Your Top 100 West Ham Players of All Time: The Results

1. Bobby Moore 9.87
2. Trevor Brooking 9.7
3. Paolo Di Canio 9.67
4. Geoff Hurst 9.17
5. Billy Bonds 9.16
6. Carlos Tevez 9.12
7. Alan Devonshire 8.99
8. Martin Peters 8.94
9. Julian Dicks 8.87
10. Phil Parkes 8.82
11. Tony Cottee 8.6
12. Robert Green 8.56
13. Alvin Martin 8.52
14. Ludek Miklosko 8.5
15. Frank McAvennie 8.43
16. Vic Keeble 8.37
17. Johnny Byrne 8.28
18. Rio Ferdinand 8.24
19. Joe Cole 8.2
20. Slaven Bilic 8.09
21. Bryan Robson 8.08
22. Ray Stewart 8.06
23. Matthew Upson 8
24. Valon Behrami 7.96
25. Scott Parker 7.82
26. Frank Lampard Snr 7.74
27. Ernie Gregory 7.73
28. Eyal Berkovic 7.68
29. Michael Carrick 7.56
30. Malcolm Allison 7.54
31. Tony Gale 7.5
32. Andy Malcolm 7.44
33. David Cross 7.43
34. Herita Ilunga 7.39
35. Yossi Benayoun 7.39
36. John Hartson 7.39
37. Ronnie Boyce 7.37
38. John Sissons 7.36
39. Liam Brady 7.28
40. Trevor Sinclair 7.28
41. Jim Standen 7.23
42. Paul Goddard 7.23
43. John Dick 7.22
44. Ken Brown 7.16
45. Noel Cantwell 7.13
46. Clyde Best 7.13
47. James Collins 7.12
48. Graham Paddon 7.12
49. Ian Bishop 7.11
50. Martin Allen 7.1
51. Jack Collison 7.08
52. Dean Ashton 7.06
53. Mark Ward 7.05
54. Mark Noble 7.04
55. Mervyn Day 7.04
56. Stuart Pearce 7.03
57. Teddy Sheringham 7.03
58. Peter Brabrook 7.03
59. John Bond 7.01
60. Steve Potts 6.98
61. Marc-Vivien Foe 6.95
62. Paul Allen 6.95
63. Frederic Kanoute 6.94
64. Dave Sexton 6.94
65. Frank O’Farrell 6.94
66. Marc Rieper 6.93
67. John Smith 6.89
68. David James 6.88
69. Harry Hooper 6.88
70. Thomas Repka 6.87
71. Alan Taylor 6.87
72. Shaka Hislop 6.85
73. Phil Woosnam 6.81
74. Paul Ince 6.8
75. Frank Lampard Jnr 6.76
76. Glen Johnson 6.76
77. Carlton Cole 6.72
78. Billy Jennings 6.7
79. Geoff Pike 6.69
80. Stuart Slater 6.68
81. George McCartney 6.66
82. Jermain Defoe 6.64
83. Alan Sealey 6.64
84. Steve Lomas 6.61
85. Trevor Morley 6.61
86. Bobby Zamora 6.6
87. Tommy Taylor 6.58
88. Pat Holland 6.58
89. Brian Dear 6.57
90. Alan Dickens 6.56
91. Eddie Bovington 6.55
92. Malcolm Musgrove 6.48
93. Tim Breacker 6.47
94. Ian Wright 6.47
95. Kevin Keen 6.45
96. Anton Ferdinand 6.43
97. Frankie van der Elst 6.43
98. Stuart Pearson 6.43
99. Michael Hughes 6.42
100. Lawrie Leslie 6.42

In any poll like this, people tend to overrate the players they are most familiar with, hence the relatively high positions of some of our current team.

If you split this list up by decades, the same issue arises…

2000 27
1990 18
1980 17
1970 10
1960 12
1950 12

Looking back at the teams of the decades, I’d love to see the 1960s team play the current team. It would be some match.


75 Responses to Your Top 100 West Ham Players of All Time: The Results

  1. bobby says:

    Ah, there’s Alvin Martin! Not that I’m fixated by him – just wondered where he’d vanished to in the team-of-all-decades!

    And I did go to both of his testimonials after all…

  2. martin keech says:

    Brought back some great memories Iain. Fair play.

