Your West Ham Team of the 1990s

More than 550 of you voted, and this is the first 11 of your team of players who played for us in the 1990s.

Ludek Miklosko
Rio Ferdinand
Slaven Bilic
Julian Dicks
Steve Potts
Eyal Berkovic
Martin Allen
Kevin Keen
Ian Bishop
Trevor Morley
John Hartson

Craig Forrest
Marc Rieper
Frank Lampard
Michael Hughes
Mark Vivien-Foe
Paul Kitson
Ian Wright



37 Responses to Your West Ham Team of the 1990s

  1. IronMick says:

    Looks like a pretty decent team. I’m sure any opposition would be left with a few bruises after an encounter with them anyway.
    Just wondring who would win between the 2000’s team and the 1990’s team. Hard to say. For me the 2000 team is a better attacking force but the 1990’s team has a better defense. Dicks, Potts, Bilic, Rio all in front of Ludo!! Nice

  2. aussie graham says:

    can anyone please explain potts(donkey)keen(bottler)and we all know morley and bishop only played with one another!4 better choices on the bench.

  3. Jimmy says:

    Aussie graham…

    Clearly the heat over in Aus at the moment has fried your brain if you class Potts as a donkey.

    Stevie Potts was class and for someone who was only 5ft 8 to play centre half was a testament to how good he was at reading the game.

  4. Darren says:

    Keen, Bishop and Morley? Surely not. Michael Hughes definitely, maybe even Fat Frank, and Kitson had his moments. And while I don’t want to speak ill of the departed, I remember an away game at Elland Road in which Marc (sure it was a c) Vivien-Foe was more effective for the Leeds than Alan Smith. Seriously, lovely man and a terrible tragedy, but he wasn’t great for us. Though he was better than Keen. You sure some dyslexic fans of the Kent-based popsters Keane haven’t infiltrated the vote?

  5. Goatygav says:

    Looks pretty lightweight to me. I’d expect this one to be the weakest looking of all the decades.

  6. Jim says:

    Ian Wright? I think not. Trevor Sinclair should surely be in there ahead of either him or Paul Kitson. I’m surprised our captain Steve Lomas isn’t at least on the bench and Ian Pearce was our best centre half in the late nineties.

  7. Josh says:

    Trevor Sinclair!!!??? or was he in the 2000’s my bad if he was…and I think if we were being honest big fat Frank would be in there, watched the Paolo DVD at the weekend and it was amazing how many assists fat Frank had for him..and finally would go with Hughes over Keen!

  8. DevoDevo says:

    Decent defence but the rest is weak, reflected in possibly the poorest period in my memory.

    Personally would have Breaker at RB with Rio in for Pottsy.

    Lightweight midfield and Championship quality attack.

  9. E1 says:

    2000’s would win this one 90’s midfield would be overun and would offer very little in attack. I would have liked to see tim breaker in

  10. J says:

    Slightly off the topic but thought it would be relatively interesting to hear; I had a chat with a very promising up and coming west ham youth team player at the weekend who is currently on loan elsewhere; I asked him how he got on then mentioned how shocking we were against Boro and in particular Tristan, to which he replied that he heard from other players that ‘he finally got found out’ and has looked ‘minging’ in training…great….bring back Carlton!!

  11. Seb says:

    Toy Cottee?

  12. Delmo says:

    Would liked to have seen Mark Robson, Timmy Breaker and Alvin Martin in. Given that Alvin was in the twilight of his stint.

    And before you go Robson never did it in top flight, yes I know but he always played his heart out and when in div 1 he was one of the best wingers going.

    And what about our England B striker Mike Small (ok maybe pushing the boat to far with Mr can’t trap a bag of cement!!)

  13. HermitRoadHarry says:

    I was a fan of Mark Robson, too. If he’d just been bigger and perhaps a bit quicker he’d have been a seriously good player. As it was, I just liked the fact he’d always try something different – a little flick or trick – to beat his man. All too rare these days.

  14. pompeyhammer says:

    woa woa woa woa!! Di Canio signed in 99 where the hell is he?? And big Trev signed in 98! surley these should be in!

  15. Iain Dale says:

    Are you deliberately being thick? Look at the team of the 2000s, which is when they played the majority of their games for us. I don’t know how many times I have to explain this. It would help if people actually read the posts.

  16. Delmo says:

    Mark Robson, John Moncur and Pete Butler where the most whole hearted players think I saw where the shirt in the 90’s. Ok they may not have been the greatest with skill (minus moncs who on his day was brillant). But all of them ran all day and tried till final whistle.

    Although with Moncs got a bit annoying him always getting yellow cards in nearly every game, near the end of his time at west ham.

  17. Delmo says:

    Was Moncur on the List Iain?? Sorry if he was just cant remeber if saw him or not.

  18. Iain Dale says:

    Slams head on desk. Of course he was in the bloody list.

  19. Delmo says:

    No Silky Sinclair in any squad!!!, but Repka gets in and Ian Wright. Talk about opening can of worms.

