Your West Ham Team of the 2000s

More than 550 of you voted, and this is the first 11 of your team of players who have played for us since 2000*.

Robert Green
Matthew Upson
James Collins
Herita Ilunga
Tomas Repka
Michael Carrick
Scott Parker
Valon Behrami
Joe Cole
Paolo di Canio
Carlos Tevez

David James
Anton Ferdinand
Mark Noble
Stuart Pearce
Glen Johnson
Dean Ashton
Teddy Sheringham

* Players like Rio Ferdinand, Steve Potts and Frank Lampard who overlap the turn of the century have been put into the 1990s selection.

I think a few prejudices have come into play here. For example, Jermain Defoe, didn’t even make the subs bench – Kanoute and Carlton Cole both got higher ratings.


41 Responses to Your West Ham Team of the 2000s

  1. Hammerhead says:

    What a team that would have been…. if only!!!

  2. Big Casino says:

    Biggest surprise for me is seeing Ilunga in there… he’s a decent player, but I think George McCartney was better.

    Glen Johnson/Tomas Repka is a tough one, as Repka, who ended as a fans’ favourite, did has a period where he was absolutely shocking. But am happy to have Tomas in there.

    Not a bad bench either hey……..

    Amazing front line.

    Greeno/James – reckon you could have gone with either or.

    Awesome bench.

    *If Hugo Porfirio is not in the starting line-up, or the bench at least, in the team of the 90s I am going to be dumbfounded. I know he was only on loan for a season, but to this day I still think he is one of the best players I have seen play for West Ham… Not quite up there is Carlos and Paolo, but the stuff he could do with the ball was amazing… unfortunately it seems his career never went anywhere after his loan spell with us ended.

  3. IronMick says:

    I agree with Iain about the prejudices. Will be interesting to see where Lampard fits into things.
    I tried to judge on how well they played for West Ham rather than how good they were over their career, this could be another reason why Defoe didn’t make the team – towards the ends he really didn’t care and got sent off 3 times I think!

  4. colney says:

    its to easy to put the current squad in as there in your minds everyday at the present.can you imagine paolo and carlos up front together? im off to have a dream…….

  5. Matt says:

    Prejudices? Defoe wasn’t the finished player when he was with us. Just like Lampard wasn’t either.

  6. Josh says:

    I would have Gabs over Collins. but then again I’m still dreaming of the FA Cup final when he had Crouch in his back pocket.

    Johnson at RB for me, the season we went down Tommy R went missing too many times and his attitude stank…and for my generation (24 and under) Yossi was the most exciting player over the past 5 years, so for me Id have him in there…its interesting how the ‘new regime’s’ first two signings Berhami and Illunga are both in there.

  7. Roymondo says:

    I agree, there are prejudices here, but that is to be expected.
    The right back situation is a difficult one. I liked Tommy Repka but agree that he had some real shockers. I think we liked him because he got stuck in.
    Glen Johnson only played a handful of games (very well, as it happens) before he went to Chelsea so I find it difficult to say he should be in the team. The problem is that there are no real alternatives apart from Lucas Neill over this time frame.

  8. Matthew says:

    great to see 6 players of our current first 11 in there, says a lot about our team this year!

    come on you irons!!!

  9. DevoDevo says:

    Where’s Tony Cottee? šŸ˜€

  10. Trappisto says:

    I seem to remember thinking at the time that Repka’s main issue in the season we went down is that we didn’t have any quality at full-back for the first few months. He’d come forward, have guys getting in behind them, then frantically charge back and hack them down (getting sent off half of the time). In the second half of the season we had Glen Johnson come through and brought Rufus Brevitt in and it made the whole defence more solid, which meant Repka wasn’t getting flanked all the time and he stopped doing crazy things.

    Good team all-in-all I think!

  11. Roymondo says:

    I was thinking what my “best ever” West Ham team would be. Anybody who does this will obviously be influenced by their age and the players they have seen. I have been around for a long while now so here’s my stab:

    Stewart, Rio, Moore, Dicks
    Devonshire, Bonds, Brooking, Di Canio
    Byrne, Hurst

    This could convert to 4-3-3 with Paolo moving forward.

