Bolton: Rate the Player Performances

Rate each player for their performance in the game against Bolton.

Give each player a mark from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest. Any score above 10 is automatically discounted.

Please only take part in this poll if you were either at the game or saw the whole thing on TV. Do NOT take part if you listened to it on the radio or didn’t see it at all.

Use this as a guide to how you score.

10 – World class
9 – Exceptional
8 – Excellent
7 – Good
6 – Average
5 – Below average
4 – Poor
3 – Disgraceful
2 – Not fit to wear the shirt
1 – Did he play?

Only vote for substitutes if they played for more than 15 minutes.

Click HERE to vote.

The vote will remain open until 250 people have voted.



50 Responses to Bolton: Rate the Player Performances

  1. HammersWest says:

    Didn’t vote for Sears cause I don’t think he was on for 15, Parker MOTM outstanding, Noble had a good game Michelle was beyond poor. I think we played well overall, just no finishing, this could be a big problem, sad to say missing the welshman 😦

  2. Kim says:

    Cant vote as I didn’t get to see the game. However, have checked out Setanta stats and it seems impossible that we can have that much of the posession/shots/successful passes and still lose. We need a poacher really badly.

  3. jpt says:

    Def missing Bellamy, can’t see who we’ve got up front that’s much use really.
    Parker 9/10.

  4. Joe C says:

    What was RG doing so far to his right for the first goal???? Di Michele needs to be benched as he has done nothing today. He systematically missed 2 great opportunities which is becoming normal for him now. Every flick that Cole managed to do today (not many I know) DiM was way off. Not good. Collison looked to be a bit bemused, as much as I think he is great, he just didn’t seem to be in it too much. Parker as always was a breath of fresh air, and what a finish… Class.. I think that we were poor today for the best part of the game, and I am very dissappointed. It was almost like watching Boro all over again but taking 2 early hits instead of one. I know Bolton are physical and one dimensional, but they managed to control the midfield, and get the ball over our defence all too often. Hope that Collins is OK, although Tomkins managed against a physical side quite well, just needs more 1st team action for confidence. Sears needs to start ahead of DiM, or Nserenko, who showed some nice play and touches. A bit over enthusiastic with his shot, although it would have a been a good conversion. We did manage to show some good play and movement but just not enough. Lets just hope that 25/02 replay is a bit more exciting and flowing, with a win to put us through against Everton…..

  5. Dan says:

    Green 4
    spector 5 [sears 5]
    upson 4
    collins 4 [Tomkins 7]
    ilunga 7
    behrami 7
    parker 9
    noble 6
    cole 6
    di michele 4
    collinson 6 [savio 6]

  6. andyhammer says:

    I can’t remember feeling so frustrated and flat after a fantastic attacking performance. Bar Di michele we were really on it today. The referee protected the home side every opportunity as davies elbowed upson and continued to foul throughout. Referees need to be a lot stronger.

    green 4. terrible positioning for the free kick
    Spector 7. Really solid. Wonderful cross for the goal
    Upson 7. Solid. continually illegally targeted by davies.
    Tomkins 7. Solid. Didnt put a foot wrong
    Ilunga 8. As always Impressive in defense and attack
    Behrami 6. The Quietest game for a long while.
    Parker 9. Man of the Match. Everything he did impressed
    Noble 5. Ineffective. wasted a great one on one chance.
    Cole 7. Won a lot of balls. Held it up. Nice touches
    Collison 6. Along with Behrami dissapointed as both are real talents.
    Di Michele 1. Appalling. The miss in the first half was criminal and the second was beyond belief. A 1st division player at best

    The positives to be gained are that we were really incisive but we were unlucky the chances fell to an ineffective and out of form Noble(does Kovac now get a chance?) and a profligate Di Michele.
    Also Savio looked really impressive when on.Very intelligent, quick and very skillful. He has to replace Di Michele after this horror show.

  7. Jackster101 says:

    saw the game online, i feel we played very well apart from the opening 20 minutes, and apart from dio michelle we done well. just one of them days. lucky Bolton

  8. IOWHammer says:

    As feared, we have got nobody to put the ball in the back of the net. We should have won this by a mile, totally different class. But because of the shocking finishing, if you can call it that, we would have struggled to win if we had kept them out. Letting them get two up made it mission impossible. The open chances missed were a disgrace. It was good to see them keep their heads up and go on to play Bolton off the park but if we don’t take our chances, and lets face it we created plenty, this could become a regular occurance. Still i’m sure Zola will get them in for shooting practice and all will come good. Well done to Parker, back to his good form.
    Oh well, Fortunes always hiding!!!!!

