Who Will Play at Bolton?

First of all, the good news. Matthew Upson, Robert Green and Lucas Neill have all been offered new contracts.

As our minds turn towards the Bolton game, I thought we might indulge in a bit of speculation about the likely line-up. Lucas Neill in suspended and Carlton Cole is injured. Let’s look at these in turn.


The two likely replacements are Valon Behrami or Jonathan Spector. Spector has never let us down and I would play him there with Behrami returning to midfield.


The natural thing to do would be to play Diego Tristan and David di Michele up front. But Tristan was woeful last weekend. The last time I saw a player that show, his name was Lee Chapman. I think a front duo of DDM and Savio would be a good idea. Bolton’s defence is quite slow, and these two might cause them a lot of problems. I still think Tristan will get the nod though.


68 Responses to Who Will Play at Bolton?

  1. the headmaster says:

    I don’t know why but I have a feeling we might see LBM start on Saturday and, you know, I also think that that might be a good call.
    Delighted to contribute to a thread that isnt a poll!!

  2. Iain Dale says:

    LBM is out for two months. So I think that is unlikely.

  3. Hayden says:

    Savio and Sears (hey, I can dream). They’d wreak havoc with Bolton’s defence.
    I think it might be Di Michele and Savio.
    How far is Terry Dixon from challenging for the first team do we know?
    I agree about Spector and Behrami. Good call!

  4. the headmaster says:

    whoops. the red wine has kicked in!

  5. Bonzo says:

    I thought Tristan dan okay against ‘Boro. He nearly scored a great goal with some excellent skill inside the box but then unfortunately missed the ball at the most important moment. I think that we should give him a few games and see what he can do. After all, Tristan was one of the most feared forwards in Europe five or six years ago. He must still have some class left in the locker.

  6. claire says:

    Di Michele and Savio – risky, but probably our best option. Neither has yet shown us fully what they’re capable of, and maybe Bolton is the best game for them to perform. Tristan – so, so slow against Boro. Spector and Behrami – yes. Spector has had a disrupted time with us – injuries and USA duties – but deserves a start. Just hoping that CC comes back soon. Roll on summer and a new striker to sign, as I fear we have now seen the last of Ashton as a contender.

  7. Boleyn Steve says:

    My gut feeling is that Tristan will start as he adds height.I agree he was poor on Saturday but I think Zola will give him a run in the side until Cole is fit.
    Lets hope Behrami is fit as we missed him last week.
    The owner of Bolton is a client and friend of mine and I will be in the Directors box on Saturday.

  8. Goatygav says:

    We’re hardly blessed with an abundance of striking potency up front at the moment.

    I think Freddie Sears would be out-muscled by Bolton’s robust Centre Halves.

    If GF’s going for a front two then I think it should be Di Mic and Savio to start. I reckon we might see a lone striker though and I suspect that’ll be Di Michele.

  9. Big_Casino says:

    Don’t know what anyone sees in Di Michele. It’s a joke he’s at our club, an absolute joke. Quite possibly one of the worst players I’ve seen in a West Ham shirt – woeful.

    Tristan looked rusty and not even a shadow of his former self against Boro. Admittedly he did show one sign of previous glories with a tidy bit of skill in the box, but even that ended in nothing. I think he has more to offer than Di Michele, but still a sad state of affairs that him and Di Michele are West Ham’s current first choice front men.

    Trouble is that Sears and Savio are so lightweight, against any Prem side, let alone a real physical challenge like Bolton, so are they up to it? Maybe, maybe not.

    As it’s Bolton, who are a big side, full of athletes, I’d defo bring Kovac into midfield, who at 6ft 2 can help us match up to Bolton physically.

    I know it’s defensive and maybe even negative, but I’d have Parker alongside Kovac in front of the defence, so two holding midfielders like Liverpool play, and then in front of them I’d have Noble, Behrami and Collison, all of whom we’ll need to help join the attack with our lone striker… and for this game, I’d take a punt on Sears…not really a lone striker, but he is a natural goalscorer and predator, and even if we only create 1 or 2 chances, I trust him more to finish them than DDM or Tristan.


  10. Trodge says:

    If Behrami is still out, I could see Savio starting in the mid. I still see DDM and Tristen upfront with Sears as the likely replacement. I would assume Spector to fill Neill’s spot. Get healthy CC!!! COYI!!

