Middlesborough Open Thread

Well, Setanta Sports News have found a Bioro fan to join me in their studio, so we’re waiting to go on at 8pm. She runs the Come on Boro website and is called Liz Medhurst. Do tune in – SSN is a free channel.

I must apologise in advance for not wearing Hammers kit, but I haven’t been home this week, and the shirt they gave me to wear was about 5 sizes too short. My man boobs are not going to be revealed on national TV for anyone!

The Player Performance poll will be live shortly after the match finishes.


167 Responses to Middlesborough Open Thread

  1. Mike says:

    Good luck Ian, and COYI. Think we’ll do well this eve.

  2. Jolly says:

    Iain, if we lose then you will be officialy banned from working for santa based on the superstitious ‘ 2 and out’ rule….COYI!!!!


    What is the channel number for Setanta Sports news

  4. Andrew says:


  5. Pepin - Czech Hammer says:

    I am pretty nervous.
    COME ON YOU IIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kim says:

    Soooo nervous. If it goes to penalties I will hide behind the sofa!!! COYI

  7. SwedeHammer says:

    Yeeesss, Sitting in LA and found a live stream:


    COYI!!! I’m in bits already!!

  8. SwedeHammer says:

    Sears and Cole upfront….Come on Sears, make us proud

  9. lotf says:

    I’ve got déjà vu from Saturday 😦

  10. onechristiandailly says:

    Not again! Best not to give away soft free-kicks when the other teams has a quality left-footer…

  11. SwedeHammer says:

    I agree…where have I seen that before..

  12. Jolly says:

    How is it MU have 10 free kicks at don;t get FA….we give away 2 in 2 games and both go in????

  13. onechristiandailly says:

    Because we’re cursed. We simply should not lose to this embarrassing team in front of a crowd that would look small at a county cricket match.

  14. onechristiandailly says:

    Strange seeing Parker out of position – still not obvious where he and Noble are playing…

  15. phil says:

    Strange game to try Kovac out in. He looks all over the place

  16. Kim says:

    Not loving Kovac so far!

  17. Roshi says:

    What on earth is going on here!

  18. onechristiandailly says:

    Savio on the left would have made more sense. Give him a full game.

  19. Jolly says:

    Utter Billy Wank!!!!

  20. Adam says:

    What are we doing? we are all over the place!!

  21. Roshi says:

    Has the bubble burst, 2-0 really this is rubbish so far, I feel sorry for the lads who have travelled up there

  22. Adam says:

    well, if it goes the same way as the last match, we should now get about 20 chances and dominate!!

    let’s just put some of them away… please…..


  23. dub hammer says:

    What on earth is Kovac doing?? Gives away the free kick… Then when Tomkins make an all he can do clearance he ain’t tracking his man back…..

  24. onechristiandailly says:

    It shows what a difference a few missin players can make. No cohesion in midfield…

  25. Jolly says:

    Early overview:

    Sears – too lightweight
    Cole – gone back to old habits
    Kovac – not gonna get an extension to his loan at this rate……
    Formation – wrong, wrong, wrong

  26. onechristiandailly says:

    I am actually finding myself missing di Michele…

  27. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    god are we missing ginge or what and kovac doesn’t seem to know what to do yet and we don’t seem to have anyone wide at all. everyone looks hungover.

  28. Kim says:

    Please Zola and Clarke do something quickly!

  29. Adam says:

    I am tempted to turn over and see what Ian is making of all this…

    too narrow, poor passing, sears is out of his depth, Kovac is doing himself no favors, Upson is making mistakes, i have no idea where Noble is, at least Berhami is running as always…

  30. jon.london colney says:

    this is crap

  31. onechristiandailly says:

    Who’s on the bench? I don’t think they showed it on ITV.

  32. Adam says:

    24 Lastuvka, 05 Lopez, 10 Nsereko, 18 Spector, 25 Tristan, 31 Collison, 32 Di Michele

  33. phil says:

    This is awful! One consolation – I can’t see Roman going for Zola and Clarke if we carry on like this. On the other hand, if we carry on like this I’m not sure it’s a consolation.

