Parish Notice: The Poll Results

I agree with some commenters. It was a mistake to put McAvennie & Cottee* in the 1990s when their main years were in the 1980s. When all five polls are complete, I will reassign people to their correct decade, where they played for most of their career. So Bobby Moore will be in the 1960s, rather than 1970s etc etc.

I will then publish a team for each decade, followed by your Top 50 players, ranked in order from 1960-2009.

*Actually I forgot to put Tony Cotte in at all. How unforgiveable is that?! He will now go in the 1970s poll.


22 Responses to Parish Notice: The Poll Results

  1. Dujon says:

    Well being a recent (3 month old fan whose in his teenages years), i do not really know much about any of those older players.

    Sorry to go offtopic however, i would just like to say something. I woulnd’t mind seeing a Starting Team thread about our next couple of up-coming games. With Cole and LBM injured, Neil forced to sit out a match, and the signings of Terry Dixon (which i have no clue when he’ll be recovered from his injury and available to play in reserves or first team, can anybody answer that?) and Savio + Kovac ; well it would make for some interesting conversations.

    Sorry for that remark, it’s just that as you know, we’ll possibly a fairly different team and our tactics will not be able to involve our most recent striking threat (CC).

    go on please, talk about the westham legends!

  2. Matt Ryan says:

    Ian, have you put Malcom Allison in??? You better have! lol

  3. Hi Dujon, Great to hear your circumstances. What a great time to start supporting the Hammers.

    Can I encourage you to keep memorabilia from matches you go to, and pop a little note in your diary or on your computer, or however you record your experiences, etc.

    You’ll find it’ll be great memory jogger when you look back at players and events in years to come.

    I think we’re all looking forward to seeing how Savio develops, with great anticipation, but we might have to be patient.

  4. Iain Dale says:

    He retired in 1958!

  5. Roymondo says:

    How do those of us who have already voted cast our mark against Tony Cottee?

  6. Iain Dale says:

    You can do so when the 1970s poll goes live later today.

  7. Dujon says:

    Thanks Graybo, it deffinately is. I said i supported westham a little while before that, but it was until just after the Chelsea draw when i actually became interested in the club/team. Before that i basically only knew Lucas Neil as a current player (being an aussie). So I deffinately won’t be attending any hammers games anytime soon, earliest case would probably be if i went on a holiday in a couple of years time.

  8. DevoDevo says:

    Dujon – to answer your questions, I can’t see Dixon being anywhere near the first team for a couple of months if he fully recovers, if at all this season, but it certainly looks like a shrewd gamble that the club has taken on him.

    Your second question is interesting; 3 months ago, most on here, including myself, wouldn’t have had Cole anywhere near the first XI. It is testament to his improvement that we now fear his loss to the side. this has been exacerbated by the loss of Bellamy.

    Di Michele seems certain to start up front but with no target man to select from, who he plays with him is a tricky one.

    I would give Savio a start and give him a free role in front of the midfield.

  9. Simon from Gravesend says:

    Iain, there is one down side of the way this poll has been formatted, though I can’t think of a way around it. For players that spread across decades, Bonzo and Sir Trev come easiest to mind, what happens if you thought they were the best players in both decades? You are unable to vote for them in both, so it will seem that their contribution has only been recognised in the one

  10. Matt Ryan says:

    Ian, sorry mate, didn’t realise it didn’t include the 50’s! My bad!

  11. DevoDevo says:

    Further to my previous post, I’ve just realised that our next game is away to Bolton. In which case, I would bring in the extra height of Kovac to help negate their aerial threat.

    Di Michele

    Play DDM up front alone. Savio in the hole, Kovac holding and Parker further forward.

  12. E1 says:

    I think I would rather see Illunga and savio again on the left they looked pretty good against boro

  13. Roymondo says:

    Without Cole we will need to change tack a bit. The onus will be on the front men to make good runs to find space and there will be a big responsibility on the midfield to find the killer pass. Any sort of arial approach will come to nothing – particularly against a team like Bolton. We need to keep it on the floor and move it quickly.