  3. DevoDevo says:

    I think you should have published this list on the 1st April, Iain. 😉

  4. Roshi says:

    Everything for discussion, but fair play Iain, well done!
    Your right about familiar faces etc. but the same can be said about us guys looking back at our schoolboy hero’s with rose tinted glasses, so it swings both ways.
    When I was a boy I thought Geoff Hurst was a God until he refused to sign my autograph book on a return train from Old Trafford, so from that day on, he became in my mind an ordinary player, he wasn’t of course but….
    I did get his autograph that day though, he signed it for my mum who met me at Euston, she was a bit of a cracker in those days, enough said!

  5. Roymondo says:

    Most of the players on the list are to be expected but the two surprises that stood out for me were Behrami (good player, may become great but only played about 20 games) and Tomas Repka who must have got in because he was a “personality”. He certainly isn’t one of our best 100 of the last 50 years – imho

  6. Roymondo says:

    The Behrami comment also applies to Jack Collison

  7. IronMick says:

    What no John Panstil
    Outrageous doesn’t come close!
    I agree about the comments regarding Collison and Behrami, but they can only be judged on how well they have played thus far..If we can keep hold of them I have little doubt they will fully deserve their place in the list.

  8. Goatygav says:

    Cheers for putting this together Iain. It’s been great to contribute to some of the various polls and very interesting to see what’s come out of them.

    Despite the demographic/generational skew it’s still a valid poll. Bobby Moore must be held in very high regard by every generation of West Ham fan and rightly so. Glad to see Sir Trev in 2nd spot.

    I think Paulo DiCanio would be over the moon to see this. I remember reading about when Harry Redknapp showed him around the club and he expressed a desire to be put on the wall of photos with the other West Ham legends.

    Personally I wouldn’t have Carlos Tevez up there as he only played during one season but, hey, you can’t argue with the voters. I wonder if he’d still be ahead of the likes of Devo, Parkesy and Cottee if you ran it again in 10 years time?

    Surprised to see Frank Lampard Jr in the top 100. Not through his ability but simply because of how many of us feel about his comments after leaving the club.

    Re the 60’s team playing the current team that would be fantastic. I’d also like to see the 60’s vs the 80’s. Can that be done on FIFA 09 for the Nintendo Wii? If so I’ll have to get myself a copy.

  9. Stick ’em on a Subbuteo pitch and then see what happens ;0

  10. Goatygav says:

    Aaaahh – Subbuteo. I once made the quarter final of the North West area qualifier for the English National Championship. My mate actually got to the Semi-Final but got knocked out by the then English Champion Darryl Dunscombe. The guy was unbelieveable. He scored one goal in a three player movement while the ball was constantly moving. Flick 1 – player 1 knocked the ball from defence – Flick 2 – player 2 curved into the 3rd quadrant and knocked the ball in to space – Flick 3 – player 3 curved the other side of the pitch and hit the ball in the scoring area in to the net. My mate was still returning from the other end of the pitch from his attack and couldn’t get to his goalie in time to attempt a save. (SORRY TO GO OFF TOPIC HERE FELLAS)

    Iain – isn’t Tunbridge Wells the home of Subbuteo?

  11. Goatygav says:

    Oh – just one other thing. COME BACK SJ CHANDOS. We’re the poorer from your lack of comment mate.

  12. P says:

    Surely for these types of poll to be taken seriously, and thus avoid the dreaded modern-day biases, then only the votes of people old enough to have seen ALL the players should be counted (which rules me out). Also only those players that actually won major trophies with West Ham should have the privilege of being called legends, a very misused word it seems. How some very average (if even that) present day players feature in that list is way beyond me I’m afraid.

  13. E1 says:

    Excellent exersise Iain and fun to do, Like most I look at some names and wonder why but I have really enjoyed it Thanks.

  14. Westhamdave says:

    Shaka Hislop ahead of Paul Ince……AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. (Wipe tears from eyes) That is fantastic!

  15. E1 says:

    Just gone through the list again can’t see how Dean Ashton can be in it and to be above the likes of Pat Holland and Micheal Hughes it’s just crazy Ashton should’nt be involved much the same as he is in the real world waste of space.

