Omens for Wembley

So, Everton away. Not exactly an easy draw, is it? However, at this stage of the competition, it should come as little surprise. Let’s remember that we beat them on the way to Wembley in 1980 (I think), and we beat Middlesbrough on the way to the final in 2006, come to that matter, if we’re looking for good omens.

And to think,. only one ball away from drawing Sheffield United!


33 Responses to Omens for Wembley

  1. Eddie Chappers says:

    I think at this stage of the competition its never going to be easy but I think its a middle of the road draw- ie. not one of the big four or a lower division side- but I think Burnley showed in the Carling Cup that in the cups it all about taking your chance in the competition regardless of pedigree or status. COYI

  2. Wavid says:

    I think that we should not fear any team with the way we are playing football. Zola and Clarke have the same passion for the cup as we all do and I am sure prep for the match will be spot on. My first instinct was to say ‘Oh no, not Everton!’ but on reflection – bring ’em on! COYI

  3. smudge says:

    If we are going to go to Wembley then Zola needs to wise up that we need more fire power up front and that he needs to realise that the fans are not stupid when they show their dissent against a certain player.

  4. WHTID says:

    COME ON YOU LOT………… if we are going to win this, no scrap that we are going to win the cup so come on we can’t play the hartlepools or the barnsleys every round……..COYI.

  5. smudge says:

    If we have ambitions of going to Wembley then Zola needs to wise up that we need a quality strike force and that he need to realise that the fans are not stupid when they show their dissent towards a certain player.

  6. Yes, Iain, I made the trek to Elland Road to see our mighty Hammers topple Everton in a semi-final replay, courtesy of Frank Lampard’s goal (diving header, if my memory serves me correctly, someone please tell me I’m not going mad).

    Lampard did a couple of circles round the corner flag, a goal celebration that Frank Jr. repeated some years later. Ah, bless.

    However, that was then, this is now, and even before the draw, or Everton’s result today, I was looking at the clubs left in and thinking Everton must be fancying themselves.

    I do think we can win at Boro, but I think Everton have that Cup-winning ‘look’ to them.

    Please prove me wrong, boys.

  7. Bernie Bonds says:

    graybomeister no your not going mad i was there too Devo got the first goal played a one two and slipped it under the keeper

  8. mokumhammer says:

    I seem to recall drawing Everton in the quarter final in 1991 (2-1), before being robbed in the semi’s by Notts Forest. Let’s hope history repeats!

  9. Bernie Bonds says:

    ive been lucky to have seen all our cup wins since 64 and never thought we would win any of them when looking at teams left in 6 round, a win at Boro draw at goodison beat em at Upton Park! could still be our year!!COYI

  10. chris says:

    How cares! if your gunna win it,you got to beat everyone.

  11. DevoDevo says:

    Have to agree, Graybo. Didn’t want Everton, we never score against them. 😦

    Went to the first semi at Villa park in 80 and watched it again the other week on ESPN classics. Forgot how unlucky we were, especially with the disallowed goal.

    Couldn’t get tickets for the semi – my brother did – and had to make do with Bryon Butler and Peter Jones on the wireless!

    By all accounts Devo had a stormer and scored that great goal to boot!

  12. Stelios J says:

    I too was at Elland Road! We were somewhat outnumbered, but THE Frank Lampard made up for it by pole-dancing not six foot from where I was, which was somewhere near cloud 9 at the time!

  13. hammer4eva says:

    Yes,on the face of it a bad draw away to Everton,but it could have been worse,and we have beat them in the Cup before,so let’s be positive.
    First of all we must beat the Boro who did deserve their draw yesterday,but if we have Behrami back along with Carlton being fit,then we will beat them,no problem.
    I hope the replay is on TV.

  14. Shropshire Hammer says:

    Great memories come flooding back. Alan Devonshire was at his brillant best at the Elland Road replay, fantastic night, even if I did pick up food poisoning on the way back! Going to be clocking up a few miles over the next few weeks, Bolton, ‘boro, Wigan & possibly Everton away! Oh well 3 of the 4 aren’t bad from this neck of the woods.

  15. Amazing how Behrami’s influence has been missed. I know people have been singing his praises but there’s an old song comes to mind… You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. And without Behrami it became apparent that he really does set the pace when it comes to harrying and hassling for the ball in midfield. With him in the side it’s as if the others are pulled up to his workrate level.

    I hope his absence is very short-term.

  16. E1 says:

    I don’t think at this stage in the cup any game would be easy and lets face it If we have a fully fit squad(not inc ashton gabbidon and dyer)we can give anyone a game now. I still feel this could be our year. Project football rolls on,anybody know how long behrami is going to be out?

  17. Hammer Ray says:

    I only saw the crap highlights on ITV last night on another graveyard slot, (we were even put on AFTER the 2 teams that were live earlier on)??? It took me a couple of minutes to figure out what was missing, and then realised it was Behrami. Spot on Graybo. He is the pace setter and without him the others looked a bit slow. Still think we’ll beat Boro but fear for our recent record verses the Toffees but that was before Zola started working his magic. Moyes has a winning habit over us that needs to end, so why not in the Cup! COYI

  18. lotf says:

    everton is not a good draw, remember the cup/league games last year in the space of a few days! that was rubbish.

    still, good chance for us to show how much we’ve improved.

  19. Tevezgate says:

    I take heart from GZ’s post match comments and feel sure we will turn up for the replay:

    “The first 15 minutes was one of the worst 15 minutes we have played recently. Not as near as our standards. After that we started to pick it up and had a few good chances.

