Middlesbrough Vote: Rate the Player Performances

Rate each player for their performance in the game against Middlesbrough.

Give each player a mark from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest. Any score above 10 is automatically discounted.

Please only take part in this poll if you were either at the game or saw the whole thing on TV. Do NOT take part if you listened to it on the radio or didn’t see it at all.

Use this as a guide to how you score.

10 – World class
9 – Exceptional
8 – Excellent
7 – Good
6 – Average
5 – Below average
4 – Poor
3 – Disgraceful
2 – Not fit to wear the shirt
1 – Did he play?

Only vote for substitutes if they played for more than 15 minutes.

Click HERE to vote.

The vote will remain open until 250 people have voted.


51 Responses to Middlesbrough Vote: Rate the Player Performances

  1. Paul M says:

    green 7
    neil 6
    collins 6
    upson 6
    Illunga 7
    parker 6
    noble 6
    LBM 5
    collison 6
    Cole 6
    Di Mic 6
    tristan 5
    savio 7
    sears 6

  2. lotf says:

    “Please only take part in this poll if you were either at the game or saw the whole thing on TV. Do NOT take part if you listened to it on the radio or didn’t see it at all.”

    I’m glad you said that. always annoys me that the bbc text feed actively encourages people reading the text feed to go and vote on the player’s performances. how can you rate the players only based on that?! As i only had the radio on i will look forward to the results and not vote.

  3. richo says:

    Just voted Iain, poor performance today, lucky to have another crack at them. I voted two players disgraceful and two players good.. everyone else in between

  4. Paul M says:

    sorry Iain just seen the vote here button above so done it again.
    Watched the game on Ustream, not over impressed but at least we kept going. Savio looked lively when he came on and must be worth a start next time out.
    At least we did not loose, if we play this badly again all season i would be surprised !!!!
    Herita is a legend.


  5. Paul M says:

    replay is set for feb 24th

  6. Tevezgate says:

    Tristan & Di Michele were shocking, as was LBM. We just never turned up today, but after the run we’ve been on, I wasn’t altogether surprised – a bit of a reality check, perhaps? I fully expect us to go and win at their place, we have been far better away from home this term.

  7. Trappisto says:

    Voted too.

    I think that we’d had a good (albeit brief) bit of play until they scored, then they seemed content to sit back and try and hit us on the break.

    So we had two slow strikers (after Cole went off) who need space to play getting closed down all the time and dispossessed, and by the end two small pacey forwards that didn’t have any space to run in to or the strength to stay on the ball. No wonder we found it such tough going getting through.

    We were indeed pretty poor mind, but perhaps with a little more guile in midfield we could have gotten some better chances? Of course there were a few occasions where we might have pulled level (like the DiMichele chance), so again we seem to missing a clinical finisher as well.

  8. eleeNYC says:

    little shaky today. The last three games have me concerned with the attack up front. We aren’t penetrating enough and putting too much on the defense. Second half seemed like we just kept crowding the left when we went forward.

    while Cole is doing well there is still something missing.

    Lot of missed chances. I don’t like thinking that we win because of luck.

  9. HammerMan says:

    That has to be the worst performance for a loooong time. We had no clue up front, we absent in midfield, and dodgy at the back. No one wanted to play today. Very lucky to get a replay. Wake uop boys….

  10. David the Yank says:

    Cole is the new Ashton.
    di Michele is the new Cole. (He couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat!)

    So much for the 1-on-1 “tuition” by Zola to teach his strikers how to finish.


  11. Eddie Chappers says:

    Not a great performance but there were positives again to take from a game we didnt win- it was good to see Mark Noble back to somewhere near his best with great distribution and his tackle on 56mins to deny Alves (I think it was) kept us in the game.

    I think Tevezgate’s criticism of DiMichele as ‘shocking’ is harsh as he looked one of our most dangerous players on the ball creating the majority od our chances, and for the first match I can remember he was tracking back to win the ball having lost possession.

    Savio looked really comfortable in possession and bar his first corner his distribution was generally excellent, especially the assist of course. Ginge was at fault for the goal but bar that was solid, the rest of the back four and Greeno were very good and Neill had another good game even without the cover Behrami usually provides which had been a worry pre-match.

