Vote: 30 Best West Ham Players of the 1980s

The poll I started at the weekend on the 50 Best West Ham Players who have played for the club since 2000 has proved very popular. More than 450 people have taken part so far. Yesterday I asked you to vote for players from the 1990s. Today it is the turn of the 1980s. All players are included who played for West Ham in the 1980s, unless they have already been included in the 1990s poll.

Click HERE to vote in the 1980s poll. You need to give each player a mark out of ten.

If you haven’t already done so, click HERE to vote for your best 50 players of the 1990s. And for the 2000s poll, click HERE.


34 Responses to Vote: 30 Best West Ham Players of the 1980s

  1. Jolly says:

    Nostalgia aint what it used to be………

    I found i gave the highest marks in this poll,but then it was a team of absolute legends and the last time we won anything….and i got to sit on Trev’s knee when i was the matchday mascot back in’84!!!!!

  2. IronMick says:

    I’ll sit out of this one (Born in 84).
    Looking forward to seeing all of the results though.
    Someone has already suggested this somewhere but a best West Ham team ever from these results would be awesome to see.

  3. Roymondo says:

    It is a problem when you look back. I put my rose-tinted glasses on and have cast my vote. I did look a bit of a twat in the glasses though!
    Where is SJ Chandos????

  4. E1 says:

    Higher marks on this one some real quality in this list.

  5. icon says:

    Might be being really stupid here but could not find Cottee on any of the lists – I’m sure it is just me being stupid but can someone help?

  6. Basildon Bob says:

    Can’t be sure on all of them as little bit before my football years began. However (and I know I will get some stick) Mark Ward was my player of the 80’s. closely followed by Devo & Parks. Too young to have ever seen Brooking, Bonds etc play so only fair to base my scores on players I saw play live and as a former midfield terrier myself Wardy was my idol. Shame what he got himself into after his career ended

  7. Cor… that was interesting… at last I feel qualified to participate. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. martin keech says:

    The players that helped make West Ham great.

  9. DaDon says:

    At the risk of having my wrist slapped again, where’s Tony Cottee? I didn’t notice him as I was going through the polls and I see that you’re not allowed back in once you’ve voted, so I can’t actually check…apologies if I slept through the bit where I voted for him.

  10. Iain Dale says:

    Double sigh ๐Ÿ™‚ He was in the 1990s. Remember, he came back?

  11. Bernie Bonds says:

    Theres no Cottee or Mc Avennie Parris or orr? sorry!

  12. Bernie Bonds says:

    Sorry Iain time i had done my one finger thing Cottee responce was up

  13. hammeredCalv says:

    We have had alot of really talented players at our club, suprising that we have not won more trophies along the way.

  14. Is this an appropriate thread for me to put in a word for Trevor Brooking, and in particular an aspect of his game that might not have been appreciated?

    He had a reputation as a gent, and rightly so, and he was a very graceful player. But he was actually a very tough player, too. He used to use his body and his legs very cleverly to keep the ball away from opponents.

    This meant that more often than not the player trying to get the ball off him had no choice but to go through him. It was a very clever part of his game. He’d deliberately see a kick coming and get his legs in the way, either to protect the ball or win a free-kick.

    I particularly remember Steve Perryman snapping away at him for the whole of a game and never get near the ball. Wonderful.

    And he scored some great goals.

    If Sir Trevor had been fully fit for England’s 1982 World Cup finals campaign, the outcome would have been very different. He had developed an excellent understanding with Kevin Keegan, and it was so frustrating that they weren’t able to test this at the highest level due to injury. Two goalless draws against West Germany and Spain put paid to our chances. A late double substitution against Spain gave glimpses of what might have been.

  15. chris says:

    Dont quite understand?
    Cottee for me,or brooking.

  16. chris says:

    Cottee came back in the 90’s.
    Yeah so what,he’s my player of the 90’s?

