Middlesbrough: Player Scores

This is how you voted the player performances against Middlesbrough

Herita Ilunga 7.29
Robert Green 7.09
Savio Nsereko 6.80
Jack Collison 6.55
Matthew Upson 6.31
James Collins 6.13
Lucas Neill 6.07
Scott Parker 5.80
Carlton Cole 5.60
Freddie Sears 5.23
Mark Noble 5.20
David de Michele 4.92
Luis Boa Morte 4.34
Diego Tristan 4.10


19 Responses to Middlesbrough: Player Scores

  1. Eddie Chappers says:

    Oh dear- how did Mark Noble get a lower score than Sears?? As at least Nobes got a couple of shots on target and also made a crucial last ditch tackle!

  2. PeteH says:

    I’d give Lucas a 9 just for the greatest punch i’ve seen for a long time 😉

  3. GeorgeB says:

    because noble gave the ball away everytime he got it.
    sears, noble, tristan and di michele were all terrible!

  4. James says:

    Surely time for a change up front?

  5. WHTID says:

    come on i have never seen a player in my beloved claret & blue play as bad as tristan…… jesus i thought he might atleast try as he wants to break in to the squad. on the other hand i thought savio was a breath of fresh air when he came on….. full of running COYI!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. WHTID says:

    Nearly monday people……………. wasn’t we meant to be taken over by the dubai group……….. that max clifford is a t%*t anyting to get his no good name in the spot light.. WHAT A SAD PRAT hahaha

  7. Eddie Chappers says:

    “because noble gave the ball away everytime he got it”….except for his two shots on goal et al eh ;0)

  8. Kim says:

    Am I the only person who doesn’t want us to be taken over now? I was obviously worried when there was talk of Administration but I believe in Project Football and love the fact that we have a management team in Zola and Clarkey who are not living in fear of their jobs the whole time. The Middle Eastern groups/Russian billionaires seem to treat the teams as real life Subbuteo (spelling?? as female and didn’t ever have one?). I don’t want to be a Chelsea or a Man City thank you. I love West Ham and want it to maintain its traditions. I also think that the whole mega money thing will implode in the not too distant future. Let us see our dreams fly through sensible buying and the academy talent we have in spades. COYI

  9. barryy the hammer says:

    kim, here here !!!!!! COYI

  10. LJ says:

    The thing with Tristan was the lack of outcome. A couple of times there was some classy movement from him, albeit coming to nothing. I still think he has flair and I haven’t given up on him yet.

    Savio was much improved and frankly although generaly we dipped in performance from recent heights, we should have won 3-1 or 4-1.

    I thought the ITV highlights last night were dismal.
    On last. All the afterchat was Boro. They only showed two of our hands-on -head misses from a few yards out. The BBC, like democracy, is the least worst option clearly.

    Talking loosely of which, this “first 250 to vote” is going to be a challenge, particularly for those of us attending UP, curryhouse and pub and then travelling home distances without handhelds.

    Would it too cheeky to suggest that only a Tory could come up with an electorate where you have to compete and jostle to join ;-D

    I’m sure in fairness there’s a more techie…er prosaic explanation

  11. MOORO says:

    There’s no doubt that Tristan’ best days are behind him, but if any of you actually watched him, his technical ability and movement are very good. What we need to appreciate is the fact that he’s a different type of striker than Cole.
    Both DDM & Tristan have both played most of their careers in Europe where the game is played at a much slower pace, but with the emphasis more on the technical aspects of the game.
    I think we’re all agreed that it was a poor team performence yesterday!

  12. lotf says:

    Kim, I completely agree. The current owners at least appear to be patient. spending lots of money is not really the west ham way. we’re actually playing better now than when we had loads to spend in the transfer window.

    new owners could come in and unsettle the current staff and team with unrealistic targets and demands. do we really want to stir it all up again now that we have a good thing going?

    dont get me wrong and think I am not ambitious. I AM abitious for our club and would love to see us challenging the big boys. However I think it takes time, and I would rather us build a team of exciting talented young players than buy in yesteryear’s superstars and try and make them play together. If we continue the current ‘project’ then who knows, maybe we’ll be up there with villa and everton in the next couple of seasons.

  13. WHTID says:

    ok tristan career was played in Europe and ok his movement was good…. but he is a striker and we need goals.he gave the ball away cheaply and gave up the chase 99% of the time we can not just nodding our head and saying but his movement was second to none.We are missing ashton

  14. WHTID says:

    P.S. COYI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. E1 says:

    I think collison was,if we had one the man of the match for us and over the season Lbm has been poor but for the time he was on he did’nt do a bad job stopping them play feel we may be judging him now on the season rather than per match.Noble still has a long way to go and maybe a rest may do him good,However I still think he will come good and over the next couple of seasons with zola behind him will only get better. The squad just needs a bit more depth giving us options when things ain’t going our way. Looking good overall we all have bad day’s at the office.

  16. Kim says:

    Thank you loft. Like minds and all that. My other thought is, can we please stop booing our players if they are not having a good day. How anybody who watched West Ham battle against United could then boo the team when we were crap against boro beggars belief. They are our team and wearing our colours. They won’t be great in all games but it makes me sooo angry when we boo our own players and it helps only the opposing team. Please get behind all of them. We won’t always love all the players in our team but they are playing for us so get behind them.

  17. jon.london colney says:

    oh well,nice run while it lasted !!!!

  18. HammersWest says:

    Well said Kim, I cheered for LBM a couple of times yesterday when he completed a good pass, my neighbours looked at me oddly, and then joined in. I don’t know if Lbm appreciated it, but I certainly felt positive.
    Have to say I got frustrated with DDM walking back and staying offside rather than tracking back onside, so all my shouts weren’t positive.
    Looks like we get Everton if we pass Boro, not a great draw, they are flying right now, darn it.

  19. jerry says:

    my ten year boy could have scored upfront yesterday for the west ham they need to show more finishing power up front savio upfront please no tristan or bo morte we can beat boro

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