Vote: Your 50 Best West Ham Players of the 1990s

The poll I started yesterday on the 50 Best West Ham Players who have played for the club since 2000 has proved very popular. More than 350 people have taken part so far. I’ve decided to extend it and over the next few days I’ll do the same thing for the 1990s, 1980s, 1970s and 1960s.

So click HERE to vote for your best 50 players of the 1990s. You need to give each one a mark out of ten.

If you haven’t already done so, do also vote in the 2000s poll, HERE.


17 Responses to Vote: Your 50 Best West Ham Players of the 1990s

  1. E1 says:

    Excellent can’t wait for the 60’s and 70’s

  2. E1… hear-hear… hope I can remember that far back ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. DaDon says:

    Why isn’t Di Canio on the list? He joined in January ’99 so according to your criteria he should be there.

  4. Iain Dale says:

    Sigh. Because he is on the 2000s list.

  5. DevoDevo says:

    And when you have collated each decade, can we see the best team overall? ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. DaDon says:

    Apologies I somehow failed to notice there was a 2000s poll. Mind you I don’t think we needed the ‘sigh’…
    an honest mistake.

  7. Claretandbluepoo says:


    You’ve missed off Paul Kitson!

  8. Iain Dale says:

    No I haven’t. He is in the 2000s poll.

  9. Claretandbluepoo says:

    2000’s ? Oh, that legendary hat trick performance against Charlton.

    I think that was his only appearance for the hammers this century though.

    Just felt his contribution in the 90’s was of more significance.

    Still, you site Iain & your rules ( :

  10. Jolly says:

    Staurt slater – i’d forgotten how much i loved Stuart Slater – especialy the night at the Boleyn when he single handedly destroyed Sheff Utd 5-0!!!!

  11. Goatygav says:

    All Done.

    Jolly – Totally agree. Every time he got the ball there was a buzz. Grave error he made leaving the club. Especially after he had the front porch to his house turned into a replica Boleyn Castle. Bet the neighbours loved him!!?

  12. Jolly says:

    Lest we ever forget just how good the boy was (and for those too young to remember)….take a peek at a former WHUFC legend in action:

  13. HermitRoadHarry says:

    Great youtube clip! Good to see footage of the 91 FA Cup quarter final v Everton – still one of my favourite ever Upton Park nights.

  14. D&G says:

    Slater & Ludo gets my best votes.

  15. D&G says:

    Agree HRH. That night back in 91 will stay with me forever, best atmosphere I have ever experienced at the Boleyn.

  16. Ian Bishop's socks says:

    Iain, as an aside. I’ve been living abroad for many years and it’s been even longer since I owned a season ticket. This brings back good memories. I’d almost forgotten some of those names on the list even though I once sat watching them warming the bench, waiting for Harry to bring on our latest European star signing to play the last 30 seconds.

    Any chance of a few more ‘Where are they now?’ posts so we can find out what they are up to now?

    PS You forgot Boogers …

  17. Berkshire Hammer says:


    so many good names, so many wasted players

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