Man City Player Performances: The Results

Scott Parker 8.47
Jack Collison 8.21
Valon Behrami 7.98
Robert Green 7.92
Carlton Cole 7.83
Savio 7.62
Lucas Neill 7.54
James Tomkins 7.52
Herita Ilunga 7.42
Matthew Upson 7.32
Radoslav Kovac 7.08
David Di Michele 6.93
Jonathan Spector 6.81


70 Responses to Man City Player Performances: The Results

  1. bazzahammer says:

    cole better than savio? your avin a larf int ya?!

    and by the way…i am gettin increasingly annoyed with MOTD, they just don’t like west ham!

  2. SwissHammer says:

    agreed, MOTD really dont like WHU!!

  3. E1 says:

    I’m suprised how low they all are ?

  4. I aint even a west ham and even I know cole was better than savio says:

    Bazza u sillybilly think you have been reading the reports to much all savio did was have a shot that went into collisons path , cole was a handful all the way through and with city lookin to santa cruz as a target man I wouldprefer if we went for cole

  5. Matt says:,19528,11661_4995106,00.html <– now look at this, I am starting to really like what Nani and Zola can bring to the club. Another two star youngsters linked with us.

  6. E1 says:

    Matt this was on the last thread makes good reading though lol

  7. Hammerswest says:

    Never mind how low (or high) they are, I’m thrilled how close they are. If we all ended up ranking our players so closely then we really have a TEAM, that is probably the best compliment they can have. As for Cole, it was a good and really gutsy performance. He held up well and worked really hard when he was obviously hurting. Savio, exciting, gives width and flair. But less than two points between the whole team – priceless

  8. richard says:

    think cole was great yesterday, never stopped working and was a real handful. i am so impressed with how he has turned things around, and would now be worried if he didnt start.

    however savio was definitely more than just the one shot, with some great runs and flicks – he is a *class* act and really worth every penny we paid. i cant wait to see him develop and whilst sceptical at first that “he wasn’t a gamble” now can see exactly what zola meant. set to be another no 10 to remember!

  9. Big_Casino says:

    Scott Parker has been colossal this season. Tying him down to a new deal is the best bit of business we’ve done this campaign.

    He’s just immense – a real quality performer.

    I know we keep hearing about us following the ‘Arsenal’ blueprint in terms of recruiting players young and looking to play attractive, free flowing, fast paced football, and I don’t disagree with this, but I prefer to liken our current team and performances to that of what Moyes has achieved at Everton.

    Everton have always been are hard team to beat, because they play as a ‘team’, but have individual quality to go with that. They’re solid, consistent, with ability and the right attitude. And I see players like that at West Ham in Green, Upson, Ilunga, Neill, Collins, Parker, Behrami, Collison, Noble, Cole etc… and we just need to get the balance of indvidual quality around them.

    Savio is looking like he could be one piece of that quality.. I think a fit Ashton adds to it also, as would a fit Kieron Dyer (will that ever happen?).

    If we can add maybe one more special talent into the mix over the summer, keep pushing our youngsters and giving the likes of Stanislas, Dixon, Spence, Payne etc the chance to train with the first team and give them tasters of first team action, then who knows, we might unearth another Collison, Noble or Tomkins…


  10. sam h says:

    completely 100% agreed about MOTD – their whole analysis was about how Bellamy didn’t play very well. Seriously, was so cross.

    They even stuck in a stupid advert for one of their programmes in the middle…we could have had an extra minute or so coverage if they had took that out.

  11. bazzahammer says:

    anyone got any news about the asain takeover reports?

  12. Scott says:

    Cole was class.
    Agree Parker was MOTM

  13. the headmaster says:

    Shame about Bellars’ twisted knee, eh lads? First Jermaine now the welsh wizard; God truly is an ammer.

