Vote: Manchester City Player Performances

Click HERE to rate the players who played in the Manchester City game. Give them points from 1-10. Only vote for players who actually played at least 15 minutes.

The result will be published tomorrow.


9 Responses to Vote: Manchester City Player Performances

  1. devo says:

    2nd best are we COYI

  2. chris says:

    Gob smacked,10 out of 10 for everyone!
    I really could’nt see a win coming anywhere.
    How wrong I was,Humble pie for me.
    To come back like this from the boro Game,is outstanding.
    Full credit to the players and the managment.
    I now believe.
    No more negative posts from me.

  3. HammerRon says:

    Parker 10
    the rest 9

  4. Old Biddy says:

    Uefa cup spot up for grabs 7th will do if utd win caling cup and a top 4 side wins fa cup…..we need to stick with Savio……width and pace!!!!!

  5. hammerswest says:

    huge improvement, they all played well, even DiM, my apologies. The youngsters were outstanding,

  6. IOWHammer says:

    Excellant performance well done to all. They all showed real heart. Tomkins was outstanding as was all the midfield and Cole. A good Sunday in this household.

  7. chris says:

    If England are missing that hargreaves type player to partner gerrard they need look no further than parker.
    Massive,what an engine!

  8. lotf says:

    Just been listening to mark hughes’ bitter bitter comments on the bbc website, saying things like “we dominated for large spells. They scored against the run of play”. laughable. fortunately i know i am not going mad because all the match reviews happily point out we were by far the better team and well worth the 3 points.

    Decent performances all round, I was impressed by DDM in the first half but he faded somewhat. Parker was a bit fortunate that he didnt let his temper get the better of him. goal was superb, can’t wait to see more from savio as he learns how to play with his team-mates.

  9. Roymondo says:

    A great team performance. Everyone played their part. I’ve never been di Michele’s number one fan but I thought he had a great first half and not a bad second. Parker, Cole and Collison all had great games but, really, if people are going to give 10s and 9s it renders these rankings null and void as where do you go from there? It was a damn fine performance – not world class!

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