    Although Neil Ruddock and Robbie Slater did not get in, so can rest easy as the world not gone bonkers just yet.

  20. IronMick says:

    Are you starting to regret all this Iain 😉

  21. Roymondo says:

    HermitRoadHarry’s comments about Mark Robson were interesting. I, too, could have been a seriously good player if I was a bit quicker, a little smaller, had more ability and hadn’t spent so much time in the pub and chasing women – most of whom I didn’t catch due to that lack of pace!

  22. Roymondo says:

    Moncs was a good passer but was slow and had the turning circle of the Torrey Canyon (younger readers will need to google this, I guess). Ian Bishop is a good pick but not Morley in my view.

  23. Roymondo says:

    Thinking about it, Moncs could al,so have been a seriously good player if he was quicker and could turn sharper.
    With a fairer share-out of physical attributes we could have all been football geniuses!

  24. Delmo says:

    To be fair to HermitroadHarry, Robson had skill, not afraid to run at people and had a decent pass. And against most teams in that divison (Bristol City and Derby come to mind) he murdered them on the wing, and his combo with Timmy Breaker was a real factor on our promotion with the icing on the cake that memorable day against Cambridge United!!!

    Can’t remember how many times fell down the north bank that day after numerous pitch invasions, but it was such an atomsphere not knowing the portsmouth score……as unable to hear radios etc, just electric. Shame such a time has gone never to return.

    And before you say yes I do remember the smell of urine, the crampness of the north/south bank, and the thug element. But when you went in north or south you knew what you were getting.

    Some people hated it, but to a ten year old (£5 to get in) it was amazing.

  25. pompeyhammer says:

    ok so di canio was in the 2000s (didnt see that post) but still no sinclair!! Also looking at the aquad if one season wonders are making an apearance i would plum for unsworth for a squad berth. Hutchison also weighed in with a few goals in his first spell…. Worth a shout?

  26. Ian Bishop's socks says:

    Agree that Michael Hughes deserves a place in the starting XI – a lovely player. A lightweight midfield? With Bish and Berkovic? I think the adjective you were looking for is creative! With Dicks, Bilic and Mad Dog in the team, I think they have enough heavyweight support.

    Morley and Keen’s inclusion surprises me slightly. Morley was a key player at one time and scored goals but not at the highest level.

  27. hinsdaleman says:

    Morley, Keen, Potts and Martin Allen? What a joke.
    Potts was a good servant to the club and therefore deserves a spot(maybe) but the others were VERY average and only performed well at the lower level. Lampard was a judas but he was a good player and how Sinclair doesn’t make it is beyond me.
    This was a very poor decade for the Irons if this is the best we can come up with.

  28. TW says:

    Madness not having Foe in the side, he was our poor man’s Veira, we never replaced him.

  29. Clive says:

    Why so many questioning the presence of Keen and Potts? I thought we were voting for players that “contributed” the most to the club. I happen to think that both Potts and Keen gave a lot to West Ham during a period when we were generally pretty poor.

  30. brooking is still the best says:

    I think the team of the eighties would win over the ninties in the game if these two sides met. You can argue the toss but it would be one game I’d want to watch!!!

  31. Captain Bendable says:

    Foe?!!?? Nonsense.

    Ever since the poor sod died, Foe’s been elevated to ‘legend’ status. Get a grip people.

    I aint intending to speak ill of the dead. His death was a tragedy, but don’t patronise him by claiming he was some immortal Hammers hero.

    It’s a total myth. For us, he was overweight and off the pace. Harry did well to move him on. I have no axe to grind with Foe. Good Rest his soul. I just get irritated by mugs who like to create their own myths.

    It was probably the same people who voted for Ian Wright. He was rubbish for us. He lasted half a season if I remember correctly. Ridiculous.

    ps Bish, Keeny and Morley deserve their places in the squad. No question.

  32. kjwilly says:

    Replying to hinsdaleman – YES it was a poor decade. Although there are some clear biases in the voting (not picking Ince, Lampard, etc) I do think the voting has produced indicative teams for each decade.

    My personal worst Hammers moment came in this era, the FA cup replay at Luton. I got into a row with a fellow Hammer behind me who was slagging Pottsy from first whistle. (I had always thought Pottsy one of our best players). Of course Pottsy had to make a rare mistake that night for their crucial goal. Not bad enough that we were out the cup BUT having the idiot behind gleeful at Pottsy’s error was all too much.

  33. Goatygav says:

    Agree with you about Ian Pearce Jim.

  34. Tevezgate says:

    Joe Cole a shocking ommission!

  35. Tevezgate says:

    Ooops, just realised he’s in the next lot! 🙂

  36. Dott Cotton says:

    Morley never did anything for us in the top flight he doesn’t deserve to be in the first eleven.

  37. Ozuptonparker says:

    If we’re revisiting Cambridge, wot bout Speedie…

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