Scott Parker Signs New Contract

Scott Parker has signed a contract keeping him at the club until June 2013. Great news. He’s become and absolute midfield mainstay, and I couldn’t be more delighted that he wants to extend his contract. He is 28 at the moment, so this is his last big contract. Scott commented…

I am very happy, pleased and excited – especially after all the speculation in the transfer window -that I can now put that to rest and sign a new-long term contract. In the last few weeks, the way the club is going and the direction that the manager and the board want to go is something I want to follow. By signing my new contract, it says that I want to do this as well. It also says a lot about West Ham, there has been a lot of negative things written, saying there was a crisis and all of that. This shows that West Ham are in a position to keep their players when others want them and as a player and for the fans, that is a great thing. The manager showed a real desire to keep me. He sees me as a massive part of the squad and that meant a lot to me, especially when there were things being written everywhere. So I am delighted to sign.

Good stuff. Scott Duxbury added his twopennyworth too…

Today’s news underlines that a lot of nonsense has been
written and said about this club in recent weeks. It is clear that even if
external forces try to destabilise us, nothing will stand in the way of our
football project and our efforts to bring success to this club and our


31 Responses to Scott Parker Signs New Contract

  1. Goatygav says:

    Good Stuff Scott & Scott.

    COYI!!! Can’t wait for the Boro game.

  2. Paul M says:

    see weve also signed 19year old Irish striker called Dixon. apparently Spuds released him last March cos’ he had a dodgy knee, but hes been sorted in Belgium and has been training with us. GZ liked what he saw and signed him. It would be great if he matured into a gem, that would put Spuds noses out of place – again, don’t yer just love it?

    3-0 to the irons this week and a nice draw please.

  3. djclipz says:

    Excellent, and i hope he runs the midfield tomorrow!!!!

  4. redkipper says:

    Previously I have to own up to not being a Parker fan but he has got better & better giving our mid-field a continental holding style. this takes the pressure off our defense as well as giving the attack more options than the hit it high and long way we had started to follow.

    Well done Parker say all of us!

    First time I’ve known anybody I voted for winning a competition!

  5. james says:

    Great news Scotty!!! Dixon is really exciting me, I wasn’t even aware he had been released. What I am aware of are the strong (and warrented) comparisons to Wayne Rooney. Pretty close attributes are physique, speed, skills and finishing (for when they were the same age), unfortunately a few injuries have slowed his progress but if he can fulfill half his potential we will have a real gem and even better the spuds are going to be crying over it!! Top scorer on my footie manager, so if I can get the best out of him Zola and Clarke should be able to as well. COYI!!!

  6. Paul B says:

    Good news. He shows captain quality as well.

  7. Martin of Surbiton says:

    More good news! We true fans are not used to this. I too would like to see him as captain. Bring on Middlesbrough. COYI

  8. James says:

    Very much deserved, hopefully Upson and Green sign up as well!

  9. Wes says:

    Really good news.

  10. supernumbersix says:

    Another player who has made me eat a nice chunk of humble pie. Very impressed with Mr Parker of late. Still think he should be made captain permanently. On that subject, is ‘skippy’ banned for tomorrow’s game anyone?? I hope so, coz he’s been away playing for Oz meaning he’ll be jet lagged and even slower than usual.

    Like the sound of the kid Dixon. Hope it works out, doubly so because of the Spuds connection, or lack of now.

  11. Savvyho says:

    “This shows that West Ham are in a position to keep their players when others want them and as a player and for the fans, that is a great thing.” – Scott Parker

    Couldn’t have put it better myself. I’m glad his recent, shocking, non-inclusion for the Eng squad had no effect on his decision. Shows he trusts in his abilities.

  12. Yes, I’m really pleased about this, but now that the dust has settled on the ManYoo game did anyone else think his little ‘skip’ in front of Ryan Giggs (after the Cole failed sliding tackle) was comedy moment of the week?

    Have another look. What was he thinking, and you can see Joan Collins saying exactly the same thing.

