Tune in to Setanta @3pm on Saturday

This Saturday Setanta Sports News are trying something new, presumably to compete with Sky’s offering with Jeff Stelling. And I have been invited to go on and co-commentate on the Bolton v West Ham game, along with a Bolton fan. Well, when I say commentate, I imagine it will be more a question of interrupting when something happens.

On another note, all the votes are now in on the Top West Ham Players of All Time. I’ll be publishing them during next week, although I’m not sure whether to do ten at a time, by position, or just publish the whole list on one go.

What do you reckon?


16 Responses to Tune in to Setanta @3pm on Saturday

  1. Tevezgate says:

    Look forward to seeing how you get on tomorrow Iain, let’s hope you keep interrupting with good news!

    Regarding the players list, why not publish them as a complete team or teams?

  2. Peddler says:

    I suspect the results are going to tell you more about your demographic than they will about the all time best players. We could well end up with an 80s team plus Di Canio.

    I think you should publish the whole list in one go, but also select an all time best team from the highest scorers in each position.

    Good luck with Sultana

  3. Jim Munnelly says:

    Look forward to seeing you on sultana tomorrow. Hopefully as we bang in the goals! Up the Hammers.

  4. Roshi says:

    Careful Iain, you are beginning to get more media exposure than Piers Morgan!

  5. Delmo says:

    Good luck with TV gig tomorrow, all being well will be watching the game via the process. But will keep an eye on tele. With regard to list, agree with everyone else just publish the list as a whole.

  6. E1 says:

    Your becoming a proper CELEB well done and good luck I will look forward to watching. A full list would be best with an all time best 11

  7. NOBBY says:

    iain…just wanted to wish you good luck for tomorrow
    fella! hpoe all goes well unfortunately wont be able
    to watch as its my sons stag do and will be out on a
    bender all day!!
    off to boro on weds thou
    good luck!!

  8. DevoDevo says:

    When are you going into the jungle with Ant & Dec?

    Re; the poll. I would like to see the whole list with average scores. Might be better to have the list in one go as many posters struggle to take in more than one thread per subject. 🙂

  9. Goatygav says:

    The wife’s taking the boys to a kiddies party tomorrow at 4.00 so I’ll definitely tune in Iain. Looking forward to hearing your unbiased comment.

    I reckon a complete list of players with mean averages, as opposed to total scores, if possible. Perhaps you could give both the total and average but sort by average? This should overcome the demographic (even if only one person voted on one of the decades the scores would still compete directly) issue raised by Peddler above.

  10. Hammerswest says:

    Back in USA so watching on FSC, wish you were commenting for them! Good luck tomorrow, you seem to be busier every week. I’d like to see the whole list with average marks, but an all time super team would be fun too.

  11. E1 says:


  12. jpt says:

    Publish the list as a whole please.

  13. SoCalHammer says:

    Yes, in the States, the game is on Fox instead of Setanta. on the west coast, it’s on at 7am. better than 4:30am!!!

  14. Roymondo says:

    I agree with Hammerswest – the whole list plus the all time best team.

  15. DevoDevo says:

    Last word on the poll, promise:

    I think the one flaw with the teams of the decade is that quite a few players would have made the team more than once, which would have given stronger looking teams in the 70’s and the 80’s (Brooking). These players were still in their prime and would have been better than some of the replacements.

    Still a very interesting exercise and I’m looking forward to seeing the average marks for each player.

  16. Dujon says:

    Good luck, i hope you have alot to cheer about.

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