Middlesborough Player Performance Stats

Well, it’s quite clear, you were less than impressed. Here’s how you voted.

Scott Parker 6.64
Robert Green 5.92
Jack Collison 5.48
Lucas Neill 5.31
Valon Behrami 5.02
Herita Ilunga 4.87
Matthew Upson 4.86
James Tomkins 4.85
Mark Noble 4.79
Carlton Cole 4.72
Radoslav Kovac 4.62
Freddie Sears 3.95
David Di Michele 3.90
Diego Tristan 3.18


48 Responses to Middlesborough Player Performance Stats

  1. Roshi says:

    I wish I could put my finger on what went wrong last night.
    My only thought is there is nobody up front to frighten the opposition and this slow start again, which means you are always chasing the game, this creates frustration for the players and the fans alike.
    Lets hope they get Ashton fit for next season because say what you like, the guy scores goals.

  2. Roshi says:

    Iain, I’m not surprised people sign up to your Twitter, you seem to be the UK Twitter King!

  3. jonnyhammer says:

    This was a shocking performance. It was like the bad old days of one dimensional long ball football with no plan B and moreover 11 very tired looking players.

    I really felt for the 3,500 Hammers who made the long journey up there; they deserved much better.

    Let’s hope we can gee them up on Saturdayto turn over the mercenaries.

    Loud and proud boys, loud and proud.

  4. Oskar B says:

    it’s the same thing it has been for ages. it sounds critical but i don’t think we have a striker with real quality. Sears has potential, as does savio but we really need Ashton back. Cole has his moments and to be honest i don’t rate Tristan/Di Michele. Perhaps if we give Zola time he’ll sort them out. ?

  5. RunningHammer says:

    Surprised Behrami was marked up only slighly higher than Ilunga – I thought he had a bad game like the rest of them but was better than most. Ilunga was dreadful, though not the worst by a long shot.

  6. John says:

    It appeared to me that Cole was marked by two or three men out of the game, and if he is not there to lay the ball off we have no effective attack. Sears is too lightweight, Michele and Tristan spent out has beens. Savio I consider the best fit option with Cole didn,t get a look in. Both players and management performed badly last night.

  7. geoff says:

    Sears isn’t ready yet for Premiership football. Di Michele is too lightweight, and Tristan (no comment).
    Cole can be good but can also be woeful. Thought he might have given Savio a run out. Yes, he might have been kicked out of the game by Huth and Co., but I’d like to see him running at defenders and putting the pressure on the opposition instead of going sideways like we did last night. Let’s writ that game off now and concentrate on getting it right in the rest of the League games.

  8. E1 says:

    ASHTON is not the answer he ain’t coming back this season so what is the point in keeping on about him. Anyway how do we know what he’s going to be like when, IF he does come back, he hardley set the world alight on his last return from a long lay off, he’s just another dyer we need NEW strikers that can come in and do a job not ones that we hope can do it.IMHO

  9. IronMick says:

    Interesting results, for me our ‘consistant’ players were just not at it last night. Ilunga had his worst game I have seen him play, as did Behrami to be honest. Parker was the only player come out of the match able to hold his head high.
    I thought Collison proved what an asset he is when he came on, we looked a lot more lively.
    I’d also give Zola a 5, for lack of tactics and questionable subs

  10. scott says:

    we do have lots of options upfront, cole, sears, savio, di, tristan but non of them would fire us into europe. Cole has been on good form but u can see that form slipping away now. sears was too weak, tristan to slow, i can’t quite put my finger on whats wrong with di but theres something clearly not working there and i like the look of savio however he does seem to be playing a deeper role when he does play so whether he could be a prolific goal scorer who knows. The other option of course is Ashton, good control, links play well and scores goals but of course is never fit. At least we’re pretty safe for this season and zola will have time in the summer to get things right. In Zola we trust. COYI

  11. downy says:

    I thought Kovac looked out of his depth.
    He gave away the free kick, didn’t track back with Tuncay and was running around like a headless chicken at times.
    Its a shame really.

  12. Eric says:

    someone predicted early on that we would be in a relegation fight. I refuse to believe. But its going to get frustrating. I have faith Zola and Clarke will get it right. City is going to be tough. Bellamy has something to prove. I hope our guys do as wel.l


  13. Bav says:

    Wasnt good was it!! I agree its upfront we are sadly lacking. Sears is nowhere near ready for that level, Di Mi and Tristan are simply not good enough, thankfully Tristan is out of contract in the summer and Di Mi hopefully wont be signed after his loan. Savio looks good, and Cole is solid though will never score a hatful. Maybe next season is the proper start for Deano to play unhindered by injurt. I saw we are linked with a possible move for Pawel Brozek, he looks class and a natural finisher, he could possibly be the difference we need. Fingers crossed we may still get European slot yet this season. COYI

  14. MOORO says:

    Can’t remember a performence as bad as this, perhaps not since the great escape season. I think even the management got it wrong too, poor use of subs, they seemed unable to want to change the system even after we could all see it wasn’t working.
    We look very lightweight upfront, Cole was clearly marked out of the game by 2/3 defenders whenever the ball came near him.Sears is not ready for premier league football,needs to go out on loan to toughen him up. Not hopeful for sundays game either.

