeness in his game to that of Rooney’s is uncanny and he even shares a similar build. Believe me the comparison with Rooney is certainly not a throwaway comment as he certainly has his attributes.

    It was men against boys when Dixon played in the academy sides and there is no doubt in my mind that had he not picked up those knee injuries then he would have been a regular starter now at WHL – I only hope that Zola gives him the opportunity this season to show West Ham fans what he can do, so the player can finally fulfil his potential. He is a star in the making and Spurs I feel will forever rue the decision to not give him that second chance. It will come back to haunt them and I’m sure nothing would please Hammers fans more than to see that happen.

  34. Grant says:

    Harry – you sure his real name isn’t Paul Smenis?

  35. soapmonkey says:

    of course this “insider” with “exclusive” knowledge of goings on behind the scene was first to break the news that scolari was about to be sacked wasn’t he?wasn’t he?no? oh my mistake…
    I think he just farts, takes a good long sniff and turns it into words…

  36. whuterry says:

    anymore news on this so called bye out ?

  37. Salesh says:

    I highly doubt west ham would allow Zola and Clarke to be interviewed….

    This guy is just trying to get a reaction from west ham fans imo. He’s all rubbish

  38. Hammer Ray says:

    As far a news stories go, the Harry Harris garbage pales into insignificance compared to the positive reports that I’ve been chuffed to bits to read about over the last few days. Firstly, Zola has made the sort of comments about us that I was certain he was capable of. The vast majority of us knew he was honourable , loyal and was determined to succeed at West Ham over a far longer term than he has had so far. Everything he has said points to exiting times ahead. My only minor concern was that Steve Clarke has not spoken out in a similar way, but I just hope his feelings are the same as Zola’s. Also, the long term signing of Parker is great news, as he’s been my Hammer of the year so far, closely followed by Ilunga & Behrami. I know contracts don’t usually count for much, but he’s saying the right things also and his performances speak for themselves. Finally Terry Dixon, (who’s name is far too similar to a previous hate figure of mine)!! I have to admit, I have never actually seen him yet, but everything I have read about him seems very encouraging if his knee problems are past. I have my doubts at least in the next year or so that we’ll see Ashton at his best, so look forward to seeing what he can do. I really believe that GZ is the key to our best players showing some much needed loyalty to the Club. He is setting a fantastic example to players and fans alike so I for one am overjoyed we’ve got him and long may this continue. As stated, we need to be wary of Boro tomorrow amounst so much positive stuff. I hope it carries us through to the next round. What a week! COYI

  39. Paul says:

    Aah Harry Harris !! .I had a run in of all run in’s with Mr Harris during the summer ,it ended with him threatning to come ‘after’ me.The man has a pathological and irrational hatred of West Ham United which started even before ‘Tevez’ gate, i can only assume he failed to make the grade as a player at the accademy of football.I reminded the idiot of his’exclusives’Kia Joorbachien to take the stand for Sheffield United at the Independant tribunal with ‘exsplosive ‘evidence that would get Sheffield United reinstated to the Premier League and would send West Ham down ! he trumpted .To cut a long story short their were a series of e-mail’s between Mr Harris and myself regards’Tevez’ gate after each &every e-mail i signed off with : Im forever blowing bubbles in the air ,they fly so high they almost reach the sky …then just Like Harry Harris’s dream of nailing West Ham …they fade &die .In several heated e-mails the best the clown could come up with was ,”Come on Paul you and i both know that in the corridors of Upton Park documents regarding Tevez are being hidden ” .So please people you’ve got to understand Harry Harris is like a junkie needing a heroin fix he cannot survive without his daily fix of anti West Ham diatribe .His e-mail address at the time of our correspondence was:harry.harris1@mac.com .Be warned Harry Harris might threaten to come after you !!,Harry boy’s interpetation of free speech is rather one sided especially with regards to West Ham United .He cowardly uses the media to attack The Hammers when you hit back he can’t take it .Im forever blowing bubbles in the air ,pretty bubbles in the air ,they fly so high they almost reach the sky …then just like Harry Harris’s attempt to nail us Hammers they fade and die .

  40. the headmaster says:

    Thanks for giving us the benefit of your insider knowledge Harry, you truly are a legend in your profession. Your legacy is the accuracy of your prophecies and you should be deeply revered and respected for these. We will never forget that we heard it from you first.
    God bless you and keep you. We are so privileged to share the same air that you breathe.

  41. Big Monkey Man says:

    I seem to remember an exclusive from Mr Harris about explosive documents that would prove that Westham had played Tevis as an unregistered player. What did he come up with? a copy of Tevez insurance document which according to Mr Harris was proof that after we promised to rip up the contract with Kia we were still breaking the rules. It was a double page spread which said everything about Mr Harris journalistic skills that this man will print rubbish and think that people will believe him. Maybe we should all email the editor of the express to “express” (sorry) our displeasure with this odious little moron who thinks that he is so clever.

  42. Aussie Hammer says:

    Where did you get that Harry Harris is a Chelsea fan?

    I worked with his son several years ago and he is actually a spurs fan.

    Makes it worse.

    He did tell me that they both hate West Ham so no suprise he is stirring with the above.

  43. SJ Chandos says:

    Total fiction, specifically designed to increase the speculation about the Chelski and Zola-Clarke next season. I agree that the club should get a recording of the interview and get their solicitors to ask Mr Harris to substantiate his allegations!

    Mr Harris is no friend of West Ham Utd FC, many of us will remember his frequent anti-Hammers articles in the Daily Mirror. It is nice to see that fellow contributors are treating this rogue story with the contempt that it deserves.

  44. SJ Chandos says:

    Unfortunately, this story, in terms of its speculation value, may be an harbinger of things to come in the summer. I guess it all depends how Gus Hiddink does for the remainder of the season and whether they can, or want to, thrash out a deal for him to stay long term. I still think that Chelski will want Zola to have substantially more experience before approaching him for their managers position.

    I think that we have at least a couple of seasons before that happens and by that time, hopefully, our club will be able to fulfill Zola’s long-term managerial ambitions.

  45. chris says:

    Its obvious they will leave in the summer.
    Hope we stick to the same football thou.
    Hope the new manager does not change everything again!

  46. LondonLaurie says:

    Chelsea announced losses in excess of 60M quid this week (well, for the season actually but the announcement was this week). Over a third of that was in paying off Managers and their assistants. And that before a penny has been paid to Scolari. Arent they still paying Crespo’s wages?

    Little wonder they look down the other end of the District line with envious glances. They know where they can stick their blue flag.. right up yours Harry Harris. Cock (as in you sad Spud mug)!! Hope his editor sends him to the Boleyn very soon.

    Real story of the week though, with the potential to top Parkers signing a new contract, is the promise of having nicked the next Wayne Rooney off Spurs. Especially as we will never sell them another player.


  47. Sussex hammer says:

    I believe there is quite a lot of truth in what Harris has said. My own sources (via a very good mate who works in publicity and is connected to one of the ‘better’ agents) believes it’s a done deal – a representative of Abramovic met with Clarke during the week to figure out the sequenc of events that will result in Clarke (& Zola) heading West – including topics such as buy-out clauses etc. That mate of mine put £50 @ 25/1 which saw the price drop to 8/1 24hrs later.

  48. tony says:

    is this the same Harry (insider) Harris who stirred up the rubbish on Tevez for over two years the man is and always will be a one story reporter

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