  9. Sactown Hammer says:

    I agree with most of Andyhammers ratings. The only one I disagree with is Upson. From what I saw on tv, he was not himself. Poorest performance I had watched him play. We looked confused the first 20 minutes, it looked like most of the players met for the first time. Once the score was 2-0 the hammers outplayed them. Finishing was the diference. Once again my pet peeve was our set pieces. With all the corner kics we took we should of put one in. Like others had mentioned, I think Bellamy would of put the break away in. Pleased with the way pushed Bolton after being down, rather than packing it in.

  10. andyhammer says:

    di michele has to be on the bench for the next game. he is nowhere near good enough for the premiership.
    We paid a lot of money for a boy who, after this game, looks very impressive. Produced some nice trickery, and powered in a couple of wonderful crosses. looks quick and alive. Easily good enough to start and could be a top class player for the near future too. At least WE DO have options. Cole and savio up front for the rest of the season.

  11. DevoDevo says:

    I’m going to stick up for Iain’s big love, Noble.

    No way is he worth a 5 or 6. Played some fantastic passes throughout the game, although his corners continue to disappoint.

  12. Tony says:

    I just dont get how unfair it can b sometimes. We were by far the best side, but because we cant kill sides off by taking our chances we lose 2 a very ordinary if not poor side. Those hesitations in front of goal, first by Noble and then by Dim wit io or wot ever his name is , cost us dear AGAiN. All the front players and the mid-fielders, should train all week on finishing!!

  13. Sactown Hammer says:

    I agree about Savio starting. My only worry is that he seems to get pushed off the ball easily, but in space very dangerous. With no other consistient partner, he should be given his chance the rest of the season. Not sure where sears fits into the equation, since Zola has seen him since day one.

  14. StainesWestHam says:

    My thoughts on the game: Di Michele should and will do better. Parker was great again today. Unsure about how Savio will fit in the side to be honest – is he a striker? Green was poorly positioned for the free kick, which wasn’t even that good a free kick to be honest (not like he put it in the corner). All will be forgiven if we can win on Wednesday. I’d start with Cole and Sears.

  15. FLammer says:

    Its been a long time since we have been two down and then gone on to dominate the game. However, without a decent goalscorer we are not going to advance beyond mid-table.

    Parker Man Of the Match – very impressive.

  16. aussie graham says:

    I suppose this season is a bit of trial and error our team is just found wanting due to our injury problems in key areas.Tomkins is very young yet so accomplished in his role savio will develop have faith. our second half we dominated and our team is progressing we will still beat boro.

  17. Big_Casino says:

    I have been saying on this blog since the very day di michelle scored 2 goals on his debut (and some deluded people were likening him to Di Canio) that he is not good enough.

    Can people now finally admit he is not a Premiership player? In my opinion he is lucky to be employed as a professional footballer full stop.

    He is atrocious. For every lucky flick her does which makes him look good, he does 10 things that are amateur. He missed an open goal at boro last week and hit the corner flag when he had a one on one this week. I have never felt as strongly about any other west ham player as I do about this guy.

    I know we are short up front, but this guy is colossally rubbish. We have Savio and Sears, who have never been given a run of games like this michelle moron… please lord, give one of them a chance ahead of this michele muppet against boro.

    Regarding todays game, I think it was a travesty we didn’t at least get a point. We played well and had enough chances to score 3 or 4 goals….. Still well behind Zola/Clarke and the team, we just need to drop this moron di michelle…. it’s like playing with 10 men each game, he’s awful.


  18. Dujon says:

    I agree with Savio and Cole starting.

  19. WHTID says:

    michelle so poor it is unbeleaveable…….. wouldn’t even get in barnets 1st team

  20. WHTID says:

    we need another striker till sears has had enough 1st team exp……..

  21. Big_Casino says:

    The only way for Savio or Sears to get experience is to give them games.

    I’m not naive enough to say for one minute that Savio or Sears are gonna come in and immediatelly bang in a goal every game, but they both deserve their chance.

