Vote for Your Top 30 West Ham Players of the 1950s

I realise that the takeup rate for this poll will be a fraction of the others, but several older readers have asked for me to include players from the 1950s in a poll. Well, vote HERE. You must give each player a mark from 1 to 10.

If you missed the 1960s poll click HERE to vote.

For the 1970s poll click HERE to vote.

Click HERE to vote in the 1980s poll. You need to give each player a mark out of ten.

If you haven’t already done so, click HERE to vote for your best 50 players of the 1990s. And for the 2000s poll, click HERE.


20 Responses to Vote for Your Top 30 West Ham Players of the 1950s

  1. budgie says:

    That was a tester. Having started to take interest in what was then my Dad’s love of footbal in 1957/8 there are players here who I have only heard of but others I saw and remember well. Ernie Gregory was also a friend of a friend in his later years and was both a gentleman and a true servant of the club.
    It will be interesting to know how many responses you get to this one Iain.

  2. matta says:

    now we are all in the mood for all these polls how about a final one to rate all the Managers we have had

  3. Roshi says:

    Whoooo!! steady on, 1950’s.

    Next you will be asking us to vote on how well the policeman rode his white horse. Lol

  4. DevoDevo says:

    PC Storey, roshi and the horse was called Billy.

    My Granddad climbed the wall for the 23 final and was one of the estimated 200,000 in the ground.

  5. Bernie Bonds says:

    Thanks Iain,youve made an old Hammer very happy,would ve liked to see Mal Musgrove & Harry Obeney in it too, COYI!!!

  6. Bernie Bonds says:

    If Mussie was in 60s SORRY!

  7. budgie says:

    Harry Obeney would only have rated a 5 on a good day!

  8. Bernie Bonds says:

    Agree with you budgie,but i just remember him playing as an emergency c f after the great Vic Keeble got injured & sadly never played again!!Harry run his nuts off for us & scored e few, inc a hat trick v Everton!never class but gave his all,mind you he looked good when he joined Romford lol.

  9. Bernie Bonds says:

    Suspect every one s moved on from this blog but if there is anyone out there do you remember Bond & Cantwell also playing centre f after Harry Ob & scored a few too?

  10. Roshi says:

    Hey DevoDevo, nice one. What was the referees name..ha.ha

  11. I used to bump into Vic Keeble in his role as secretary at Chelmsford City. Nice chap.

  12. supernumbersix says:

    Sorry guys, all a bit before my time but I know enough about the history of WHU to know that Malcolm Allison, John Bond and the great Noel Cantwell were three of the pioneers of the style of football we call the ‘West Ham Way’. And the greatest footballer produced by this country sat at the feet of Malcolm Allison before going onto to captain club and country. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t these guys influence everything from how we played down to the boots they wore? Were we not one of, if not THE first club to wear lightweight shirts, shorts as opposed to slightly less long trousers and lighter boots all as favoured by the continental clubs? I’m sure I read somewhere that when we turned up kitted out like that in places like Bolton in th 50’s, we were laughed off the park.

  13. E1 says:

    Roshi: the ref was Mr D H Asson the linesman were Mr R R Crump and MR WH Moody

  14. budgie says:

    I remember Bondy playing up front.
    Like you I was also very fond of Mussy. He was a bit head down and charge but when he got that shot with his left foot going he was some player.
    Oh the stories we could tell these young whipper snappers!!
    Incidentally Seeing Noel Dwyer’s name on that list who amongst us was there that day when he kept running out of his goal to the wing and Denis Law made us pay.

  15. Bernie Bonds says:

    Yea budgie that was v Hudersfield in a 3rd round replay we drew away 1 1 & it was a weds afternoon k o because we did nt have floodlights in 59!oh & we losted the replay 1 5! Dwyer was as good keeper but was involved in the betting scandle that finished P Swan & Kays careers & we losted 7 1 at Sheff Weds 7 1 & we were top of the first div!! oh happy days.

  16. Bernie Bonds says:

    Sorry put score down twice!must have a stutter lol

  17. budgie says:

    It was also bloody cold and I queued up for about two hours with my mate Johnny Wells who was an Orient supporter. It’s all coming back now!

  18. Goatygav says:

    My Grandfather and Great Grandfather, too, were at the game in ’23 DevoDevo. Hope Saturday’s result vs Bolton doesn’t turn out the same as that occasion.

    I’ve declined to vote on this and the ’60’s one as I was born in ’69 and didn’t see those players play.

  19. Roshi says:

    E1, you’re wrong about the ref, Asson was due to ref but went down with a bad bout of gout prior to the match, which rendered him useless.
    Crump and Moody shared the duty, a half each and the white horse who we now know was called Billy ably assisted by PC Storey ran the line. This is actually what caused the near riot, because word went round that a horse was acting as linesman and everyone who was in the Wembley area at the time rushed up to the ground to witness a remarkable event, couldn’t get in without a ticket and jumped over the perimeter fence. If you look at the old black and white photo’s you will just about see a linesman’s flag tied to Billy’s bridle. That’s what I was told anyway!

  20. paul says:

    The great achievement of the 50s players was the number of managers it produced as well as Phil Woosnam becoming a pioneer of the game in North America. At that time I believe the club sent all its players on the FA coaching course at Lilleshall.

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