  11. Dave says:




    4-5-1 using Tristan as a target man. We’re also able to switch to the normal 4-4-2 diamond with Savio playing as a striker when required

  12. Big_Casino says:

    of course if there was any chance of Dyer being fit, i’d chuck him up front…. but yeh, he won’t be fit.

  13. brooking is still the best says:

    This just goes to hightlight our weakness in the striking department. I am fearing that we are really going to struggle in the next two or three weeks unless Zola and Clark can come up with a new style of play. Who ever partners DDM is going to find it tough.
    I hope it’s Freddie Sears. The kid has to get a few games soon and needs to come good, if he scores a couple of goals in the next few games then timing would be perfect. I can but hope. COYI

  14. I feel sure they will go for experience up front, how ever inept those experienced players have proved to be in recent weeks.

    Savio for half an hour and Sears for 15 towards the end… that’s my bet.

    Behrami in midfield, please.

  15. Martin of Surbiton says:

    Well,doubly off topic but if you’ll allow it:

    1. Congratulations to you personally for your grown up blog (iaindale.blogspot.com) being cited in the Sunday Times first in their “Domestic politics” list of their 100 Best Blogs – quite right too, although I am one of a number of your WHTID correspondents who do not share your politics.

    2. Great to hear several contributers singing the praises of the late great Ian Dury – a massive talent from east of London if ever there was one, with a band, the Blockheads, who never received the critical acclaim they deserved. I went to many of their gigs and he and the band never failed to deliver.

    I remember an interview with Ian where he said that he liked performing and he liked writing songs, but what he liked best was rewriting and perfecting his words and I reckon there is nobody who has ever matched his witty, sublime, anarchic (dare I say) poetry with Cockney rhyming slang thrown in. Who else would come up with the lines:

    Sueperman’s big Sister
    Superior skin and blister

    I rendezvoused with Janet
    Quite near the isle of Thanet
    She looked quite more like a gannet..
    Her mother tried to ban it
    Her father helped me plan it

    He didn’t do the Mona Lisa
    That was some other Italian geezer

    I could be a writer with a growing reputation
    I could be a ticket man at Fulham Broadway Station

    My temperature rises and my pulses quicken
    When she gets cracking with the coronation chicken

    etc. etc. etc. etc. Magic! No, f***ing sublime.

    Anyway, back on topic, I felt we would sort Middesbrough out easily and I was wrong. I’m nervous about Notlob and hope I’m wrong again. Please can Behrami return and if so, we should play Di M, Freddie and Savio though not necessarily from the kick off. I trust our defence and midfield on current form even though Bolton are tricky opponents.

  16. West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    The only place we have a problem at the moment is up front, with Bellamy gone we have no one to break the line, or at least we have not played anyone that has shown the ability to break it. Personally I don’t mind DDM he has skill and is aware of all those around him, what he lacks is pace and thats why he will never be a great premiership striker. I don’t know if any of you agree but I think we have played well in the first 80 yards of the pitch since Bellamy went but we lack penetration so are a bit toothless upfront ? I hope Sears gets a shot, the one thing he has is an abundance of skill and pace, he can do something unexpected, I think he is better at this time than Savio and should be given his chance. Savio is one for the future and from his first performances they have showed promise but also a lot of inexperience, it will probably be half a season or more before we start to see him producing.

  17. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    I think Behrami should stay in midfield and we should bring in either lopez or Tomkins in place of Neill. I personally don’t rate Spector there, he’d be my last resort. I’d say our only choice up front is Di Michele with Savio or Sears as at least Di Michele isn’t easy to get off the ball. Tristan looked too far off what he used to be to ever regain it. I don’t think playing 5 across midfield with a lone striker is what we’re about for 2 reasons. One, Curbs left and Two, why would we show Bolton that much respect: 2 up front would cause their frail defence real problems.

  18. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    Who mentioned Ian Dury exactly?

