All Zola’s Saying, is Give Boa a Chance

I have made no secret that I am not exactly a fan of Luis Boa Morte. For an attacking player to have scored a single goal in 58 appearances is a record which I suspect even he realises is not one to be proud of. But can he ever be expected to improve when he constantly has the crowd on his back? Some time ago I found myself booing him. I instantly felt ashamed of myself and vowed never to do it again. He is the only player at West Ham I have ever booed. It was because I thought he just wasn’t trying. I would not accuse him of that now. On Saturday, he really did try. He was all over the pitch, and put in some good tackles. But from an attacking viewpoint, nothing came off for him. Again. When he was subbed there were a few boos, although nothing compared to what he has heard before. This is what Zola said at his after match press conference…

Luis Boa Morte has been a fantastic professional and every time he has played he has done his job. He is incredible in the changing room and he is one of the players that every manager would want to have. I don’t think he deserves the supporters picking on him, it also makes it more difficult for him. [That he did not leave] is more proof that he cares about what he is doing here. He wanted to stay and prove to be useful for the cause. He’s got all my respect.

So Zola’s message is: give the lad a chance. He’s right. We should.


80 Responses to All Zola’s Saying, is Give Boa a Chance

  1. I thought he did well on Saturday (from what I saw on the live stream). I think it’s a mental thing and I am confident GZ, SC and his team-mates will pull him through, just as CC has made great strides.

    LBM did put in a huge amount of work when we didn’t have the ball, which is just as important as when we do. We should never underestimate the importance of having a confident demeanour, and when your passing and shooting is awry, well, there’s no way of getting it back when you feel you’re going to get howled at every time. Full marks to him for not hiding.

    Trouble is, we can see the logic of not booing him, but the people who are booing probably don’t have the mental capacity to think things through like you did, Iain, or to take on board the comments of GZ.

  2. p.s. clever headline… I’m going to have that tune in my head all day now 😦

  3. Roymondo says:

    Absolutely right, Iain.
    We are gaining a reputation of getting on our own players backs at the slightest opportunity and, as a club and bunch of fans, it does us no good whatsoever. We all really want the team to do well – of that there is no argument – so we should encourage them. All of us like a pat on the back and some encouragement at work and most people react positively to it. Players are the same and the more encouragement and support they get the more likely they are to perform well.
    There are sometimes good reasons to have a go at a player – Bellamy when he returns, for example – when they have done some specific damage to the team / club but having a go due to personal dislike (which I think a lot of this is) has no benefit whatsoever. I get the impression that this behaviour is becoming more widespread and seems to be mainly down to people who have not been going to games for too long. Even Liverpool fans booed their team at the end of our game at Anfield and, although I’m sure a draw disappointed them, it was the night they actually went to the top of the Premier League. Amazing!

  4. Jaime says:

    Sorry but you said it yourself ‘single goal in 58 appearances’ I’ve given the lad his chance, he’s got to go. Rot in the reserves for all I care. No way should he play in a first team again!

    And for the record I’m not a ‘boo boy’ but I don’t cheer failure either.

  5. Stephen says:

    I have commented a few times over the weekend regarding people booing our players, and worse than that verbally insulting them. For those who do I wish they would take a moment and think about it. Oh that might strain there brain!

    Does it help the club?
    Will players want to play for a club where some people treat you so badly?
    How does the player concerned feel?
    How do there family’s and friends feel?
    Are you tarnishing the renowned support of West Ham?

    We were once famed for our undying support, think Villa Park Semi Final against Forest. These people doing this are not supporters. Supporters actively wish and want the best for there team.

  6. aussie graham says:

    He would be nice at home here in the australian a -league alongside robbie can any manager support someone who is so incompetent and past his best.

  7. Gav Hammer says:

    I for one have never booed him & I just don’t understand why anyone would … I can remember this time last year getting slated on another board for sticking up for Carlton Cole & saying give him a chance when most people wanted to see him shot or packed off to the championship.

    I feel a little sorry for Boa Morte, he always seems a little out of position & perhaps is asked to do a slightly different role. I remember seeing a stat at the end of last season that he put more effort in than any other player … I’m not sure if I agree with that but he was top in amount of sprints per game & he was also top for ‘tackling back’ whatever that is . . .

  8. aussie graham says:

    boas out for a month with a groin strain coles out for 2 weeks.