  14. Dan says:

    The team looks solid and is playing great stuff with Parker at the core.Just need two new forwards in that can score,Cole is a sub at best.Still very worried about Greens standing position on free kicks.
    Just waiting for motd to end and then after the weather report they stick us on,why we always last or second from last…………?

  15. Never been a big fan of cole but he played well yesterday.he,s a real handful,pity he can,t score though.Sorry but 10 goals in 60 chances is not good enough.

  16. Goatygav says:

    That score was a bit out for Di Michele. I think people have either: –

    a. Not watched the game
    b. Based their opinion on previous performances or
    c. Voted him down because they don’t like him

    I can remember three times he put the ball one way and rolled his defender the other – running on to the ball and either putting someone through or having a shot. It was one of his best games and, when he’s on it, he is a clever, skilful player.

  17. Bazhammer says:

    Sorry if I upset anyone but I am waiting for Cole to have, what I call, a good game.
    On the other hand, being controversial again, is Scott Parker looking more like Bobby Moore every game?
    Passion, reading of the game and perfectly timed tackles?
    I have to agree, he has been immense this season, and well worthy of the captaincy.
    Savio, superb display, for only a short while in the team. Collison, full of running and work rate/ passing superb, and of course a very well taken goal.
    Tompkins was solid as well as Upson, Green up to his best at close range.
    These are very exciting times at Upton Park!!

  18. Eric says:

    I simply love that Savio like taking the shot from far out. It’s what i saw on you tube and glad to see that it is his style. At times i find myself screaming at the TV
    “take the shot!” It’s great though. But Savio is bringing a different element.

  19. Matt Ryan says:

    As great as Parker is, he simply doesn’t compare to Moore at this stage in his game or life! Don’t get me wrong, Parker is fantastic and I’m so glad to have him on board but Bobby Moore??? Come on!

    DiMichele was excellent yesterday! He was quite the handful! I’d pick him over Sears any day! I don’t think Sears is going to turn out to be quite the player we all thought he would be!

    As far as I’m concerned, even though he had a brilliant game yesterday, the jury is still out on Savio! But I will give him time to settle and adapt before I judge him 🙂

  20. Ollie says:

    Kovac higher than Di Michele? – what planet were some people watching this game from? Kovac was v.poor.

    Didn’t think it was one of Parker’s best games and he was lucky to stay on the pitch.
    If they would have scored from the free kick at the end, he would have cost us two points. Thanks to Lucas, they didn’t.
    He is Hammer of the year for me though.

    Thought Cole, Green, Collison, Di Michele, Neill and Collison were the best performers. Behrami and Savio only played half a game, but did ok.

    Why do so many of our own fans dislike Carlton Cole?
    I find it unbelieveable. Never ever sing his name yet as soon as Ashton starts warming up for his six monthly appearance it’s “Deano, Deano”.
    Then they come on here and slate him week in, week out.

    Without Cole we would be in a relegation battle.

    Wake up people.

  21. Jackster101 says:

    sorry, don’t think behrami had a better game than green or some of the others on the team. thought ddm had a good game too so am suprised some scores are as low as they are.

  22. Jackster101 says:

    and agree totally with ollie

  23. Jackster101 says:

    spot on goatygav, I’m sure Di Michele could score a hat trick, set up 2 goals and even save a penalty (somehow!) and would still be rated below a 7. People need to watch the game before voting, or at least have some football understanding, and recognise when a player has a good game, and a bad.

  24. E1 says:

    well said ollie cole is worth more to us than Ashton, who I am notgoing to comment on

  25. Joe says:

    Sorry lads…but for all you that think Kovac had a poor game need to take a closer look.

    He was not flash, he didn’t break forward and attack at every given opportunity, he didn’t do those things that get a player much attention….BUT….he did all those other things well that every midfield needs. Go back and count just how many times he would stick a foot out and nick the ball off an opponent and then ‘successfully’ find a team mate with a simple ball…..he did the above over and over again. In fact, he did that particular job so well….that Parker had the freedom and confidence to lead the charge and thus win himself the top votes.