    Since selling bellamy di michelle has started every match, and it is only the Hull game where he played to a level fitting of this division.

    He’s had his chances and looked way out of his depth in every game… time to give sears or savio 2 or 3 games now…


  22. Eddie Chappers says:

    I agree the midfield today were back to their best- Parker and Noble were superb, though I thought Behrami was slightly below par.

    I disagree with anything above a 6 for Green, Upson and Collins purely on the basis of the two goals conceded in two minutes- appalling defending and positioning. Upson’s worst game this season, dominated by Davies all game who definitely is Championship class!!

    A woefully slow start and missed chances cost us at least a point but having outplayed them for the majority of the game there are plenty of positives.

  23. eleeNYC says:

    overplaying. Take the shot! But still proud of the boys. Thought for sure we would get a draw in the second half.

  24. ironsmith says:

    The very players that are touted as the backbone of the team and the untouchable stars were the reason for yet another undeserved loss and against Bolton again! Green and Upson on this showing are certainly not good enough to play for West Ham let alone England!

  25. SB says:

    AndyHammer spot on except fpr Cole, for me. I thought he had at least a half dozen poor touches, including the one that fortunately fell into Spector’s path.

  26. Big_Casino says:

    Ironsmith – Green and upson aren’t good enough to play for west ham? These guys are two of the main reasons we’re 8th in the table. Who would you play instead, i’m intreaed to know….

    Upson was first class again today and Green, apart his bad positioning for the free kick, did nothing wrong.

    Behrami didn’t seem himself and di michelle is simply useless, but we put in another decent performance and should have got a point at least.


  27. Sactown Hammer says:

    I guess I must be one of the Noble bashers. I thought Parker was MOM, but Mark was average. I don’t see any live games, so my perspective is based purely watching on tv. I would hope on free kicks someone else would take them.

  28. Sactown Hammer says:

    Big Casino I respectfully disagree about Upson and Green. Green’s poor positioning ultimatly was the outcome. I wouldn’t bench him, but you expect more. Upson I thought struggled the whole game. The 10 games on tv I have seen this season, it was by far his worse. Several times we saw replays of him grabbing forwards with both arms to stop them. He did not look comfortable. Not sure what to take of cole. I thought he was going to miss two weeks. But I thought he played better that michelle.

  29. David the Yank says:

    OK, my take (and I am strongly with Sactown Hammer):

    Di Michele was horrid. Nothing more to say. Get him off the pitch.

    Cole made 2 of the nicest passes of his career, especially the one to Noble. Noble is proving he cannot be a Gerrard-style premier league centre midfielder. Just doesn’t have the quality. Why he was taking the corners when Savio came on is totally beyond me. Every team has a player like Taylor who can bend the ball and score. Noble is awful yet insists on taking every free kick. And what he did with that terrific pass, perfectly weighted from Cole, was nearly criminal. He was a 4 at best today, and that is being generous.

    For those of you who want Savio to start with Cole, I’m afraid it won’t work. Yes, di Michele is nowhere close to being a premier league player, and yes, savio needs to be a starter. But as evidenced by his much better play today, he is clearly a wide player.

    So if I were Clarke, I would probably try 4-3-3, with Parker centering Behrami & Collison, and Cole centering Sears & Savio. Behrami & Collison can each tuck in, with Sears & Savio trailing on the wings. Noble tackles well, but needs to go to the bench, as Zola needs to focus on attack.

    And as someone who for most of the season has been saying that Upson clearly deserves the second England starting centre back spot w/ Ferdinand, replacing Terry, Upson just has not played well the last few games. I usually record the games, and often replay things slowed down dramatically, and Upson is just not reacting well. Hard to say whether Upson or Spector was at fault for the second goal, but when in doubt, I’ll blame the centre half. I strongly agree with Sactown Hammer; Upson almost certainly should have been sent off as he had at least 3 cautionable offenses with the tugging, grabbing, and reaching.

    I have felt that Green has done better on crosses this season, and he is still a terrific shot stopper, but I don’t love his positioning/decision making, not just on the goal but at other times, like on corners.

    Parker was simply extraordinary today. The best player on the pitch.

    And I hate to say it but I think losing Bellamy has cost at least 8 points so far, and we’re not out of the relegation battle yet. I said then and maintain now that was a very poor decision to let him go, and I think it will be very very awful next Sunday. I certainly hope I am wrong.