  9. Paul M says:

    to be fair he’s had 58 chances!!! Don’t agree with booing ANY player.
    If I was given 58 games to proove myself at this great club I could of done easily as good, no even BETTER. He does give his all, but sometimes you have to hold your hand up and say it – he is just not good enough, end of.
    I support GZ, and what he is achieving but that don’t make him right everytime.

    If we don’t have a youth team player any better than him that deserves at the very least a chance then we have not got the depth of talent we all thought.

    If Lopez is not good enough after 5-6 months at the club to be given a go, then what is he doing here?

    Even if Boa is good in the changing room, that dosn’t mean he has to play too, employ him as our pyscology coach !!!

  10. WHTID says:

    thats fair enough but i pay my money as you all do his poor record speaks for itself 58 appearances and only 1 goal….. come on what does he expect (a pat on the back)

    p.s. i’m not a boo-boy just someone who gets angry with his contribution most of the time…. but last couple of game he’s been playing ok!!!!!!!

  11. Paul says:

    Iain, here’s my tuppence worth….

    I think is that we, as fans supporting the team, HAVE given him a chance and continue to do so every week.

    On Saturday he had a chance to start a game – given Behrami was injured (incidentally the result shows how we missed Behrami) – and go and show what he’s capable of, but once again (in my humble opinion) he did not take his opportunity to show why he is worthy of a starting position.

    Every time Hoyte and O’Neil came down their right flank, Ilunga was the only player there.

    I am not a boo-boy, but must admit to groaning loudly when Boa does something wrong (as I do with other players when they make schoolboy errors and really ought to be able to do better (Parker/Noble/Neill)).

    Personally though some of the blame must be with Zola/Clarke. Maybe yesterday it was Zola’s fault putting him into the diamond formation, when he’s not suited to it – but, essentially, Boa Morte still had the opportunity to do something and failed.

    I think it shows though that if the club were willing to let him go – along with Matty – that they don’t plan to use that type of winger and such players won’t feature in the first eleven unless there is an emergency.

    In the absence of Behrami would have liked to have seen Zola revert to the 4-3-2-1 formation, where I think Boa Morte would have been better suited (with Di Michele – who was equally as rubbish as Boa Morte) behind Cole.

  12. BAC says:

    Seeing as Boa’s out for at least a month with a groin strain, no-one should be booing him for a while. After that, it’s up to him to change people’s minds about him. He must realise, from the Carlton cole experience, that the same people who have been booing him will be singing his name if he could only put in a few match winning performances. I really hope he does!

  13. Big Casino says:

    I think Boa has had an alrite season, and I’ve never booed him since he’s been at the club, but obviously quite a few fans have and continue to boo him.

    Whether anyone agrees with the boo-ing or not, I still think it’s the crowd’s right to boo or cheer a player at their discretion. And looking at it from Boa Morte’s point of view, he knows the crowd are not happy with him, and he had the chance to get out and join Hull if he wasn’t happy getting booed every week.

    But he was greedy, and wouldn’t accept a pay cut, he’d rather stay at West Ham, get booed, and pick up his £60k a week for the next 18 months – so I don’t have any sympathy for him whatsoever.

    As I said originally, I have never booed him and personally don’t think he has done badly this season when called upon, but I’m not going to tell people to not boo him, and he had his chance to get out but didn’t cos he was greedy – so he’ll just have to deal with it and put in performances to make people change their minds, just like Carlton Cole did.


  14. steven t says:

    Get rid off asap,the only reason he is still at our club is that hull city would not pay £10,000 a week extra to match what he earns of course he is rubbish,

  15. DevoDevo says:

    When West ham bought John Radford (a excellent centre forward for the young uns)from Arsenal towards the end of his career, he didn’t hit the onion bag in a whole season.

    I don’t recall him being booed. We use to save that for the opposition.

    FWIW – I think there are too many people watching football now that have never played it any any level and base their opinions on what they can achieve on a Playstation. Football is a game where you need confidence – God only knows where LBM is going to find that with the treatment he receives.

  16. Scalyback says:

    This can be resolved very easily. If a player does well and wins the approval/respect of the crowd, then cheer and clap him. If not stay silent.

    Booing our own is damaging the player, the team, the club, and the reputation of the West Ham supporters. It may also be a factor in the decision Zola will doubtless have to make eventually, WHU or chelski.

