Your West Ham Team of the 1960s

This is the first 11 of your team of players who played for West Ham predominantly in the 1960s.*.

Jim Standen
Ken Brown
Bobby Moore
Martin Peters
Joe Kirkup
Johnny Byrne
Ronnie Boyce
Peter Brabrook
John Sissons
Geoff Hurst
Brian Dear

* Players like Malcolm Musgrove overlap the turn of the decade have been put into the 1950s selection.


9 Responses to Your West Ham Team of the 1960s

  1. E1 says:

    Why no subs on this one? This team would in my opinion be in with a chance against the 80’s team and would have very little trouble against 70’s 90’s and 2000’s. They would out drink em all as well !!!!

  2. DevoDevo says:

    A bit too early for me, but my Dad rated John Bond, who doesn’t appear.

    Other notable omissions, Bovington & Sealey?

  3. E1 says:

    DevoDevo with you on Bovington but sealey really did’nt do much before or after the cup winners cup final, bit like Alan taylor in the 70’s

  4. upton spark says:

    These were the players I saw a lot of when I was a lad.Obviously I have fond memories of them all and if Billy Bonds had been born 10 years earlier he would have made that team almost invincible.
    I first went to Upton Park in 1958 and alway’s remember getting there really early standing outside with my packed lunch.How different it is today.
    We would line up outside the North Bank at 12.30 and wait patiently till 1.30 when the gates would open and then pay at the turnstiles and run like hell to get a good spot near the front just behind the goal.
    Great memories.

  5. DevoDevo says:

    Sorry, Bond appears in the 50’s.

    E1 – point taken on Sealey any glaring omissions in your opinion?

  6. budgie says:

    The problem with this team is there is no right back.
    I know John Bond is in the 1950’s team but he was in the 1964 and 1965 cup teams.
    I also think that Jack Burkett was a lot better than Joe Kirkup but that is of course IMHO.

    I am with Roymondo as Johnny Byrne is my all time favourite.

  7. Shropshire Hammer says:

    Some great memories are rekindled for me, only 5 at the time, but 1965 saw my opening game at Upton Park. From my memories Johhny Sissons was a real star in the making that never fulfilled his potential. One of my favourite players at the time was Ronnie Boyce (I think we called him ‘Ticker’ as he was at the heart of everything.) I remember him scoring from the half way line at Maine Road, when I think we went on to win 5-1, but my memories may be fading a little. Great days.

  8. Peddler says:

    I remember seeing the Boyce goal on TV many times, the ball went over the goalkeeper’s head as he was walking back to his line. It was Jimmy Greaves’ first game and he scored as well. I think he scored on all of his debuts.

  9. Uncker says:

    Shropshire Hammer – Ronnie Boyce was indeed called “Ticker”. He scored in the 1964 Cup Final but had to wait for the game in the mud at Maine Road until he scored again.
    I remember him getting into great goal scoring positions but he wouldn’t shoot. The crowd would egg him on good naturedly when he had the ball in front of goal with “SHOOT”, in the full knowledge that he wouldn’t.
    Great player , great memories.

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