  19. romehammer says:

    i’d play savio with di michele..not ideal but at least they could comunicate in italian and the bolton defence wont understand a thing!!!! hahaha

  20. Hammer Ray says:

    I agree we need to attack them, so 2 up front for me. I don’t see any better options than DDM and Sears currently. Not ideal by any means, unless Dixon can be risked, but probably too early yet. Has he played anywhere recently?? I would have thought Tristan may improve with a good run but have my doubts after last week. This is an off form Bolton at the end of the day so we need to push for the win anyway, but we may need some help from midfield or set-pieces..which brings the question, why do we keep using Noble for corners when he floats it in every time and it comes down with snow on it? I presume he can’t drive it in for Ginge/ Upson to attack? Anyway, a point minimum from Bolton. Maybe Savio or Sears will take a chance that may be granted to them to make them immediate heroes! COYI

  21. devo says:

    we drove into Happy Valley seeking peace and love
    with a lone helicopter hanging up above
    we didn’t realise until we hit the field
    there were four hundred cozzers holding riot sheilds

    How far off of fitness is Dixon

  22. dagenham cheddars says:

    i’m not sure but with all the big teams still in the FA cup is it possible that a semi-finalist might get into europe??? if so then i think we should give savio has many minutes on the pitch as possible so we can put out a stromg side in the cup against the boro and hopefully everton, so i think he should start against bolton. and also give kovac a little run at some time during the game..

  23. DaDon says:

    Big Casino – I’ll tell you what I see in Di Michele. He’s an experienced, smart, skilful player with a desire to do well and an eye for goal. He may be past his best years in terms of speed, however I don’t think he was ever brought in as more than a back up striker, someone who could come off the bench. As such I’d asy he’s scored a few goals and done OK for us. At the very least he runs his arse off. One of the worst players? Man you’ve got a short memory.

    When I think of all the REALLY bad strikers that have extorted a wage off us in recent memory – Newell, Small, Chapman, Dean, Raduciou, Mellor, Aliadiere to name but a few – by comparison Di Michele is a football God. And it’s not as if we have a lot of choice right now. So give the guy a chance – he’s barely started ten games and you’re ready to write him off. Ridiculous.

  24. hammeredCalv says:

    DaDon-I agree , well said !

  25. Roymondo says:

    I don’t like only playing one striker but I think that’s probably the best option at Bolton. I’d play Savio from the start and hope his pace will help support the loan striker who, I’m afraid, will be Di Michele.
    I would reluctantly play Behrami at right back as I don’t think Spector is up to it. So my team would be:

    Behrami, Collins, Upson, Ilunga
    Savio, Kovac, Parker, Noble, Collison
    Di Michele.

    Given the current circumstances I would be happy with a draw as our record against Bolton is not impressive.

  26. Afcam says:

    Why are you happy about Neil being offered a new contract? , he’s absolutely useless. Behrami has to cover for him continually, can you imagine if he was on the offensive rather than always being at the ready to turn around and speed back to help the battleship paced Neil.
    Most of the offensive play by most of the opposition is targeted down their left hand side .
    Couldn’t agree more with DaDon , di Michele is excellent it’s a pity about his age , but great vision and effort , should not be left out .
    (BW) 0-2 (WHU) , the line up should be
    Behrami Collins Upson Ilunga
    Noble Parker Collinson
    di Michele
    Sears Savio

  27. geoff says:

    If we play Di Michele and Tristan I’m off down the bookies to say we won’t score. I would bring in Savio for Tristan with Freddie on the bench. If Cole is out for longer than 2 weeks we could be in trouble. Di Michele offers very little and is lightweight.

  28. richo says:

    Two up front for sure…I was so frustrated after the cup game with DiMichele, but he kept persevering and will be only the better for it. He’s a certainty upfront for me, the only question for me is who to have with him, i’d go Sears but we’ll just have to wait and see. Behrami is a must in the midfield so wouldn’t mind seeing Spector play at right back. If Zola does go with Behrami at RB would hope to see Kovac in the centre, only problem with that is havin’ to rely on our wing backs for width.

  29. E1 says:

    Di micele, sears and savio are all lightweight and we will need a target man and our only potion at the moment is (I’m sorry to say) Tristan. I would like to see savio start on the left, Him and illunga did well against boro.

  30. Marleeen Dep Soc, Ian Dury was mentioned in response to a post by Stelio (the Roy Young comments) when he spelt Trevor incorrectly as Trever, and then apologised.

    I’m afraid I made the following observation (see below), which set us off on a little Ian Dury canter.

    Now, to cleverly bring it back on topic, thanks for reminding us of those craftsmanlike lyrics, Martin of Surbiton, and wouldn’t it be great if our forwards to as much care of the ball as Ian did of every syllable he wrote?

    graybomeister Says:
    February 17, 2009 at 11:42 am

    Stelios, you must have been thinking of Clevor Trever (sic) the song by Ian Dury.