  16. Jolly says:

    Great poll Iain with some interesting resluts,
    The biggest crime for me is that the Terminator only finished in 9th and was behind Carlos Tevez??? Now don’t get me wrong, the young Argentinian had a fantastic end to his time with us, but he didnt score in his first 1000 games (may be a slight exageration!).
    Julian on the other hand was and still is a club legend with over 250 appearances over 10 years and 50 goals – FROM LEFT BACK!!!!
    He would have no doubt gone on to become the greatest club legend bar for a terrible knee injury and a preference for putting his stud marks on opponents chests.

  17. Bernie Bonds says:

    P 45.59 I just wonder how many would have qualified if you had to have seen them all play since 1950? count em on one hand i reckon,good shout though,i go back to 1953/4 season & never dreamed we would get in the top division,let alone win the World cup!!lol,would love to know how many out there who went early 50s?or maybe earlier?

  18. E1 says:

    I think true legends in this list would only be 29 the others all good players but not legends, give it a try lads don’t name names just count how many in your opinion you would call a legend see how many you come up with, just a bit of fun.

  19. Goatygav says:

    42. Perhaps I’m a bit generous with the “Legend” tag.

  20. Bernie Bonds says:

    Iain,I know you are a busy man, but with your organizational skills could set up an evening for all the people who post on your diary to meet up,preferably in a suite at Upton Park. Kens cafe would be too small! Its such a civilised site, I’m sure no arguments would ensue!just good old debate & great stories to share.It would be great to put faces to post handles,everyone who attends could pay a small entry charge, hopefully, to cover costs,& would need to confirm interest through this site,im a newie so if its been done before sorry!

  21. E1 says:

    Bernie That sounds like a good idea, subject to cost of course but a couple of beers and a chat about WHU with real suppoters could only be a laugh.

  22. E1 says:

    Goatygav: you could be as you say a bit generous with the legend tag ,on the other hand I could be a miserable old git and not giving credit to some who deserve it,thats what it’s all about,personal opinion. Fair play to you.

  23. Hammerswest says:

    I only had 19 legends, but you are right about rose tinted glasses, they are almost all from the period when I had a season ticket, or lived in England, I don’t seem to have the same respect for the later players. Brilliant fun though Iain thanks for all your time. Loved the Subbuteo reminder, I dug ours out a couple of years ago to help coach my under 14 team with tactics. They were incredulous that in olden times we had thought it was a good game. Ah the youth of today!

  24. Roshi says:

    Hey Goatygav, I posted yesterday wondering where Chandos has got to.
    Does anybody know whats happened to him, I miss his posts

  25. Bernie Bonds says:

    E 1,thanks for your response & interest just what i had in mind,few beers & lots of laughs & memories,at least there will be three of us there!lol,one of my sons Devo’s Barnet & me,coyi

  26. Roshi says:

    Tunbridge Wells was the home of Subbuteo, it was by the traffic lights near the the northern entrance of the Pantiles.
    Why was it called Subbuteo, its only while typing it I’ve ever thought of “why was it called Subutteo, not flick football or something”
    Answers on a postcard….you must know Goatygav.

  27. E1 says:

    Iain: can you now do a vote on who from the 100 are legends just a yes/no against each name and see who goes or changes position.

  28. Hammer MC says:

    I must be dreaming or is this some sort of sick joke Iain?

    Noble above Potts, Reiper, David James, Lomas, Michael Hughes?!

    My conclusion is, all this shows is the calibre (and not the age) of the fan that posts on your blog.

  29. E1 says:

    Chandos come back all is fogiven,we need you.

  30. Joe C says:

    Life of a West Ham legend

    * February 1940 John Lyall is born in Ilford
    * 1955 Joined WHU as Office Boy
    * 1957 Signs professional forms with West Ham after working on the office staff
    * 1960 Debuted against Chelsea
    * 1971 Appointed assistant manager to Ron Greenwood after playing career was cut short by knee injury
    * 1974 Team manager under Greenwood
    * 1975 West Ham beat Fulham 2-0 in FA Cup final
    * 1976 West Ham lose the European Cup-Winners’ Cup final to Anderlecht 4-2
    * 1977 Takes sole charge at West Ham, who are relegated the next year
    * 1980 West Ham beat Arsenal 1-0 in the FA Cup final
    * 1981 Second Division champions
    * 1986 The Hammers achieve their highest League finish of third
    * 1989 West Ham are relegated, Lyall is sacked after 33 years service
    * 1994 Lyall retires from football
    * 2006 John Lyall passes away
    * 2009 Still no tribute, no stand named after him, no statue, no recognition to be seen or noted of significance.