  15. Eric says:

    Always waiting for that next game, that next season aren’t we…….sigh

  16. Tom says:

    A bad day at the office but I don’t envy GFZ, he has no strikers worth their salt at the moment. I feel it is a case of security in the league now and then weed out the rest of the chaff ready for next season. We have some major plus point to look forward too, however for three seasons now we have not had a prolific striker fit for any length of time … had we have had Deano and Bellamy playing week in week out … who knows where we might have been

  17. Prince H says:

    Most players had more than a night off, but those of you who say it was mainly the attackers that had it wrong – I can’t agree. Cole did not have any good balls to work with at all and the midfield was extremely bad at supporting the attack. They were all out of depth. Least bad was Parker and maybe Cole. I thought that, after a very rough start, you coud see that Kovac is a real player. I miss the usual Behrami. A lot. He has not impressed after his layoff….
    I think it was our worst game since Tottenham in December.

  18. Goatygav says:

    The scores are at about the right level.

    I genuinely believe we’ll see a much improved performance on Sunday. Then again could it have got much worse?

    Steve Clarke and Gianfranco will be putting them all through their paces. I’m confident they fully realize where it went wrong and will do their utmost to put it right.

    As much as we played badly I think Middlesborough played very well and fully merited the win. Not much of a consolation I know but you have to give it to them. The Free Kick was straight out of the top drawer. There isn’t a keeper around that could’ve done a thing about that one. Tuncay was deservedly the M-O-T-M and ran our defence ragged.

  19. Iron Lung says:

    Tons of comments of the other post, but…that back pairing for Middlesboro handled Cole and Sears magnificently. Robert Huth did a masterful job. The service was non-existent either. I agree with the consensus of opinions about the lack of striking options – DDM in particular was an embarrassment – but you can’t say the front pairing was our main issue last night. We offered nothing on the wings and played right into the middle where they were strongest. The lack of width, effort and invention was what stood out last night. I’m worried!

  20. Jackster101 says:

    worst performance of the season, getting outplayed by a team that will be playing in the championship next year. sears not ready, tristan, won’t waste my breathe. ddm i think gets unfiar stick, remember he was the person who set up our only chance of the game.

  21. E1 says:

    No width No Pace, We could have drogba up front would’nt make much difference if we dont get the ball in goal scoring areas No striker is going to do much we need to keep putting it in the bloody box !!!!!! and vary the way we do it. Our dead balls and cornors are a joke.

  22. Pepin - Czech Hammer says:

    I agree with Jackster101.
    And I think DDM will score brace against Citeh as he promissed to Gianfranco.

  23. jeffreybubbles says:

    I’m sure Zola/clark know wot there doin but,but to make space you need to stretch defences,and without width it makes it more difficult.but who would be left out,.?

  24. E1 says:

    jefferybubbles: I would like to see savio and junior wide parker playing the holding role with berahmi and collison central supporting cole up front.
    So to answer your question I am afraid NOBLE would be the one on the bench for me as collison at the moment is more consistant.

  25. jeffreybubbles says:

    E1:Thanks for the reply.I would agree,but I would leave DDM.put savio instead of noble or collison,not sure which.

  26. nr2iron says:

    I was one of those who went up there in antisipation of doing the job but frankly it was a shambles and the strikers are nowhere near good enough.

  27. E1 says:

    Junior played 6 games for southend and scored 3 goals from a wide position thats why Zola called him back now he’s doing nothing why not give him a go. DDM can always be brought on he seems to do better then aswell, as a sub

  28. E1 says:

    you have made very little comment on this subject what are your views ?

  29. devo says:

    it seemed they were all falling over each other ,no one willing to run at they defence all trying to pass the ball into the net by the time we got into they half they were lining up to tackle we seemed static and strange how they seemed fluid

  30. aussie graham says:

    we need a huge takeover otherwise the players we recruit are over the hill useless has beens on huge salaries. there must be one billionaire west ham fan who before they die would love to take us right up the top god we all deserve that for our suffering.

  31. Smudger says:

    Boro game is history now, lets hope we can get back on track Sunday when Mr Craggy Bell-enema returns.
    If he plays that would seem longer than he actually turned out for us.

    ps Did anyone recognise who the team was that represented us at Boro was last night?

  32. CanveyLad says:

    Just back from the pub, having seen Bellend score twice for City.

    It was like watching an ex you still fancied, out with another bloke.

