Vote: Your 30 Best West Ham Players of the 1970s

It’s now time for you to vote for your Top players of the 1970s. Click HERE to vote. You must give each player a mark from 1 to 10.

NOTE: I have included Tony Cottee in the 1970s poll as I unforgiveably omitted him from the 1990s poll.

Click HERE to vote in the 1980s poll. You need to give each player a mark out of ten.

If you haven’t already done so, click HERE to vote for your best 50 players of the 1990s. And for the 2000s poll, click HERE.


26 Responses to Vote: Your 30 Best West Ham Players of the 1970s

  1. DevoDevo says:

    I must be getting old, Cottee only seems like a few years ago. 😉

  2. Andy says:

    Iain – 1970’s poll page says “If they played for the club before 1980, take those years into account too.”

  3. John says:

    Ian not sure I saw Brooking or Devenshire in the 80’s list or did I iss it?

  4. Devo's Barnet says:

    No John Moncur in the 80’s survey? I suppose he did spend a lot of time serving bans, but his insane tackles did lighten up some dour moments!

  5. paul pudney says:

    well i maked macavennie for second time at west ham rather than his first and best period becuase i assumed the marks were for that. I did this for one or two other players. This may, slighty effect teh results

  6. Aaron says:

    John Moncur didn´t play in the 80´s did he?
    Sorry Ian born in 1979 so i will stay out of this one.

  7. Dutch Hammer says:


    After doing a Hammer of the year election in may 2008, what about doing a Hammer of the month voting during the rest of the season?

  8. kennyhammer says:

    What about players like Sissons, Byrne, Brown, Burkett,Bovington, Brabrook. Although some played in the 60’s through to the 70’s this was possibly the best Hammers 11 that I have ever had the privalidge to watch. Sissions was the scurge of europe in the cup winners cup victories. I will never forget john Bonds goal at U.P. against a Swiss team hit from the half way line that flew into the net, the look of amazement on JB’s face will remain forever in my mind.
    Finally what about McAvennie in the 80’s.

  9. Iain Dale says:

    Jesus wept. How many times do I have to explain this? Do you lot not actually read the instructions?

  10. kennyhammer says:

    Does anyone know what happened to John Sissions?
    In the european Cup Winners Cup run in 1965 he was outstanding, but I belive he got injured shortly after and just seem to disappear.

  11. Bernie Bonds says:

    KennyH Sissons got married & his form dipped!sold him to Sheff weds,i think he ended up in Aussie,

  12. DevoDevo says:

    Sissons went to chelsea first, I think and now lives in SA.

    If you haven’t bought the books “In my Day”, then go out and do so. Brilliant reads and Sissons is featured in one of them.

    By the time he played in the 1964 FA Cup final I think he had already played at Wembley 5 times through youth finals & England Youth games. He admitted that he had everything too soon and wasted his talent.

  13. Bernie Bonds says:

    Iain,hope you will do a 50s poll,i know most people who post on here are too young,including your good self!but it will be great for us old irons,blimy thats a Goons song,ANY OLD IRON!HA HA

  14. Andy says:

    Alan Taylor won the FA cup for us with 2 goals in the quarter, semi and cup final beating Fulham 2-0 with Bobby Moore captaining them. Alan Mullery was in their side too.

  15. I’d like to think that people are being ironic and winding you up, Iain (cut to image of Iain pounding desk in frustration 😉 ) … but then again …

  16. paulv says:

    you will have many names, but don’t forget the great player who played in a bad west ham side:

    Francois van der Elst

  17. E1 says:

    All done Iain but I think you have johnny aryis in twice ? 70’s and 80’s

  18. Paul M says:

    On another note, our replay with Boro’ has been switched to Wed’ 25th and is live on ITV1

    I’m going with a 0-1 to the irons, Savio to slip one in if you excuse the pun

  19. Paul M, if it’s stick-yer-0neck out time, I’m going for us nudging it in a goalfest.

    Ta for the ‘live on TV’ tip … the annoying thing is that our six-a-side football kicks-off at 9.30 on a Weds night, so I’ll miss extra-time.

  20. TC says:


    this is the best thing you’ve done!

    I have a lot of under 5s in the 90s and noughties but hardly any in the 80s and 70s.

    I worked it on the basis that if they were good West Ham brought up team players then they got a 7, the better ones got an 8, the magnificent split with a 9 or 10. Those that didn’t play for us long enough, were ‘working their ticket’ (plenty of them in the 00s and 90s – thanx Harry) or simply didn’t match up (skills, discipline, maturity, etc) got lower – and that little group included 2 recent managers who I vividly remember!

    Can’t wait for the 60s. Are you going to do a pre-60s or a 50s? Personally, I’d be giving the 58 squad all 9s or 10s.

    I tell you what – when I read the names of the players it brings a tear to my eye and takes me back to the North Bank. In fact, we were proud of all of our players including people like Dudley Tyler and Otulokowski – they had their moments. And I bet 99% of them, if you went and interviewed them would look up with a twinkle in the eye and say they loved it here.
    There was banter and we complained occasionally, but if there was persistent booing from anyone like Boa Morte gets then those responsible would have got their heads kicked in.

    When you read the names – this is what our f…… club is about!

  21. the Headmaster says:

    if we carry on at this rate, we’ll be having a poll to determine the hammer of the day!
    fun tho the polls are, I’m personally a bit polled out now and await the nest discussion thread with eager anticipation.

  22. COYI! says:

    Hi Iain, 3 things – just want to concur about John Sissons – he was my favourite player for some years and I saw him score a real screamer at home against Liverpool – fantastic player – I think a 1-1 draw – christ knows when ’72????. Other thing – what about Ade Coker – I remember him scoring on debut – maybe twice – he was going to be another Clyde Best wasn’t he (although he was a lot slimmer!) – or was he earlier – memory’s clearly not what it was????
    Last thing – just reflecting on what a great player Harry was for us on the wing with the devlopment of the near post cross with Martin Peters + Sir Geoff.

  23. kennyhammer says:

    Bernie Bonds Thanks for the info on Sissions, I do seem to remember someone saying that his form went after getting married, Join the club!

  24. Peddler says:

    Keith Robson! What a player he was. I remember him scoring from miles out in a European game. I would give him 10.5, jut behind Bill on 11.

  25. Ha-ha… Keith Robson… what a character. He flattened Tommy Smith within 10 seconds of kick-off at Anfield. That takes some guts.

  26. Devo's Barnet says:

    Sorry, I mean’t the 90’s survey re John Moncur…..not 80’s!

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