    Knock me dahn wiv a feaver… Clevor Trever!

  31. took as much care… not ‘to’

  32. DiMichele is allright in the box I think. If we get a hold of the mid field and the game and get to play a lot in their half he may be a good pick, as he was in the Hull game.
    If we don’t dominate the mid field he will be the usual dissaster.

  33. IronMick says:

    I must say I’m a little mythed (is that even a word) about the anti DiMichele comments. I’m not saying he is brilliant and he is def slow, however he has a lot of skill and control. He is an automatic pick in my book.
    My Team would be exactly the same as ‘Raymondos’ (above) who got their first ;-).
    As Berami covers Neil all the time anyway I’d put him at right back and would like to see Kovac in midfield against a physical bolton side.

  34. Old Biddy says:

    Iain…iv mentioned this before and i was wondering if you could open a thread on this to hear fellow supporters views……Do you think Freddie Sears should go out on loan and get experience of regular football and hopefully scoring goals for fun week in week out?….its been nearly 12 month since “That dream debut goal”…what chance as he had since?I think the club would benefit from Freddie going out to say Bournemouth for the rest of the season,then coming back preseason full of confidence….your thoughts please

  35. IronMick says:

    If we had all our strikers fit then yes I agree on sending Sears out on loan, although only on a month by month basis. I think it would be foolish to dismiss him for the whole season.
    As it stands we are very short of striking options so we need him at Upton Park. I’m not sure exactly how Zola see’s him fitting into the team/squad as he has put on Trisan on rather than Sears on a few occasions which I find strange.
    I’m of the opinion that Zola see’s him as further off than we all hoped and wants him around the first team to improve rather than a first/second tier team.

  36. Dujon says:

    i would like to see sears and savio on the field at the same time. I believe both Kovac and Spector also deserve a run as well.

  37. kennyhammer says:

    We will clearly miss CC over the next couple of games.
    The fact that he now scores as well as being a target
    man/holding the ball up makes him the only player we have for this roll. MDiM is too small and his play is better suited to play off a target man into the box.
    Sears and Savio are too small to play in the Cole roll so it has to be Tristen or change the style of play to keeping the ball to feet and let Sears MDiM or Savio try and out manouver the Bolton defence who are not that quick. Or can Kovac cover for Cole?

  38. E1 says:

    Maybe 4-5-1 would be a better option with spector filling in for neil at the back Dim upfront and Behrami parker collison noble with savio playing wide and switching sides as and when, berhami could push up as well if need be we got to keep it on the floor as we have no target man,keep hold of the ball and be pactient

  39. Biffo the bear says:

    Di Michele (or ‘That Mitchell’ as I’ve heard him called in my part of the ground) had a fantastic game against Hull. Very good player and I’m surprised that some people can’t see it.

    At Bolton, I can’t see us starting with two small, untested players like Sears and Savio against a big Bolton back line so I reckon it will be Tristan and Mitchell, Tristan needs a few games before we can really see what we’ve got there, fortunately we are in a position to give them to him.

    If Spurs go down I’ll go to church. Just thought I’d slip that in there 🙂

  40. DevoDevo says:

    We have NOBODY to cover CC, which means we will have to play s system that will suit the team.

    I would bring in Kovac for his height, Tomkins for Neill (Behrami is wasted at RB) and play Savio at the top of the diamond behind Di Michele.






    …………………………Di Michele

  41. Eddie Chappers says:

    I too am very surprised at the harsh comments about DiMichelle, who has shown glimpses of skill and some sublime passing. I agree he does get caught in possession though this has improved recently and he has now started tracking back to win the ball in the middle of the park.

    I would start DiMichelle as lone striker with Behrami in the hole just behind him, then Kovac and Parker in the middle of midfield with Collison/ Noble interchanging on the flanks. As mentioned by others above Sears and Savio are going to be too lightweight to start against Bolton though will be useful weapons for later in the game with their pace and movement.

  42. purser says:

    Just a thought, I watched Zafron Hines in Pre season and thought he was a more rounded player than Sears, he apparently is fit and perhaps with our present injuries, line up Green, Illunga, Collins, Upson, The new boy Kuzak sitting in front of the back three, Berahmi, Noble, Parker,Meresko, Hines and Di Matteo on the bench, Tomkins, Sears, Dixon, Thoughts anyone?