    As an aside, how many times have we seen an opposition player boo’ed & then play a blinder against us? I’m not saying some opposion players don’t deserve it, but let’s be a little more selective. No West Ham player should ever be boo’ed whilst wearing the claret & blue.

  17. Paul says:

    As a side issue, it’s interesting that former players these days get a bigger cheer than some of our current players!

    For example the ManU game with Carrick, Tevez and Rio, Fulham with Zammo and Hull with Garcia and Bullard (neither of the latter who set the world alight whilst here, the latter who didn’t play a first team game!).

    A polite respectful round of applause should do for this and then a MASSIVE cheer for all of our players.

  18. Scalyback says:

    Good call Paul, spot on!

  19. Roshi says:

    Boa Morte is by all accounts a nice guy, has failed miserably at his job, has been earning a fabulous wage which has given him a lifestyle most of us could only dream about…..give a big bonus! ring any bells.

  20. avhammer says:

    If zola says things like this, then we should take notice and agree. Boa isn’t going to recapture his arsenal and fulham form if he is jeered evry time he gets close to the ball and at evry error. We are west ham and we are renowned for backing our team and evry1 involved through thick and thin, and tht is wat makes us so unique. Being a hammer from australia, this is one of the main reasons y i support west ham and love the club so much… FANS!!! We are the best in the world and let’s let people know it through positivity and lets earn more respect. I am so proud to be a hammer b/c of this! So lets back boa and get him bak to his best days and at least he gives his all for the shirt. By the way if Zola is cherished so much u will take notice of his comments and back him and support him on it, otherwise u effectively want him to get out of our club. He has made many good choices and said many good things, so let’s back him on this one!! COYI!!!

  21. Stephen says:

    Good point Paul, although I do enjoy cheering Tevez especially when he did the crossed hammers last year.

    Scalyback, also a good point with regards to Zola decision on us or Chelski.
    Zola is the best thing to happen to us for a long time, we want him to be claret n blue through and through not make him wish he was somewhere else.

    I understand everyones points with regards to Boa Morte and other players earning a fortune and not delivering the goods. However enough is enough we will probably destroy him at this rate

  22. Dujon says:

    Good point Scaly, i was thinking exactly the same thing. Zola has put in so much, and currently loves his time at WHU. However if we started booing ourplayers, what would he think of the supporters then?

    Chelsea is a big big club, an offer which would be quite hard to dismiss given a management option. Yet Zola wants to stay because of the atmosphere. How about let’s keep this atmosphere, cheer on our boys, watchg the team confidence rise, and win some more games!!!

  23. E1 says:

    lbm has not done bad last few games he’s been involved in and again as with noble and cole needs time and support. Our squad lacks depth so all the players we have need to be at their best that won’t happen if we are on their backs !!

  24. Gav Hammer says:

    If anything I think LBM is now trying TOO hard & has been for a while … I hope he comes good, i honestly think he tries and a lesser man would have thrown many tantrums by now … If he was Cantona we would have all been on the end of a kung fu kick

  25. Ironside says:

    LBM is a very useful squad player. Yes we paid too much for him but we were desperate to get anyone in at that time.

    He has his limitations but I feel really strongly that he does not deserve the level of stick that he has received. The key for me is that he works hard, contributes defensively, is good in general link-up play. He has been woefully short of confidence in front of goal but that is why he can be considererd only a squad player at the moment.

    He is useful nonetheless and if Zola can find a way to boost his confidence in the same way as he has with Cole then he has the potential to be very useful for us.

  26. Scalyback says:

    It looks to me that the consensus is that LBM might not be the best since sliced bread but is trying and as a West Ham player deserves he our support not the booing. But how can we make that happen given we are comparatively few?

  27. budgie says:

    LBM certainly played quite well on Saturday although still nowhere near the level I recall him playing for Fulham. He is just so unpredicatable. Booing him or any other player of our own team cannot be right and most of us here see to agree about that. It would be great if LBM came good. I do not see this happening. I hate to remind anyone but he will still remembered by me for his appalling display at White Hart Lane last season rather than any good efforts made since.

  28. Barry J says:

    Rubbish, he said end of last season that he is going to be off due to the fans, and no 1 wanted him!

    Hull offered a contract and he rejected it.

