Manchester City Open Thread

I trust you will all be giving Craig Bellamy the welcome which he so richly deserves today. Odious little, er, small person.

We all need a lift today. Will we get it? I am not sure the omens are good. We have put in some dire performances against Man City in recent seasons and we are definitely overdue a win.

The win will depend in large part on Zola’s tactics. My own view is that he needs to give Savio a full debut and take a risk. Stick him up front, playing just behind Carlton Cole, or put him on the left of midfield with Jack Collison replacing the suspended Mark Noble in the middle.

Right, suppose I’d better get up now. I’m riddled with cold, have a sore throat and feel like the brown stuff warmed up. I ought not to be going to Upton Park today, but nothing would stop me being there to show Bellamy what I think of him. The trouble is, it will probably spur him on to score a hattrick…


40 Responses to Manchester City Open Thread

  1. Kim says:

    Hi Iain – you sound like one to avoid today then!!! It is St David’s Day today. Let’s hope that that is the only celebration Bellars will be having. COYI

  2. aussie graham says:

    Sorry your not fit to play today iain but it is time we turned it on again so good luck boys any truth in the asian takeover or is it more garbage?

  3. Bernie Bonds says:

    Wish you better Iain,i would love us to give him a Tev type welcome!it will confuse the little twat& put him of his game,what am i saying!GIVE HIM HELL!!!COYI

  4. mokumhammer says:

    three defeats in a row – time for a win methinks….

  5. hammeredCalv says:

    Not feeling to confident with this one im affraid to say. Our recent performances have been poor and we cant score a goal !! We could be on the wrong side of a footballing lesson if were not careful ! i will be happy with 1 pt from this !

  6. DevoDevo says:

    Hope the team cheers you up, Iain. My birthday today, but I don’t expect a good present as far as this game goes. Poor record against Citeh, can’t score and Bellamy returns. It couldn’t get worse.

    Hopefully, Zola can mix it up a bit today and turn things around. A win takes us to 7th, a loss sees us looking back over our shoulders.

    I agree, we should start with Savio behind Cole in s free role, Behrami WIDE right, Scotty and Colly in the centre and Lopez or Stanislas out left.

    At the back, I would replace Neill with Spector and move Neill across for Tomkins.

  7. Dujon says:

    Honestly that is a brilliant idea. A Tevez welcome is genious.

    Savio for a start. come on you HAMMERS !

  8. phil says:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon Iain. Not feeling too confident. Impossible though it is to resist giving Bellamy stick, we all know he thrives on it. His whole attitude is about winding people up and the reaction he gets just spurs him on. I wish we could give him the silent treatment and pt all our energy into support for our own team. Won’t happen though, he’s just too irritating to ignore. I’m still hoping for the best – a win and a Bellamy red card would make my day.

  9. StevieP says:

    I think the problem at Boro, was Zola changed to many things in one go. Freddie’s had not time in the first team this year, Kovac was wandering around lost,
    which meant Tomkin had no help in front of him.

    I think Zola showed his inexperience by playing a new forward, midfielder and defender all at the same time, which meant we were weak from front to back when we started.

  10. lotf says:

    would love to see a return to the sort of passing and creating of opportunities we showed in our purple patch a few games ago. That, and a bit of confidence from our strikers, would make me happy. City have been awful on their travels this season so I don’t see why we can’t win this… although knowing us we probably won’t and bellars will get a hat-trick! still, COYI

  11. Delmo says:

    teams for today

    West Ham: Green, Neill, Tomkins, Upson, Ilunga, Behrami, Parker, Collison, Kovac, Di Michele, Cole. Subs: Lastuvka, Lopez, Nsereko, Spector, Sears, Stanislas, Payne.
    Man City: Given, Richards, Onuoha, Dunne, Bridge, Zabaleta, De Jong, Kompany, Ireland, Bellamy, Robinho. Subs: Hart, Bojinov, Elano, Vassell, Garrido, Caicedo, Berti.

  12. phil says:

    Kovac starts. Lets hope he’s better than Wednesday and let’s hope Collison and Behrami keep the width. DDM owes us big time. COYI!

  13. Delmo says:

    Here’s hoping…..but got a bad feeling after seeing the team news

  14. Dujon says:

    Stanislas is listen in the confirmed squad on EPL official site, let’s go sun ! I’m sure his width, pace and reputed ability could contribute greatly.

  15. CanveyLad says:

    Two ugly goals today for us will do. A couple of deflections in the box – anything – and tight at the back.


  16. Delmo says:

    No SWP is a big bonus though.

  17. djclipz says:

    have u seen the bench? apart from lastuvka, i think the oldest is 23!!

