Vote: Wigan Player Performances

Click HERE to rate the players who played in the Wigan game. Give them points from 1-10. Only vote for players who actually played at least 15 minutes. And only vote if you actually SAW the match live or on a stream.

The result will be published tomorrow.


40 Responses to Vote: Wigan Player Performances

  1. IOWHammer says:

    What a great result. Well done WHU. Only saw the last 20 mins due to work commitments. Defended like trojans, very professional. Saw the goal on the feed at the end of the game, would have shouted the place down if i had seen it as it happened, absolutly top draw. Hope Collison is not to bad. Won’t rate players as did not see all of game but from what i saw they will almost certainly get high scores from you all, AGAIN. Happy days. COYI

  2. trabie says:

    Good result coupled with a good perfomance Carlton was very unlucky to be sent off, i think the ref made 1 or 2 bad decicions on yellow cards. Wasn’t he the ref who was involved in some controversy at the Reading Watford game earlier in the season? Giving a goal that wasn’t.

  3. the headmaster says:

    Absolutely delighted. Top performance. Interestingly, I found it difficult to score any particular players higher than any others tbh. Accordingly I gave them all a 7 – probably a bit harsh. Mind you, I was watching the stream in my office during parents’ evening at school!!

  4. Hayden says:

    It was a great game which makes it even more of a shame that it was almost overshadowed by frankly (and literally) the worst refereeing I have ever seen. An absolutely terrible performance by the referee I could go on all night about him. It was a huge shame. Anyway – on to the match – for the most part we dominated and so I am happy that we got what we deserved. The first goal was absolutely phenomenal. It was a world class move.. I hope we have more of that to come. Kovac really impressed me tonight, he was solid as a rock. Tomkins too, he has had his occasions in the past where he’s slipped up a bit here and there but he’s young and it’s to be expected. Tonight he did everything needed! Really gutted about Jack Collison.. when Parker went down it really did seem that doing well for West Ham means certain injury. Let’s hope Jack is back ASAP though.. he’s been an inspiration to the team I think. I couldn’t understand the Spector sub, I thought giving Stanislas an introduction might have been an idea but Spector played ok… Nobes should have handed him a goal but I don’t think he lifted his head up to look. Walter Lopez looked potentially good as well – would have been fantastic for him to have gotten the goal but just beaten to it. Overall we played well.. we tailed off a bit towards the end.. jaded but we did it. We’re in such a promising position let’s hope the injuries don’t have too much of an impact. As we’ve seen though it’s often those situations when some young ones step up to the plate and shine.. and who has a better academy than the Academy of Football? What’s going on with our season? Doing so well? I am still following West Ham right? haha. Come on you Irons!!

  5. Kim says:

    The difference being a player not being ready for the task and a ref in the same position is that the player only hurts the team that gave him a chance. The teams have no control over who is chosen to referee a game and this ref is nowhere near ready for this league. He makes Dean look shy with the whistle and doesn’t want to /is incapable of the sensible chat to an offending player – easier to get out a bright card like he had in nursery! Really hope he is not allowed to ref another game that we play in!

  6. KP says:

    Almost same as that, headmaster. I did elevate one or two to 8, but nobody got less than 7.

  7. Phil says:

    Only saw parts of the game because of bad streaming but got to see the fantastic goal, the sending offs (what a prat of a ref) and the injury to Collison (looks bad). Defense was outstanding and we had 2 great chances from breakaways near the end. Kovac looks really good and I thought Spector did well when he came on.

  8. Gav Hammer says:

    can we recall pooh bear … I mean faubert ??? lets hope boa morte will be back soon …

  9. SwedeHammer says:

    There where many great spots today. Llunga is a giant, I just love his calm, does not loose many challenges . Not being a big fan, but, Di Mich had a great game today, shame his finishing is not a great as his heart.
    But again…The Goal..I can not recall anything compared to it. Anyone?

  10. Eddie Chappers says:

    Bad refereeing tonight- he may be young but no excuse I’m afraid, totally agree with Kim that Atwell seemed unable to difuse situations without the use of a card.

