Your Top West Ham Team 1950-2009: The Result

Tomorrow morning, I will publish the full list of your Top 50 West Ham players of all time. In the meantime, here is your top West Ham team based on a 4-4-2 formation…

Phil Parkes
Bobby Moore
Billy Bonds
Julian Dicks
Ray Stewart
Trevor Brooking
Alan Devonshire
Martin Peters
Joe Cole
Paolo di Canio
Geoff Hurst


Robert Green
Slaven Bilic
Rio Ferdinand
Frank Lampard Snr
Valon Behrami
Carlos Tevez
Tony Cottee



38 Responses to Your Top West Ham Team 1950-2009: The Result

  1. Fitzhammer says:

    What a team – however, I am one of Billy Bonds’ greatest admirers but in the middle of the defence it has to be Rio. The only way Billy could get into that team is at right back.

  2. E1 says:

    5 home grown players in the starting line up 3 more on the bench WHAT A SQUAD. Can you imagine di canio with Teves, Moore with Rio and Devo Brooking peters and cole in the mid field. If only

  3. Harvmeister says:

    Very interesting selection and all talented players. I do have an issue with including players who were away on their toes to the first club that flashed a load of cash their way hence Joe Cole, Slaven Bilic and Carlos Tevez should be automatically excluded. Cole’s place in the midfield should therefore go to Bonzo (who played there with distinction) leaving a centre back place to Stretch (who doesn’t even make the bench in front of Bilic? – Come on people). Can’t justify Dicks in front of Lampwick the elder either. Also, good though Green is, surely the bench keeper should be the guy who ‘came from near Moscow’ after the sterling service he gave us in many otherwise very ordinary sides?

  4. bobby says:

    I’m stunned that Alvin Martin is nowhere to be seen!

  5. E1 says:

    How about we all now pick a starting 11 from this squad. This is mine:
    Di Canio

  6. Tc says:

    Modern players are overrated. Bobby always needed someone solid next t him and none were better than Billy. I’d rather have Gale and Martin as backup though, they were our best defensive partnership. I don’t really agree with Di Canio, can’t see how you couldn’t take Cottee and McAvennie. And no room for Budgie! Di Canio scored a good couple of goals but Budgie orchestrated our greatest achievements including destroying some of Europes finest teams.

  7. Bernie Bonds says:

    The stats from this great pole don t lie,this is how fans voted but everyone will still have there own all time favourite team,thank you so much Iain for all the effort you put in,& putting up with thicko s like me & a few others missing players that were in anothere decade!!

  8. brooking still the best says:

    Move over Man U, Chelski and Real Madrid. Here we come! If only!

  9. DevoDevo says:

    Seemes to be a team biased by a lot of young voters?

    Alvin martin was outstanding for season after season, whereas Rio only played for a season or so and certainly wasn’t the finished article. Same goes for Joey Cole, lovely player, but nowhere near the finished article during his West ham tenure.

    Still, I would be more than happy to pay to watch this side!

    Look forward to seeing the full list of averages, iain.

  10. kennyhammer says:

    Great team and as one of the few who voted for all the
    players from 1950 on I do belive that Budgie, John Sissons, Ronnie Boyce,Alvin Martin, Tony Gale were exceptional players for us in their era.
    However it is good to see that over a 60 year period we still have two members of our current squad mentioned.
    Looking at the future we appear to be on the right track with Zola,Clarke & Nanni, but that list of players makes you realise what a fantastic contribution our acadamy has made over the decades.
    Ron Greenwood, John Lyall, Ronnie Boyce and Tony Carr our greatest benifactors.Thanks Iain fot stiring some great memories.

  11. chris says:

    Good news. Dyer will be back soon ready for he’s next operation!

  12. Roymondo says:

    My all time best team – put up a wek or so ago – had 9 of these in it so there must be a fair few great minds thinking alike!

  13. Aaron says:

    how much disrespect have u got for the legend Di Canio Tc? Bets ever player to put on the claret and blue shirt you doughnut.

  14. What a team, what players! But of course Alvin Martin should be in this side. Behrami is a good player, but to pick him in this side after just a handful of games is to early. I would also have considered Ludo, Pop Robson and Frank McAvennie, and maybe Mark Ward? Tevez has maybe 12 good games for us, to put him in there ahead of Pop and Macca is a joke!

  15. DevoDevo says:

    Yes, Tevez was another giveaway as to why I believe there were a lot of voters under the age of 30!

  16. Tc says:

    Di Canio 118 appearances 48 goals. John Byrne 156 appearances 79 goals. Younger people could do with looking at Budge playing before forming an opinion. As someone has already said you can’t compare a modern player with a handful of games. Rio may b a fantastic player who may have ‘achieved’ his ‘potential’ with a bunch of international mercenary prima donnas but Martin was solid 4 500 games.

  17. redkipper says:

    Having seen all of these players play I consider it impossible to compare as the game has changed; maybe not for the better, but it is much faster now so many of the older players would not keep up with play now.

    I thought Di Canio was great at home but not for away games! Tevez gave his all home & away and he would have been great for any team.

    Rio alongside Bobby would have been fantastic together.