  12. Eddie Chappers says:

    P.S. DiMicheles miss was shocking though agreed!

  13. Savvyho says:

    Agree with you about DiMichele Eddie Chappers about him tracking back. At least he got involved and got stuck in….missed a chance but it happens. Must disagree with you about Noble though. Another poor performance and was subbed because of it, gave the ball away too often and always looked as if the game was too fast for him.

    Our nervous play was because of one man, Behrami. Missed him badly.

    Savio will be a permanent fixture before too long and as predicted, is quality on the set pieces. Great cross for the goal.

  14. E1 says:

    just got back had a couple of beers and a chat general opinion green,collins,collisson,illunga and savio all did ok the rest below par. very disapionted and berahmi was sadley missed, still we get to fight another day and i hope put it right. coyi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Tevezgate says:

    Yes Eddie, my assessment was maily based on that miss, but he does seem to lose/give away the ball too easily as well… I was watching on a fuzzy stream, did Collins actually miss the ball? From what I could make out he he seemed to do a complete air shot?

  16. Al says:

    I totally agree that we missed Behrami. Neill rooted in our own half most of the time again. Savio looked tricky though and Green looked in control and vocal at the shower in front of him which was good (in a perverse way).

    Everyone around us (DrML) was standing up after Noble went off – it looked like they were looking at something kicking off. Anyone got any idea. I saw Noble look less than impressed when his number came up. Did he get stroppy at the dugout?

  17. E1 says:

    noble needs to be brought down a peg or 2 I feel he will in time be a very good player but today he did’nt deserve to stay on and he has got to look at that and accept it and put it right.

  18. SJ Chandos says:

    That was a very below par performance, but credit to Boro they came played a very disciplined, controlled game. The ironic thing is that, even though we were hardly at the races, we still had enough chances to win it. Three guild edged chances fell to Collison, Tristan and Di Michele, that normally you would expect them to put away.

    I think I gave Di Michele too much credit earlier today, he looked light weight again and continues to consistently lose possession. That’s a worry. I hope Cole is ok because as I said some time ago, I do not fancy depending on Tristan. In fairness to him, he is clearly still struggling with the pace of the PL and has not had enough match time. But I guess the question to be posed is, is it ring rust or has he no longer got it?

    I knew he would start with Boa Morte on the left, but I just do not know what to say about his performance levels! Nsereko looked very good when he come on and he improved the balance of the side no end. Clearly, we all saw today how important Berhami is to the side. Hopefully he will be back very soon. Still, as others have said, we got a replay, so its still all to play for! We are well overdue a win at the Riverside, so why not on the 24/2!

  19. savvyho says:

    SJ Chandos avoids mentioning Noble!

  20. SJ Chandos says:

    I thought that Noble had a reasonable game. His distribution was good and, as always he worked hard. The thing about the lad is that he never hides. It is obvious that he is having a dip in form at the moment, but he will play his way through it. As others have said, he is 21 and has played a lot of football for a player that age. All young players have a dip in form, it is part of their development.

    I did not directly mention Green, Neill, Illunga, Upson, Collins, Parker or Collison either, so what!

  21. Eddie Chappers says:

    Tevezgate- fair play on DiMichele, as Redknapp would say ‘even Sandra would have scored that’, liked some of his approach pla though!!

    Savvyho- Im going to reserve full commitment of my opinion on Noble until I have seen the highlights I think, thought he was better than rest in a poor display which I suppose doesnt say a lot!!

  22. SJ Chandos says:

    The truth about this game is that it is hard to pick out one outstanding performer. Green made a couple of important saves and did everything asked of him. Collins did well at times, especially considering he has been out with a knock. Collison worked hard and tried to impose himself on the game. Nsreko was lively when he came on in the 2nd half.

    But I think that Ilunga was the player that impressed me most today. Not just because he scored the equaliser, but also because of the quality of his play on the left side. He is developing in to a really potent threat going forward and combined well with Nsereko later in the match. So, that’s where my personal vote went this time.

  23. E1 says:

    savvyho can’t resist knocking noble and sj, time to grow up and move on savvy DO!

  24. SJ Chandos says:

    However, like Eddie Chappers, I intend to look at the Sky highlights later to take a look at the game again. I particularly want to look at Collison and Tristan’s chances in the first half to see if they were as clear cut as I originally thought.

