Your West Ham Team of the 1980s

This is the first 11 of your team of players who played for West Ham predominantly in the 1980s.*.

Phil Parkes
Tony Gale
Alvin Martin
George Parris
Ray Stewart
Liam Brady
Stuart Slater
Alan Devonshire
Mark Ward
Tony Cottee
Frank McAvennie


Tom McAllister
Steve Walford
Tommy McQueen
Paul Allen
Paul Ince
David Cross
Paul Goddard

* Players like Trevor Brooking and Frank Lampard Snr overlap the turn of the decade have been put into the 1970s selection.

I guess the most interesting thing here is George Parris at left back. Frank Lampard played there for the the first half of the decade, but he is in the 1970s side. Julian Dicks took the position in 1988, but he is in the 1990s side, so George Parris creeps in.

A rather tasty team this, all round. I’d love to see them play the current side!


20 Responses to Your West Ham Team of the 1980s

  1. brookingsbonce says:

    that team looks spot on to me…solid defence, a bit of creativity in midfield (something we lack now) and plenty goals upfront (i sense de ja vu here)

    Top selection.

  2. Liam says:

    Will you put the 6 teams side by side when all the results are in please Iain?

    Be interesting to compare them.

  3. HermitRoadHarry says:

    Anyone else remember Liam Brady’s last game? It was against Wolves just before the 1990 World Cup – the visiting fans spent the whole match singing “Stevie Bull must go to Italy” – and in my memory he beats three men and smacks one in from 25 yards in the very last minute to cue a richly deserved pitch invasion… but it’s all a bit hazy now. Did it really happen?!

  4. Matt says:

    Iain, can you please put together a team from the lowest scoring players across all decades? So the lowest scoring gk, lb…

    It might cause a chuckle or two and might resemble a Curbishley side 😉

  5. hinsdaleman says:

    How Stuart Slater gets in amazes me. He scored 11 goals for the club, 9 of which were in the 2nd division. Never did anything in the top flight. Rest looks good

  6. sam says:

    Where in the hell is Bonzo’s name on this list?
    Best captain we ever had and not even on the sub’s bench. Disgraceful..

  7. colney says:

    ian ,just read this that is what west ham are all about! maybe a pointer for all to read?

  8. E1 says:

    This team I think is the nearest to west ham style so far and I reckon would beat the 2000’s and 90’s. Ince may be a better starter than slater though just to win a bit more ball. colney; God father of green street GREAT ARTICAL read and you know why your west ham.

  9. supernumbersix says:

    E1, colney – Yes. That is why I am West Ham, Pride of London. Why I, and I’m sure you, are claretand blue through and through.

  10. DevoDevo says:

    Ince and Allen should both be in front of Slater.

    David Cross would have walked into the 90’s team, as would Goddard.

    The rest pick themselves.

  11. Jolly says:

    Hermit – i was at that game also.
    Finished 4-0, Mad Dog had banged in a 25 yarder ealier in the game and then, just as you remember it, Brady scored with the last kick of the game (there was actauly 3-4 mins left but we all rushed onto the pitch so the ref ended it there and then). I jumped from the upper west into the arms of a guy in the lower west just to get onto the pitch!!!!!

  12. Jolly says:

    Anybody notice at The Brits…..

    West Ham fan James Corden introduce….
    West Ham fan Nick Frost to present an award to……
    West Ham fan Bruce Dickinson!!!!

  13. brooking is still the best says:

    Wish we had a Devonshire and David Cross available for Saturday!

  14. TC says:

    This team would beat anyone. Don’t forget that most of these players were in the 86 team and we took a strong Liverpool (possibly the strongest English club side ever) to the wire in a cup final, and if you include Bonds and Brooking (still played in a large part of that decade)we’d better anyone.

  15. Goatygav says:

    Cheers for the Link colney. Really brilliant read about Tony Carr and the academy. “The Godfather of Green Street,” is very appropriate. I have more respect and admiration for the bloke than any other in football.

    The team of the 80’s looks very exciting. No real enforcer in midfield but how much creativity? Off the Richter scale I’d say.

    Between Trevor Brooking and Alan Devonshire I can’t decide on my favorite player of all time. I don’t expect to ever make my mind up about that one. Both were a “vision spectacular in grace,” (I quote Neil Finn of Crowded House).

    Great to see 3 of the 4 best keepers of all time chosen by the voters across the three decades. Only Bobby Ferguson left to get a spot in there.

    Really enjoying these results Iain. Very interesting to get a poll with so many contributors.

  16. Hammer Ray says:

    As I said before, my favourite Hammers decade, (hopefully apart from any future one). Blessed with the likes of Brooking, Devo, Bonzo, Parkes,TC, McAvennie,etc,etc. Everything West Ham are about. Slater??? not for me and Parris questionable but all the others are legends in my eyes, always will be. Just look at the class of those players and need we explain why we’re Hammers fans?? Hard to believe we didn’t win more but we weren’t half entertaining! COYI

  17. Dott Cotton says:

    I though Curbs and Best in the 70’s team was some kind of sick joke, clearly loads of people voted who never actually saw them play, but George Best in the best 80’s side!!!!!!!!

    Don’t make me laugh.

  18. Dott Cotton says:

    Or even George Parris, although perhaps the people who voted made the sam mistake as me!

  19. Ozuptonparker says:

    Slater wasn’t he the next Trevor Brooking??? Never lived up to expectations, would have Ince in and Van Der Elst as sub, we were gifted back the Avco/Bac days with the likes of Ludo,Dicks, Potts,Ward, Mad Dog, Leroy, Swindle, Sandy Clark, Neil Orr……

  20. Ozuptonparker says:

    Forgot bout Stuart Pearson too

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