  34. onechristiandailly says:

    Collison for Kovac
    Savio for Sears

  35. SwedeHammer says:

    It is really scary at times..what the hell is going on?? Llunga almost just gave up another..Have not seen one player up to standard. dreadful..

  36. Kim says:

    Get Collison back on for Kovac. Replace Sears with Savio and replace our not so beloved captain with Spector please!

  37. RunningHammer says:

    We might as well only have Biryani on the field, he’s the only one who’s bothered!

  38. onechristiandailly says:

    Good call Kim, although Cole’s now down…

  39. phil says:

    I feel sick.

  40. djclipz says:

    get sears off, its a joke seeing him next to wheater and huth

  41. jon.london colney says:

    can someone introduce the back 4 to each other…

  42. Adam says:

    I actually think Neil is doing ok… not sure speccy would do any better.

    Savio and Sears up front? not sure it will work, but we have nothing to lose!

  43. onechristiandailly says:

    Should have been three. Arca and Parker – can anyone think of other players who rhyme with our beloved Hammers (might take our minds off the football)?

  44. lee says:

    west ham of two seasons ago… dunno if i can face another half of this

  45. P says:

    Wheres the off switch? Ah, there it is… Can’t watch this dross any longer.

  46. Tony says:

    No width… I`ll say it again NO WIDTH. Were playing with 5 or 6 in a packed midfield!!

  47. Dujon says:

    I honestly do not know how Savio isn’t playing right now. Unless i’m getting the wrong information.

  48. Jolly says:

    Cant find a single positive from the 1st half – worst 45 minutes for yonks.
    Half time subs required but no invention on the bench!
    I think my comment of utter billy wank is an understatement.

  49. E1 says:


  50. phil says:

    Agree Tony. At least Collison with Ilunga gave us that. Sears looks featherwieght.

  51. Kim says:

    Am contributing so much because it is much better than watching the tv. This would be a game where Ethers or Mullins would be have been very useful. Pretty play is great but you need your scrappers for thism

  52. P says:

    Apparently some of this bunch are ‘legends’ Hmmm.

  53. lee says:

    absolute pony all 11 of them…

  54. RunningHammer says:

    Sears should have had one there … he needs to be replaced at half time.

  55. Adam says:

    utter pish

  56. Tony says:

    I´m thinking of looking on e-bay for a gun , if we carry on like this I´mdefo gonna shoot myself…..

  57. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    width width width please in the 2nd half, collison down one side surely at the very least.

  58. D&G says:

    Shocking stuff. I hope this isn’t going to become a trend!

  59. Keith says:

    How bad was that – we’ve been found out!

  60. phil says:

    Just like West Ham to resurrect someone else’s season.

  61. Yann says:

    Two things stand out for me, Sears is not good enough. Secondly, Kovac is totally lost.

    Why did we not start Savio and Collison?

  62. Adam says:

    wah hey, Ian just mentioned us all on Setanta!!

    Such a shame that is the highlight of the night so far 😦

  63. P says:

    Zola the other day said: “We are ready for anything, we are just preparing for every eventuality. Our fitness levels are very good. We are absolutely ready and we know how important the game is to everyone.”…

  64. Keith says:

    If he wanted to rest Collison he should have just replaced him with Savio instead of mucking about with Kovac and Parker.

  65. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    LOL@ your boro fan companion Liz Medhurst. I just hope we don’t have to resort to that “LUCKY CHEESE”, we much prefer talent and skill. Not sure we’ll see much tonight though, maybe our boys have been on the lucky water.

  66. phil says:

    I’ve no idea Yann. Not really the time for experimenting is it? Looks like we’ll need to replace Cole aswell. DiMichele promised two goals (haha) and I’ve been waiting weeks for a ‘Savio-ur!’ headline opportunity.

  67. E1 says:

    Get collison on for noble savio for kovac and sorry to say DDM for sears we need to score AND QUICK!!!!! We ain’t gonna win anything with this line up AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!

  68. Roshi says:

    Pretty midfield passing is great if you’ve got a decent front line who can actually score goals. Hate to say it but losing Bellamy was a massive negative for us, he frightened defences unlike the so called strikers we have left. Sears needs a good loan spell at a championship club to get him hardened up to first team football.