    The striker situation is a bit of a worry, but we have what we have now, they just have to get on with it. I missed the breaking news about Terry Dixon in the week. It’s a couple of really bad injuries that he has had, but West Ham must be confident if they have given him a three year contract! Lets hope he comes in to the first team equation this season, we might need him!!!!! lol.

  25. SJ Chandos says:

    Water off a ducks back to me E1!

  26. SJ Chandos says:

    I do not suppose that Noble is that bothered either! But as you say time to be adult and move on once and for all. And I really mean it this time! lol.

  27. E1 says:

    savio did look good and when berhami comes back maybe noble could be rested and collison could move into a more central role, he does look more and more like carrick to me( just an opinion savvyho)

  28. Savvyho says:


    You say “I did not directly mention Green, Neill, Illunga, Upson, Collins, Parker or Collison either, so what!”

    …It’s clear that what I meant has clearly flown over your head. In the previous posts we were having a debate about Noble. You said he was a good player who had a decent game and was gonna be a West Ham legend. I and someone else said you were wrong and you said we’ll wait and see. He had another awful game today and you avoided mentioning it because you knew we was right on the previous post. Do you get what I mean now?

    How was Savios corner and cross for the goal by the way Chandos? Better than our previous set piece taker?


    “savvyho can’t resist knocking noble and sj, time to grow up and move on savvy DO!”

    ….and your doing exactly what? The same thing you’re accusing me of…knocking. I was talking to Chandos….but you felt left out and had to get involved like a true trouble maker.

    Your coming to the rescue of Chandos is getting me worried. You’re not in bed together are you?

    E1, you say “just an opinion”……so why don’t you let others have theirs then? I think those “couple of beers” are still in your system.

  29. E1 says:

    Savvydo I am not disagreeing with any opinion you have I have just responded to a coment you made,purhaps a beer or two may do you good and help you understand what the rest of us are saying. As for the beer still being in my system maybe you should by now have got the noble thing out of yours. I think we all know how YOU feel about him and sj so perhaps as I said before it’s time to move on We are not going change our minds or opinions just to please you so banging on about it will change nothing. As for your last comment again you are sounding more Millwall or spud so why don’t you join in on one of their sites , and do you have a problem with gay people? I would’nt worry about other people being in bed together we all have fantasies you are entiled to yours if thats what turns you on.

  30. Savvyho says:

    E1, who mentioned gay people? I do not even know your gender so how can I accuse you of being gay? Pathetic argument. Your assumptions will get you into trouble one day.

    Go and look on the previous posts to see if you have not criticised my opinion.

    I am not going on about Noble. Only following up on what Chandos said about him. Which begs the question why you had to get involved in the first place.

    Thanks for the beer advice but I don’t drink and I never will. I like to be fully in control of myself at all times and not intoxicated.

  31. E1 says:

    The control thing ain’t working you can’t help but argue or disagree and as for being intoxicated you are, with yourself. White hart lane must be missing you by now.

  32. SJ Chandos says:

    Savvyho, nothing you could ever say would go over my head! Neither do I need E1 or anyone else to rescue me from you. The fact is you appear to be absolutely obcessed with Mark Noble and proving what a terrible player he is. You have now transferred that obcession to me by extension. Personally, I do not care one jot about you, you have annoyed me with your behaviour, but to be quite honest, it is now getting to a stage where I actually pity you.

    I am afraid that the more you persist with your little vendetta, the more other contributors get to see what an infantile, petty and vindictive person you are! I have to do very little, you are doing yourself down. And they are able to draw their own conclusions!

    I do not personally know E1 and your suggestion about us being ‘in bed together’ really is typical of the type of deporable personal behaviour that I have come to expect from you. It has a clear homophobic inference, which I find discriminatory to gay people and offensive. But what is the point trying to reason with someone like yourself, itis impossible!

    To Iain Dale I have to say that this situation with Savvyho is getting beyond a joke. You cannot make a big deal about bad language and let people get away with homophobic comments, personal abuse and the constant hassling of other contributors. Because mark my words, if Savvyho was not targeting me or E1, he would be targeting someone else on here. That is the psychological makeup of this particular individual.