    He’s not Prem class, Championship at best along with tristan

  29. martin keech says:

    I find the booing of Luis or any other Hammer very frustrating.Ive always been so proud of our support.This does Luis and the team no good at all.Ive tried to find a solution, it is very difficult.IT is similar to the problem with lack of atmosphere at times.Can we be pro-active and if so how? Someone must have an answer.

  30. Stephen says:

    Scalyback, this would be very difficult to do a but the so called supporters who abuse and shout venom at our players including “the East Ends own, Mark Noble” should be removed by a steward or the police. Anyone else got any ideas

  31. colney says:

    im 50/50 on this,players want the crowed to back them ..yes,players want the big long term contracts with the money to suit..yes now if a player thinks its ok to cheer when they do well,why cant or shouldnt the crowed be loud to express them selves in a suitable manor when they dont?now i do understad the positive mentality,and the get behind your team but there does come a time when 35,000 or so people that pay the wages have got to stand up and say what they feel! its a democatic country and freedom ov speech an all that!if your crap..your crap and we have every right to tell them…surely?

  32. Chris says:

    He didnt leave because Hull wouldnt give him as much money. FACT.
    As you rightly pointed out, he’s had 58 chances. I’m not a fan of booing or own players (unless its a mindless, racist thug like bowyer) but surely as fans we shouldnt have to pay to see such abject performances on a regular basis. Even Paul Kitson used to have the odd good game!

  33. Stephen says: I agree you should be able to express if someone is not performing but knowing when to give someone a break and give someone encouragement is also important. I think the main issue is the senseless abuse that some people dish out I mean has Noble been that bad, does he not deserve time to develop as a player. I am sure he could do with the backing as we have all seen what happens when our young talented players go elsewhere. Lampard, Carrick for example

  34. 10no6 says:

    Let’s not get to sentimental here LBM didn’t want to take a drop in wages despite his many non performances that is why he is still here so Zola is being a tad economic with the actuality. That said I firmly believe we need to encourage him on but he in return needs to improve his performances. So let’s get behind him and then he has no excuses and if he gets better great for the team and at least someone might match his wage requirements if he remains surplus to requirements.

  35. mokumhammer says:

    He will never win the fans over, because he’s terrible

  36. djclipz says:

    Im not sure if the wages argument is actually his reason for not leaving!! He has been able to play quite a few games and i think zola does have some belief in him so it probably weren’t a case that if you don’t go you don’t play… because then i feel we would have seen him leave!! Also if it was a club around london instead of Hull he would have also gone… So i feel it is a bit unfair to say it was only financially motivated! Its not as though he winges or throws tantrums!! I feel he does try but it just doesn’t come off which is very frustrating!! Maybe a month out through injury might help as at the minute every touch of his is met with a groan from the stands!!

  37. matt says:

    I agree he has been useless since arriving from Fulham but as has already been said, his confidence is not going to increase with booing. CC is a perfect examle of what good coaching and confidence, with the crowd behind you can do. I, as all of us I’m sure, want Zola and Clarkey to stay at the turrets for a long time and want them to love the club like us. But Zola is a gent who beleives in positive thinking, all this booing is not going to win a place in his heart for the fans, and things like that could play a part in his decision to stay or leave if or when the time arrives.
    If we can see the guy is trying then lets give him, and more importantly Zola the support!

  38. chris says:

    I have always stuck up for LBM,hes got so much pace but I to lost patience with him a couple of games back,hes had so many chances to prove himself but hes just not composed enough on the ball and makes wrong decisions time and time again,sorry ship him out!

  39. redkipper says:

    The one I cannot understanding keeping his place is our captain.
    Even when he plays OK, which is not often, he clearly is our weak link. He’s slow, always pulling the oppnents shirts often giving away fouls (all the refs must now know his style), he gets caught out of position, he must worry Collins and Upson. But Zola wants him to stay! Why?

    Anyone else think hes worth 70K a week?

  40. chris says:

    Who care about LBM Iaian we have just lost cole for 3 weeks OUCH!!!!
    Worried am I,who’s gunna score.
    Remember we still need 4 or 5 wins to be safe!

  41. chris says:

    Cares sorry.
    Cant see a goal coming from anywhere upfront!

  42. chris says:

    sorry Iain…Bad day.

  43. IoDHammer says:

    Ive read it’s just 2 weeks that he is out, it’s a minor worry, we will be fine tho im sure!