  69. Adam says:

    ok, let’s hope Zola’s read them the riot act, and we are going to come out a different team!!

    we’re gonna win it 4-2!!


  70. P says:

    Zola & Clarke; our very own Chuckle Brothers. Every game they sit there side by side, arms folded, looking like they’re about to give the keynote speech at an undertakers convention. Very inspiring.

  71. Mile end dave says:

    Shocking, completely shocking I’m seething. Gentlemen this is what we in the army call “dog toffee”

  72. Yann says:

    Phil, the other question that my son and I are asking is where are the leaders? Surely, some of these guys realise its not working!

    I feel sorry for Tomkins, but as most kids know, you find row Z when you are not sure and then reorganise. Tomkins plsyed it over his head to a space he couldnt see!

  73. phil says:


  74. Goatygav says:

    They’ve done a number on us that half. They know we’ve got virtually no width and they’ve stifled everything we’ve tried. Gotta do something.

  75. hammeredCalv says:

    E1 — DDm hatrick second half ??? lol

  76. D&G says:

    The Player Performance poll should be interesting…..

  77. Roshi says:

    Iain,turned over to watch your half time round up, but had to turn back because the presenter was shouting louder than the entire ‘Boro crowd.

  78. onechristiandailly says:

    ITV talking us up to keep the neutrals interested! Against Boro. tempted to turn over to the Champions’ League in the hope that Juve are winning…

  79. phil says:

    No signs for optimism unlike Saturday. Boro look FAR more likely to score. One goal though and confidence could be restored.

  80. D&G says:

    We are making Downing look world class!

  81. Adam says:

    our passing is just loose… we just keep giving it away. just no belief from the players… not good

  82. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    at last, here comes our jackie.

  83. djclipz says:

    oh my god take SEARS off!! its making me wanna cry. any news on tht gun tony??

  84. onechristiandailly says:

    Here comes Collison. Just like when Man Utd bring on Ronaldo to change a game with half an hour to go. Go Jack!

  85. phil says:

    And the sound of LeSaux’s voice is really pissing me off.

  86. Yann says:

    The Sears move is good, but why is Kovac still on?

  87. Mark Francis says:

    What a load of rubbish !!!

  88. Dujon says:

    Collison can be our ronaldo, whilst Savio can be our Rooney. make the shortest cameo appearances and net 1 or 2.

  89. Adam says:

    LOL @ Phil, i know what you mean!

  90. onechristiandailly says:

    Couldn’t agree more Phil. He’s worse than we are tonight, but at least we have good games.

  91. phil says:

    Good to hear the away fans doing their bit.

  92. Adam says:


  93. onechristiandailly says:

    Good ball by DDM. Unlucky for Scotty. Looking better already

  94. Andrew says:

    So close!

  95. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    someone remind me again why scotty parker isn’t captain?

  96. phil says:

    Agree completely about Parker. Not fancying DDM’s prediction on Saturday.

  97. Yann says:

    Please someone tell me i am dreaming and i dont have to see the rest of my family tomorrow who are all Arsenal and Spud fans!!!

  98. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    what an embarrassing dive by DM, didn’t know whether to throw him an oscar, a lifejacket or a fish!

  99. onechristiandailly says:

    England’s No 1.

  100. E1 says:

    HammeredCalv hope your right but he’s already missed one LOL we do look better though collson has made a difference, can we do it 3-2 or 2-2 extra time pens AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  101. Yann says:

    Marleeeen, great comment, I am off with my rod to get the fish for you!!

  102. E1 says:

    GREAT SAVE !!!!!

  103. phil says:

    Of course you don’t have to see your family tomorrow Yann – you could jump off a bridge instead…..

    That was a joke. Don’t want that on my conscience on top of tonights disappointment.

  104. Adam says:


    What are we doing? How can we not bring on Savio???

  105. Yann says:

    Thanks Phil, but if i jump like this lot are playing I would miss anyway!

  106. E1 says:


  107. phil says:

    Good work from Ilunga but no support! Everyone just stood and watched.

  108. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    Yann, aresenal are boring again and could only score with a penalty and the spuds are below us for the season again, what’s the problem?
    i think savio isn’t on as zola preferred experience, savio and sears are still kids really even if they do both show potential.