    Savvyho has become a problem on this website. If you do nothing about his offensive comments and conduct then he will be the thin end of the wedge. More of his type will be attracted to the blog and before you know it you will have the bad language, abuse and crudity associated with many other football message boards/blogs! That is a blog that I will not contribute to I am afraid, because at the end of the day it just is not worth it.

  33. SJ Chandos says:

    I think you are right E1. He may be a ringer, coming on here causing trouble and dissent amongst us genuine Hammers fans, perhaps that’s his motivation, who knows?

  34. HammersWest says:

    children please stop bickering,
    I was at the game today, thought collison had a good day, savio impressed.I also thought Neill was solid, more so than last week. Don’t agree with most of you with Di Michele, thought he had a poor game and was slow, I would have taken him off.
    Liked Zola,s attacking substitutions too,

  35. SJ Chandos says:

    It’s not a matter of ‘bickering’ HammersWest. I have been thoroughly reasonable and measured to date. Even tonight I tried to suggest lets be adults and move on, but this guy is relentless. There is no reason why contributors should have to put up with this kind of behaviour!

  36. Iain Dale says:

    I agree that Savvyho’s one person campaign against Mark Noble is tiresome. I also agree that his comments are getting borderline. It’s happened before on another thread, and if it continues I’ll issue a yellow card and won’t hesitate to issue a ban, if necessary. I’m not having this site hijacked by someone who seems to delight in finding almost any fault with a player who gives his all.

  37. Savvyho says:

    Chandos, you really should have been a politician or lawyer! Drama queen!

    I thought you said you wasn’t gonna give me another minute of your time? What’s with the enraged essay of a hissy fit?

    Temper temper!

    “It has a clear homophobic inference, which I find discriminatory to gay people and offensive.” Chandos.

    How dear you accuse me of that you imbecile. Is this another of your ploys to get people (in this case Iain) on your side? Looks like its worked! Iain’s fallen for it hook line and sinker.

    So it’s ok for someone to accuse me of being homophobic is it Iain?

    You, of all people should be defending people from this allegation because you know how serious it is.

    Well Iain?

    …and which of my comments have been borderline?

  38. chris says:

    Di me snail ly thats what I call him!
    Lets be honest hes legs are not up to it,and now we know why Tristan dont play, shocking!
    Sears I dont think Is going to cut it at this level,shame Hes west ham through and through.
    I thought Noble was a bit below par, average at best he really needs to find form quick otherwise I think he could lose he’s place to Kovac.
    As I expressed on the other blog,I thought this was a good opportunity to give savio a full 90,
    although my first Impressions are, hes a midfielder not a striker as we all thought.
    losing bellamy was a big blow we look well short up front,this worries me because we still need 5 wins.

  39. Iain Dale says:

    This isn’t a debate. If you can’t see which of your comments are borderlines then I feel sorry for you. True West Ham fans would not slag off a player like you have slagged off mark Noble. This site has a reputation for intelligent debate. Your contributions are generally puerile and calculated just to slag off Mark Noble for reasons best known to yourself. Well it can stop, and you can find another platform for your views because I don’t particularly want them here.

    You have made two homophobic references in your last comment, you prat. One more and you’re banned.

  40. Savvyho says:

    What homophobic comments? and I think you better apologise for calling me a prat really. That was a silly thing to do.

    Am I supposed to know the gender of anyone that posts here? If you cannot accept the fact that I was not being homophobic then thats a problem in your head. Would you like it if I called you a racist for no reason?

    I have never “slagged” off Noble….simply said he is not as good as everyone thinks. This seems to drive you to rage.

    My criticism of him has been nowhere near what you dished out to Luis Boa Morte.

    If I was you, I would apologise for insulting me when I have done nothing of the kind to you.

  41. Iain Dale says:

    Mate, in a post in which you deny being homophobic you use the expressions “drama queen” and “hissy fit” deliberately in order to goad Chandos. That is minor league homophobia in my book.

    You continually slag off Noble on every thread you post on. You are obsessed. And it is very boring.

    You have indeed been a prat. And if you don’t like how people debate on this site then I’d be grateful if you didn’t bother posting on it.