    Green, Martin, Cole, Peters, Boyce, Cottee, Tevez

    Peters only makes my bench as I always felt he was a better player for England than West Ham (and he went to Tottenham!). Budgie Byrne was my hero when I first started watching the Irons so he has to be in and Carlos would have probably made the line-up if he had stayed for another season or two.

    I’ve probably missed someone obvious as I did this off the top of my head!
    It would be some team though.

  12. Tuckshop says:

    Ah Tommy Tommy. Remember when Robson brought his Newcastle side down? Tommy not only had Shearer in his pocket, but took him out occasionally to wipe his nose.

  13. Some call one opinion prejudice some will call it an opinion.

  14. DevoDevo says:

    Roymondo – Mine would be:

    Martin ( I don’t think Rio was here long enough or as good as he is now to earn his place against a West ham legend)

    Peters (how did we get a past it Greaves for MP in 70?)

    Di Canio

    Subs: Green, Upson, Paddon, Cottee, McAvennie, Robson

  15. Nicsy says:

    Devo / Roymondo,

    No Frank Lampard Snr, even on the bench? Who would take pens in your team, Stewart / Dicks?

  16. Student Hammer says:

    I’ve got to say, absolutly shocked Trevor Sinclaire doesn’t even make the bench, legend, layed more at the 2002 world cup than joey cole afterall, obviously we’re blinded by our personal preferences but I thought Trevor was a genuine hero, and he scored the odd cracker too.
    Also I’ve got to say I don;t agree with Sheringham, I’ll agree he did a good job on the pitch but the effect he had off it out weighs it for me, I’d choose Ashton ahead of Sheringham even with the injury record.

  17. supernumbersix says:

    Yeah, I’m also surprised by Trev Sinclaire not even making the subs bench and I would have Glenn Johnson in for Repka but otherwise what a blinding team. We could have won the lot with that lot.

  18. Roymondo says:

    DevoDevo – well, we were not too far apart and you nhave one subs position left!

  19. DevoDevo says:

    Lampard Snr it is then, who just misses out to Dicks.

    Good question, Nicsy, probably Stewart, but who can forget the Dicksy pen against Schmeicel, which nearly took his hands off!

    PS. I remember Sebastian Schemmel being outstanding one season (HOTY?) but never repeated it. What happened to him?

  20. Roshi says:

    I cannot understand the Frank Lampard thing, everyone on here seemed to like him when his mum passed away.
    What people fail to remember is that his dad…Hammer through and through..was sacked along with uncle.
    When you think that FL seniors life had been West Ham I can understand fully how FL junior felt about West Ham at that time.

  21. Aaron says:

    THOMAS REPKA???????????????????

  22. Aaron says:

    He was the worst player to ever wear the claret and blue. He couldnt even throw in properly. Useless piece of shit!!!!

  23. Hammerhead says:

    I thought you banned swearing??

  24. dagenham cheddars says:

    iain i keep seeing all these polls that you are running but who do you think is our best ever goal keeper, i cannot decide because we have had so many day, miklosko. parkes, green or clamity james ?????????

  25. Bernie Bonds says:

    Can of worms best ever team imo,its all about opinions & dare i say it prejudices,its human lampard jnr he had to leave after his Dads sacking, alleg/FINGERS IN THE TILL WITH REDKNECK lol,but its what he said about the Fans & club when he went to chelski thats made him a hate figure.

  26. supernumbersix says:

    Dagenham cheddars – definitely Big Phil Parkes for me. Ludo close second.

    Bernie Bond – That’s what hacks me off most about Lampard jr, the fact that he slagged the fans off, tarred us all with the same brush, I for one rated him, thought he was a great prospect never got at him and tried to big him up as much as possible, even during the times when he’d been caught out on the raz with Rio (funny how he never remembers his misdemenours and fat inducing drinking sesssions eh??). I was not alone, many agreed with me at the time. Then his old man and uncle ‘arry ‘not me guv’ Redknap get the boot and he lays into the club – understandable after all, he wasn’t the only one who wasn’t happy with Brown and his boys – but then he has a swipe at the fans and the badge and continues to do so for years. It must irk him SO much that we now have their greatest ever player managing WHU.