  109. P says:

    Well that’s Evertons place in the semi-final secured.

  110. Yann says:

    I’ll tell you whats worrying me is we have no clue how to play against these guys! Our back four has got so deep that we are letting them get at us. It has worked in some games because some teams are not as direct as these guys, but when we are losing, we need a plan B, and to be honest, I can’t see one!

  111. P says:

    Sears showing potential? lol.

  112. Adam says:

    10 mins to go… not looking good is it?

  113. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    P. training pitch? lol

  114. Yann says:

    So, is this the right time to speculate about where we will finish in the league 🙂

  115. P says:

    I have a sneaking feeling that this is how it’s going to be for the rest of the season.

  116. E1 says:

    Why Did zola make the changes aprt from ginge for tomkins and someone for DDM he should have left it alone maybe he was with the tinker man to long. Ireally thoght we had a chance tonight this is down to the managment I’m afraid, not good not good at all.

  117. Yann says:

    Got an idea! How do I emigrate!

  118. Benfleet hammer says:

    CC has lost his golden touch I see!!

  119. Adam says:

    sorry WHU, you were well and truly rubbish tonight.

    just poor poor poor

  120. Benfleet hammer says:

    Mmmm who’s gonna renew their season ticket after this.

  121. D&G says:

    Good thing Boro are crap or we would be 5/6 -0 down by now.

  122. Keith says:

    Without Bellamy the opposition defence can push further up and squeeze Parker etc. Having said that though we’ve still had loads of possession – we seem to have got really narrow – full backs not pushing on. Oh well should stop Chelski poaching Zola!

  123. Benfleet hammer says:

    We have looked poor for 3 games now!!

  124. Roshi says:

    Not to fussed about the cup, but until tonight I thought we were safe in the Prem.
    Cole has forgotten that to be good you have to be consistant, DDM is woeful.
    Hope Parker, only one who has put in a decent performance, is not regretting putting pen to paoer last week.

    Whistle about to go….bloody awful

  125. D&G says:

    Just blow the whistle and put the fans out of their misery.

  126. phil says:

    Safe from relegation? Boro maybe – not sure about us now.

  127. Yann says:

    This is the poorest I have seen us play for a long time. One thing that stands out is our back four run back all the time. Plan B is simple, play the offside line! That way we can squeeze sides like Middlesborough and make them have to show how good their passing is!

    That’s the lesson Zola needs to learn.

    And with that gem of pure simplicity I’m off. Good night all and hope you don’t get nightmares!

  128. D&G says:

    Oh well Bellamy is going to have a field day this weekend.

  129. Benfleet hammer says:

    Could be a long finish to the season I fink

  130. E1 says:

    Iain you can have my marks now Green 7 Parker 7 the rest 2 Very Disapionting and a BIG selection error Zola has made his first and I hope his last COCK UP !!!

  131. phil says:

    Thanks Yann. Thought the last 2 hours WAS a nightmare.
    Then D&G goes and brings up Bell end. Now I really feel shite. ‘night all

  132. Benfleet hammer says:

    Lucas. U gonna have to break his legs first 5 mins

  133. P says:

    Why give a full debut to Kovac and drop Collison? yet Savio is still waiting for his full debut. I think Zola is guilty of underestimating Boro while simultaneously overestimating his own selection. He learnt nothing from the Bolton game. We will lose a few more to those teams near the bottom before this season is out that’s guaranteed.

  134. Kim says:

    Sorry Iain but can I swear? We were SHIT and worse. If anybody would like my seat on Sunday they can have it. I think I might deck Bellamy if he gloats.

  135. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    i think we’re all a bit miffed about the team selection tonight after zola said he’d always put out his best team in the cup and said that collison has been a revelation. i’d hoped he was finished experimenting. still, it’s all experience i guess.

  136. Tevezgate says:

    Kovacs should be deported forthwith; gifted them a totally unnecessary free kick leading to their first goal, can’t pass and can’t tackle – get shot of him now Zola

  137. James says:

    Hate to say it chaps but the blame goes to Zola tonight 100%, Wrong tactics and the wrong starting eleven!!