  18. Goatygav says:

    Fantastic team. What’s great about it is that all of the first 11 and many of the bench played a good number of games for us. The likes of Liam Brady were truly World Class but it’s good to see that it’s the players that put it in for us over a number of seasons that are favoured.

    To have seen that team play would’ve been truly breathtaking.

    As far as the older players not keeping up I’m sure they would’ve adapted given time.

  19. E1 says:

    Thanks for the complement under 30 I wish Followed the Irons now for over 40 years and the team I picked was my opinion and looking at a balance rather than having 2 left backs and 4 flair players you need a work horse in any team and playing Bonzo at right back makes it a bit light in the centre, and from the list/squad who other than berahmi is there? I do agree that byrne sissons and pop robson should be in but their not so I could’nt choose them.

  20. Goatygav says:

    For my money Rob Green’s got a little way to go before he’d get in ahead of Ludo. The student has not yet surpassed the master. Greeno’s biggest areas to develop are his overall communication with the defence and his ariel command with balls coming in from wide areas.

    With people voting I suppose it’s always going to be more of a dream-team rather than a well-balanced side.

  21. claire says:

    No McAvennie? No Budgie? And why Dicks? (a question I fotren asked myself over the years)
    But thanks to Iain and all contributors for a really interesting series of postings.

  22. E1 says:

    goatygav I agree on green ludo and ferguson would be in front of him, at this stage of his career he still has a way to go before becoming the finished article.
    Just out of interest how did you get your picture to come up ?

  23. upton spark says:

    No room for Bryan “pop” Robson or Big Fat Frank?
    I would have thought they would have made the squad somewhere but there you go.
    As already stated there must be room for Ludo?
    He was just sheer class and was better than Green,although Green is a good keeper as well.

  24. DevoDevo says:

    E1 – Bonds would be in my midfield!

    Di Canio

  25. E1 says:

    DevoDevo In a 4-4-2 How can bonds be in mid field with brooking,devonshire peters and cole ?

  26. E1 says:

    DevoDevo I do agree best place for him but I wanted cole in and I have never been a big fan of peters.From the list who else could play right back?

  27. E1 says:

    DevoDevoFrom the squad/list, Martins not in ?

  28. chris says:

    Cant believe reports on dyer,why cant he and everything that goes with him p—- off!!!
    Another operation, then another, then another, then another, then another.
    He will go down as footballs biggest joke.

  29. Mike says:

    to say this is the best team we could make since the 50’s, and we have beharmi whos only been with us since the summer its a great testimate to his skill and how the fans view him

  30. Goatygav says:

    E1 – agree with you chap. If I’d have seen Ferguson or Standen I might have voted for them but being a 40 year old whipper snapper I never really got to watch them.

    Re the picture you need to go to and register an account. You can add a photo to your profile. Before you come to WHTID log in to WordPress then come here and just add your comment as you normally would. It’ll apply your photo automatically.

    COYI!!! Please, please, please, please, please let us get past ‘Boro on Wednesday!!!!!

  31. DevoDevo says:

    Sorry, E1 – that’s MY team. From the squad published; Bonds in midfield for Cole, Rio alongside Bobby.

    Goatygav – Ferguson wasn’t all that IMO, certainly not as good as Green.

  32. Roymondo says:

    I agree with DevoDevo. Green is definitely better than Ferguson was. I’d also put Green ahead of Ludo but behind Parkes.
    At one point I thought Mervyn Day was going to be the bee’s knees but, after a very good couple of years, he seemed to lose it.

  33. paul says:

    Whilst I totally agree that Tevez and Di Canio were great players I have to think that if younger subscribers had seen Johnny Byrne they would never have left him out.

  34. Matt says:

    Surely we should be rating our managers too!!

  35. budgie says:

    you may agree with me that had it not been for an injury sustained playing for England Budgie Byrne,
    nicknamed because he never stopped chattering, would have been in the 1966 world cup squad and we might have had four in the team. Although I have a lot of time for Joe Cole who always gave 100% for us a “team” with Byrne Hurst and Di Canio on the left might have worked. Coming back to Joe Cole it really annoys me hearing our supporters having a go at him. I remember that day at Old Trafford we got beat 6-0 and he was the only player still putting in effort at the end. Also I know we now live in an age where everything has to be done instantly but Valon Behrami, as good as he has been so far, has to play a while longer to get into a “best of”. The same might be said of Carlos Tevez but as the judge said he single handedly saved us from relegation and although that is patent rubbish he would certainly make the bench for me.

  36. Goatygav says:

    budgie – Joe Cole got a warm welcome at the Boleyn when he came back the first few times. I wonder what’s changed? Some short memories of the effort, and great play, he put in for us perhaps?

  37. DevoDevo says:

    I think the crowd turned against Cole after his over exuberant celebration when scoring the (offside) winner against the club that had nurtured him.

    Dreadful lack of respect, but I still like him as a player.

  38. Goatygav says:

    Shame. Like you DevoDevo I too think he’s a great player. Was the shining light (probably the only light actually switched on) of the England team at the last World Cup.

    What a disappointment to see him take such pleasure in scoring against us.

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