  13. supernumbersix says:

    Different thread I know but… didn’t Max ‘boil-on-a-verruca’ Clifford say WHU would be ‘sold off’ by now???

  14. Iain’s Twittered that he wants us to vote for our most fanciable Peer, but I’m confused… Southend isn’t among the candidates.

  15. supernumbersix says:

    Always liked Brighton myself, Southend was too bleedin’ long. Nice one at Cromer. Although I’m not sure I ‘fancied’ any of them myself.

  16. jpt says:

    Parker is a gem. Nuff said.

  17. HammersWest says:

    Well done Scotty, can’t wait for tomorrow. COYI

  18. thegeneralmuz says:

    good evening gents,nice to see finally our players wanting to stay and hope its for the right reasons and not just a hefty lengthy contract i think scotty learnt a big lesson going to chelsea and i hope he relays that to our new youngsters coming through you can stay at west ham and be a legend whilst still getting inernational recogniton or go to one of the big 3/4 and warm the bench!wet ham 3 boro 0…

  19. E1 says:

    EXcellent news !!! got to be next captain, he’ll be up for it tommorow looking forward to the draw for the next round this one’s done and dusted 2 – 0. COYI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Tony Titan says:

    Great news !

    Not being a killjoy, just to make sure Scotty didnt hang on to the ball for too long – as can be known on the off occassion – I would have added an additional term in his contract stating –

    “your salary for the week shall be payable in full save for cases where you loose possesion – or in cases where the ball is at your feet for periods in excess of 4 seconds and no more than 2 touches of the ball – in any of these eventualities – you will forefit that weeks salary to the registered charity of your teams choice”

    Just as a safeguard and to focus the mind !

  21. RunningHammer says:

    Great news…candidate for Hammer of the Season so far for me

  22. DevoDevo says:

    I won’t gloat, but I questioned anyone on here who never rated Parker. 😉

    The fella has been different class and it was incredible that he never got the call from Capello, especially when he has watched more West Ham games than any other team.

    can you imagine how Spain would have reacted to Scotty piling in with his tackles?

    I can honestly say that this is the most exciting time I can remember since the 80’s for our club. Finally, somewhere, the penny has dropped in that, if we keep our best players (Rio, Joey, Carrick, Johnson etc), we might have had a top 4 side.

    Give Scotty the captaincy. He could become another legend in the making of Billy Bonds.

  23. mokumhammer says:

    Another one – not exactly a Parker fan – but better the devil you know – he’s yet to let us down, & that’s his plus point I suppose, not dissapointed with the extension!

  24. Eddie Chappers says:

    A model professional and a great footballer- never going to set the world alight but he is not a flair player and is very good at what he does do- win possession and distribute. As a result I am glad to see another player sign up for the longterm and commit themselves to ‘the project’.

    Also nice to see Lawro has got us down for a 1-1 draw tomo, so that should mean we are nailed on for the quarters, slightly pessimistic about this one though but I will be glad to be proved wrong!

    Also good to see Deano finally sorted out and on the mend too- I think it will be a case of him being assessed when fit and the decision made whether he should be sold or not, I personally would like to keep him especially with the record of the current medical setup so far.

    Enjoy the game tomorrow gents.

  25. the headmaster says:

    The symobolism of Parker’s signing is immense, in my view.
    when (if?) Neill goes in the summer, Parker will surely be made Captain and rightly so.
    Grayb0 – that was terrible!!!

  26. Stephen says:

    Brilliant article from Russell Brand in the guardian. Enjoy

  27. Stephen says:

    Just read the latest on the clubs website, Zola talking about the atmosphere at the club and how he want’s to take us to another level. Don’t want to get to confident but I think Zola is something special, this could be West Ham United’s time to shine…. I like every West Ham fan is loving it right now, COME ON YOU IRONS

  28. richo says:

    Good stuff

  29. Roymondo says:

    I never thought I would find myself saying it but I am a great supporter of the Scotts.

  30. irontc says:

    Could have been a different game on Wednesday night if Parker had played. No one was effectively closing the Spanish down, like Scotty does week in, week out for us.


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