    Do you really think Parker would have done so without the liberty of knowing he had a reliable player next to him not only winning the ball but then plugging the gaps in behind him ?

    He not only did that for Parker, but watch carefully and you will see that whenever Ilunga or Behrami broke forward, there in the corner of the screen was Kovac moving into the gap and covering.

    How many times did city catch us on the counter ???

    Don’t think Mekelele or Viera….think Deschamps !!!

    This sort of footballer is priceless.

  26. Wavid says:

    Kovac played very well, a much improved performance from the Middlesboro game and showed a lot of potential. A few unforced errors, but he was keen to be in the action and he worked much better with Parker. Behrami did more than okay, was his usual hard working self and the injury came from a typical period of hard work. It showed his usual 110% effort in everything he does on the pitch. Savio was key to the goal and he hassled and ran and created all the time he was on the pitch. I thought that as a team all the players were 7 or above, anything lower than that means some of us were watching a different game.

  27. Dujon says:

    Jackster was that an extension of the truth about dimichele, as he has scored 2 goals and saved a penalty for his former italian club in the past. to win them the game…..

  28. E1 says:

    Hi Lads my daughter has gone into labour and with a bit of luck it will the the striker we are all hoping for LOL CAN’T WAIT.

  29. devo says:


  30. hammeredCalv says:

    I agree with goatygav, I thought DDM had an exceptional game , his passing and 1 st touch was class at times ! i hope we keep him for next season as i know we have only seen flashes of what he can do so far, but remember it is still only his 1st season in epl!

  31. Goatygav says:

    Congrats to you E1. Made up for you and your daughter mate.

  32. Roymondo says:

    Who’s Zola going to play tomorrow then?
    I think that he will probably still start with Savio on the bench. He seems determined to bring him on gradually.
    My view, for what it’s worth, is that he should start Savio and Noble in a five-man midfield and leave Di Michele on the bench. DDM had a great first half on Sunday but faded a bit in the second. It’s away games, however, where his contribution has been limited. His game only seems to allow him to get into it when we are at home and attacking the opposition more. Away from home he gets caught in no-man’s land and almost has too much space at times so his flicks are picked up by the opposition.
    With Cole as a lone striker, Savio, Jack and Noble getting up to support him and Scotty and Kovac holding I reckon we’ll be hard to beat.
    My team:
    Neill, Tomkins, Upson, Ilunga
    Kovac, Parker
    Collison, Noble, Savio

    Injuries permitting, of course.

    Spoke to the ticket office this morning as, originally, I was not going to be able to go tomorrow. A change of plan means I am in Warrington during the day so Wigan is only 20 mins away. Tickets can be bought on the gate from an hour and a half before kick off (at Gate P1).

  33. Paul B says:

    I thought as a team, it was just a great performance Sunday. I do have issues with MOTD. I thought that the coverage did not represent the game at all. I have to say also that on BBC Breakfast news they showed a goal from every game exept the West Ham Utd game and it could not have been that they were short of time because that prat did not shut up talking about nothing for ages.

  34. Roshi says:

    Parker is very good, but Bobby Moore he ‘aint

  35. supernumbersix says:

    They owed us that performance on Sunday after the midweek rubbish against ‘boro. They most certainly delivered against a physical City. Still concerned that they could easily have put three past us were it not for their terrible finishing- not that ours was much better apart from one time.

    Great atmosphere at the Boleyn too. Enjoyed every minute of the Bellamy barracking. I have to say what he lacks in height he makes up for in thickness of skin.
    Watched ‘Sky’ highlights coverage later and for some reason they did not capture the atmosphere. I am putting it down to the fact that so much of it was due to what was being sung about Bellamy and therefore not suitable to air!
    As for MOTD I have said it before and I will say it again. They do not like us. Plain and simple. It has been like this for the last two seasons at least. Someone behind the scenes does not like us. I thoroughly recommend ‘sky’ coverage – althought their pundits ain’t always much better I can put up with that if I can see good coverage. I do not miss Lineker, his sidekicks and that rubbish ‘football’ programme at all.