    Sears is far to lightweight as it showed tonight along with Kovac, god he has lots to learn. The fact we lost to the current worst team in the prem is devastating stuff!! Green on the other hand why does he not know where the center of the goal is?

    Zola had the option to play down the wings but he chose not to take it, I feel for all our fans who went, what a waste of their time!! I now worry for our season from now on!!

  138. aussie graham says:

    Parker the only hope poor poor management zola that was pathetic what were your tactics?

  139. Roshi says:

    I’m off to bed soon, think of the poor guys who now have to face a 6 hour coach ride home after that load of tosh.

  140. Mark Francis says:

    How embarrassing! No creation, no commitment, no real passion!!! (excl Parker).

    Why do all teams that are in poor form always do well against west ham ???

  141. JackHammer says:

    No width, all down centre, cramped midfield and shaky defense (initially anyway).
    where has the side who played so well against Man U gone?
    worst performance under Zola by a long way
    Gutted, bewildered and weary
    fresh attitude required for the EPL on Sunday

  142. Keith says:

    Never mind free travel – they should all get their tickets refunded after that

  143. Adam says:

    Going to bed gutted and let down… pish

  144. Goatygav says:

    Sick as a Parrot. Gutted we’re out of the cup but that pales by comparison at my dismay at that performance.

  145. Goatygav says:

    I think the team should apologise to the 4000 fans that made the trip for that.

  146. James says:

    I have said it before and I will say it again, we missed Bellamy!!

    Zola has not replaced bellamy who was our only player able to hit the net, Whatever anybody says about Cole Tristan, Di Michele and Sears, none of them have the ability to hit a barn door! We should have blown the cash from bellars on Luca Toni or somebody who is proven to score goals! We are now in trouble and we are not safe in terms of points yet!!

  147. gingerhammer says:

    How fickle are we west ham fans!???, 2 weeks ago we are playing silky football and getting results, now we have played two pony teams and the results havent come all of a sudden we are relegation favorites!, do me a favour!.

    Collison before the everton home game had played half a game, now he has played in every game since then and is only 19, he needed to have a blow tonight.

    Tomkins and sears need loan moves to championship teams as they aint cut out for the prem, but apart from that we need to stay of zolas back and let him get on with it. Bring on bellamy! the scumbag!

  148. P says:

    Oh well. Home game up next. In front of fans that love to boo and create negative energy. Bellamy returning, so the boos will be in full flow, which Bellamy will absolutely thrive on. After tonights showing I don’t hold much hope.

  149. E1 says:

    HammeredCalv: DDM ??? must be the next game he gets his hatrick NOT !! LOL

  150. Goatygav says:

    When I say team I include the coaching/management.

  151. E1 says:

    Savio is bellamey’s replacement so he has to miss more games than he plays ? SIMPLE

  152. Keith says:

    Any comment from Zola yet

  153. LJ says:


    That was an ordeal, that took us right back to Spurs at home except we couldn’t even get the chances to miss.

    There’s clearly issues, naturally being rehearsed here, around width, around tonight’s selection, tactics etc but maybe more fundamentally GFZ should look at the ability of some of our players to perform the kind of West Ham way, one touch precision football required.

    Although watching sophisticated football being attempted but not coming off does take me back to bygone eras and kind of brings out the Happy Hammer in me, dreaming about how beautiful it would be if it did work. Bubbles I guess.

  154. Dave Hall says:

    Ageed a crap performance, but talk of relegation I think is a bit kneejerk at this stage.

  155. CanveyLad says:

    January seems a long time ago. January felt good, looked good, was good – but it seems that January’s performances (and I’m thinking of the performances, not just the results) were not a platform to build on – instead a peak, that we may not reach again this season. Sad to say, we miss the Welshman.

    This is now the business end of the season, and we know well from our own experiences that teams in the bottom half are dangerous, and can, and will grind out a result.

    We need to hunker down now, and take the points we need for next year. Two games can change everything regarding our league position, but there are things two games can’t change:

    Sears is a lightweight; Two years might change this – two games won’t. This is a fundamental problem – not about form.

    We lack a natural goalscorer – by which I mean someone who instinctively looks to score, all the time. All of our forwards will have in-form periods, and will score goals at times – but I cannot see too many creating something out of nothing.