  44. mokumhammer says:

    Apart from ‘arrys last throw of the dice, & signing Hartson & Kitson, we haven’t had a prolific quality striker at whufc for 20 years. IMHO of course. We still don’t

  45. E1 says:

    I think we all know what we need and who we would like to get rid of, but nothing is going to change now untill the summer our better players are getting or have got longer improved contracts, so now is the time to trust the club and the managment and get behind ALL the players we have now. We had one bad game it’s not the end of our season CHEER UP LADS we are still on an unbeaten run COYI!!!!!!

  46. Johnboy says:

    I’m sure the guy’s a diamond but his play is just frustrating. It’s like he knows what to do but can’t. Think that’s called ‘not good enough’. Do feel sorry for him, he has been trying hard and it’s not on to be booing any member of the team no matter what. He’ll be gone in the summer, then we can get on with looking for a clever playmaking midfielder. Yossi’s skills are missed. Although the man’s a numpty. Wonder how Nani’s getting on behind the scenes; Savio looks to be a good signing, I think. He had a lovely little skip over a tackle at the weekend and made a real difference after coming on. Reckon GZ’s just the ticket for bringing out the best in him. As for that game, we just ain’t going to play beautiful footie week in week out. The difference being we have to make sure we’re not caned when we have an off day. Sure, we were dire, but we didn’t lose! Nice one Herita, but don’t leave it so late next time son, ok? Still confident, still in the cup, still got some eminently winnable games coming up. Come on you West Ham.

  47. Johnboy says:

    Oh, and we’ve come this far with Deano. Now is not the time to sell him. Definitely not.

  48. MOORO says:

    Getting on a players back has always been counter productive. I think LBM works very hard for the team, but he does seem to lack something with his final shot/pass/cross, however, how can we expect him to gain in confidence and play a part in the team if he’s constantly booed by his own supporters.
    With a much smaller squad after our January sales, we need our experienced players to be firing on all cylinders, whilst supporting our younger players.

    I’ve been a Hammer for over 35 years and I have never and will never boo one of our own players.

  49. supernumbersix says:

    Extremely frustrating day on Saturday. It just was not going to run for us. The only good thing (apart from the equaliser) was that the kid Savio shone nicely. Loved the way he got stuck in and was not afraid to run at them. The worst thing, was realising we now have no one who can score goals in the first team.
    And I agree, lay off LBM – groan but don’t boo. Oh, and boy did we miss Behrami.

  50. supernumbersix says:

    LBM – It’s like he tries TOO hard sometimes, he’ll put in a great tackle, get up and overun the ball, or fall over it, or knock it too far forward. Then he’ll make a great little run like he did when he got to the goal line and knocked across for someone to miss (again). Can’t fault his effort and both Zola and the bloke before him think he is great, I just feel sorry for him. I wished he’d score a damn goal. Mind you I wish ANYONE could score a goal or two at the moment.

  51. Old Buggerluggs says:

    “He is incredible in the changing room”

    Good job he’s got something going for him then.

  52. alan says:

    well i think he has already had 59 or so chances to prove himself so how many more chances dose he get/ yes hes effort was good on saturday but since he has joined us i would say 8/10 games there has been no effort im not sure why this is but i do wish him luck and no i dont boo the guy i hope in the very near future his form picks up not jjust for his sake but for the clubs as well.

  53. the headmaster says:

    The recurring theme day in day out now appears to be this increasing trend to vocalise disapproval towards our own players.
    It has been well stated in this blog that this approach is counterproductive and, frankly, ignorant.
    Unfortunately, it would seem that the mindless nitwits who persist in it are not likely to be visiting sites like this or indeed buy publications like olas and, as a consequence their ignorance goes unchecked.

  54. Goatygav says:

    Great points from everyone.

    First off Booing is definitely of benefit – to the opposition. If you want to increase the chaces of us losing then Boo ’til your heart’s content. Booing isn’t something that’s just come along either. It’s been around for as long as I’ve been watching West Ham. I recall the team going off the pitch to “What a Load of Rubbish!” many times in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s negative and it holds us back.

    The players know when they’ve let the team, the fans and themselves down. Giving them a load of greif really doesn’t help.

    I don’t agree LBM is a bad player – if he could be half of what he was at Fulham I’d be happy. Fact is he hasn’t been. I hope for his sake he shapes up.