    “You can’t afford not to play at high levels. Boro were very well organised and they caused us a lot of problems. But it is OK as it was a good lesson for us and we have had lots of compliments and today we learnt that if we want to keep it that way then we need to pick up our standards and we cannot drop anything … I’m 100 per cent sure next week we will be better.

    “Today the quality wasn’t quite right, I had the feeling the body was there but the mind wasn’t. there. It’s understandable. For me it is really important that we didn’t lose . Three months ago we would have lost easily. I am pleased because at least they show that they didn’t want to lose.”

    Luis Boa Morte was also in the manager’s thoughts, not just because of a possible torn hamstring that could sideline him for some time but also for his attitude when unfairly singled out by some for criticism. “Luis Boa Morte has been a fantastic professional and every time he has played he has done his job.”

    “He is incredible in the changing room and he is one of the players that every manager would want to have. I don’t think he deserves the supporters picking on him, it also makes it more difficult for him. [That he did not leave] is more proof that he cares about what he is doing here. He wanted to stay and prove to be useful for the cause. He’s got all my respect.”

  20. spookydook says:

    oh 4 fecks sake….struggled against bottom of table ish borough….now..if we go thru…not easy…got the police….terrific…cole has come on…but he is no top striker fellas…we are beginning to fall into the arsenal trap….pass into the net….need a finisher…like bell end….sears bit young………………….new topic ………which striker should we chase?????????????

  21. Hammer Ray says:

    I was at last seasons league match at home to Everton just after they’d done us in the Cup and we were terrible. But we are a different concept now. As for the LBM comments, I’d never boo a Hammers player, but I’m sorry, as I’ve really tried to find a positive from him, and hope every time he appears will be better.. but it never is. Always runs about alot, but can’t pass, tackle, and don’t start me on his finishing. I fail to see how he gets so many appearences, even as a sub. Nobody would be happier if he proved me wrong, but how many chances does he need?? Sorry for the negativity, but blame him , not me. I really feel that old cliche, I could do better. He can’t do the basics. He may be good in the dressing room but that’s where he should stay! I’ll shut up now. Just winds me up hearing we should be more patient with him. Dont even mention how much he’s being paid!!! COYI

  22. richo says:

    I (like others above) was hoping that we didn’t get Everton, they are playing well and we have a poor record against them recently.
    Still have to beat Boro however…
    I feel last weeks result was good in a way, should put everyone back on track and i think we’ll go through to the quarters..

  23. Roymondo says:

    As they always say – let’s take one game at a time. We need to beat Boro first, then we can start thinking about Everton. I know we don’t have a good record against them, particularly at Goodison, but records are there to be broken.

  24. kevin mousley says:

    I was sitting behind the goal when Frank snr scored , having been taken by a family of Everton supporters! So for the benefit of the other Everton supporters, I had to do that thing that you do when you find yourself sat with away fans; writhing and pulling the kind of face that indicates you are experiencing some kind of extreme emotion which could be good or bad, something I have perfected as I generally only get to see the hammers away and the better and cheaper seats are always in among the home lot! If we are going to win this, then we really do need to start coverting a greater proportion of scoring opportunities.

  25. Ironside says:

    Just in case any of you are really getting swept away on this tide of nostalgia and optimism (I know I am!) we can be backed at 25-1 for the cup after that draw. Makes us the value bet I would say!!

  26. devo says:

    The boro game was a wake up call like an earlier post mentiioned we must beat all before us to gain the FA CUP,so bring it on

  27. mokumhammer says:

    We’re only four games away from winning the FA cup – & therein lies the problem, to win four games in a row.

    A great opportunity – the way the draw has panned out – we’ve been really lucky thusfar.

  28. Jackster101 says:

    surely Everton away is better than at home. Arsenal, liverpool, Chelsea could not do us. And don’t forget we are the only team to beat Fulham away this year.

    Lets get revenge against them for knocking us out in the quarters last year in the carling cup at Upton Park…..

    C’mon you irons!!

  29. Shropshire Hammer says:

    Agree Jackster. I think we have a great chance now that potentially all our remaining cup games are away from UP. Good of the club to offer free coach travel too, I hope we sell all 4,700 tickets and make it a great atmosphere.

  30. Doc H Ball says:

    That night at Elland Road back in 1980 was probably my favourite game ever.

    I remember bunking off school and getting the Irons Travel Club coach with someone who had done a runner from Colchester barracks to get to the game! After the match we were given the coach’s kitty to go into a working mans’ club full of unhappy scousers to buy a few crates of booze for a very drunken coach home.

    Shame his son went and spoiled the ‘I’m dreaming of a Frank Lampard’ classic.

    Fings ain’t wot they used to be…

  31. Goatygav says:

    Aahh yes. That semi-final replay. I recorded it on Betamax and watched it later on that night. Friends and family ringing and me telling them not to let me know the final score. Then the joy of watching Frank Lampard Snr do his spin ’round the corner flag after scoring a bullet of a diving header. The nail biting tension of the last few minutes and then we were there. A welcome bit of cheer for me during some, otherwise, dark days.

  32. Goatygav says:

    Just thinking about it I may have watched M-O-T-D and not the game on tape. I’m sure I saw the full 90 mins though? Perhaps it just seemed like it because of the nervous tension waiting for the final whistle. Anyone remember if the game was live on TV as I was only 11 at the time?

  33. Goatygav says:

    And didn’t Liverpool and Arsenal have to replay about 4-5 times before Arsenal got through?

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