    I don’t blame him for going – I don’t blame us for letting him go – but truth is, he is hard to replace – and we haven’t anything like replaced him.

    But we will, in time. When we do, we will remember he was mostly injured anyway.


  33. chris says:

    Correct..Scotty was our best player.
    Again sorry everyone but cant see us scoring sunday,unless a miracle happens like savio plays and dyer is passed fit.
    If we get a draw i’ll be happy,anything towards that 40 point mark’s a result,Agree with previous poster we need money next season bigtime! we only have about 4 or 5 prem players in this squad.
    Cant see zola staying anyway.

  34. chris says:

    Feel sorry for sears.
    But maybe he could play out wide,he has pace.
    He might find it easier there, than playing with his back to goal up front.
    Worked for milner of Villa who started out as a striker.
    Just a thought,good night all!

  35. SJ Chandos says:

    It is really easy to lapse in to terminal pessimism after a performance like that, but we need to think through the problems and discuss solutions, much in the way that Zola and Clarke have to. Remember, it was not so very long ago that we saw the Hull City performance, when this group of players really showed what they can do.

    The starting point is to take a firm grip for the first 2o minutes or so. In the last two matches we have conceded early and been slow to get in to the groove. We also need to stop conceding early and giving away cheap free kicks away around the box. Thankfully, not all teams have the likes of Downing and Taylor to exploit dead ball situations!

    Parker needs to stay in the anchor role, Collison needs to move to he point of the midfield diamond against City and either Nsreko or Lopez needs to come in on the left. We need more width and closer support to the strikers. The Boro match showed what happens when an opposition team narrow the play and force our forwards in to a cul de sac. However, I do not think this will be a problem against City, they will come to play a open gane, which is good for us.

    We also need to ensure that the midfielders start getting in to better goal scoring positions. When your strikers are not scoring, a team needs its midfield to weigh in with a few goals. Our midfield is not doing enough on that front. Collison, Berhami, Noble & Parker are all capable to scoring, particularly Collison who needs to further develop that part of his game.

    I agree with those who say that Stanislaus needs to be brought in to the first team frame. I also think that we should seriously think about promoting Banjer to the bench. Yes, they are young, but we need a couple of hungry players on the bench, who want to take their chance!

    In addition, we need to vary our play more, mixing flowing passing moves with longer balls in to space. The strikers were too static against Boro, they need to work harder and create space for themselves and the midfield to exploit. Sears has looked light weight and off his game. Zola also appears to be playing him deeper and in wider positions. His best first team performances were playing off Ashton last season. Personally I would get him concentrating on using his pace, playing off Cole, and trying to hurt teams in the last third. He needs to be mobile and use his young legs to cause damage, like he did against Boro in the PL match up there, rather than getting dragged in to physical conflicts.

  36. SJ Chandos says:

    I think that mobility and the varying of play is key. We are Hammers fans, we love flowing passing moves, but you do need to vary it more. No one wants the aimless pumping of balls up to Cole, that we suffered under Curbishley, but on occassions, they do need to play it longer in to space, as well as quickly switching play to stretch teams. Against Bolton, Noble did a good job using his passing ability to switch play from left to right and it caused them problems.

    I have always thought that there is a lot of loose talk about ‘the long ball.’ No one wants aimless punts up field, but we do need to play longer balls up field for our forwards to run on to. Think about Moore’s balls out of defence or Devonshire’s clever forward balls forward for Cottee and McAvennie to exploit in 1985/86.

    Yes, I know that we do not have those type of players at the moment, but neither is our squad suddenly useless! We just need more variety in our play to make it that more difficult for the opposition. The Boro game showed that even modest opposition can narrow the play and fustrate us if our play is too one dimesion.

    One thing is sure. There needs to be a clear out in the summer and a re-structure of the squad. At the moment, we have too many players out on loan, they need to be cleared out and a few quality replacements brought in. In particular, we need to look at right-back, a play maker/goal scorer in midfield and better striking options. I am also hopeful that another couple of youngsters will break through before the end of the season.

  37. SJ Chandos says:

    I agree that we did not replace like for like when we sold Bellamy and bought Nsereko. Nsereko can develop in to that type of striker, but needs time. Nsereko is undoubtedly a player of fanastic potential and it is a good indicator that he is starting to show it so early. But we should have got in a pacy striker, with a little bit more experience. And I am not saying that with hindsight, I said it on here at the start of the January window.

    I am afraid that Bellamy gave us more options to vary our play (As discussed above), particularly away from home where we could play on the break, a la Portsmouth away. Bellamy’s departure was probably a season too soon for Sears, although I was hoping that he would be able to take his chance during the second half of this season. But who knows, he may yet do that?

    It is also a pity that Zavron Hines picked up that injury, because he was well placed in pre-season to push on and break through in to the first team. He is now on loan to Oldham to get his fitness back and will not come in to the equation until next season.