  36. SwedeHammer says:

    Whats the news on Behrami?

  37. James says:

    Good news on Behrami, no breaks!!
    Thank the lord, COYI

  38. Eddie Chappers says:

    Ollie- agreed Cole doesn’t get the plaudits he deserves, but us in the BML sing his name almost every week so please don’t generalise about ‘all’ us fans.

    Goatygav & Jackster 101- 110% agree DDM is a very intelligent player who does a lot for the team (including tracking back) and I think that a lot of the criticism directed towards him even when plays well must come from fans who either don’t watch the game or just watched the highlights. Agreed he has missed some absolute that sitters that Redknapps missis would’ve scored but thats football!!

  39. supernumbersix says:

    Personally always rated Coley. But he does sometimes suffer from ‘six yard syndrome’ otherwise known as ‘missing bloody sitters’ which is when he gets stick. I think it’s more frustration than anything else from us lot, especially when you know Ashton would be putting the same chances away.

    My criticism of DDM comes from watching him very, very live from upper doc marten. Again I just get frustrated with him, rather than wanting him ‘thrown out of the club’. I enjoy his skills when they work. Reminds me of a certain PDC sometimes. Just think he’s a bit lightweight and tends to get shoved off the ball by the ‘big caveman’ type defenders (typical of the kind of teams we have played recently). Also tends to play better against lesser or out of form teams eg Hull, Newcastle. Nevertheless I think we should keep him for next year.

    Both players are improving all the time we just need them to score some damn goals.

  40. Eddie Chappers says:

    Fair play supernumber six- the frustration is a very valid point and if we knew they couldn’t play some decent stuff that that would be that, but when we know how well they can play frustration is the operative word!!

  41. Goatygav says:

    Don’t get too excited about Behrami. Severe ligament damage can be worse than a break.

  42. Jackster101 says:

    dujon, i didnt know ddm saved a penalty and scored two goals,just checked. maybe i just knew he looked like a goalkeeper lol.

    question: out of all the loans we’ve got in who do you think we should keep.

    DDM – i’ve not always been a fan but he is intelligent, and if zola can help with his finishing, worth the money i feel

    Lastuvka (or how ever you spell it) only saw him once against Watford, didn’t impress me, and didn’t impress me at fulham, plus his club want a big sum for someone like him.

    kovac – with mullins gone, i feel if we can get him cheapish, then very good signing. european experience (which could be vital in the future hopefully if we qualify). just needs to settle down first.


  43. supernumbersix says:

    Thought Kovacs did well (considering it was his second game) on Saturday. Think he will get better when he settles into the prem. He’s not afraid to get stuck in but I have a feeling he’s gonna see a lot of yellows because of that. Good strong presence in midfield and his distribution was better than our old mate Mullins, although sometimes he got caught out. Def think he’ll improve and we should buy him in the summer.

    Keep DDM, pay whatever it takes for Illunga, bye bye Tristan – I just think we can’t afford to give him games which is what he needs to improve, but personally I ain’t impressed so far. Lastuvka has had some bad press, never seen him play, we should be bringing the young czech kid through who sounds like a great prospect.

  44. Jackster101 says:

    oh yeah forgot about tristan – get rid, although i don’t like to judge a player after like 3 half games, but i can’t see no use at all

  45. Paul O'Decanyo says:

    Going back to the MoTD/BBC coverage of West Ham – can anyone remember Lawrenson predicting anything other than a West Ham defeat on BBC Sport?

  46. E1 says:

    Just been looking at the fixtures while I am waiting and if over the next couple of days the results go right totscum could be in the bottom 3 !! and we could be only 6 points behind everton !!!

