Vote for Your 50 Best West Ham Players Since 2000

As a bit of fun, I’ve started a poll for you to vote for your 50 Best West Ham Players who have played for the club since 2000. There are 74 in the list, and you need to give each of them a mark out of ten. I’ll then compile the final rankings later in the week.

To vote, click HERE.


32 Responses to Vote for Your 50 Best West Ham Players Since 2000

  1. budgie says:

    Jimmy Walker?

  2. nightsoldier says:

    carlos tevez i`m sure will come out on top

  3. brookingsbonce says:

    done 🙂

  4. adelaidehammer says:


  5. Prince H says:

    I’ve voted as well. Fun. But I miss some players. E.g. Marc-Vivien Foé?

  6. Iain Dale says:

    He was in the 1990s

  7. Gav Hammer says:

    There were a few players who missed some low votes … Aliadiaire, Bellion, Katan, Jobi McAnuff

  8. Done.
    Hard to separate potential from actual performance.
    If Cole never played another game for us (God forbid) would I give him the same rating? And can I separate what Rio did for us and what he accomplished later?

  9. James says:

    Javier Mascherano has to be the worst one for me, I understand that Pardew did’nt have the clue how to play him but when he did he was shocking, or then again it could have been the rest of the team playing rubbish.

    Also missed John Harley and that Mauricio Tarrico bloke from spuds! He played one game then got injured like forever!

    Tarrico, 1
    Harley, 6
    Aladiere, 3
    Bellion, 1
    Katan, 1
    McAnuff, 6 ( I saw him play at home to Cardiff in the championship, looked ok to me. )

  10. Roymondo says:


  11. claire says:

    Difficult and intriguing. Take Carrick – rating him as he plays today I’d give him 9, but at the time he was with us he was still improving- just look at the physique and physical strength he now has, for example.
    Heavens, the list brings back some great memories – Sinclair for example. And some nightmares – Schemmel going from HOTY one year to zero the next.
    Nice one overall though Iain!

  12. Paul M says:

    a few are missing Iain – Paulo One chop !! left for citey 2000/2001 and replaced by the ‘great’ Davor Sucker
    also had a spainish geezer on loan a couple of years back, can’t recall his name but scored on his dubut as sub against the scousers.
    Anyone remember any more, should get the old grey matter going on a Sunday afternoon.

  13. Iain Dale says:

    Wanchope did not play in the 2000-01 season, which is when this starts from. Suker is listed.

  14. Paul M says:

    Just found some interesting facts. Our best manager since 1901 based on win percentages against games played is ———————————–
    Billy Bonds on 43.61%!!
    Worst is Rat face Rodent on 31.39%
    I bet GZ will move to the top if we keep improving as we are,he is on 37% at the moment

  15. chris says:

    10 for mr di canio it could only be!!!!!

  16. martin keech says:

    The scores would have been a lot higher in the 1980’s, how things have changed.

  17. DevoDevo says:

    A pretty depressing list in all honesty.

    Had the list been from 1980, I doubt if more than 3 or 4 of these would have got in the best team. :0

  18. James says:

    Paul M, did you get the win percentages from Wikipedia?

  19. chris says:

    Di canio was the best player I’ve seen in the claret and blue,i was only very young, but can remember glimpses of brooking and devo and everyone talking about them on the terraces,Dad still says brooking was far more skillful than di canio,really Wow!!!!!!!

  20. Goatygav says:

    All done. Really looking forward to seeing what comes out of this. It would be interesting to hear how many people vote too.

  21. Hammered in Singapore says:

    Di Canio top followed by Joe Cole

    Good idea this

  22. Iron Lung says:

    Great fun completing this. Got to be Di Canio or Tevez. Be fun to do the 90’s as well….Samassi Abooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuu!!!

  23. Jolly says:

    Only 2 players who can justify a 10 in the past 25 years……

  24. Jolly says:

    With Stevie Potts a highly rated 9.5

  25. Prince H says:

    Iain. Foe played for us the season 2000.

  26. Iain Dale says:

    No he didn’t.

    He played in the 1999-2000 season. So he is in the 1990s poll.

  27. Roy says:

    Paolo Di Canio – 10

    Rio – 10 I could see he was world class early doors

  28. ROBA5H says:

    Paul, that was Kepa Blanco. Mexican who was on loan.

  29. Peddler says:

    Only Dicks and Di Canio deserve a 10 in the last 25 years? Is that because Billy Bonds is an 11?

  30. trabie says:

    All good stuff its amazing when you look back how many class players have worn the claret and blue, had a bloke in at club I run the other night, while watching the Spain England game, was taking the pee when the 3 from West Ham were on the pitch, incidently he’s a Luton supporter and he said “It’s good to see Upson on as he actually started at the Luton Academy” It gave me great pleasure to shut him up when I went through the England squad members who started at our academy. How about a future poll Iain of WHU England internationals and Rest of World internationals ! Could be interesting. COYI

  31. Aussie Iron says:

    Would have to say that the mercurial Di Canio would be a perfect 10, absolute class and one of the brilliant buys of Harry’s reign..

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