  14. Icehammer says:

    I wonder what the hell is wrong with you people.
    You are already fieldind a team without Mark Noble because of one under par match. Noble has been the backbone of the midfield and has been great in his workrate and has also been inwolved in quite many of the goals we have scored this far.
    Along comes the “newbe” Nserenko and you get all worked up about the new guy. May I point out the simple fact that in the Man Ure game last week the WHU team practically did nothing of value after Zola substituted Noble with Nserenko and Noble was the WHU man of the match that day on Sky and other independent websites.
    One “off” game and the socalled fans forget or rather don’t remember how good a player he is, which says it all. Some people don’t look for the positives in footballers and if I remember correctly (and I do definately not have Ahlzheimer)the WHU fansites were full of negatvity towards Michael Carrick and could only see his faults and many were glad when he went to Hotscum and thougt the money we got more than he was worth and some thought the price was really great.
    If you wan´t to be a true Hammer, you will do well to remember that the backbone of the team has always been the homegrown lads. The merchenaries come and go, and many see the club as a showwindow to get to “better” clubs or as a good way to end their carrier and line their pockets. I will not make a list it would take all day.
    I want to see our lads in the team and get blooded like Sears and Tomkins, the same way Zola give expensive young talent, thats the only way thet can proove themselves and get the confidence they need. The way Sears has been handled up till now, is a one way street to despair for a young boy/man with the potential to be our next top goalscorer. In my opinion he’s just now, no more than a shadow of his former self and seems to have no confidence left, whatever Zola say’s officially, about him having to wait his turn like Zola did at Napoli (behind Maradonna) if I was in Sears shoes I would see this nothing short of professional bullshit.
    Why am I even bothering to write this and its really offtopic.
    I just feel that the old values that have made this club so hugely popular all over the world, and to be fair, far more than a club’s recent history merits are fading away and we will become no different from the clubs we usually love to despice.
    If you as a fan can’t understand the history that has made this club great, why the hell become a fan anyway, there are a lot of clubs with no or nearly no homegrown talents on the field of play, and the same clubs buy everybody and everything that seems to able to move on a footballfield, but lack the “bitter”sweet tradition that really makes great football legends and mould them from boyhood to manhood and have fans that can relish in the sense of pride of seeing, their own make history for this great club.
    How would it feel to see Joe Cole, Carrick. Lampard and Noble in the middle of the field. Glen Johnsson and the Ferdinand brothers with Tomkins or Terry as the back four (no left back that I could remember is playing in the premiership and Konch was a fan, but not really in the academic setup). With Collison or Sears with Dafoe in front (here we would be short of a big strong striker). Zamora comes near in fitting the bill, but he came from the neighbourhood and a passionate fan but was never really in the academi. He got 40 goals for WHU.
    It would mean Bywater in goal, as the only one from the WHU youth team that is playing in the premiership and we could do better there as well up front.
    (I must confess that I thought he would become a great stopper).
    I for one would love to see this team play for the Hammers and I believa that in a few years we could field a side with “homegrowns” that could play at the highest level, if the club keeps on nurturing them within the club and we the fans must also do our part by being positive and being there when they do the best they can and if we do that we will also feel much more pride and sense of being a real factor in their accompishments and feel the satisfaction of beeing an integral part of YOUR club the Hammers.

  15. thegeneralmuz says:

    like what you are saying iceman,about time someone spoke some sense on here!

  16. Westiron says:

    Well put Icehammer!

    Noble is improving all the time – He has aleady done enough to convince Wenger.

    Sears either needs a run in the side – which I am not sure he is ready for – or a decent loan spell – only trouble with that is we are short upfront.