  47. Ian the Hammer says:

    Is it only me or are Neill’s performances getting better & better. Thought he had a stormer against man u & has gone from stregnth to strenght since. Is his contract up in the summer or something? 😉

  48. onechristiandailly says:

    We have two strikers who are both, in their own way, very talented but neither of whom is a natural goalscorer. Cole’s hold-up play is excellent, for DDM it is his movement and awareness of others. That’s way we’re looking so much better away from home – the ball isn’t automatically coming straight back at us, which gives our midfield time to push forward and get on the ball. The difference was obvious when Sears played against Boro. DDM may lose the ball a lot, but at least he gets in a position to receive it – Sears was anonymous (please send him out on loan for some toughening up). The strikers’ job is also made harder by out lack of width – that means more defenders in less space and no obvious wide ball to play.

    Overall, I’m loving what Zola and Clarke are doing – it’s the sort of quick, clever passing that all West Ham fans enjoy. But the nature of the squad does restrict us, having sold wide players (Etherington, Faubert) and the only forward we had who could stretch defences with his pace (Bellend) and, as I said back in January, teams will be able to work us out.

    I’m sure the management are aware of this and are planning for Summer signings that will add to the squad and give us the cover we need in the Europa Cup, although I will feel slightly bad wanting the “big” teams to reach the FA Cup Final.

  49. Daveip1966 says:

    There’s still a tendency for two (or more) of our players to be almost tackling each other for the ball, and as much as he excites me, young Jack’s one of the worst for this. Along with his tendency to seek out defenders when he’s in the opposition’s box, it’s really frustrating. Still, he’s young, so hopefully he’ll work out a way to get his shots or passes away quicker in those situations as he gets more experience.

    E1, fingers crossed for you and your daughter.

  50. Colm says:

    I’d be delighted if Savio got a start on the wing tomarrow.

    This is going to be a close match to say the least, as both of us want the 7th spot and both of us played well on the weekend.

    COYI COYI COYI we can do it!!!!

  51. djclipz says:

    DDM def offers a whole lot more than tristan and too be honest if we get him on the cheap its not exactly a bad deal as to be honest i don’t think zola is gonna stop there at getting a new goal scoring striker so he would be good as backup which i believe is all he was in the first place, he has just been lucky there is nothing else to really compete with and so has shone in a few games. He does have the right mind and some things he has done have been delightful so the word frustrating is definately the right word to describe him when he doesn’t put that ball in an open net. but tbh ive seen a lot worse here at west ham. He does play his part!!!

    Kovac i think looks good, against middlesbrough he wasn’t but A. it was his first game and B. who the hell did play good, apart from maybe… parker?? The last game was a definate improvement, and im sure while he settles he will just get better! Theres nothing better than seeing a player work hard and get stuck in and this is exactly what this guy is all about(also the guy ran after a streaker back in russia and took him out, brilliant lol) Plus he can pass the ball too. No doubt he’ll start tomorro and i hope to see midfield dominance from him and scotty p.

    With regards to savio, he had another great impact on a game and i guess played a little longer than he would of!! although many ppl are calling his name early on, i do think zola is doing the right thing by gradually giving the boy a chance, its obvious he believes this boy will deliver something special and i think so too. The change of scenery for a young foreigner though is always going to have an overwhelming effect on anyone so he needs to fully get into things. Also i can imagine he has learnt loads already since his move, so from what we see now to what we could of seen if he started his first possible game has come a long way, and i feel it is better that way!! So don’t be too disheartened if he doesn’t start tomorro, as noble is bak from suspension… however now there is much greater chance he may start and if he does i cant wait!!

    Tomkins, great talent, been to watch him in england u19 games as well as whu games, he can only get better and learn from his mistakes and for now with upson by his side he has got a great mentor! Plus he was very good against man city!

    So… overall im excited, im expecting a good performance against wigan and there is no reason why there shouldn’t be. Lets hope collison pulls another beauty out the bag too, his name is calling to bless my next wh shirt!!