    John Lyall would have been 69 on the 24th February (Tuesday)
    Superhammer06 – West Ham Fan

    Ian, I know he wasn’t a prolific player, but he was a managerial legend. Lets see him recognised..

  31. Goatygav says:

    Dunno Roshi but this from Wikkipedia so, as “Bloke down the Pub” that Lee and Lance off the “Harry Enfield Telvision Program,” would quote “MUST BE TRUE”

    The “Subbuteo” name is derived from the neo-Latin scientific name Falco subbuteo (a bird of prey commonly known as the Eurasian hobby), after a trademark was not granted to its creator Peter Adolph (1916–1994) to call the game “Hobby”[1].

    So if that’s to be believed we’ve got the Trademark people to thank for it not being called “Hobby.” What was he thinking – that line from the Undertones would’ve never worked “He beat me at Hobby – ‘Cause he flicked the Kick but I didn’t know.”

    E1 – I think SJ Chandos mentioned that he was going to take a short break from posting comments so I guess, and hope, he’ll be back soon.

  32. Goatygav says:

    I rekcon you’d have quite a few takers Bernie Bonds. I’d make it along if humanly possible.

  33. Goatygav says:

    Ok – So I’ll be brave and share those who I think are legends: –

    1. Bobby Moore 9.87
    2. Trevor Brooking 9.7
    3. Paolo Di Canio 9.67
    4. Geoff Hurst 9.17
    5. Billy Bonds 9.16
    7. Alan Devonshire 8.99
    8. Martin Peters 8.94
    9. Julian Dicks 8.87
    10. Phil Parkes 8.82
    11. Tony Cottee 8.6
    13. Alvin Martin 8.52
    14. Ludek Miklosko 8.5
    15. Frank McAvennie 8.43
    16. Vic Keeble 8.37
    17. Johnny Byrne 8.28
    19. Joe Cole 8.2
    21. Bryan Robson 8.08
    22. Ray Stewart 8.06
    26. Frank Lampard Snr 7.74
    27. Ernie Gregory 7.73
    31. Tony Gale 7.5
    37. Ronnie Boyce 7.37
    38. John Sissons 7.36
    41. Jim Standen 7.23
    43. John Dick 7.22
    44. Ken Brown 7.16
    45. Noel Cantwell 7.13
    46. Clyde Best 7.13
    48. Graham Paddon 7.12
    50. Martin Allen 7.1
    53. Mark Ward 7.05
    55. Mervyn Day 7.04
    58. Peter Brabrook 7.03
    59. John Bond 7.01
    61. Marc-Vivien Foe 6.95
    62. Paul Allen 6.95
    69. Harry Hooper 6.88
    71. Alan Taylor 6.87
    79. Geoff Pike 6.69
    83. Alan Sealey 6.64
    88. Pat Holland 6.58
    89. Brian Dear 6.57
    91. Eddie Bovington 6.55

    So on reflection I’d probably take out: –

    Geoff Pike
    Harry Hooper

    It’s still 40 in total though.

  34. Roymondo says:

    Re. SJ Chandos. We need to find him and get him back. when he had that little dust up with Savvyho(?) he started by saying that he was getting off the site but then seemed to change his mind. Since then, nothing.
    I guess there are two things that could be done:
    1. If anyone actually knows him can they encourage him to come back on.
    2. Iain – can you email him and tell him he’s been missed?

    I’m up for a get together if it can be arranged.

  35. E1 says:

    Goatygav: your 1st 13 are the same as mine, followed by byrne,alison,cross,woosnam,stewart,lampard snr,brown,cantwell,best,bond,holland.sealey,sexton, pop robson,A taylor,boyce and martin I now have 30 not 29?