    Anyway a great goal and great result tonight- partly thanks to our best goal of the season (another good performance from DiMichele & Cole for the non-believers) and a solid defensive display (Kovac is improving fast & Parker is consistently excellent) but also partly due to a toothless Wigan display though we did contain them well.

    Bring on the Baggies and we could cut the gap on the Toffees to just 3 points!! COYI

  11. Kim says:

    Just watching the choice thingy on Sky. I have to say that the Wigan players who were near Parker when Cole was sent off did their best to calm him down – thanks for that. Without that we may have lost Parker too.

  12. Hayden says:

    I agree Kim – I think the refereeing showed through on the faces of all the players, West Ham and Wigan. Particularly when Melchiot and Neill were talking to him. Everyone was in disbelief. 1 against 22. There was no excuse for that – in ANY profession if you have had training then you should show just as must skill as someone who has been in the job for 10 years, more in fact. It was shameful and like I said it almost overshadowed what was, in my eyes, a great game. Full credit to Upson, Noble and the Wigan players (from memory) for calming Parker down because he would definitely have been off.

  13. Jackster101 says:

    went to the cricketers in hornchurch n must say the atmosphere was blinding, place blew of the roof when we scored, and everyone could tell what the match meant to us. was nervous when Carlton got sent of, but we done well, and the catermole sending off eased my nerves. i don’t feel it was a great match attacking wise, but the defending, apart from times was amazing. Just hope we don’t cock up against West Brom, on Setanta. We’re never good on tv lol.

    what a great feeling to be a west ham fan, especially with all results going our way, apart from man city and spuds.

  14. Roy says:

    Only thing spoiling the evening is Spuds winning 4 0. Well, we’re safe now on 39 pts, lets push on see if we can get top 6.

  15. aussie graham says:

    To win with such an understrength side was amazing scott parker was a trojan james tomkins at 18 wow what a future savio hes got gears carlton goal of the season ref should buy some glasses.

  16. Eddie Chappers says:

    Having seen the game again, whilst Coley shoudln’t have had a second yellow Lucas should have had a straight red in the second half- swings in roundabouts I suppose but thats not good refereeing!

  17. E1 says:

    Shearer on MOTD said cole was unlucky and should not have been booked at all let alone twice and neil should have gone straight red but did’nt.
    Lawo said the same AND OUR GOAL HAS GOT TO BE UP FOR GOAL OF THE SEASON!!!! has he seen the light? he was very nice about us ? Still very little of the game shown nice that steve bruce said we were the better team and deserved the win. ONLY 11 points to hit 50 some ground made up on everton and a nice cushion between us and citea in 8th. BRING ON THE BAGGIES !!!! COYI !!!!!!!!

  18. Jackster101 says:

    tbh we deserved to be near the end of the MOTD programme. although analysis was brief, nice to hear LAWRO saying something good about us for once. 2-0 loss he predicted, the man has no clue on predictions. just imagine he made a bet each week, he’d be living on the streets by now lol.

  19. E1 says:

    ROB : 11 points to go lol

  20. claire says:

    Just back from Wigan and just missed it on MOTD (dammit, the one time I was glad we were last game featured and still I didn’t get home in time)…. Fantastic goal, Neill was lucky, so was Parker, thanks to Noble and a Wigan player (I couldn’t see who) calming him down. Nice to see Lopez doing well, and I couldn’t rate any player lower than a 7, – some might have had 8 – but Wigan were pretty poor opposition.
    This was a crunch game for us, because except for W Brom, we have a tough run-in at the end of the season and Wigan were in form before tonight.
    A tired but happy Hammer wishes Collison a speedy recovery.

  21. chris says:

    Home!!!!!!!!!!!!! good performance gritty,
    If colly is out,we are down to the bare bones in midfield.
    savio kovac parker noble…thats it really!
    I think 42 points will see us safe,Its still so tight anyone can go!
    squad thin now,Thinking of Europe is ridiculous.
    Hope clarke and Zola stay with us.Clarke is doing wonders with the defence…Big up!!!!!