  38. SJ Chandos says:

    Thinking about is, there was bound to be another run of poor results before the end of the season. The good thing is that most contributors on here seem to agree that Zola/Clarke will get it right.

    I think that Zola is one of life’s winners. He was a great player and he can be a top manager. Yes, he will make mistakes along the way and I agree that he made the wrong selection on Wednesday and then failed to react when things went wrong. However, he will put it right.

    I think that the Zola/Clarke partnership give us great hope for the future. Yes, there are important variables, such as the potential sale of the club, but we have more reason to be optimistic than we have for a long time!

    The one thing that worries me is not relegation! (to be relegated from this position would take some doing, even for West Ham), but the fact that we may not now be able to exploit the possibilities that opened up for a top 7 finish. I just do not want the regret of thinking that this season we will ‘lose the ship for a tuppence of tar’as it were (i.e. the want of another striker)! Still, I for one, am going to hold off on that until we see how Zola and the players react to the Boro set back.

  39. E1 says:

    SJ: do you really think zola will go I assume you mean to Chelski. I’m not so sure IF he gets some money

  40. chris says:

    Zola has already expressed a desire to manage chelski someday.
    If hiddink goes he might never get another chance.
    I think he wants to see us safe,then he will go.
    Seems obvious to me.

  41. chris says:

    A better chance.sorry.

  42. SJ Chandos says:

    No E1, I do not think Zola will go. He comes across as a very geniune and committed person. I do believe he is a winner and that he can make this club, West Ham Utd FC, in to winners as well.

    It takes time to get your ideas across, but he has done very well since September. I remain hopefully that we can secure a top 7 finish this season, but I think that in the summer we will see some fundemental restructuring of the squad. Zola needs to put his own stamp on the squad and get the key players in that he needs to effectively play the systems he favours.

  43. Paul M says:

    Goatygav mentioned Tuncay earlier, this is a player I would love us to sign. Everytime I’ve seen him he has impressed me with his all action running and chasing. He inspires those around him. He is very clever, scores good goals and has plenty of international and premier experience too.
    No wonder he was linked with Chelski at one point, I think he could be a real asset to our club and wouldn’t cost fortunes, surely worth a sniff?
    anyone agree?

  44. SJ Chandos says:

    I see that the media have open up a new front on the Tevez issue, as predicted. Initial scare stories about £45m Sheffield Utd compensation claims have arisen and will probably gather pace in the next few weeks. That in turn will lead to more nonsense being published about the club having to sell players in the summer to pay it!

    I know that this issue worries other fans, but I do not think that, even worst case scenerio, it will cost us anywhere near that figure, £8m tops!

  45. Roymondo says:

    Blimey, SJ, you certainly are back with a vengeance. And, as usual, good stuff.
    After a performance like the one at Boro, it’s easy to find a hundred ways to improve the situation. I think that it was a bad day at the office and, hopefully, things will improve on Sunday.
    The biggest issue to come out of this match was the lack of width (imho) which played into Boro’s hands. I am disappointed about that because it was a replay of the first game when only towards the end did we use the flanks – and then we scored!
    A combination of selling Etherington and LBM’s injury have not helped this situation. I feel that, for all of their shortcomings, one of them on Wednesday would have given us an outlet that we didn’t have. Whether Stanislas is ready or not is a question for Zola and clarke. It’s a big step up from Southend to the premier league.
    Also, it’s worth remembering that Zola inhertited a squad which he could only really tinker with in the January window which is never an easy, of cost effective, time to make major changes.
    There has been lots of positives since Zola came in and I am sure that, come the summer, we will see some major changes which will leave us with “Zola’s Squad”. Then we can make a judgement.
    In reply to our Aussie friend’s comments earlier, do we really want a new billionaire owner? Personally I would like to see our club on a sound financial footing, investing in the academy (which has always been the foundation of the club) to bring through the youngsters with the manager getting reasonable funds to strengthen the squad. I don’t want a Man City scenario, or a Chelsea one. Situations like theirs have ripped the heart and soul from our game.
    Anyway, billionaires are ten a penny one day and twenty a penny the next.
    Money is a necessary evil but doesn’t have to be the complete answer.

  46. JackHammer says:

    SJ Chandos welcome back I enjoy reading your comments which are always insightful and pragmatic. The width problem with the team is a basic problem, right and left, although IMO it is the midfield diamond that needs width, the wing backs Spector and Ilunga are both excellent at getting forward I thought Spector did well against Bolton and would start him ahead of Neil. The front player are easily identified are underperforming but as you say Sears may come back and feed off Coles lay off. DDM is looks like a striker with fragile confidence hopefully Zola can work his magic!

  47. Makka says:

    Summed up in one line.

    We need more width. Simple

  48. Goatygav says:

    Deffo Paul M. I’d have im at West Ham in a shot.

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