  27. E1 says:

    Parkes I would say was our all time best keeper then not much between Ludo and Ferguson

  28. Bernie Bonds says:

    Agree Supernumbersix,my son & i rated him too, but he never got subed when he was havin a bad game& put on loads of weight,so a section of the crowd gave him stick, majority did nt,& it p***** me off when people say how he improved when he left!reason he did is he was nt picked every week,& had to loose his big arris lol

  29. Peddler says:

    Bobby Ferguson is our greatest no 1 for me. Grotier was a hard task master when he used to help out during football lessons at my school (do pro footballers still do that?), so I marked him down for that!

  30. Bernie Bonds says:

    Peddler respect your opinion, but i would go Parkes,Green,Ludo,for my top 3,who would otheres have as there 3 best keepers?

  31. Jolly says:


    Di Canio

    Lampard Snr

  32. Tevezgate says:

    Um, sorry… but how the **** did Repka get anywhere near the first eleven??!

  33. kiwihammer says:

    interested to know of the 11 who rated the highest overall……im guessing paolo.

  34. claire says:

    Given the quality of the other winners, it’s amazing how so many of the comments are about Repka – he sure polarised opinion. Me, I’m a fan. He got better as he went on, he helped keep us up, I’m never sure we played him in the right position; certainly towards the end of his time with us he ran forward and there was a real danger he might score a goal…
    I remember that foggy night against Fulham when he played his last game for us and the cheers and chants and his tears at the end as he turned towards the Centenary stand. OK, he wasn’t the greatest player to ever wear the shirt, but he left for honourable reasons and it’s a rare player that can, however irrationally, inspire that level of affection.

  35. Goatygav says:

    Good question about the keepers. If you were to take one season’s form then I’d give it to Ludo for ’86.

    I didn’t really see Bobby Ferguson play but he was the “Safe Hands” behind our most successful period of history and so must be in the running.

    Parksy was solid as you like and the one I grew up watching so I’d be swayed by that.

    For me Greeno’s also in the running but would have to develop a more commanding presence before I’d give him my vote.

    David James would be the best of the rest.

    So after all that Ludo would be the one I’d have in my Best ever 11 with Parksy on the bench.

  36. supernumbersix says:

    Didn’t see too much of Bobby Ferguson but I think Jim Standen (who i didn’t see at all) was the ‘safe hands’ in the early 60’s cup winning period. Please correct me if I’m wrong someone. No mention anywhere of Mervyn Day, who was not a bad ‘keeper methinks. Wouls argue strongly for Parkes over Ludo. The only reason he wasn’t England’s no1 was the fact that Shilton and Clemence were in front.

  37. supernumbersix says:

    Must add that I do rate Greeny very highly. Don’t remember a WHU goalkeeper ever saving a penalty (although I’m sure it did happen!) let alone two or three or… how many last season??

  38. smithywhu says:

    my team would be

    repka rio upson iiuinga
    behrami carrick parker joe cole
    tevez and di canio

    on the bench players like

    defoe (SCUM)
    glen johnson
    frank lampard

  39. Bernie Bonds says:

    Supernum/6 you are correct Standen played in FA cup & eu cup winners cup wins & was totaly reliable + made some great saves, Day was a great prospect but just seemed to lose his nerve?thats why i think he s not got a mention imho,we had a scottish keeper Laurie Leslie brave as a lion, he saved a few pens, & dislocated his shoulder v gooners came out with his shoulder strapped up & played on the wing!before subs allowed,Mooreo bless him went in goal& we got draw 0 0 i think?

  40. Goatygav says:

    Sorry fellas. I stand corrected. Jim Standen was indeed between the sticks for the ’64 cup final and ’65 ECWC final wins. Have just watched the games on the “4 Ever West Ham” DVD collection.

  41. upton spark says:

    I would like to be able to get the team from the 80’s in peak condition and play them v team from 2000.
    I think it would be one hell of a game and I wouldn’t like to predict the outcome?
    Both brilliant teams I’m sure you will agree.

    On another note,my wife saw an artical on West Ham being bought out in the next month by someone richer than Man City owners? Not sure about that one?

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