  22. HammersWest says:

    Know how you feel Headmaster, I had the stream on at the school I was working at, hidden in the server room. Luckily it was my lunch hour for half the game, and I left it running for the other half. The refereeing was awful, though strangely it seemed the players forgot their differences they were so incensed at the ref. Cole should not have gone off, but I agree Neil was very lucky not to. And thanks to the Wigan players who restrained Parker. I never cared much for Mido, but thanks mate. Parker could easily have got sent off too.
    That tackle on Parker was ugly, I thought he was going to be seriously hurt, and poor Colli, Let’s hope that’s not too serious. The team battled well and the goal was fantastic. I am so glad to see Cole scoring again, it’ll be good for his confidence. Signing off a happy hammer

  23. chris says:

    Just seen the repeat of our goal,I new it was good but its a beauty!!!! you wont see a better team effort all season,what a cracker!!!!!!
    I think our next game is WBA, Am I right I cant remember I’m tied! Does Carlton miss this game,was hoping to be at full strengh for WBA this is our 3 points to saftey….Night eveyone.

  24. E1 says:

    chris : yes WBA next (H) Blackburn (A) Sunderland (H) and hopefully 7 points at least 4 I think.

  25. Dutch Hammer says:

    Parker scared the hell out of me after that tackle by cattermole.

    This is an amazing win, never seen such a chaotic game in my life I think. But also, it showed how depending we are on both Parker and Cole. Next game, with Cole suspended, I think 0-0 and if lucky a 1-0 is the best we can get out of it….

    Collins, Behrami, Collison, Ashton. That’s half a squad!

  26. kennyhammer says:

    Much as I detest Steve Bruce for his comment about us when we were last relegated, I have to agree with his take on the referee.This guy is clearly out of his depth and should be replaced as a premership ref.before he manages to ruin any other games.
    He was clearly being coached by his other officials, being pushed into bad decisions and should be relegated to Hackney Marshes.
    Great win for us and well deserved, fabulous goal, and a gritty performance.We at last seem to have found a way of playing attractive football without our soft centre. Hope JC is not too bad but unable to find any mention of the injury on the net. Anyone got news of JC.

  27. Basildon Bob says:

    Leagues 1 & 2 beckon for Mr Atwell me thinks.

    Watched the game on Football First. We looked good even when we went down to 10 men, dangerous play on the break didn’t allow Wigan to push forward.

    Obvious issues for the games going forward;

    a) Cole suspended (not sure if 1 or 2 games) personally I would go with Savio to start up with Tristan.

    b) Collison out with suspected medial ligament damage. Drop Di Michele to left mid, Noble out on the right, Kovac and Parker in the middle?

  28. Roymondo says:

    Players and Managers often complain that referees don’t understand the game at the highest level as they haven’t played there. If the ref is about 12 years old this makes the situation even worse. After “the goal that never was” at Watford and now this performance, Attwell is clearly not up to the task.
    A great battling performance from the team last night and a superb goal from Cole – with credit to Di Michele and Noble during the build up.
    Thought the back four were tremendous, along with Scotty – again!
    Cole’s dismissal really highlighted how important he is to us as he is the only front player who can hold the ball up and take pressure from the defence.
    Kovac is going to be a good acquisition. Some of his passing was a tad awry but his positional play is excellent.

  29. brooking still the best says:

    We will have to see who’s left and able to play against WBA this weekend. Might see a few youngsters get on the pitch throughout the game. Letting the likes of Bowyer and Etherington go in January may yet cost us. Just hope we can get the 3 points that we need. I’m not sure at all about the virtues of the UEFA cup. I would have to say though, if we did manage to qualify by finishing sixth or seventh, that would represent real progress!

  30. IronMick says:

    I watched most of the game online, what a great result. We really needed this win to define the end of our season. We are now comfortably 7th (hopefully enough for Europe). I can’t understand Chris’ comments that Europe is ‘ridiculous`??
    I was really glad to see Noble back to his old self, he was involved in the goal and made some great interceptions in the first half giving us the oportunity to break.
    The injuries are worrying but we have some really good youngsters who would relish the oportunity. Personally I would like to see Savio start with Stanislas making at least a sub appearance.