  17. chris says:

    80’s sorry.

  18. the headmaster says:

    Trevor Brooking walks on water la la la la la, la la la la

  19. brookingsbonce says:

    all done ๐Ÿ™‚
    my vote goes for ray stewart the penalty king!!! anyone know his pen/goal ratio?? surely he’s up there with shearer for penalties scored????

  20. Jolly says:

    Tonker scored 70 out of 75 penalties (ignore Wikipedia) – however he scored 3 rebounds of the 5 he missed!

  21. upton spark says:

    Done all three. Some names are easily forgoten while others will live in the memory for ever.
    Top marks go to Billy Bonds,Trevor Brooking and Phil Parkes,oh and not forgetting a certain DiCanio.

  22. I don’t think there were many goalkeepers daft enough to try and get in the way :O

  23. DevoDevo says:

    To illustrate the strength of the 80s side, the following players are shoe-ins for best ever XI


    A good case could also be made for Stewart, Lampard, Cottee & McAvennie.

  24. Wicksy says:

    Iain just completed the 80and 90s but did not see cottee must be old age!!

  25. Iain Dale says:

    McAvennie and Parris are in the 1990s poll, but it seems i have made an horrendous error and missed off Tony Cottee. I will add him to the 1970s list tomorrow. Will I ever be forgiven?!!

  26. Successive England managers overlooked him often enough… a far greater crime IMHO

  27. Ok, two bets tonight, before I go to bed…

    1) There will be people who don’t read Iain’s explanation about TC and will ask what he’s doing in the 70s list tomorrow.

    2) I will get all misty-eyed when North Bank and West Enclosure memories come flooding back (promise not to bore you all with them).

  28. Hammer Ray says:

    Really enjoyed this one as these were the heroes of my teens! Shame TC and McAvennie were not in this list, but understand why, although they were deadliest together in the 80’s. Brooking, Devonshire, Bonzo & Parkes for me, and who could ever forget the best penalty taker in the league, probably ever..arise Ray !
    The 80’s boys get my highest votes. COYI

  29. clack says:

    Cottee and McAveenie must feature in the 80’s rather than the 90’s list, surely – both were at thhe peak of their West Ham careers in the 80’s, and both were past their best 2nd time around.

    Considering 85/86 was the best ever league finish in the history of the club, and Cottee and MacAvennie were the stars of that team, both would even be in with a chance of winning the player of the 80’s, or at least in the runniing for 3rd or 4th spot, so I think this is very flawed if they’re not included.

    You could probably make a good case for including Brooking and Bonds in the player of the 70’s list rather than the 80’s list aswell?

    Infact, thinking about it, Brooking would be my player of the 70’s with Bonds 2nd as both were at thier peak then, and that’s the decade in which they played most of their matches.

    Perhaps some players should be included in more than one of the lists?

    You really ought to amend your list to include Cottee and MacAvennie in the 80′ list, Iain – I think it’s a bit of a farce otherwise?

  30. clack says:

    Infact, if your 70’s poll is not going to include Bonds, Brooking, Lampard, Holland, Devonshire and Cross (all included in 80’s poll)then I think the it’s going to pretty pointless?

    Sorry, to be so critical Iain, realรฑly enjoy your blogs normally, but I think this poll by decade business is very flawed.

  31. chris says:

    Get this!!!!!Word is LBM will start up front next game.

  32. brookingsbonce says:

    thanks for the stats on Tonker… you’ve settled a long standing arguement with my brother (he went with shearer) if your correct mate ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. DevoDevo says:

    Re: Stewart – I think Matt Le Tissier has a far better panalty record.

    The thing with Tonka was that he never seemed to miss the ones that mattered!

    Have to agree with other posters, Iain, some major flaws in your choice of decades.

    Perhaps you should just produce the top 20/30 from all the results?

    Should make interesting reading.

  34. DaDon says:

    Sigh. ๐Ÿ™‚

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