  52. Goatygav says:

    Just on that – we don’t seem to be chanting too many player’s names. Has Collison even got one. Suggestions on a Postcard (or blog comment) to… well – here really.

  53. Jackster101 says:

    i feel the 3 games we had/have in 2 weeks, man city, wigan and west brom, were the games to determine our season i feel. (like a progression) Beating Man City – to put a cushion between us and the chasers. Beat wigan (or draw) to consilidate and remain 7th or very close and to stay above wigan. And West Brom is a must win game, they are good playing team, but dreadful and bottom so we need all 3 points to give fans hope of europe.

  54. Ray Moore says:

    Still not heard Zola’s claret and blue army. we need to start showing Zola the love and appreciate the hard work him and clark are doing.

  55. Goatygav says:

    Heard, and was singing, “Gianfranco’s Claret & Blue Army on Sunday.”

  56. Goatygav says:

    That was “Gianfranco’s Claret & Blue Army!” on Sunday.

  57. DevoDevo says:

    Goatygav, this one took me a while to think up…

    Oh Colly, Colly,
    Colly, Colly, Colly, Colly, Collison.

  58. Goatygav says:

    That one works. He doesn’t have the easiest of names for a chant does he?

    Perhaps we could try and be original and find a new tune to sing to – like fans used to do -you know – use something from one of today’s bands and cleverly apply new words to it. The chants are all getting a bit samey nowadays.

  59. Rob says:

    paul…lawro is a joke, we are gunna lose 2-0 tomoz according to him!!!
    as for motd if we play well they dont say that, they say the other team has played badly!
    and in the sun the other day i read ” on setanta was a gobby west ham fan (iain!)

    that collison chant is great, could imagine it catching on!

    DDM…there is a lot of talk about him. its clear he cant finsh, he either strikes the ball cleanly or like a 5 year old. but he is intelligent on the baall. he did a very skillful turn which skinned 2 city players for example.
    my view is he is a standard prem fringe player, would be effective probably coming of the bench but if we can get a few more good performances from him, more consistancy i will eat my words!

    wigan are very average i feel, and valencia is a doubt for them so i believe a win is very much achievable, and i think the result is more important than the performance tomorrow night

  60. the headmaster says:

    I can see us nicking a 1-0 up there tomoz. Agree with Rob, I really couldn’t care less how we achieve it! The key really will be to ensure that our back 4 stays strong, the midfield is not too adventurous too early and, crucially, we put away the chance when it comes.
    I think we will only lose if we go for broke straight from the whistle and believe that we are better than them without earning the right in the game to actually back that up.

  61. Jackster101 says:

    agree headmaster, anyway will do, just cant see us getting any win, hope i’m wrong

  62. Falvo says:

    ay lads, arsenal fans are worse than us.

    lets revel in that for a while, they boo all their players.

  63. Basildon Bob says:

    E1 get off the phone! The misuss wants an update!

  64. E1 says:

    IT’S A GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6lb 12oz all doing well

  65. SJ Chandos says:

    Congratulations E1. You must be chuffed, is it your first grandchild?

  66. E1 says:

    Thanks Sj yes it is but I do have two more daughters so it’s not going to be the last !!!!!

  67. E1 says:

    I agree with the headmaster we could nick but a draw is my prodiction 1-1. Will be interesting to see the starting line up (fingers crossed zola and us get it right)

  68. SJ Chandos says:

    Is it a trip down the club shop soon then E1, for the claret & blue teddy, bibs, mini-shirt, etc. The endoctrination can never start too young. lol.

  69. E1 says:

    SJ :
    It’s underway the claret and blue teddy I bought for the 1980 cup final and gave to my daughter when she was born 86 now sits at the foot of our new additions crib. Not sure how dad feels cos he’s a chelsea fan lol as they say BOVERED !!

  70. Goatygav says:

    Fantastic News E1. Many Congrats again on the arrival of your first grandchild. May she wear the colours of our team and wind up her dad for many years to come!

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