  36. onechristiandailly says:

    Where’s John Moncur on the list? I think he deserves a place in the top 100…

  37. onechristiandailly says:

    nd of course there’s the wonderful Christian Dailly. A great servant of the club who showed commitment in every game that he played. Now I realise that I may be in a very small minority on the subject of Mr Dailly, seeing that the staff in the club shop laughed when I asjed to have his name put on the back of a shirt, but he was (and, I think, still is) a model professional.

    There’s only one Christian Dailly!


  38. Swazihammer says:

    Clyde Best is one of our top 50 players!!!.Thats why we never win much.

  39. Swazihammer says:

    I have to agree with Goatygav that Tevez should never be in the top ten.He is a great player but to be ahead of Devo,Peters,Parks,Cotte and Alvin Martin who were fantastic for the team is a shame.
    What happened to Christian Dailly?

  40. Roshi says:

    Thanks for the Subbuteo answer Goaty, not sure I understand it, but at least its a fact I can throw at a few mates in the pub.

  41. Iain Dale says:

    I agree about John Moncur. He came in at 101.

  42. whufc4life says:

    daily went to rangers i think about 2 seasons ago and the club let him go ona free possibley!

  43. paul says:

    As one of those who have seen all of the players I can only say it is very difficult comparing players of the 50s with todays crop. How my early heroes would have performed in a much changed game is open to debate.

  44. P says:

    When it comes to West Ham legends only three people immediately spring to mind; Steve Bacon, Bill Remfry and the ‘peanuts’ guy from the North Bank. End of!!

  45. James says:

    Why was Lampard Jnr so low down?, even Repka got higher than him. Shocking stuff

    Full potential or not I feel Lamps gave us 110% before he got fat!

  46. Roshi says:

    P don’t forget the tubby conductor with the British Legion Band.
    Or that massive policeman in the North Bank who could carry out two herberts on his own!….they were the days.

  47. TRNC Pete says:

    Good Job Iain… found this whol thing very entertaining. Must say I wouldn’t have tevez up there though. Played one season really… nearly took us down and then saved us. Hardly a west ham legend above alot of the ones behind him!!

  48. Gav Hammer says:

    surprised Ilunga is above players like stuart Pearce, Mark Ward, Teddy Sherringham, Thomas Repka … after all he did say a few weeks ago he would like to move to a bigger club given the chance.

  49. onechristiandailly says:

    Good to hear tha Moncs was at 101 – although agree with Iain that he should have been higher? Where was Gary Strodder?

  50. E1 says:

    The north bank peanut man should be at 52 and replace Ashton, after all neither a likley to return and the peanut man would be an instant sucsess we will be waiting along time for aston to do much,if his last return is anything to go by.

  51. Roshi says:

    I read somewhere that Ashton will not be back till next season. The medical team want to get him fully fit so that they get a full season out of him next year.
    Lets hope so, I wonder if his wages are covered by insurance for this injury?
    I know that Hull could not get insurance on Bullard and are now faced with medical expenses, £40K a week wages and of course his initial transfer fee. Thats a lot of money for 35 minutes this season…ouch!

  52. P says:

    Agreed on Ashton, who seemed to have had legendary status conferred on him from day one by some sections, before even kicking a ball. I still don’t know why.
    While someone like Alan Taylor is below him. Taylor, remember, is the man bought for just 40 grand who not only scored all our goals in both the quarter final and the semi final but then repeated the feat in the FA cup final itself. Now that’s legendary in any era. Injuries eventually finished his West Ham career but I don’t think he ever asked to be taken off because of cramp!
    One more thing, I’ve had a rethink on the ‘peanuts’ guy due to his loyalty. One Saturday when West Ham weren’t playing at home I found myself having to accompany the Man U supporting kid brother of a friend to a game at White Hart Lane, I did get paid double pocket money by the way. Anyway in between bouts of boredom and being impressed by Gordon McQueen I recognised the familiar cry of ‘peanuts!!’ I turned and found myself face to face with the man himself, I was too gobsmacked and crushed to say anything to him. At least he was in the away end and not selling his lovely peanuts to Spurs fans I suppose.

  53. brooking still the best says:

    Good Poll Iain, some very young fans must have voted, that accounts for the present team listing so high.

  54. DevoDevo says:

    Legends: (from my era only, but there are many more from the 60’s, Budgie, Ticker etc.