  30. Dujon says:

    I deffinately wouldn’t mind see a 4-3-3 with Savio Cole Sears up front.

    I’m not sure why Kovac wasn’t given a go at least. With Collins injured, I wouldn’t mind seeing Kovac given a starting place, or at least 30 minutes on the field.

  31. Dujon says:

    Or Junior Stanislas replacing Sears. Collison said Junior was the one to look out for, so he must be something!

  32. Roymondo says:

    Well, we all see things differently don’t we! To suggest Green and Upson are not good enough to play for West Ham is plainly ridiculous. Neither had their best games yesterday but everyone has bad days. Marking Kevin Davies is never easy and Upson really had his hands full, particularly as Davies worked out very early that he could jump into Upson and the ref (who was very poor) was not going to penalise him. So he carried on doing it.
    Green was badly positioned for the first goal as it seemed obvious where Taylor was going to put it – and he did.
    I thought that Collins got on the wrong side of Davies for the second goal.
    But there were a lot of positives in terms of our second half performance when we played some really good stuff. Yes, Parker had an excellent game but some of his passing was not great. The anti-Noble brigade are still at it, I see. I reckon he had a very good game as did Cole and Ilunga. Spector did OK, and made a great contribution for the goal, and Tomkins was exceptional.
    Di Michele? Woeful.
    Wasn’t the ref (Tanner) the one who Redknapp claimed a couple of weeks ago wasn’t good enough at this level? Harry certainly got that right.
    And where is SJ Chandos?

  33. Auckland Hammer says:

    Have to agree with most Di M was woefull !!! He has had his chance now it’s time for him to warm the bench for the rest of the season and then be sent packing with Tristan come what May. Sears or Savio can do betrer than that. You know he’s crap when your six year old spots he’s missed another sitter !

  34. E1 says:

    The defence need to act quicker on greens instruction Then he would’nt have to step out to make them move, he was’nt happy with the wall and wondered a defencive mistake<I feel rather than a goalkeeping error. Noble put in a good display but I must agree someone else from time to time should be taking corners and free kicks, a rest might do him some good.We still need a real finisher Cole creates and battles but has no one with him to take the chances role on the summer when hopefully we can buy. How bad is collins injury ?

  35. Dujon says:

    I don’t think he meant Green and Upson aren’t good enough. We all know they are 2 of our best and most experienced.

    I’m pretty sure he meant if that game was their average performance, then they wouldn’t belong in the starting line-up.

    I.e. he expected more from 2 of our best.

  36. chris says:

    Dont kid yourself Bolton let us play,they were 2 nil up and just sat back.
    I really can’t where the next goal is gunna come from.
    If cole stops scoring for a while(quite possible)who else is their?
    We dont really have any scoring midfielders,
    Nobles a good passer
    colly puts himself about same as behrami,infact our holding player scores!
    Maybe push parker forward bring in kovac and start savio,or do we give Di michele one more chance.
    On a negative this mornibg sorry.

  37. chris says:


  38. jpt says:

    May I draw everyone’s attention to the most biased one sided report of a football match I’ve ever read, in today’s Mail on Sunday, by Daniel King.
    In my view (and I saw the whole game) West Ham were far superior to Bolton and were all over them throughout. Actually this is not just my opinion but a statement of fact – the stats back me up. 18-9 to West Ham in attempts at goal, 9-3 to West Ham in shots on target and 13-4 to West Ham in corners and 62-38% to West Ham in posession!!!!!

    King in the Mail says:’West Ham clawed their way back into a match that they had no right to take anything from’
    and: ‘West Ham were second best in every department’
    and of Parkers goal: ‘West Ham gained and unexpected and undeserved foothold’
    and: ‘Bolton were punished for the slightest physical challenge… West Ham were aided by over protective match officials’
    and: ‘justice was done when the final whistle sounded’

    I’m going to email the sports editor of the paper (for what good it will do).
    I cannot see how the reporter was at the game or if he was he must be a Bolton fan.

  39. Kim says:

    JPT the Female on Sunday are hurt because we didn’t fall apart either in the Jan window or on the pitch. We didn’t go into administration and we are doing rather better than most so called sports journos predicted. The only paper for unbiased reporting is The Independent.

