Your West Ham Team of the 1950s

Here are the top 11 players you voted for as your team of the 1950s… Admittedly only 38 of you voted, but better than none!

Ernie Gregory
Malcolm Allison
Noel Cantwell
Harry Hooper
Andy Malcolm
Frank O’Farrell
John Bond
Dave Sexton
John Dick
John Smith
Vic Keeble

I will publish your top West Ham team 1950-2009 at 9am on Monday followed by the full Top 50 at midday on Monday. Just to give you something to look forward to!!


11 Responses to Your West Ham Team of the 1950s

  1. paul says:

    Ernie Gregory was surely not that versatile but at least there are 38 of us still at it.

  2. Peter says:

    I see Ernie made it twice. “Lino” was a good goalie, but not that good! Was ther no place for Ken Brown?

  3. E1 says:

    4 very good managers in this line up

  4. hinsdaleman says:

    Actually 5 good managers
    Allison cantwell ofarrell bond and sexton. matter of opinion of course but all managed at the highest level

  5. budgie says:

    Proud to be one of the 38!
    Even I did not see Harry Hooper Malcom Alison or Dave Sexton play for us.

  6. jpt says:

    Good stuff Iain.

  7. john says:

    How can you not include Malcolm Musgrove and Phil Woosnam?

    Loads a stuff on my web site about ‘B’teams for instance if you are interested

    Been going since 1958
    C’MON you Irons

  8. E1 says:

    Cantwell did’nt do very much as a manager so I was’nt including him

  9. rhd says:

    Sorry Im late but Frank Neary came in handy now and again!— put me in for no 39.Cheers!! Every One.

  10. john says:

    But Cantwell managed M Utd, you surely have to be a special manager to take that on

    He was also captain of West Ham captain of Ireland and a damned good left back

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