    Come on you Irons.

  156. James says:

    Rubbish E1, Savio is not proven and you know it!! He is just an investment for the future like Sears is! Savio only cost £5 million also so we had enough funds left!! Of course it’s far too late now!

    We need a proper striker and unfortunately he is injured for the rest of the season!

  157. Goatygav says:

    I agree with Dave Hall. That was one bad performance. Last weekend we were unlucky not to get something at Bolton. I, for one, will be making tons of noise on Sunday to give the team the support they need.

    At this precise moment, however, I simply can’t be optimistic. After having to sit through that pitiful display it’s understandable.

    By Sunday morning I’ll be up for it again.

  158. hinsdaleman says:

    I might be the first hammers fan on any hammers website to say this but here goes. I’m not sure Freddie Sears is going to make it. Yes I know he’s young blah blah blah but he’s not even showing a flash of the player everyone thought he would be.
    The likes of Owen and Walcott are two names who were already doing it at his age. I hope I’m wrong but….

  159. James says:

    Sears just needs to gain some body strength, I think he has exceptional talent and will become a decent striker but those Boro defenders blocked him like a brick wall tonight, That was very fustrating to watch!

    Tomkins is another one who needs to learn i.e forgetting to mark your man etc, Maybe tonight was not the night for the youngsters. We needed Davenport tonight!

  160. Iron Lung says:

    That was embarrassing. Gutless. Only Parker emerges with credit. Green’s positioning again suspect..carbon copy of the Bolton goal. We look hopeless up front. DDM is pathetic..that dive!! Body language from the bench alarming too….are we in for a nailbiting end to the season? Why oh why was I born into this curse!!

  161. mac says:

    Good solid post CanveyLad. Spot on.

    Goalscoring is always going to be a problem for us. There’s no-one in the side who lives, breathes and CAN score goals regularly. For all our pretty approach play, we need an end result. How many shots did we have today?

    Shooting practice for the boys tomorrow instead of two-touch drills perhaps?

  162. chris says:

    Just got back from the game…
    Cant believe I went to this one bad day at the office,
    but I think zola learned alot tonight.
    1.Sears is to lightweight
    2.kovac cant play the holding role as well as parker(he was at falt for both goals)
    3.Di michele couldn’t score in a brothel.
    4.Collinson is better than noble.
    5.Neil will have to play centre back for now.
    We seem to have 11 workhorses and no flair.
    I said a few posts ago I cant see where a goal is coming from and i still cant,cole needs a partner savio? I fear we could get dragged down into it again.
    Time to play 4 5 1 and shut up shop,no point going for it no one to finish off the moves.
    A point at home would be a result in my opinion.
    Its been said we need a striker in the summer CRAP!!!! We need 2!

  163. James says:

    Hang on Chris, We still have the same players who rustled Man Utd the other week. I agree that we can’t score but with that 4-4-2 diamond we flow better especially with Parker as the holding midfielder. We will aalways be the team who nearly scored in matches this season due to bellars going and Ashton out, I would gamble over playing boring football any day!

    We need to close down the opposition like we did on our good run of form, that surely does’nt vanish that easy. Confidence needs a tweak and I am sure Zola is the man to do it!

  164. chris says:

    Point taken James,but lets see sunday,Bet we dont score.
    We dont have a trick or that bit of quality in the last third,if you have a look at Coles run of goals not one was a class finish,maybe the header.
    I think coles ok but he needs a partner bigtime!!
    We only have 33 points 42 is needed 3 wins or 2 and some draws, I think we have been sussed,we need to mix and match our game a little more.
    Look at these players….behrami,collinson,noble,parker,kovac, everyone is the same the only thing that seperates them is pace,their all work horses.
    last night kovac looked like a centre half playing in midfield.
    All these balls into feet looks good but someone on the edge of the box needs to do something special to get through.
    Dont see the point of playing anyone but cole upfront
    so 4 5 1 for me with savio and collinson wide To give us a bit of pace round the sides(collinson’s quicker than u think). savio noble behrami parker collinson.

  165. Dujon says:

    Good formation Chris, Savio and Collison can provide us with great width.

  166. whambam says:

    hey Iain, can you help the young Lady?

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