  42. chris says:

    Was hoping for an intelligent debate this evening as I’m on nightwork.Looks like Its kicking off I wont bother!
    I’ll order a curry instead!

  43. Savvyho says:

    Is that the best you can do? Thats pathetic. You really should have verified Chandos’ comments before backing him. Elementary mistake on such a serious accusation.

    Those words have no homophobic connotations whatsoever.

    Did I call you a racist when you wrote praise be to Allah for no apparent reason in one of your posts?

    What I apparently have against Noble is not in the same ball park as what you had and continue to have against Boa Morte.

    I will be contacting your political party. How dear you falsely accuse me of such a thing. You have made a big mistake.

  44. Iain Dale says:

    Contact who you like, mate. Seeing as I don’t actually hold any position in a political party you’d be wasting your time.

    You are now banned. Goodbye.

  45. Savvyho says:

    I was gonna leave you with love and kisses but you might accuse me of being homophobic again.

  46. SJ Chandos says:

    An adaption of Lawrence definition applies, any comment or incident that an individual or third party finds discriminatory! Look it up!

    You then proceed to compound things by issuing more insults. You really are incredible. What’s wrong with you, stop blaming other people and start looking at your own personal conduct. That’s where the fault lies. For goodness sake, start taking some personal responsibility for your actions!!

    Perhaps the use of the term ‘in bed together’is a product of your poor education or just old fashioned insensitivity, but I think you knew full well it would cause offense, that’s why you used it.

    You Savvyho, have a very ends-means form of rationality, you are a real modern, one dimesional man. I do not actually do things to get you in trouble or get people on my side, I do it because I have principles and high ethical standards that you cannot even begin to understand or appreciate. Doing the right thing by others and standing up to behaviours that insult or oppress, very old fashioned concepts indeed! What’s your philosophy, I’m ok jack, I do what I want and sod everyone else!

    To be perfectly honest this whole episode has spoilt my enjoyment of the blog. The ongoing vendetta is also spoiling the blog for other people. The perpetrator should go, but he has not got the basic human decency to do it. So, for the sake of the blog, and other people, I am going to move on.

    Savvyho will see that as a victory in his twisted world view, but really it is my values that tell me it is necessary. And that is a victory of my decency over your barbarism.

    I have really enjoyed contributing and I hope that the blog goes from strength to strength. Many thanks to people like Roshi, E1, Raymondo and Goatygav for the dialogue and banter. I will miss it a lot. Be lucky and keep the faith, COYI!

  47. richo says:

    SJ don’t let a slanging match affect you so much that you cease to post comments on the site you obviously enjoy mate…this site has mostly intelligent contributers compared with a lot of others, of course once in a while there will be some with immature attitudes who post ridiculous comments…take the moral high ground and laugh it off

  48. Iain Dale says:

    SJ Chandos, I have now blocked Savvyho’s IP address so he can no longer leave any comments. Your comments are among the best on this blog. I would hate you to leave.

  49. SJ Chandos says:

    Iain, I guess I am disappointed with myself that I did not do what I said and ignore it. I certainly want to apologise to you and others for the nastiness tonight, but some times you just have to make a stand about things!

    Thank you for leaving the post for me. I will probably take a break for a couple of days, to get this out of my system, and then start posting again. I do like the blog and the posters on here very much, so I would like to stay. Thanks again.

  50. SJ Chandos says:

    And congratulations on making a stand and protecting the quality and integrity of the blog. It is the best West Ham fans site on the web and it needs to stay that way.

  51. Roymondo says:

    SJ – Hope you’ve had some sleep by the time you read this and that you have decided that you will keep posting on here. The majority of people who use this blog are decent guys with good opinions (even when we don’t necessarily agree with them) and your’s contribute a lot. I will always give my point of view, even if it’s the opposite of someone elses, but try to ignore any personal jibes which Savvyho’s certainly seemed to be.
    There are times when this blog has the makings of one of the best around. That’s down to Iain and the majority of regular, and some irregular, posters. Let’s keep it that way, concentrate on all things West Ham along with the occasional sortie into other sort-of-related topics.
    I look forward to your future comments, SJ. If you don’t keep ’em coming I might have to result to personal abuse! LOLO (That’s laugh out loud, often)

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