    When you think about what GZ’s said it’s quite a clever bit of psychology. LBM knows that GZ expects a big improvement but, at the same time, will be encouraged by what he’s said. It also shows great self beleif when it comes to his coaching ability. Clearly Gianfranco thinks he can get the best out of LBM and I sincerely hope he does.

  55. thegeneralmuz says:

    good evening gents,not that i condone the constant booing of players or singleing out of certain people eg.(boa,cole)but i do think fans have every right to boo and shout or vent their frustrations/feelings how they see fit(within reason),alot of these idots,thugs,morons or whatever you want to call them,i call them fans the same as you and i, have had a few pints and are generally letting off steam from a hard working week and get p….d off with players who earn 50grand a week playing rubbish football for the team we love.lets get it right booing has gone on forever and will go on forever but lets hope zola gets them all playing so we dont have to!

  56. Paul Johnson says:

    I was at the match Saturday and I thought some of the fans attitude to Boa Morte was disgraceful. His approach work and effort was good. But no wonder the guy panicks in front of goal if this is how his own fans treat him. He needs his confidence building up, the last think he needs is booing!

  57. hamsandwich says:

    Is it me or is it all the hammers faithful who cannot believe Zola cannot see what LBM is really like.
    Come on lets be honest the only reason he never left is because Hull would not pay the ridiculous amount of money we are still paying him.
    Why should we not give our own players stick – when they deserve it, like the previous said they are being paid a bloody fortune and when we pay to go and watch them do we not deserve better?
    All this glass is half full and not empty is a load of old cobblers – it shows hammers fans have a sense of humour more than anything nasty.
    PC in the entire world has gone crazy – so lets join in at WHU – No thanks!

  58. thegeneralmuz says:

    well said sandwich too many bloody pat on the back merchants on here, if you dont want to here other peoples moans and groans and a bit of bad language stay at home these people pay the same money to get in as you!!(you are at a football ground and not at bloody church)

  59. E1 says:

    thegeneralmuz; Iam sure we all agree that as paying fans we have a right of opinion but do we have the right to victimise a player to the extent that he can’t do his job and is it really making the situation worse. May be we should really get behind lbm for a few games and see if we can help turn him round after all a player of his ability does’nt become a bad player over night maybe zola has now found that lack of confidence is his lbm ONLY problem and his statement is an indirect way off telling us to lay off and help?

  60. E1 says:

    Any sugestions for songs we can sing for LBM to biuld him up?

  61. thegeneralmuz says:

    e1; i hope you are right and as i said earlier i dont agree with victimisation but 59games that really is a bad run if i had 59 bad days at work on the spin i would lose my job…no question…no matter how hard i tried..

  62. E1 says:

    thegeneralmuz; very true in our world but a footballer can’t be sacked as we can he gets a big pay off and that hurts the club I do agree and understand were your coming from I just wonder IF we the fans changed our tack toward Lbm would it help and if not at least we could say we have done all we can to help the situation.

  63. hamsandwich says:

    Poor old LBM lets all cheer him on from now on and feather his ego.
    And for a song “what a waste of money sounds good”
    Sometimes its you can`t see the woods for the trees hey boys!
    While we are on useless individuals what about lucas (I dont care) Neill – Captain fantastic – do me a favour – wake up Zola lets get real!!!!!!!!!!1

  64. E1 says:

    Nothing is going to change as far as the 1st team and squad are concerned untill july 1st, so we as does zola have to make the best of what we have got.We are still (just) in the cup and 7th in the league. maybe thats why zola is asking us to lay off we have very little to choose from.Hamsandwich what would your 1st 11 be from the avaliable players today I think zola’s got it right and to make someone else captain at this stage in the season would only be harmfull to the team and could make neil less bothered. I do agree that we should have someone else as captain upson or parker but not just at the moment.

  65. hamsandwich says:

    For 20k a week Me upfront with the generalmuz, Iain in defence instead of Lucas (we need a big guy at the back) I had my eyes wide open on Saturday and could see Tristan and di michelle were so short of basic skill and pace it was nearly laughable – I know he (zola)is doing his best with what he has at the moment and I pray for more changes in July – Its just when away fans sing “your sh%t and you know you are” on more occasions than not, they are right! I will concede E1 we missed Behrami like a hole in the head, and I would have put Savio on from the start – jesus this manager game sounds like a doddle – oh no I better leave that to you experts!