  43. hammer time says:

    Devo Devo, looking at your proposed line-up……….
    I couldn’t have done it better my self.
    Savio needs a full match to show us what he can do, because is it just me, or does he just look average at mo’ (not a 9m player?) i hope its just him adjusting into prem style. We have too many nearly players, Sears is still young? owen and rooney were veterans at his age! LBM well! a trier, but woefull finishing. Tristan, used to be good? what!? so did suker and lungberg till we got e’m! Zola should play rather than Tristan! lol
    Now back to business, lets HAMMER Bolton with this line up, and carry it over to Boro, who shouldn’t even be in the same league as us, let alone nearly knock us out of the cup! if we get though and beat Everton (our bogey team!) we will win it, mark my words!

  44. Steeley says:

    Never been convinced about Spector. Just doesn’t cut it in my opinion.

    I may be wrong, but I thought Kovac could play at right back? I would put him in for Neill.

    Upfront. Start with Savio and DDM. If DDM is having one of his five out of six quiet/poor games, then give Sears a chance in the second half.

  45. Goatygav says:

    Roymondo and DevoDevo’s lineups look pretty close to the mark to me. If we come away with a point I’ll be happy. I think it’s going to be a really good test for the defence in that they’re going to have to deal with the threats from Bolton at set pieces. If we can stay solid and disciplined it will give us a chance. SC should have them ready for this one.


  46. djclipz says:

    bolton means 10 men defending/kicking our players off the park so we have to go with our strongest(physically) team. I can see tristan starting because of this and you never know he might disrupt them, i think he’ll do more physically than sears. I wouldn’t mind seeing kovac being brought in too, he’s a big holding midfield type of player, as behrami will probably slot in at RB. No matter what we need a tall strong holding midfielder against bolton if we are going to have any chance of controlling it and scott parker can just mop it all up!! Then hopefully savio will be on second half again to inject some pace and dance past some weary unskillful bolton players. I do see him being our new set piece taker though so the sooner he is up for a start the better, he can sure put a ball in.. But i don’t think this game is for him to start… maybe the replay at boro!

  47. Once thing we need to address… we seem to be playing the ball into a crowded penalty area all the time. Our guys seem to arrive there on the end of some intricate passing move but with nowhere to go, because players have already made runs into the box.

    Witness ManYoo game when people just couldn’t dig the ball out for a shot.

    We need to have people coming out of the box to make space for those arriving. Maybe the system needs a bit of a tweak.

    I still think we should go for experience in this one, with Savio given half an hour and Sears 15 to 10 mins.

    By the way, on another topic, WHU just had a mention on ‘From our own correspondence’ on Radio 4.

    The Obamas have decided to sign up their daughter for ‘soccer’ as her sport, and the correspondent signed off by suggesting that Hammers fans adopted the Obama campaign slogan as a chant, ie ‘Yes we can, yes we can, yes we can…’

    (Please don’t shoot me, I’m only the messenger).

  48. hammer time says:

    xxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xx
    xx x xx x x xx x x x xx
    xx x x x x x x x xx xx
    xx xxxxx x x x x x xx xx
    xx x x x x x x x x x
    xxxxxx xx xx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxxx xx

  49. Please excuse the literals in that last post. I think I need a cuppa to get the brain going again. Should be ‘From our own correspondent’, obviously… and ‘One’ not ‘Once’ at the start.

  50. x marks the spot, does it?

  51. hammer time shares his/her ‘Spot the ball’ entry with us

  52. mike tricker says:

    What about Walter Lopez?
    Also dont forget about Kovac?

    We could go 5 in the middle then play savio as well

  53. Roymondo says:

    I put my team choice up earlier and would just like to reiterate that Kovac would seem to be ideal for this game. If he is match fit – and he played a full game for the Czech Republic last week – he will give us physical presence and extra height at defending set plays, something you can always use against Bolton.