  18. IOWHammer says:

    Like most, not to confident about today. Only thing is I don’t see Man.C. working hard like Boro. did. They have got some real talent though but if the mid-field are on their game we should be able to stifle them. We need someone out wide, whether that’s Savio, Lopez or Stanislas i don’t care, just get someone out wide. Think Tomkins could be in for a torrid time as Bellamy will know him and as good as Tomkins is Bellers will know his youthful inexperiance. Cole can definitely give them a tough time if we play a wide player to deliver diagonal ball to him, if not we will be backs to goal and finding life difficult.
    Have mixed feelings about Bellamy. When we signed him I thought despite him being injury prone we had started a new chapter in the club by signing a really talented player who we would never have got in the past. We knew he comes with baggage though but after we stuck by him during a long injury period I thought he might of done the right thing by us for the rest of this season at least. I love watching him play and his passion on the field is great to see but he is just about the money at the end of the day, which is a shame. Despite him leaving I will not boo him though, as others have said it will only spur him on. Hopefully he has a bad game but I see us losing this one to be honest, probably with Bellers getting the winner no doubt.
    If the lads are up for this though they have nothing to fear and can definitely get the win. It will be down to Zola’s tactics and how much the lads want it.
    Been ill this last week as well Iain, first time in about ten years, so sympathize.

  19. Delmo says:

    Playing a lot better, but early days yet.

  20. Delmo says:

    Shoot on site poilcy would be nice

  21. Delmo says:

    I take that back, after DDM just hit the top of the stand

  22. Dujon says:

    I would really enjoy seeing Savio taking a free kick. I just have this feeling his would either go in or he would just be denied by the top bar.

  23. Delmo says:

    looks like peppers season’s might be over with that.

  24. Dujon says:

    Behrami is down. hopefully it isnt serious, although like delmo said, a knee injury might well put him out for the season. Bring on Savio to replace the workhorse!

  25. Jackster101 says:

    possible broken ankle – behrami. great!!! ddm done well today though. much more impressive performance from the hammers

  26. Delmo says:

    Just keep shouting at the Laptop shoot as we seem scared to shoot sometimes with Jack being the main culprit, but that only a small gripe.

    How much diffrence a few days makes, if we played like this against the borough we would have won!!!!

  27. Daveip1966 says:

    From one the replays, Behrami really doesn’t look good at all. I really hope I’m wrong, but it looked like his shin just snapped sideways, Busst-like. He was given oxygen on the pitch before he was even on the stretcher. I can’t see him playing again this season, which will be a major blow. To him, it could be more than that.

    As I said, I really hope I’m wrong, but it didn’t look good.

  28. hammerswest says:


  29. hammerswest says:


  30. hammerswest says:

    Collie and Savio, the future

  31. E1 says:

    my finger nails have gone !!!!!!!

  32. Delmo says:

    Good result, why o why can we not play like that every week. Even injured Cole was trying his heart out today!!!!!

  33. Delmo says:

    And got to say Neil, Kovac and Tomkins all played very well, delt with everything City threw at us.

  34. djclipz says:

    I missed the goal im screwing!!! Great win though, bellamy got nothing… GREAT! Fully deserved the win!!!

    sad for behrami though!!

  35. hammeredCalv says:

    Well pleased with that !! didnt fancy us at all today,great performance allround, gutted for Behrami,will miss him !

  36. Daveip1966 says:

    That last twenty minutes was no fun, but a cracking result. Savio had a good game, as did JC. Carlton was fantastic, and held the ball up very well, but DDM disappointed again. Ilunga seemed a bit subdued, but Kovacs impressed me once he got going, especially after reading the Boro reports. And Tomkins just seems to get more and more solid at the back, certainly less nail-biting inducing than Upson. Parker was awesome again, althouugh how he stayed on the pitch after the early yellow is beyond me. Fortunately Citeh’s shooting was woeful, but Rob had a great save in the first half when everyone else was looking for a flag. Even Neill wasn’t giving me heart attacks today, and was scaring them going forward.

    Referee? Absolutely abysmal.

    Great result – I knew watching it in the pub would be better than at home, which I’ve had to do for the mancs, Bolton and Boro due to the games being after closing time here.

  37. E1 says:

    same about berahmi but savio coming on made the difference but a great team perfomance WHO NEEDS CARIG BELLAMEY WHO NEEDS CRAIG BELLAMEY.
    COYI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7th place Rob:14 points to go.

  38. Daveip1966 says:

    Is there any news on Behrami, btw?

  39. E1 says:

    Behrami has gone to hospital no news yet

  40. Kim says:

    A great game by everybody – except the ref. Hope the news is not to bad on Berhami. Cole was amazing today and Scotty, as always, was brilliant. Can I ask that we don’t make him Hammer of the Season though – they seem to leave the club when we do (Tevez, McCartney). Hope you are feeling cheered up by the result Iain.

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