  66. E1 says:

    your right there hansandwich best left to the experts and moan at the end of the season if they get it wrong

  67. upton spark says:

    What you said is right re his goals scored against appearances.It makes dreadfull reading so it’s no wonder the crowd get on his back. Yes he does try,but he’s not good enough in my oppinion.

  68. hamsandwich says:

    E1 That “if” word should have been “when”
    Singing when your winning? – lets hope so
    remember now the glass is half empty not full :o)
    Eternally optamistic? – “Fortunes allways hiding”
    COYI – Lets win something

  69. E1 says:

    Hamsandwich. I think we both have the club at heart and although or opinions differ we are both looking for the same result, time to agree to differ and move on to another subject, great conversation and not one bit of abuse thats how it should be Thanks mate.

  70. Andy B says:

    dont be stupid!!! he has had 3 seasons to show what he can do! and has blown it EVERY game

  71. Salesh says:

    I dont understand this. He’s been here for ages, playing in a attacking role. His job is to score goals or to make goals. He has done neither.

    Zola said he’s done his job. I dont see how he has done his job???

    Im willing to give him another chance. Maybe he needs a regular place in the first team like Cole, who knows.

  72. E13 says:

    Glad you’re eating your words Iain…you’re the one who started all the Boa bashing and all the other imbeciles on here followed you.

  73. wellsie says:

    I think that all supporters naturally groan when a simple pass goes astray or a chance on goal is spurned without making the keeper work. Unfortunately , these events seem to happen to LBM more frequently than any other players at the moment. If i did a job and felt that my efforts were not appreciated i would look to leave given the opportunity. When West Ham accepted a 1 Million bid from Hull (not the actions of a club wanting to keep a player) and given the feelings of the fans, i am amazed that he didn’t grasp the opportunity . Instead of this, he has chosen to put his wage packet ahead of anything else. Dissappointing !! I do not boo any West Ham player and nothing else would give me more pleasure than for LBM to hit a fantastic run of form but my patience is wearing thin.

  74. Mr Trix says:

    Well, if LBM starts to improve his game and bring his skills in line with the rest of the squad, he wont get boooeed at. If he scores a couple of goals all will be fine. They were booing Ashton not so long ago and Cole!

  75. hammeredCalv says:

    I dont and never would boo any player, however, i can see why LBM is getting a hard time and rightly so,he has played poorly,had enough chances to do well & win the fans over, Zola wanted rid of him in jan, and he has dug his heels in to stay on his lucrative and unjust wage,which, has stopped us being able to sign a much better younger player, he is holding the clubs progress up til summer, i call that “selfish” . The only person who can stop the booing treatment of LBM,is LBM himself !! Improve your play and add in a few goals !!! Over to you LBM !!

  76. hammeredCalv says:

    Hamsandwich – Thegeneralmuz cant play football if his life dependid on it !!! lol !!!

  77. hamsandwich says:

    E1 No worries mate, just venting my frustrations after the performance last Saturday – at the end of the day we all want success for the hammers – its something the fans deserve, lets hope we are on the right road.

    HammeredCalv thegeneralmuz must still be better than Tristan even if he has one leg lol!!!

  78. thegeneralmuz says:

    evening gents,to put the record straight thegeneralmuz has run rings around hammeredcalv on many occasions and the thought of hamsandwich and myself upfront brings a smile to my face i think we would give ddm and tristan a run for their money! not sure my knees would stand up for long but would give every last breath i had to where the claret and blue on the hallowed turf just for 5mins.heres dreaming ‘thegeneralmuz’

  79. hammeredCalv says:

    thegeneralmuz – run rings round me ?? you really are dreaming ! lol !! im a bit concerned, we havent got a decent striker at mo.

  80. avhammer says:

    I know we wont have cole for a couple of games or so but i am wondering how we will approach the next game against bolton. I wouldn’t mind seeing a small quick team where we can look to outrun bolton’s physical and big bodied tactics. i think play sears and di michele up front and look to get in and behind the defence with slick moving, becos in the air we will probably get killed. Keep the ball down on the ground and really look for tht splitting pass, as sears and DDM are pretty good finishers. If not play Savio up front with DDM but not sure if behrami is in or not anyway. If this doesnt work get Tristan on to create more physicality etc. But i think we look to out pass and out speed bolton. COYI!!

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