  17. DaDon says:

    Icehammer mate, calm down. Who are ‘you people’? What right do you have the question the loyalty and integrity of any other Hammers fan? People are entitled to their view, you may not like it and by all means argue your point but don’t start to accuse fellow supporters of not being true fans just because you don’t like their opinions. I agree with you about Noble, but that doesn’t mean he’s beyond criticism just because he’s ‘one of ours’, nor does it mean that to criticise him is to be disloyal to the club.

    I love the fact that we produce so many good players through our youth system, but there are times when they simply have to move on. When Carrick left he wasn’t doing it for us, he was phoning in his performances and clearly wasn’t interested anymore. The same is true of Fat Frank – he was overweight, lazy and disinterested, selling him for £11m was a fabulous bit of business. And Defoe we nicked from Charlton. Bywater came from Rochdale. Get your facts straight.

    And in any case, if we were to follow your logic, great Hammers names like Billy Bonds, Phil Parkes, Di Canio, MacAvennie, Devonshire, DIcksy, Tony Gale and loads more would not have ever worn the C&B, which would obviously have been a tragedy. So yes, let’s keep the best youth system in the country going strong (and all the evidence suggests it is), but let’s also get the right players in, the ones (like Ilunga) who embrace the club and what it stands for and who can go on and contribute heroically to the cause. And who can play football.

  18. Icehammer says:

    Sorry if I ruffled any feathers with my comment, which I stand by as a principle but I know that a team of homegrowns is not going to be practical anytime soon, and most likely never, that is if we stay in the premiership. This would be ideal in a perfect world, something I must assume that both you and I know, does not exist.
    My real point is that hearts pump claret and blue are more likely to give everything for the club. An outsider that has not come through the academy, can surely be a Hammer by heart, like Zamora, a player that risked his whole carrier when he played injured in “the great escape” and would never have left WHU if he hadn´t been forced out. He is now playing below par for Fullham, most likely because he is not playing with the same heart abd passion as when he played in claret and blue.
    As facts are, then Bywater was technically in the academic setup for two years as he came from Rochdale at the age of 17 in 1998. He was in the u. 18 cup winning team in 1999 with the likes of Cole and Carrick, in my mind it makes him sort off “homegrown and no less so than Dafoe.
    My point is that we must help our young players develop and its not improper, disciminating or wrong to have more compassion for the young lads that have worked hard for the club from early age and represented and made the club proud years before they can play for the Hammers on senior level.
    Most of the boys never make this transition and can´t live their dream of playing for the first team in front of the fans. Our job should be to help them be their best.

  19. Michael Szeder says:

    Regarding the Bolton game…. I think we may just have to gamble on Tristan to start. Do we really want to be changing our tactics too much?? Go Tristan and Di Michele to start and hope we can win with em and if we don’t, bring on savio or sears!! Would be a big chance for tristan to try and prove himself one last time. Tristan would also be useful to defend bolton set pieces. Maybe im crazy!?

  20. I have a lot of faith in Mark Noble. Please don’t drive him away.

    I’ve said elsewhere that he will develop into a fine player, and we don’t want to see him do a Lampard or Carrick by coming back to haunt us.

  21. Iain, the polls have inspired some excellent responses and sparked off many a discussion. When the results have all been published and digested, can I suggest a weekly thread entitled ‘Personal appreciations of …’ (insert name of player).

    You start it with a paragraph or two about, say, Stephen Potts, and we all share our favourite memories. We would build up quite an archive of information about players past and present.

    This could be prepared in advanced by you, to be slipped in on a slow news day, thus keeping the board ticking over.

    Even if you pick someone slightly obsure, such as Peter Eustace, the results could be surprising. I particularly enjoyed posting about Trevor Brooking’s style of play and I’d like to think that it gave those who had never seen him play ‘live’ a little flavour of his talent.

    Those little personal glimpses from people related to on-pitch (and off-pitch) activities would be fascinating.

    There’s no reason why that couldn’t be done for a current player, either.

  22. Iain Dale says:

    Graybomeister, that is an excellent idea

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