    1. Bobby Moore 9.87
    2. Trevor Brooking 9.7
    3. Paolo Di Canio 9.67
    4. Geoff Hurst 9.17
    5. Billy Bonds 9.16
    6. Carlos Tevez 9.12
    7. Alan Devonshire 8.99
    8. Martin Peters 8.94
    9. Julian Dicks 8.87
    10. Phil Parkes 8.82
    11. Tony Cottee 8.6
    13. Alvin Martin 8.52
    14. Ludek Miklosko 8.5
    15. Frank McAvennie 8.43
    21. Bryan Robson 8.08
    26. Frank Lampard Snr 7.74

    Actually, add Alan Taylor to the list, even though he didn’t really do much after the final.

    Tevez gets in just. Remember Hartson & Kitson kept us up one year, but they are hardly legends!!

  55. Peddler says:

    1. Bobby Moore 9.87
    2. Trevor Brooking 9.7
    3. Paolo Di Canio 9.67
    4. Geoff Hurst 9.17
    5. Billy Bonds 9.16
    7. Alan Devonshire 8.99
    8. Martin Peters 8.94
    9. Julian Dicks 8.87
    11. Tony Cottee 8.6
    13. Alvin Martin 8.52
    14. Ludek Miklosko 8.5
    15. Frank McAvennie 8.43
    17. Johnny Byrne 8.28
    19. Joe Cole 8.2
    22. Ray Stewart 8.06
    26. Frank Lampard Snr 7.74
    37. Ronnie Boyce 7.37
    38. John Sissons 7.36
    46. Clyde Best 7.13
    50. Martin Allen 7.1
    56. Stuart Pearce 7.03
    70. Thomas Repka 6.87
    87. Tommy Taylor 6.58
    89. Brian Dear 6.57

    24 legends for me, none post-Paulo because none of the current squad have had the time to establish themselves as a legend. Plenty of potential though.

    Brian Dear once scored five goals in twenty minutes. Somebody like thst would come in quite handy at the moment.

  56. StainesWestHam says:

    I just looked at the Wiki stats for Geoff Hurst. He was before my time, but what a legend – 180 goals in 411 appearances! It also says that he managed Chelsea between 1979-81 – never knew that…well I never!

  57. P says:

    Chelsea were second division then and struggled to get promotion year after year and basically they gave the job of manager to anyone in those days, no change there then.

  58. Hammers54 says:

    Perhaps this is a good time to remember that the 24 February was the 16th anniversary of the death of the greatest Hammer of all Bobby Moore.

  59. SJ Chandos says:

    Good god, is it really 16 years ago today that Bobby Moore passed on? It only seems like yesterday, the fans tributes outside the ground, the commemoration before the Wolves match and the outpouring of genuine grief and respect for quite simply England’s greatest ever defender and captain; and, as Hammer54 says, the finest player ever to wear the claret & blue of our beloved Hammers.

    I have just seen the kind posts by Roshi, E1, Roymondo and Goatygav and I thank you for your good wishes, it is very much appreciated. I intended to take a short break after the spat following the Boro game, but I subsequently got called away on business so I was off longer than I really intended!

    Well, Iain has been busy with his numerous polls and very worthwhile exercises they were as well. There are too many current players in there for my liking, but all the great Hammers are there. In terms of our first XI, I would have selected:

    Moore (Capt)

    I suppose most people would disagree with me about the full-backs, but I think that Bond-Cantwell were the best pairing we ever had. I admire Ray Stewart and Julian Dicks and they would make my top 22. However, I never rated Lampard Snr as a defender, yes controversial I know, but that’s my honest opinion! Byrne just pips Pop Robson and Di Canio in my book, but they would both be on the bench, no problem!

    And Bolton, how on earth did we lose that? It was like a repeat of the Aston Villa game in many ways. But as Zola said, the time to be worried is when nothing is being created, thankfully that is not the case! A strike force of Cole and Di Michele/Sears is more than good enough to see off Boro in the replay. Lets hope that Boro missed their big chance at Upton Park!

  60. SJ Chandos says:

    And I was mightily glad to hear that Carlton Cole has recovered from his twisted ankle! I favoured signing another striker in the window and I was a bit disappointed that we did not, at the very least, get someone in on loan. I did not fancy us relying too heavily on Tristan for goal, and my fears appear justified judging by his recent performance against Boro!