  54. smithywhu says:

    personaly i think tristan is shocking and shouldnt even male the bench after the middlesbrough game

    as for the defence id put behrami at rb
    then put noble in rm and kovac in the middle

    as for up front personal i want savio and ddm
    but we all know savio wont start will he ?:S

    behrami upson collins IIungia(*)
    noble parker kovac collinson

    to be perfectly honest tho i dont care how we line up as long as we win and get revenge on them

  55. Rob says:

    I like the sound of the 4-5-1. negative but bolton are just a long ball physical team, its not gunna be a great game whatever formation we play, just one of those where you need a result.
    so if you stuck parker and kovac in as holding midfielders, then noble, collison and savio in front of that (or behrami if fully fit) then up front will be anyones guess….DDM, Tristan, Sears…..lets be honest, none strike fear into the opposing defence so we need our midfielders pushing on to support

  56. chris says:

    I think we are gunna struggle until cole is back,Its not just his goals but who else is there to hold up the ball and bring others in the game,I will be happy with any points we pick up home and away.
    Savio is more of a midfielder so cant see him as a centre forward.
    A testing few weeks to come for Zola,will we get dragged back into it?

  57. chris says:

    Some people here seem to think that a few of our players are to lightweight for boltons defence, but as a big centre half your worse nightmare is a small mobile striker,,,just a thought.

  58. E1 says:

    we’ve not got a result at bolton for many a year but we’ve not played football the right way for a few years I think we will nick this through pure class and skill from the mid-field and solid defending collins and upson should be able to handle davies and notlob don’t have nolan now, yeah 3 points and spurs to get stuffed at hull come on the tigers.

  59. Hammer Ray says:

    I too like DevoDevo’s formation. Not sure if they’ll go with it but it works for me. To be honest, do we care which striker we go with if he finds the net against Bolton? Probably not me thinks..COYI

  60. Jackster101 says:

    who would have thought around two months that almost every west ham fan would be worrying about CC getting injured, with no replacement. CC our saving grace? im not sure i agree with peoples comments about coping without CC. it was obvious bringing in a german/ugandan striker/midfielder with no prem experience would cost us derely, now with no striker, we are going to struggle to find the net, but i still worry even with Carlton, even though he is class, he needs a partner to compliment him.(maybe the odd goal from set pieces or tap ins). not sure if anyone agrees, but cc is simply not a player we should rely on. last term Dean Ashton, now it seems CC. i personally feel we need two PREM (class like tristan and maybe DDM, have not been the threat we hoped) proven strikers. Even when cc and ashton return.

    team for tomorrow


    Spector Upson Collins Ilunga


    Behrami Noble Parker Collison

    Di Michele

    – with tristan for Kovac/noble if struggling or)
    – savio for a midfielder Kovac/noble or injury

    I really don’t rate Sears, again i feel i’m alone on this, i just feel he really needs to be loaned out, get experience, because his talent is being wasted, and with the cry for a new striker, how long can sears wait?

  61. hammeredCalv says:

    Not that i want to sound all doom and gloom , but i will be happy with a point let alone all 3 pts ! DevoDevo has the line up i would choose, def a game for kovac ! Upson and Ginge will have to be at there best to keep the boring Bolton long ball at bay !

  62. Dujon says:

    I still stand with my belief Savio will be critical for this game, absolutely critical. We’ll see. Let’s hope he stands up to the moment 😀

  63. Paul M says:

    for me it would be
    tonka ginge upson illunga
    behrami in front of tonka for extra cover (same as neil)
    kovac taking the holding role with parker
    savio on the left
    then di mic up front with collison playing just behind as he will chase everything both up front and midfield, also think he can and will score goals from midfield given this role (same as fat frank and gerrard)


  64. billy says:

    put collins right bk kovac in the center with upson please do not ply spector he aint worth a carrot then play sears upfront with di michele with di michele droping off and sears playing on the shoulder using his pace!!!!

  65. Roymondo says:

    There’s never been a goalless draw in any league game we’ve ever played against Bolton. So that’s 0-0 then.

  66. SoCalHammer says:

    I don’t see a problem playing Spector in Neill’s place. Solid player. Behrami to help out as he has to do anyway with snail paced Neill. Tristan will probably start with DDM. Than again, we could see Kovac going to center defense and Collins at right back. I think we will see Savio in the mix at some point as well. Possibly starting. That’s likely.

  67. Rob says:

    why worry about right back………..you could put a sack of potatoes there and still no one would do anything cos behrami basically plays right back and right mid, he is two players.
    And also i agree about sears, sure he is quick but i have seen nothing since his one goal to suggest prem quality

  68. Dujon says:

    interesting, i just read the official Westham site and it says only Neill and Boa Morte are missing. So is Cole playing?

    And one betting site says Dean Ashton is one of the favourites to score a goal. And they have included Savio so it looks updated to me. Don’t know what’s happening there haha

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