  31. djclipz says:

    one of the most encouraging things to see is a player working his socks off especially when you drop to 10 men. I can’t fault anyone in that game, everyone was everywhere and DDM’s work effort increased hugely when we dropped to 10, i remember him tracking back and winning the ball back at least 5-6 times and then try get back up the pitch, i think we would have made it 2-0 when parker shot and the keeper spilt it, but it was obvious DDM was knackered by then, so ill let him off! Kovac was brilliant, parker awesome apart from his heated moments but with every boo he seemed to want to prove something and even score so that was good to see. The goal was brilliant and probably our best all season if not one of the best of the league.. Shame cole couldnt carry on, i could have seen him getting another after that!

    basically every player i haven’t mentioned top marks!! We needed that win and got it


  32. chris says:

    Woke up to some real bad news…collys out for season.
    Now we are struggling even to put out a side!
    WBA and sunderland were our bankers but what team we got left!! thought I would never say this whens LBM back!! savio will have to start now I guess.
    Whats happen to dyer? some one said he was back in training.
    (god what Am I thinking!)
    Someone told me theres a site called physio room or something,that tells you injury progress,is this true?

  33. Dujon says:

    Cheer up about the injuries.

    We still have Green, Upson, Neill, Ilunga Parker, Noble,DiMichele available from our usual starting 11. Combine that with Savio (who has not had a bad game for us to date), Stanislas, Tomkins, Spector, Payne, Lopez and Tristan amongst many others, and you can barely say that’s a week side.

    My main concern is whose going to score the goals. Noble has proven many times he can get in the right position to score goals. Then Zola will have to make the decision on who will partner DiMichele.

    I believe Zavon Hines should at least be included in the squad, as with the passing expertise of DDM, a speedster such as Hines could accompany him very well to create many chances to score. (here’s me hoping they will go in).

  34. Richard says:

    Overall good result. Cole was unlucky to get sent off. I will give the team proformance 7.

  35. Roymondo says:

    With no game this weekend, and WBA not until Monday 16th, at least there is some time for some of the knocks to improve.

  36. Simon from Gravesend says:

    To Basildon Bob

    Unfortunately the powers that be do not share our concerns about Attwell’s refereeing…FIFA have confirmed he will go on their list next season!

    I felt he was too quick to show a card for something quite innocuous at the start and this left him nowhere to go except to brandish more cards. I think the stat at half-time was that West Ham had committed 6 fouls and received 4 yellows! It was clear that he’d lost the plot and you could see that the players thought this too. Was interesting to see Zola and Bruce chatting as they shook hands at the end…from their gestures and faces I’m sure they were both saying how appalling the ref was!

    Can’t sign off without saying…what a goal! Now THAT is why I support the Hammers. When we knock around first time passes like that we look sublime

  37. Ray Moore says:

    Chris here is the link for Physio room.

    Watched the game in the drill in Gidea park, packed pub singing bubbles at the final whistle had my short hair standing on end, great result.

  38. IronMick says:

    Ray Moore,
    I watch a lot of the games in the drill – always a really good atmosphere in there. It’s even fun having the odd spud in there to have banter with!

  39. Jackster101 says:

    yh agree, always great at the drill

  40. Roymondo says:

    I’ve always had Steve Bruce down as a whinger but his comments after the game were pretty much spot on. He didn’t think that Cole should have been sent off, agreed that Cattermole should have been, felt Lucas Neill was lucky not to have been and that West Ham deserved to win. Pretty much spot on I would say. Has he had a personality change?
    There seems to be a small move towards managers being reasonable in their comments – Zola always is, Hodgson usually is and now Bruce. Good news. It now just needs those at the top of the league to do the same but, somehow, I don’t see Taggart and the “tactical genius” that is Benitez moving in this direction any time soon.

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