    I have heard a rumour that we did actually bid for a striker in January. I understand that we tried to get Eubanks-Blake in from Wolves and that they were willing to sell at the right price, but we could not agree a fee. Seems strange that they would consider selling their top scorer, but stranger decisions have been made I suppose?

    This Polish striker, Brozek, we are interested in is supposed to be very promising, a real potential gem! It could be a done deal for the summer!

  61. E1 says:

    Welcome back SJ,how many legends do you think are in the top 100 list?

  62. Goatygav says:

    Good to hear from you SJ. It’s also good to get a more balanced demographic “All Time Best 11” West Ham team. I expected you to have Sissons in there.

    Purely by the number of contributors this is a valid poll – well – as valid as a poll could be. It really can’t be ignored. As many have pointed out it would no doubt have looked very different if more contributors who saw West Ham in all of the decades had posted votes.

    Some positions seem nailed on and others more up for debate. Bobby Moore, Parksy, Bonzo, Brooking, Hurst, Peters and Devonshire seem to be in nearly everyone’s first 11. The 2nd striker seems to be less certain as do the full backs.

  63. E13 says:

    This a laughable to be honest.

    No Moncs and some real stalwarts below the likes of Noble.


  64. Roymondo says:

    Good to have you back SJ.
    Once you get below the obvious first picks (and I wouldn’t have Peters in mine, incidentally) it all becomes a matter of personal preference of players as with E13’s comment on Moncs below Noble. That ranking is almost certainly generational although I would guess that Noble has probably played as many, if not more, games than Moncs did.
    The comments on “legends” are interesting as it depends on what you think a legend actually is. I was going to look up the word in the dictionary but don’t have enough anorak genes to be bothered to do that.
    For me, there are only a few real “legends” followed by some great players and then some very good ones. Length of service also comes into it, I guess.
    Liam Brady would, I suspect, be classed as a legend among many Gooners but we only had him for a short time at the end of his career. For us he was a good player over a limited period. Equally, Tevez was a great player for half a season.
    It’s all about opinions innit!

  65. Roshi says:

    Cracking team SJ and very well thought out, basically a Greenwood team which I am all for.
    My only real change would be Pop Robson for Byrne, he was a fab footballer with the heart of a lion.

  66. budgie says:

    It is odd that Moncs did not make the top 100 especially as he was so popular but he did make 176 appearances which is a lot more than Mark Noble to date. I also think it odd that at least two players who were voted “Hammer of the Year” did not make it but as had been said several times and Iain points out more recent players are in peoples minds.

    I was pleased to see Johnny Byrne high up there in the 100 and SJ’s team has also been my all time team for years. Only PDC comes near to threatening it.

  67. Roymondo says:

    Budgie – you are obviously closer tom the stats than me. It surprises me that Moncs made that many appearances although I am guessing that a lot were as a sub?
    Johnny Byrne would always be in my all-time team too.

  68. budgie says:

    Yes, I am not an anorak but I looked him up when I saw him missing from the 100

  69. Roshi says:

    Roymondo, best place to look for the stats is

  70. Roymondo says:

    I’ll do that, Roshi, when I feel stat-minded!

  71. Roshi says:

    Don’t know why that last post double spaced! anyway Roymondo keep stat in mind!

  72. DevoDevo says:

    Based on Hammer of the year winners: 5 points/ 2 r-up

    Green/Hislop/Miklosko/Parkes 5 each

    Potts 14
    Moore 21
    Martin 15
    Dicks 22

    Bonds 26
    Brooking 26
    Peters 7
    Devonshire 7

    Hurst 15
    Cottee 9

    Sub: Di Canio 7

    Interestingly, Pottsy twice winner & r-up, albeit in the ‘weak’ 90’s era.

    Notably, Bonzo first won in 70/71 and his last win was 86/87. What a legend!

  73. E1 says:

    This 11 and 2 of the keepers would I’m sure be in everybody’s list. Nice one DevoDevo

  74. Tevezgate says:

    How on earth did Dicks finish higher then Cottee, Cole, Berkovic & Jossy to name but 4??

  75. Rob says:

    TOMAS REPKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I had forgotten about him!

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