    I only got to see the highlights (not lase on MOTD for once) but it was enough to know that we played very well overall but we do need a finisher. I think the only thing we can do for the rest of the season is play Cole up front and Savio with either Sears or Stanislas just behind. They have the pace to then get forward and help Cole to finish off. I would love to see Stanislas get some time. I think Sears is good but Stanislas seems a little more composed to me. That is probably due to the experience he gained at Southend.

    If Zola/Clarke have made one error this season it is in not allowing Sears to go on loan and get some games under his belt in a Championship or lower side. There endeth the lesson from this female on Sunday!

    Please, please let us win on Wednesday!!! COYI

  40. Dujon says:

    Id like to see Zavon Hines and Junior Stanislas make a first team appearance. Same with Freddy and Terry. I understand in crucial times you don’t really want to be testing new players (unless currently your team isnt performing), but hopefully in pre-season they can play.

  41. rob says:

    di michelle was a joke, should be dropped after that pittiful display because that is seriously not good enough. and also since we had that fight for relegation i havent seen the improvement i would expect in noble. im sure i wasnt the only one back then thinking he should be pushing for an england spot but no.
    the only upside with collins injury is that hopefully tomkins will be given the nod for a run of games as he is definately a bright player

  42. Roymondo says:

    Does anyone know how serious Collins’ injury is?

  43. E1 says:

    Collins injury is a hamstring having a scan and looks like he is going to be out for a while and noble is suspende for next weeks game against citeaa.So there will be some changes next week.

  44. Roymondo says:

    With Noble out it could mean a first start for Savio with Tomkins obviously alongside Upson.
    I suppose Neill will come straight back in which would be a shame for Spector who did OK at Bolton, even though I don’t as a rule rate him.

  45. DevoDevo says:

    Roymondo – you appear to see the game the same as I do, so I would say, give Spector a chance.

    He has never had a run in the side; is better at RB and did absolutely nothing wrong on Saturday. He has pace (Neill doesn’t)is good in the tackle (Neill concedes too many fouls) and found teammates every time he made a pass and some good ones at that.

    Additionally, I’m not too upset that Collins’ injury has given Tomkins another chance. Both are decent players, but I do feel that Ginge gets out of position too often at this level and it will be good to monitor Tomkins’ progress.

    When I look at the league table and look at the sides around us, without exception, we have played them all off the park. We really need to collect the points that our performances deserve, otherwise the season will peter out.

    On a separate issue, if we beat Boro in the replay, it would seem that we could meet a weakened Everton side. 🙂

  46. Dutch Hammer says:

    My line-up against Middlesbrough would be the same as against Bolton, but Savio instead of Di Michele, and Tomkins starting.

    For the game against Man City, IF Tomkins plays well against Middlesbrough, I would let him start, and would let kovac replace the suspended Noble:


  47. Paul M says:

    Dutch, I like the look of your team and formation but would swap savio with collison giving us width and pace down the left. I have said before, i belive collison could flourish in the gerrard/lumpard role just behind the striker, he has the legs and has an eye for goal too. With a little time he WILL be a WHU legend mark my words.

  48. onechristiandailly says:

    Very disappointed by the result, but we have come a long way from visits to the Reebok when we’ve barely got into game at all, so I’m trying to put this into perspective. We thouroughly dominated the game and I don’t believe that this was because Bolton sat back. It wasn’t just possession; we created chances. Agree with many concerns about the forward line, but – at the risk of attracting abuse – I don’t think di Michele was as bad as suggested in this thread. Sure he failed to do the basic thing that strikers are paid for (i.e. score), but his movement was intelligent and some of his passing was perceptive. The problem is that we need a goalscorer – Bellamy is a loss, but keeping him wasn’t an option. I don’t see Savio or Freddie as the answer in the short term.

  49. Roymondo says:

    Onechristiandailly – that’s a good point about previous visits to the Reebok. Bolton have usually muscled us out of games there and this was as good as we have ever played there. Whilst losing is always disappointing it’s easier to accept when you play well – which, overall, we did. On another day we would have had three points.

    Devodevo – fair comment about Spector. I guess that if he is ever going to make it, right back would be his position. And he does have advantages over Neill, noticeably some decent pace and the good habit of not holding onto opponent’s shirts as they steam past him.
    Unfortunately, I believe that Neill’s place is a given if he’s fit or not suspended. He really does seem to have a lot of influence at the club.

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